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Florida Gators Major Wright expresses strong concerns and valuable insights about Urban Meyer's failing health

NEW ORLEANS -- Florida coach Urban Meyer says he's taking a leave of absence to improve his health but he won't say exactly what is wrong. On Tuesday, UF safety Major Wright said the problem has to do with Meyer's heart. Meyer has been experiencing severe chest pains over the past month and attributed it to stress, saying he has not had a heart attack.

"Don't look at things like, 'Oh, he just wants to leave us.' That's crazy," Wright said. "This man could literally die over football games and stuff like that, so that's why everyone is like, 'Oh my God." We can't really look at it like, 'Oh, Urb is leaving. Why is he doing this? Why is he doing that?' He has a family to take care of outside this football team. No one would be closer to him than his daughters and son. You can't get any closer than that."

Wright said sitting down with younger players at UF and explaining the gravity of the situation is important.

"We have to talk to them and tell them, 'Look, this man's life is at risk,'" Wright said. "We have to let them know that, hey, this is football and it's not as important as his life."

Just to clarify Wright's strong comments a bit, he said he didn't know the severity of Meyer's health but said he was told it was a heart issue "so I'm going to take it serious. I'm looking at it like this football thing is not more important than your life because he's a great guy, a great coach and a great parent. You don't want to lose a guy like that over football."

On a different topic, Wright told me on Tuesday that he doesn't know just yet if he's going to declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft. Wright said he believes he's ready to take his game to pro football but said his mother, father, uncle and sister will have a lot of input on whether or not Wright returns. Wright has not received his paperwork from the NFL Draft advisory committee, which projects draft statuses for players.



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whoever this kehoe character is that cane fans keep referring too is a complete douche. why would you spend your time on cane boards anyway? three years? god damn, get a life. Now, I'm going to be forced to leave this place because of the canes that are pissed off at you. shyt, reading your babble for three years would turn any sane man into a crazy one.

where is Adam S.??

all the good posters ARE GONE because of your BS. you shouldn't consider your self a GATOR fan. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO GATOR NATION. Go Gators!

( anybody who continually makes jokes about serious health issues is a SCUMBAG........Sarasota)

get off this blog u lowlife piece of crap.

Nobody falls for your laughable "Swamp Thing" name.

Why don't u head over to the Tar Heel blog and make deplorable cments about serious situations. U are a filthy scumbag Sarasota.

the gaytors bi-polar head coach sees an iceberg dead ahead and is bailing on next season.
the juniors will be bailing soon.
the recruits will be next on the bailing list.

Hey kehoe, I am a gator fan. now, please leave this board. you give us gator fans bad names. UM fans, grow up, it's obvious that this guy has issues but why stoop to his level? I just want my blog back. Go Gators!

For all the Gator fans this is a time to pause and reflect where the program is and its direction. One loss in the SEC Champ game did not get Urban all stressed out, rather than his introspection of where the conference is and what it will be like in the years to come. Having realized that now with Strong whose defense saved the team from a couple of losses GONE, #15 the heart of the team GONE along with the half dozen or so key defensive and offensive personnel GONE and with Alabama taking over the mantle and the rest of the SEC making strides to guarantee that UF will have more than one loss in each season during 2010 and beyond has made Urban realize that he cannot and will not be able to continue to sustain the success from the last couple of years, despite having a top rated recruiting class. It has finally dawned on him that coaching in the SEC is not like coaching BGSU & UTAH especially with the intense media focus on all the legal and disciplinary issues the players were in.

Having said that, Urban’s alter ego is in search for a situation that will allow him to refocus the media’s attention while he sits back and re-evaluates his options, especially with the ND job out of reach at least for a couple of years. The so called “ Leave of Absence “ only allows him to examine the possibilities of him embarking on a new direction. With Del Rio being one game away from unemployment, with Tebow being mentioned as a possible draft pick for the Jaguars (albeit for the purposes of improving the fan base and attendance) why not hope for Mr. Weaver to re-unite the Urban with his savior. This besides the fact that not only will there be a significant financial windfall for Urban, but also provides him the opportunity to stay in state and continue to enjoy the adulation from the Gator fans.

People such as Urban and their egos needs constant stoking and hates for their weaknesses to be in public view…………just ask the OLD BALL COACH!!!

As a Gator fin I'm very concerned about the coaching situation at UF. I've lost a lot of respect for Urban this past season. Addazio has obviously failed & Meyer refuses to see that. Addazio should be fired or at least demoted & now he becomes acting HC! WHAT THE F___? A new HC would fire Stevey in a heartbeat & the only way he stays is if Meyer hangs on or pretends to hang on. Yet Urban says that Addazio is ""one of the finest coaches in America"... Get a clue, Urban!

Gator Nation: Could a 6-6 season be in the offing for the Gators under Steve Addazo in 2010? (Or 8-5 with Urban.)

I don't think the NFL is what is driving this. Meyer only has to look at Spurrier & Saban's NFL experiences to see that it would be crazy to jump to the NFL when he already makes millions a year, is surrounded by a gold mine of talent, and has fanatic fans who fill the stadium even for the 3 JV teams they play every year. I think that's why he took the leave of absence instead of bailing and sitting out a year or two--Where else could he go that has the same built in advantages?

a couple of national disasters are brewing in florida;
first, the category 6 hurricane (as in 6th national champship) thats brewing in miami.
second, the possible flooding of alachua county with all the crying by gaytors as the losses mount up.
losing to cinninati,
losing teabag,
losing juniors,
losing recruits,
losing head coach,
losing record in '10.

Fake nimrods get lost. Envious losers in drag.

Canesrule, SCUMsota, Schultz, "swamp thing", Jaxcane =. circle jerk of delusional SCUMbags

UF not only noted for thier esteemed waffle house manager degrees, but also for thier waffling head coaches.
billy 'flip-flop' donovan signs with the orlando magic then 2 days later waffles and returns to the gaytors.
(you all have seen what that has done for your basketball program).
now urban 'medicated' myers resigns, then over nite he waffles and decides to stay and take a leave of absence.

Go Gators, I Love all the haters in the room... I care about Meyer and think he will figure it out, but if he doesn't Foley will use that money on a great coach! And for you haters; I haven't written on another universities blog in the state, except to complement Shannon on his 8th win (improvment over last year's record). Maybe you should try worring about your own team!

gators, gators, gators. when i'm not talking about the '80's, i'm talking about the gators. gators, gators, gators. randy -- please make our canes like the canes when you played. i don't understand why the 30 for 30 show didn't talk about the millions of dollars we fleeced the taxpayers for with the pell grant scam -- back when our famous alumn paul merhrige was at da u. gators, gators, gators.

people should start leaving meyers alone! he has more important things in his life than football 24/7. hopefully his short absence will help the gators football program. breaks give rest. feel better meyers!

Nice game...... U


Wisconsin whoop Ur

ahhhhhhhhhhhh ... 9-4

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh til avril u dopes

You guys are killing me. Meyer has always been a winner and will always win. He will morph and change, and hire, and fire and recruit and do what needs to be done. And if he has to leave, UF will get Harbaugh, or Patton, Or Gruden...or any one of the other best ones availaible and all will be good....we are UF....we can spend $4 MM a year to get the best coach available......UF is one of, if not the most desired coaching job in collage football...we will always be good...good may mean we fall off to 8 or 9 wins but with our commitment, facilities, alumni, administration, recruiting base and of course money....we are set for the forseable future....the one that is in trouble and will always struggle is UM.....they cannot aford to pay a top coach and the commitment to win on the part of admin is less than good.......an ok coach gets you a clean program, some good wins...but you lose the real games...like laying a bomb in the champs bowl against Wisconsin!

Thank God I am A Gator! God Bless Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow

Jax Cane..... Ur ARE a ra-tard... Lol!! but ur one valid point is the fact that the only thing that will keep the Jags in J-Ville is what you stated. It's a shame.... I moved away 14 years ago after waiting for an NFL team my whole life, and now they will be gone when I'm moving back,.....,due to lack of support. That empty stadium is ridiculous!! Anyway...Go Gators...

PS.... Give Tebow a chance in the NFL!!

PPS... nice game ' U ' Wisconsin????? Yep... U guys are REALLY close!! Lol!!



Yeah with the worst head coach in college football and a QB that led all of college football in INTs (imagine if they included fumbles). You cant even beat a SLOW white team from Wisconsin but all of a sudden you will beat teams like Texas, Florida, and Alabama next year???? BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Please keep Randy Shannon around forever!!!!!!!!!!!

What a joke!!!!

Another 4-6 loss season!!!!!

Dah U home of the 3 star recruit and mediocrity!!!!

Wait did the Canes just lose to Wisconsin?????



basically a home game for the canes too....



What a joke!!!!! Absolute and utter joke!!!!

Yeah dah canes are back!!!!!! BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

cant wait until next year when the wheels completely fall off that small bus.

Wisconsin....they just lost to Wisconsin....Incredible.....

Hankerson isnt going pro...BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
He aint going pro next year either...what a scrub...

At least the Canes have 650 RBs! Great recruiting there! They might have to move all of them to the OL and DL because the lines are the worst I have ever seen. Good job recruiting OL and DL, Randy!!! Way to balance it out!!!

Great job U

yeah karma is a bllltch

Posted by: U Gots No Coach | December 30, 2009 at 02:48 AM

trouble sleeping canefan?

Gators own your every waking thought


Where are all the Canes fans? I cant wait to hear the NEXT YEAR talk!!!! Always the same thing for an annual 4-6 loss team in a WEAK conference.

I think the Canes should drop out of the ACC, become an independent, play their 1980s weak schedule without a conference championship game. Then maybe they will be back! This being in a conference is far too hard to try and win.

Randy Shannon is the best coach I have ever seen. He is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than Urban Meyer and Nick Saban! I much rather have Randy Shannon as a head coach. I cant believe he only makes 5.00 an hour for coaching the U.


I cant get over it. No wonder why the Canes fans are in hiding. Are in hiding because they lost to Wisconsin or because Hankerson is coming back?

Hankserson thinks he is ready for the pros??? That is laughable!!!! He wont be ready next year either. Maybe someone will take a shot on him in free agency. He is a SCRUB!!! Not any more of a scrub than Randy SHannon though.

Sarasota SCUMBAG, every single word u post further shows what a delusional clown u are.

Gators own your every waking moment

u have monster oline problems. Same problems I told u about all year. Shannon is a recruiting FRAUD.

25 wr's 25rb's

Newsflash to Sarasota SCUMBAG:
your oline will be worse in 2010. Is that actually possible?

The "U" just lost to a middle of the pack Big 10 team. Congrats on your "comeback" on the "big" national stage called the Champs Bowl!! I suggest you Cane fans keep watching that ESPN documentory you love so much 'cause thats all you got left...the past.

Getting pasted by a buttery Pac-10 team kinda takes the luster off of that indicting documentary u are so proud of huh Sarasota SCUMBAG?

Hey canesrule and Sarasota SCUMBAG and Schultz, why aren't you spending the morning posting hilarious tidbits like:

waffle house
Urbian Liar

U clowns are even in drag on your OWN blogs.

I actually wish you would post here Sarasota SCUMBAG so as to further entrench yourself as the dumbest SCUMBAG in the HISTORY of football blogs.

"Meyer almost died you know." - Sarasota SCUMBAG

Canesrule? Cool star in J17's dome huh? Your fascination with that horribly illequipped twig is probably the singlemost embarrassing aspect of the entire 2009 SWAGGER talk parade. You actually posted dozens of comments proclaiming him Heisman worthy. Is that more sad or more baffling? Check the expiration date on your Kool-aid you envious LYING scumbag (scumbag in caps is reserved for the ultimate SCUMBAG...Sarasota)

Schultz? You're entirely too ignorant and hateful to spend much time on. Go shove a pound of bacon up yer azzzzz loser. I got fifty bucks saying you're a rolly-polly lard azzzzz. You've posted a thousand obesity comments. Great job killing your OWN blog U bizarre clown.

Hey, anybody heard from JaHOMO or sarasota cane today? The gator haters must have taken the day off. U got dominated by a slow, plodding big 10 team. One that FSU easily handled in last years bowl game.


Miami's O-line really struggled without Fox.


no big mouth canes in here today? lost to Wisky...LOL

Hey JaHOMO and sarasota cane, don't dish it out if you can't take it. MAN UP.

All your vitriol doesn't feel so good this morning huh Sarasota SCUMBAG?

Fox wasn't saving that thrashing Jo. It was a top to bottom undressing of the SWAGGERIEST team in all SWAGGERLAND.

Jo is even making excUses for the Canes. It is contagious with the Herald writers.

Fox's injury hurt. It was too cold. Jacory had the sniffles.

I am saying it again, right now. The wheels will totally come off this program within the first four games NEXT YEAR. All this NEXT YEAR is the year is great. Keep reving up those expectations because next year is another 4-6 loss season.

Let me see , Urban has heart concerns so he resigns, but after a "spirited practice" he feels he only needs a year off, Garbage. The stress will be back, long hours, no family life,same situation,sounds like a ploy to keep the recruits arond then announce after next season he won't be back.

I am saying it again, right now. The wheels will totally come off this program within the first four games NEXT YEAR. All this NEXT YEAR is the year is great. Keep reving up those expectations because next year is another 4-6 loss season.

Posted by: Rawpimple | December 30, 2009 at 12:24 PM

I completely agree Pimple, UF will be luckly to win 4 games next year with no Meyer, a guy UF wanted to fire as HC, no OC, and no DC. I agree completely!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota responding to the MAN UP call out. Trying to have some heart. You don't even believe your own comment. The gators will still be the best team in this state next year.

Whipples vaunted offense gets pounded by the Mighty Badgers! Oh man, that was classic! Dah U is poised for another Chump's Bowl berth in 2010!

Hey Chaz the CANES don't have to drop out of the ACC and become an independent to have a weak schedule. Hell we can just join the SEC. If i'm not badly mistaken the GAYTURDS only played 2 ranked teams all year. LSU was the first and you struggled against them. Then there was the SEC championship game against ALABAMA. Oh yeah do I need to remind you of what happened there?

Face the facts Gaytors, hte 3 year run that yall had was good. However it is over now and your head coach and savior is gone after another humiliating loss in the SUGAR BOWL to CINCINNATI.

What do you call a Miami football player at last nights Champs Sports Bowl?

Vanilla Ice

First off let me just say that I am a Gator.
Graduated in 95 after going back to school at age 29, but started off as a Cane. Picked Florida because it was the best academic school in the state and was really surprised to see that at the time the only NCAA championship Florida had ever won was by my little brother for pool. Not in the water but 9 ball.
Kills me that "Gator Nation", how original a name, for some reason believes that they have always been a football power instead of a middle of the road SEC team for half a century and a national power for the past 5 years.
Those Charley Pell years were sure great weren't they? You had the best running back I've ever seen in Emmitt and couldn't win the SEC. The Canes were the dominant team in College Football from 83 to 2002 almost two decades. Even the Davis rebuilding years were just priming the pump.

Enjoy your run as with any great thing it runs it's course.
The Canes have had a rough 7 year span, but Shannon is bringing them back. Back to National Championship status? Only time will tell with that.
But we had a decent year with a sophomore quarterback, new coordinators, freshmen all over the field. Wait till all these Freshmen and Sophomores are Juniors and Seniors and the Canes and Gators play.

Canes 45 Gators 10. Harris 300+ yards spread out between Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Tommy Streeter, Davon Johnson and Collier.
150 rushing yards between Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson.

Defense will be dominant led by Forston, Vernon, Dyron Dye, Regis and Brandon Harris, Telemaque and a 6'5" 240 4.40 safety named Ray Ray laying the wood to the Gator Chop.

Do you really think the Canes future looks bad?

Look again my alma mater, and see who is talking national championship 2 years from now.

WSU I could not agree with you more. Well said.

I got news for you WSU. The canes ain't winning jack. Our recruiting classes have been top 3 for the last 3 seasons. We are loaded and our coach has proven he can win titles. What about yours?

All you Gators.
Your coach is gone.
He may call it a leave of absence, but when a 45 year old man can't go 24 hours without experiencing chest pains and has to be ambulanced to the hospital because of them, then he has to make a drastic lifestyle change.
Unlike most Canes I don't hate Urban Meyer.
I actually like him. He made Utah the original BCS buster. He has a lot of charisma and is a great coach. I love Miami but I cheer for the other Florida schools when they aren't playing us.
If Urban Meyer comes back to coach the Gators full speed like he did before, then he better start preparing for the afterlife, or for a padded room because of insanity.

Family first, right Urban? Take two years off, get healthy and then see if your heart could handle the stress, for yours and your family's sake.

I'm 45 years old also and went back to school at Florida because I suffered a stress induced heart attack. I must say those days in Gville were some of the happiest of my life.
I've got a secret for all you guys out there.
If you go back to college when you are 30, are relatively good looking and in good shape with some money in the bank for some reason young coeds are quite attracted to you.
I've giving out pearls here guys.

As for recruiting classes. The U won 5 national championships without really ever getting top recruiting classes. Recruiting 5 star recruits never really panned out for us.
Kyle Wright was the top recruit around and now he's probably selling insurance.
I'll go with football players with attitude over prima donnas with a bad attitude any day.
Our coach has won titles as a player and assistant coach and WHEN he wins one as a head coach will probably be the only person with one as a player, assistant and head coach.
Plus, I have to give the U credit for having the only black head coach for a BCS team. Wish Randy would play that race card more in recruiting but that isn't him. Everyone rips Randy, but you have to admit that deep down, this is just a quality human being. May not be the best time manager in a game but he is a 100% good person. Shannon is looking for a certain type of recruit and from the looks of his classes he doesn't care about the number of stars, but instead about the quality of the individual.
Love to see him have Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Cortez Kennedy, Russell Maryland, Vinny Testaverde do some unoffical in house recruiting visits. We wouldn't have enough scholarships.

And Gators, you guys are not as loaded with talent as you think you are. When you rely on a few key players then that is individual excellence rising at a few crucial positions instead of overall team excellence.
Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow anyone?
Do you guys really think the Florida offense is going to be the same without a once in a lifetime player like Tebow taking the snap?

I take the Cane's starting offense and defense as a whole over the Gators' next year and it isn't even close.

Welcome back to Earth "Gator Nation" God, quit calling yourself that. C'mon, was there really a Gator Nation before you actually won something? Same as there wasn't a Red Sox Nation until the monkey was off their back.

Face it Gators. It is not Miami that is envious of U, but the other way around.

We have 5 National Championships in the past 25 years. Should have been six against Ohio State, but that's another story.
We are a small private school that doesn't have anywhere near Florida's budget, facilities, student body. There's no conceivable reason we should have been the most dominant college football program of the past 25 years, no way whatsoever. But we were and you weren't. So sorry, but facts are facts.
Back in '78 when Howard said we would win a National Championship in 5 years we all laughed just like you would laugh now if Mario Cristobal (a former cane) said in 5 years that FIU would be the most dominant college football team for the next 25 years.

Florida has everything over Miami, and still is lagging far behind, when for every reason in the world you guys should have won a bunch of NC's, and Miami should have quit it's football program 30 years ago.
It is THE University of Florida. Not the University of Florida at Gainesville.
We don't have another one,
yet the official count is still 5-2 for the Canes.

Can any Gator explain that to me?

No need to try, it's unexplainable.

The Canes are on the way back gentlemen.
You may not want to hear it but deep down you know it's true.

Here's the deal; our coach is gone and we're gonna stink. Your coach is here, and you stink. Any questions?

Everyone talks about UF's Tebow...I mean offense...The Gator's D is nasty and filled with men who will play Sunday. Eye gouge would rip any any cane rb in half...then gouge his eyes.I was a cane until I went to UF for my peice of paper. I love the U, but they are no where near the Gatos right now...Things might change in the future especially with the Urbanators heart failing him...but right now...Canes...you cant reach 10 wins, you lose to powder blue Butch(does that make anyone else giggle?), and the Gators have spent the past half decade at the top of Football. so loudmouth Cane fans go watch your little ESPN special and wait until you can acctually muscle up with the big boys.
Randall Hill still makes me laugh! Go timmy touchdown! Go Gators!

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