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Carlos Dunlap is back, but should he be?

GAINESVILLE -- Junior defensive Carlos Dunlap was recently reinstated to the football team and UF coach Urban Meyer said on Friday that Dunlap will likley be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl.

The decision came down from UF president Bernie Machen and UF athletics director Jeremy Foley. Considering UF's strick policy regarding students who are arrested for DUI, it seems a little odd that Dunlap is being allowed to play. After all, some UF students have been expelled after being convicted of DUI. Of course, Dunlap will be long gone after the Sugar Bowl and his status as a UF student will matter to no one.

Meyer said that Machen and Foley decided Dunlap could play in the BCS bowl because Dunlap's alleged DUI was his first mistake. Dunlap was found by Gainesville police at traffic light asleep behind the steering wheel of his car around 3:30 a.m. a few days before UF's biggest game of the season.

Should Dunlap be allowed to represent UF in the Sugar Bowl? If Dunlap had taken his foot of the brake while sleeping at the traffic light (the car was in drive), drifted into the intersection and killed a few people, would he still be allowed to play? Wonder what M.A.D.D. thinks? Maybe I'm just being an overly critical, self-righteous sports writer.



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No, you're not. It is a legitimate question. To clarify one thing you said - I believe the kids that were expelled for DUI were either multiple offenders or had previous records. Machen is not going to expel someone from the school for one mistake (especially if no one was injured). I had friends of friends at UF who were arrested for DUI or something similar and none of them were ever expelled from school.

That being said, the decision is still questionable. Do you look at the kid's overall three years at UF or do you continue to punish him for one mistake? What we do not know are all of the things in Meyer's quote that he said Dunlap must accomplish before he is officially cleared. That could very well be a lot.

In my opinion, there is no "right" or "wrong" decision here. You can make arguments both ways. From what I can tell, the people best suited to make this decision are the ones who did: Machen, Foley and Meyer.

Good post, jo.

There is a middle ground between expelling the young man and letting him play in the bowl game. Adam S makes a good point, it is his first offense, and I'm thinking expulsion would have been out of line.

But reinstatement? That's too lenient. He was blotto drunk behind the wheel of a car, that's a potentially deadly situation. Bench him for the bowl game. You say that's the guy's last game before going pro, well, that's his decision. Begging Adam S's pardon, but in this situation there are a few potentially "wrong" decisions and I think the UF athletic department made one. UF is the flagship state school, it should be better than this.

as a pennance for his sins he should be forced to play with the U in the Champs Sports Bowl


You showed your true colors in the comments in the Herald article today. And this blog is a joke, with 112 post on the last item you put up, mostly back and forth shots from punks in west Kendall.... " I know you are but what am I"......... No information, nothing enlighting....no good interactions.....you've been mailing it in for months....I'm done with this crappy blog. You've got my email, let me know when you decide to be a sports journalist covering the Gators again ......

Gator John needs a tissue.... GO CANES!

My true colors? I don't mind being called out, part of the gig, but you do realize I write a national football column every week, right? In that opinion column, I can write whatever I want. It's my opinion that Miami will have the most experienced talent in the state next season. We can debate that, if you want, or we can debate whether or not Dunlap should play and whether or not UF set a poor example by allowing him to play. Of course, I wouldn't want to be a journalist and actually question authority, so maybe we should talk about all the juniors that are leaving or maybe all the high school kiddies whose over-inflated egos are stroked daily by recruitniks and coaches. Maybe I should call up the recruits and see what they think about Dunlap's arrest. Hmmm, not a bad idea...


we wouldn't be having this conversation had florida won the game. i'm a lifelong gator, but i think some fans want to scapegoat dunlap.

if you throw him under the bus, you have to start digging deeper in the story. where were his teammates, what were they doing that night, etc...

our gators took their eye off the prize, cracking under the pressure (finally) after enduring so much of it.

I feel guilty, but ohhhh so innocent.

she spoke espania .

what happened to # 8 Carlito ?

Well son, how many times have YOU been behind the wheel of an automobile under questionable circumstances?

Why are ALL those coaches who have been DUI still coaching?

If a regular student is charged with a DUI they're expelled but if it happens to GAYtor football player they're allowed to play.
Are regular students given a second chance?
Like the ALABAMA players said when this happened, 'our coach is not down with us doing that'.
That's why you lost 32-13, to a team with discipline and focus.
That's why brandon 'the eye gouger' spikes had to suspend himself.
That's why you have 30 arrests under RURAL 'the warden' LIAR, no discipline.
Carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap is being allowed to play so he doesn't spill the beans on the other players that were at the rage party..

So 'frank the tank' is at a team mates birthday party and none of the rest of the players there offer him ride or at the very least don't let him drive.

Way to cover your team mates back.


Beeeeeep.......this is Gator John's answering service....John's not logging on or responding to anything on Gatoclause anymore because it should be called "Canesclause" and the miami herald hired a UM guy to cover the Gators who has all his high school buddy's do a circle jerk....If you are looking for Gator john you can find him on Gator Country or one of the other real Gator blogs......You can leave a message but GatorJohn won't be checking it.....Have a nice day........beeeeeeep.....

Gator John,

Funny that you announced your departure twice. Please take your keypad and go back to your home in Pinecrest. I think you live between the Masengill's and the Summers Eve. correct? Thanks for exposing this Cane homer Joel for us. We would surely never have realized his deception without you. Adiós! and stay thirsty my friend.

hey jo, do you regret taking down my post about gator john now. i wrote it some time ago. i knew this foo was stupid. gator john, y u getting mad homie?

I see no problem with Carlos Dunlap's reinstatement after his first offense.
He was punished in a manner consistant with the punishment administered by other SEC athletic programs (as well as many other conferences across the country)for student athlete alcohol related offenses. He will also be punished by the courts. As other commenters have pointed out numerous coaches, teachers, congressmen, mayors, etc. have been sited for like offenses and were not fired or kicked out of office. (I can think of one mayor busted for crack that was allowed to run for mayor again and won!)

So that's the standard the GAYtors are aspiring to be, being compared to crack heads and drunks.
Way to set the bar so high you LOSERS..

Miami suspends starting QB for last season's bowl game for missing class.
Gators reinstate player who was so intoxicated he was slumped over the wheel while the cops tried to wake the dude up as the lights are changing.
Do any of you gators know what he could've done if he didn't pass out.
Do any of you gators have an ounce of integrity and say no to this..
Do any of you gators care that your winning with eye gougers (spikes), drunks (dunlap), tasered (jenkins), stalkers (johnson), no license (davis), resisting arrest (cooper), kind of players.

I has come to my attention that there is actually about 4 or 5 Gator fans who read this blog ( and about 27 adolecent pseudo Canes Fans) and these fans may actually want some information on the Gators so in leiu of taking my ball and going home, it seems this would be an excellent venue to actually transmit some real information on the Gators for those whom are baited to come on here...so here is the inaugural launch of the

Coach Meyer spoke today after practice and said the Gators had a good practice and were well focused. Coach Meyer just arrived back in gainsville from a Coast to Coast recruiting trip where he had in home visits with Ronald Powell, Seantrel Henderson, Shariff Floyd and several others.

It appears Powell could commit at anytime and that Meyer has made good progress with Floyd and Henderson but the boys are not showing their cards. The class is really looking strong with the recent commitment of WR Clark from Dwyer......speaking of Dwyer, it was a Gator Commitment show with Elam and crew winning the State Championship today........It appears Coach Meyer is relentllessly on a tear and will not be outdone in the reload process......It appears that he was back on a plane to go watch the Miramar game tonight in the persuit of one four star WR Ivan MaCartney whom could commit as soon as after the game today.......Meyer later went on to say that he is not in a rush to fill Strong's spot since he is coaching through the bowl, leading most of us to assume someone (Heater hint, hint) will be promoted from within. This will leave the coaching job of LB's vacated by strong open for an outside hire.

I will keep you posted on any recruit commitment updates, as we stand at 20, with an end goal of 25 to 28......John Out...Go Gators!


The hex is working, GAYtors are losing.

Tim Tebow graduated saturday..On thursday SI did this...
Tim Tebow was named the "Player of the Decade" in college football by Sports Illustrated. Needless to say: Agreed. No player combined championships, individual accomplishment, awards, off-field activity and media mythologizing in the way Tebow did.

("The Promise" earned the No. 5 spot for most memorable moments of the decade in college football. I'd argue it should be No. 1. Ten years from now, fans will vaguely remember Boise State's Statue of Liberty play -- few actually saw it live -- but everyone will recognize "The Promise.")

gator john I'm with you my man... thank you for your report on the latest recruiting! would be nice to have some more insightful posts like these from our "gator clause"

KJ, here is another peice of info rom Gatorbait in case you do not have a subscription....
"Going back to Meyer's visit with Shaw, in what had to be a bit of an awkward situation, some Southern Cal coaches came to visit Shaw on the same day that Meyer was with him. Not to be deterred, partly because you don't want to step aside for anyone in recruiting, especially if you have traveled 3000 miles to see a kid, Meyer didn't leave Shaw alone with the Trojan staff causing some strained moments from what I was told.

Hurt feelings aside, if you're Meyer, knowing that the head coach only gets one in person visit, you can't afford to allow your visit to be cut short by another staff.

While on the subject of highly rated prospects from the left coast, it goes without saying that UF is in great shape with five-star defensive end Ronald Powell. The Gators have been out in front, but he hasn't really flat out said that until this week.

Yes he likes the Gators program, but don't underestimate the relationship he has built with UF tight end coach Brian White - who he refers to as B Whitey. White and Powell's high school coach have a preexisting friendship. Then add in the fact that Powell's mother has already made plans to move to the south. At first she was thinking of moving to Alabama, but now I hear that Georgia is a more likely destination.

Powell said that he won't take any official visits before he makes his decision - which could come any day now, or it could be made during the Army All-American game on January 9.

He has tentatively set visits with USC for 1/15 and UF for 1/22. He will not take both visits, he will only officially visit the team he commits to.

The talk last week that he was on the verge of making a public commitment on ESPN wasn't just a rumor. They were going to do it, but only if Powell would agree to play in the Under Armour Game rather than the Army Game.

He refused to switch up, so ESPN in turn said they were unable to accommodate him by allowing him to make a commitment on their network.

So it goes in the world of big media. These games, and the wrangling to get the top prospects, is getting a little crazy.

Since it has been asked time and again, the players who are expected to enroll early are defensive end Neiron Ball, quarterback Trey Burton, tight end Gerald Christian, athlete Robert Clark, safety Matt Elam, athlete Jordan Haden, receiver Solomon Patton (though he still needs a qualifying test score to come back), cornerback Shaw, offensive lineman Ian Silberman, cornerback Travon Van and cornerback Jaylen Watkins.

Lineman Leon Orr is still working on gaining one more core credit necessary for enrollment.

Then there's Dunkley, who should be able to enroll early if he chooses UF as expected.

Players such as Elam and Watkins, who are playing in the Army Game, will simply be a week late reporting to Florida."

All credits to Gatorbait

Weren't you leaving?
Gator John credibility=FAIL

I'm sure Gatorbait would frown on you violating their copyrighted material. In addition, all those people who PAY for access to information on Gatorbait would like a refund, from YOU! What you are doing is illegal and just plain wrong. Sorry, but "All credits to Gatorbait" just doesn't cut it.

Jo, keep on blogging, nevermind this fool from Pinecrest. I think you do a great job of being objective as staying on an even keel. Some of the Gator posters on here are pretty decent guys (namely Adam S.) and I think this blog is at its best when you have honest dialogue about the Gators (whether good or bad). As a Canes fan, I can really appreciate this, given that Manny gets way too high when the Canes win and way too low when they lose. Keep it going, Jo and let the morons fall to the wayside.

good post by ricky. gator puto is a fool. i also agree, manny seems to have love- hate relationship with the canes. it seems like he always wants them to lose and when they win, he hops on the bandwagon

Thanks for that bit John, interesting situation with USC's coaches visiting the same day as Meyer...

...just wondering why I haven't seen any posts since the SEC title game from Jo regarding recruits like this?

He should not play!

I don't know about you all but I do not like the reputation of this program.

As fans, we will be the ones suffering when probation comes while Urban will take the money and run.

Read this, this makes the University look great?


Why the media blackout on Billy Gonzales and Ahmad Black? This is big and you haven't written a thing? You usually update this thing on a minutely basis. Urban's right hand man bolts for rival LSU and no blog entry. A parent of a player alleges the head coach disrespected his son and no blog entry. I sense some sort of concerted effort to not report these negative stories Mr. Goodman. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Posted by: Undefeated season in yout dreams! | December 15, 2009 at 04:20 PM

I have to admit those are fair questions.
What say you, Jo?

Personally my opinion, harsh as it may be... Dunlap she have been released from the team. Who cares that no one got hurt! Someone could have, and then it would have been a much bigger deal. Yes this was his first offense, but how many times did you get tapped on the wrist before you stopped doing something wrong? Now, how many times did it take you to stop after you got your butt tore up? If the punishment is lite, you'll do it again, if it is tough, you probably won't repeat. Dunlap, I love ya buddy, but I think you should be watching the Sugar Bowl from the stands.

Posted by: ko classic | December 18, 2009 at 10:12 PM:
"as a pennance for his sins he should be forced to play with the U in the Champs Sports Bowl"

Nah, I think y'all playing with Cincy is pennance enough.

Regarding the blog, I think there is a trend with the gators to want to win at all costs. Brandon Spikes' half-game, then one-game suspension is equivalent to an enjoyable slap-on-the-rear for anyone naughty. In that way, Dunlap's reinstatement is consistent with the gator program's philosophy. I think it hurts when it comes to recruiting kids with good values.

In contrast, Randy Shannon has let Jason Fox not play in the bowl game, and have surgey now to save his future in the NFL, is really a selfless, caring, and considerate thing to do by a coach.

Miami suspends starting QB for bowl game, now get this, FOR MISSING CLASS.

GAYtors let a player play who got a DUI 3 weeks ago. (dunlap)
Gaytors let a player play who shoots off a AK-47 machine gun on campus. (wilson)
GAYtors play a player who was tasered by the cops. (jenkins)
GAYtors play a player who resisted arrest. (cooper)
GAYtors play a player with numerous arrests for driving with no license. (davis)
GAYtors play a player who has restraining order against for domestic violence. (johnson)
GAYtor players have to suspend themselves. (spikes)
REMEMBER, jarvis moss and marcus thomas failing numerous drug tests and still being allowed to play.
Hope your all proud of your FELONS.

UF, where your more likely to get ARRESTED then DRAFTED..

Jo, don't these "Cane fans have better things to do than hanging out at a Gator blog...like maybe actually going to their teams athletic events??? Anyway, I say since this is Dunlap's first offense (he sure picked a hell of a week for it) that he should play but not start. Hopefully, there were other behind the scene punishments that were done.

expulsion from school for a first offense (or to say it more accurately, the first time he was caught - how many people really believe that this was the first time he drank alcohol? or drank alcohol and drove? come on folks, it is more likely than not that he has had a few and driven in the past, so please do not tell me that this is his "first mistake" - not first time DUI and not a "mistake" - a choice!) regardless, expulsion at this point is an overly harsh penalty - if he is a student athlete - emphasis on student. Being re-instated - a wink and a nod. There certainly is a middle ground - pull his freaking scholarship, seek restitution for breach of contract (or do they not have a code of conduct?) and let him continue in school like any other student who picks up a first DUI.

If he is guilty, he deserves to be released. The problem is before trial who knows.

You would hate to prevent him from playing in his last college bowl game and then find out the cop was a lying bag of shiite.

To answer your question Jo - Hell YES! Just win baby...I'll admit it! None of the power schools have choirboys on the DL. He was suspended for the SEC Championship game, as he should have been. Now let the legal process come down, as it will. Lets all be honest, we are not talking about Stanford/Harvard/Duke here, nor do we really want to be.

"Maybe I'm just being an overly critical, self-righteous sports writer."

He has not been convicted. When and if he is, then revisit. He has been a model citizen, according to Meyer since he got there.

Should we fire you from the paper if you c=get charged with a DUI before you go to trial?

Thanks for the gator report John. Very insightful. Finally some real gator info.

Hey "Dick", He was passed out at A red light with the car running for christs sake. On the other hand it could just be A case of narcolepsy. BAWAhahahaha.

"I always liked Miami and I just wanted to see the other schools and make sure it was the right school," said Linder, whose other finalists included Notre Dame, Florida and Ohio State. "Coach Shannon and Coach Stoutland are just regular people. So is the rest of the coaching staff. They all care about each other. They're like family. That's what I saw this past weekend when I visited. And that's what I like."

Go 'canes!

Charleston Southern is on line 1 and they want a rematch with you girls, but Mrs Fooley won't reschedule due to the already tough non-conference schedule..
If you gators had any onions you would be demanding that your program plays the CANES.
But you all know what's coming and that's why you've have or are trying to get out of the '13 date.

This has to be one of the dumbest comment blogs on the net.

It's like passing notes in detention in jr. high.

It sounds like gaytor football players arent the only ones getting in trouble with the law. Now the school president has A court date for leaving the scene of A accident after hiting A parked car and failing to leave contact information. Word on the street is he and Carlos "Narcolepsy" Dunlap might have gone out and had A few. Stay tuned this $hit just keeps getting better and better!

Its no wonder the gayters have character issues with their players when Machan the president of your school dosent even have any integrity. This program is ready to implode.

"UF, where your more likely to get ARRESTED then DRAFTED.."

Posted by: mel kiper | December 21, 2009 at 05:49 AM

Recruits and their parents should consider this a warning.

No wonder 'frank the tank' is being allowed to play.
At least he didn't hit anything.
What a team, corrupt from top to bottom.

If only it were that simple vito. Come to find out Huntly Jhonson (the attorney floriduh has on speed dial) claims Dunlap suffers from narcolepsy. Its all a big misunderstanding......

Oh my God. This $hit just writes its self. What say you Kehoe.


If your in New Orleans to see the Sugar Bowl and are a fan of music follow this link:


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Oh my God. This $hit just writes its self. What say you Kehoe.

Posted by: HalfTimeBeatdown | December 21, 2009 at 06:25 PM

Nothing else to add.
I'm a Gator come hell and high water.
But no program is perfect, and in this case I'm embarassed at how many of our student athletes can't seem to stay out of legal problems.
Twenty plus arrests is downright embarassing!

Me and my canes butties like to set off the fire extinguisher outside the can and run through the mist with our fingers in the air after running a batch!

Me and my canes butties like to set off the fire extinguisher outside the can and run through the mist with our fingers in the air after running a batch!

Posted by: canester-bater | December 21, 2009 at 09:52 PM

That sounds fun, but not as enjoyable as running our fingers through Tebow's mane when he is sobbing.

Bernie 'demolition derby' machen, or
bernie 'im late 4 dinner' machen.
ronnie 'machine gun' wilson.
carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap.
brandon 'the eye gouger' spikes.
janoris 'fight club' jenkins.
torrey 'need no license' davis.
carl 'the stalkin' johnson.
riley 'resistin arrest' cooper.
jamar 'credit card' hornsby.
jarvis 'i smoke 2 joints' moss.
marcus 'then i smoke 2 more' thomas.

and your program has certainly kept the lawyers, huntley and smith busy..

U are sad.

Jo, you need to rethink having all this drivel under some usually inciteful information.

No what is sad is your boy kehoe that comes on the cane boards 7 days A week 24 hrs A day. You know who he is as we all do. When he leaves we leave!

Canes obsession with the Gators shows how much envy they have. Lol. Keep it up please.

No what is sad is your boy kehoe that comes on the cane boards 7 days A week 24 hrs A day. You know who he is as we all do. When he leaves we leave!

Posted by: HalfTimeBeatdown | December 22, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Sounds good in theory. Take a look at the gator blog on the PB post that the canes took over. A few canes posters made the same offer, in the end it was the same lunatic fringe self-described gator-terrorists that insist on crapping all over that blog regardless of who says what and where. Just admit, talking smack on the gator blogs is more fun than talking about the canes on the canes blog, working, or leaving your mom's basement.

That is where you are mistaken "Balls". What is there to be envious about. Sure the gaytors have had A good run the last 3 years, congrats. The thing is the canes have had runs like this and much better I might add going back 25 years. These things run in cycles and yours is comming to an end. Dont hate the player hate the game.

I cant speak for the PB post blog because I have never posted there. The sentinel blog and Mannys blog (Before he started approving commets) have been infected by this jackass kehoe for two years. For Manny even having to approve comments speaks volumes.

I understand - and I don't believe the canes posters on this blog are representative of canes fans, but rather mean spirited, knaves, who would be drowning puppies when not vomiting on this blog. Like I said these guys are the lunatic fringe. We have a few also, unfortunately. One would think discussing football in an edifying fashion would be the object here. I'm sure you'd be doing the same if not distracted by a few jerks.

We've got canes rule and sarasota cane, along with their various aliases. I don't believe any gator fans even post over there anymore.

Yes it is very sad when the fan of A team that is at the pinnacle of their sport takes more pleasure in trashing A rival than enjoying their own success as fleeting as it is.



How dumb are U cane fan?

Canesrule and sarasota visit every blog and spread lies and hate. Been at it for years. Bitter beyond belief.

You tell "ME" curse,purple drank,chaz,and on and on and on.

Oh and you dont. Your hot and heavy at it right now at the sentinel. Pot calling the kettle black

So what if I spam your sites seven days a week? I log back in as Sarasota 'cane and canesrule and contribute constructive comments.

Dude you dont even realize this is as good as its gonna get for the gators(Before the Alabama game I mean) and your dumb ass couldnt even enjoy it because of your stupid antics.

Thats where your wrong. I am not sarasota cane or canes rule. As a matter of fact the first time I posted on this site was the night you got Beatdown by Alabama. Not that you will beleive that but then again I could care less.

And I would think the last several comments I have made have been constructive. Can you say the same here or on the sentinel.


Your coach almost DIED! Lol!

No kehoe I said he had A nervous breakdown.But keep posting under my name. See guys this is the kind of stuff this A-Hole does daily. Hes all yours gator fans.

And I dont hate A floida football (well maybe just A little) I hate YOU!

Why are our commitments bailing out?

So what if we go back to seven wins behind our Swiss cheese line and JaPicky.


An Alabama girl threw a ball through a hole better than a Gaytor "man." LOL'z

Its funny you would even bring up the haftime show (yes kehoe is posting under my name again) because you two have A lot in common. Talk A bunch of Shyt then make A fool out of yourselves

Its amazing how much crap a middle of the road program like the U, from a middle of the road conference likes to talk...just like their players of this decade, mostly lots of talk equaled by as many losses. The fact you like to hang out on the Gayturd blog is easily explained by the fact you have NOTHING to say about your program...what’s your recruiting class ranked, how many other programs want your coaches, how long has it been since your program have been relevant, what is your university's academic ranking, how many people go to your games, how many of your "fans" have a college education? Keep it up, just like that wonderful ESPN dish…it all looks the same…not good

I would say the canes are very relevant considering that ESPN dish was the highest rated documentary ever on that network. As far as academic rankings go look it up because Miami blows floriduh out of the water when it comes to graduating student athletes. As far as fans having A college education its obvious you dont when you refer to your own team as the GAYTORS!

Excuse me thats GAYTURDS. What A tool....


the documentary ripped u a new one. People tuning to watch smut does not make U relevant.

The nut bowl doesn't make u relevant.

A coaching carousel screams irrelevant.

Historic annual blowouts makes u just like Wake Forest.... Irrelevant.

The conference that SI listed as the worst makes you a fourth place mediocre irrelevant program.


But we have won zero ACC championships. We haven't even sniffed the game. But next year we will crash the BCS Championship party. We like to make outrageous predictions because we have SWAGGER

Your right dumbass A coaching carousel does scream irrelevant. Do the names strong or gonzales ring A bell. Your so God damn dumb its not even funny. Why dont you post somthing relevant under your own name KEHOE. Thats right because your "IRRELEVANT".

I know whats coming next A head coaching job for strong is A step up true. But A lateral move to A rival program speaks volumes.

By the way KEHOE its cross the fifty. Did you die and come back as Tupac Shakur. BAWHAHAHA

What happend kehoe. Did your mom catch you playing on the computer again.

Bernie 'demolition derby' machen says if you don't hit something (no harm, no foul), there's no need to suspend.
Play away carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap.

Multiple Question

Wich of the following is A false statement.

A: The Gaytors school president has A court date for leaving the scene of an accident.

B: The gaytors best pass rusher was suspended before the biggest game in school history for "falling asleep at the wheel".

C: The gaytors have had 24 arrests since their current coach Urban "prozac" Meyer took over as head coach.

D: Curse of kehoe is A sniveling little punk.

Oh hell thats easy. Its C. Everybody knows the gaytors have had 25 arrests since urban took over.

To all of my fellow gaytor friends. I am sorry for bringing down the wrath of cane nation on our blog.

Oh snap! Did I say gaytor. I meant to say GAYTURD. My bad.

The Florida program is at A crossroads with the departure of 10 key veteran players and possibly 5 juniors departing early. The tebow era was pretty much ripped apart when the gators were blasted by Alabama in the SEC championship game. Provided by the ESPN SEC blog.

Hey kehoe, Its dark out now and since your moms out "working" you can come out of the corner and play on the computer again.

OMG this kehoe guy is getting drilled.

Wow your basketball team sucks.

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