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And now for a realistic perspective from Florida Gators receiver Riley Cooper...

NEW ORLEANS -- Florida's administrators have gone through a lot of trouble in attempting to project an image of stability amid a tornado of bad news/worse news/simply unbelievable news. A bleary-eyed Riley Cooper spoke with Gator Clause on Monday morning and gave a more realistic perspective of the atmosphere currently surrounding the team.

"Luckily I'm a senior," Cooper said. "I'm out of here, but hopefully [Urban Meyer] gets better."

Cooper is playing in the upcoming Senior Bowl. He told me that he's going to give pro football a shot and attempt to get drafted. If it doesn't work out, Cooper will fall back on baseball.



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love riley 'resisting arrest' coopers attitude.
'I'm a senior and i'm outta here' translated means,
what a mess the GAYtor program is in..

What's with GAYtor coaches and thier FLIP FLOPPING,
billy 'flip-flop' donovan and now urben 'prozac' myers.
You all have seen what flip-flopping has done for the GAYtor basketball program,

Charleston Southern wants a rematch..

Gators own your every waking moment Sarasota U pathetic old man.


It's a shame you didn't add any context to that quote Goodman. And yes, that can be construed a bunch of ways. Was Cooper flat out blasting the program? Did he say it with regret and optimism? He spoke with "Gator Clause" but I guess "Gator Clause" didn't bother to ask any follow up questions. Great job Jo. Just throw up an incendiary quote without a scrap of context around it.

If he was taking a swipe, so be it. I find it a little difficult to believe that he is totally cynical towards the football program. Not that we can determine that since you didn't have time to have him expound on the quote. Maybe if he was All State Second Team Athlete you would have had a follow up question.

Warning to UF recruits -- you will not know the truth about Urban's plans until after national signing day. At that point, he will make his resignation permanent (again) and it will be too late to change schools. Recruits are being lied to by UF and its wrong and embarrassing.

I guess math or history is not a requirement for that waffle house management degree you get at UF.
CANES have 1 NC in '01 and played for another in '02, and should have played for it in'00.

Hey, don't kill the messenger. Riley wasn't being cynical. He was being honest. Of course he loves Meyer and he loves Florida, but, in Riley's opinion, the program right now is in limbo.


lol... wow this is classic.

even a current gator player can see what's going on here.

DUMB GATOR NATION with their heads up their ASSists.

the ship is sinking and you haven't seen the worse yet.

Matt Elam??????

the only math i need to know is 5>3...

go argue with fsu about Mnc's..

CANES have a bright future for more titles (according to most reporters).
Where the gators future is rather bleak and dismal (coach on prozac, no defensive coordinator, no recruiting coordinator, no fullback playing QB, no defense, no OL, no RBs, no WRs, etc, etc, etc)...

The only math I need to know is

Randy Shannon's football IQ is 5

I guess math or history is not a requirement for that waffle house management degree you get at UF.
CANES have 1 NC in '01 and played for another in '02, and should have played for it in'00.

Posted by: fox news department | December 28, 2009 at 04:49 PM

EXACTLY DUMBASSSSS! that's ONE NC in the last two decades you flaming idiot!

UF's recruits are left in limbo whether Meyer steps down or not. Now, they have to realize that any day UF's coach can say "I'm resigning." He changes his mind overnight--literally. Given that, he has lost several other coaches already, and he is losing many players to the draft, UF is now supposedly turning over it's team to a guy who they were looking to fire as OC a month ago, I would say UF has MANY question marks for recruits. In Meyer trying to save this recruiting class, he could easily have another chink in the armor.

"I got my daddy back."

Posted by: calling from the 490 | December 28, 2009 at 05:16 PM

490, you are so right.

lets break it down.

He had a top 5 class before:
1) He lost to Alabama.
2) He lost his DC.
3) He lost his ace recruiter (Gonzalez) to a rival team, LSU.
4) He announced his one day resignation.

After his temporary resignation, FOLEY talked him into a plea bargain deal of taking the LOA. Immediately after his temporary resignation announcement, several UF commitments were saying they were opening things up. During the presser, all they did was say how much they all loved UF and coach Meyer. Meyer would not even comment on his medical "condition". He said he felt in his heart he would be coaching on the sidelines next year. This is an obvious attempt to remove doubt from the minds of doubting recruits. He's giving them a false hope.

IF he truly has a medical condition serious enough to have him contemplate resigning, then he will step down after NSD. AFTER UF solidifies a top class. He said in that presser that he would do what was best for the University of Florida. Would it be best for him to walk away leaving recruits to shop elsewhere for a school?

hey future waffle house managers, how do you ask a recruit to make up his mind when the head coach CAN'T..
'i'm resigning', no wait
'i'm taking a leave of absence' no wait
'i'm going to take a long vacation' no wait
'i'm not gonna put my name on next years team'


Hey Dumbass.... 1991 and 2001 would be two National Championships in 2 decades.... Guess you went to the Bernie Madoff School of Business at the University of Florida....and another in 1989 and 1987 and 1984 would be 5 in 3 decades....just sayin

sorry 1983 not 1984

Why bother w all the coaches that have been out there forever? Why not do something totally off the wall? Let's ask Mr. Foley 2 consider Timmy Tebow! Tebow knows everyone n they know him. Coaches, players, n fans know his work ethics, how he has changed the game n how he has earned a try @ Coaching! Everyone has had a real good look at him now for four years at UF. Coach Meyer has told us Tebow does everything with n for the team why change? Tebow has mentored Brantley n has been the constant voice in the ears of the team. The coaching staff works well with him n what he does not know he makes up for in his people skills. They all know what he expected as a quarterback-coach how much different can it be switching him to the coaching position? We know Tebow commands respect-he has filled the stands for four years with hundreds waiting at a chance for a missed available ticket. Quarterback is not enough of a title for what he has done for n to UF. Why not give him a try? UF has always been a cutting edge school full of inventive ideas n staff especially with their foot- ball program. Nothing is ever status quo. Tebow has mentored under Meyer the same way Brantley mentored under Tebow-all the fixings are there for something totally new n never tried before while coach gets well? Why not put Tebow in place @ the place he knows best? Think about it!.

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