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Florida Gators lose another assistant coach

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators assistant coach Billy Gonzales has been hired as an assistant offensive coordinator at Louisiana State.

Gonzales accepted the position on Thursday. He was the receivers coach and recruiting coordinator for the Florida coach Urban Meyer. Meyer informed recruits on Thursday that Gonzales would no longer be recruiting for Florida.

This is a major blow for Florida. Gonzales, who recruited Broward and Palm Beach counties, has been with Meyer since his college days. Meyer was Gonzales' receiver's coach at Colorado State and Meyer later hired Gonzales on his first staff at Bowling Green. He followed Meyer to Utah and then to Florida.

On Wednesday, former Florida defensive coordinator was named head coach at Louisville.



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That's not good.

I though if he went it would be with Strong, but LSU? Did Meyer not offer him more $?

This could kill our recruiting in S. Fla!


welll dayummmmm homie!!! LOL. oh i'm the commish i cant talk like that.

Talk about the rat's jumping off of a sinking ship! I could not have scripted a better ending myself Gator fan's!


Thanks for the memories!

Go 'canes!

This is a major blow... hopefully Meyer has something in store


NOTRE DAME called and said it wanted a coach not a WARDEN.
That's twice RURAL's been passed over for his dream job.

there's only one rat left..

Hey GAYtors, hope your watching the Steelers collapse, 'cuse that's you girls next year.
On top one year at the bottom the next year.

Please would someone tell urban when he's done crying (at missing out on the Notre Dame job, AGAIN).
That Dan Synder of the Washington Redskins is on line 1.
Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders is on line 2.
The Chicago Bears are on line 3.
The Buffalo Bills are on line 4.

Pathetic cane "fans", hate all you want. Gators are still better than you. Go watch your DVD.

Rumor (and I repeat rumor!) is that the UF OC job is "open" and Urban did not consider Billy G. If you remember as of now LSU still has Gary Crowton as OC, and just hired Tyke Tolbert as WR coach. Billy's move was done in haste. LSU is trying to create a position for him.

As far as Billy, he was an excellent and tireless recruiter which will be missed. If a good OC is hired the team is better though. Florida will continue to recruit top 10 talent as long as Urban is there and somebody highly skilled needs to know what to do with them.

Did the Canes miss that ND first wanted Meyer or Stoops but they turned it down? Talk about OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. Who's on meth????

Bottom Line is changes are in order in Hogtown. Billy was not good enough to be the Gators OC PERIOD. We will get top shelf OC and DC and move Addios back to OL where he belongs. Players will come - facilities second to none, playing in front of a packed house every game (that’s a full stadium for u "U" fans; one where there are no empty seats; one where the camera, if you are in TV, can actually span the stadium without embarrassing the home team) and can play in the best, most high profile conference in America.

Breaking News: LSU trying to hire Randy Shannon as a timeout and clock management coordinator. Rumor is he would make 50.00 dollars more than head coach of the Hurricanes for a total of 250.00 a month.

Hey lunkheads, WHY would gonzales take a lateral move to LSU. Maybe he knows something you don't.
Like maybe urbans going to the NFL (Redskins riches, Bears, Raiders, etc.), like Spurrier did. Why would you stay at florida and rebuild next year with a new staff, a new QB, no OL, no RB's, no WR's, a new defense, etc. etc.

if that was true wise up wouldn't he try to stay for the ride to the NFL???????

No Strong
No S. FL recruiting
no Tebow
No Spikes
No Dunlap


The rainstorm is over TIME FOR THE HURRICANE

PS. Tomorrow 9 PM on ESPN.... time to see what a real dynasty is.

Jo, any truth to the rumor Gonzales was out that eveing with Dunlop? I hear he saw Carlos drinking, but left much earlier.


And the downfall continues.....like rats jumping off a sinking ship....haha....hey Meyer...it's still not too late for you as well...why dont you get some shlep to buy an NFL franchise for you so you can draft Timmy #1...see how that works out for ya....

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