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Florida Gators put the kibosh on questions

GAINESVILLE -- Crazy days in Hogtown. The University of Florida's sports information department made one player available for media interviews on Tuesday evening after star defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence early Tuesday morning.

Florida coach Urban Meyer called Dunlap's arrest a distraction and "stunning" on Tuesday after practice and said that Dunlap will not play on Saturday against Alabama in the Southeastern Conference championship game. 

To limit the potential distraction for Florida's players, only fifth-year senior Ryan Stamper was made available for interviews on Tuesday and Stamper was only allowed to answer two questions before being whisked away by a UF media relations official.

Before Stamper's interview, the media relations official directed reporters to not ask Stamper questions about Carlos Dunlap. The Miami Herald explained to Stamper that "I know it's a sore subject but it's my job to ask the question: How big of a distraction is the arrest of Carlos Dunlap?" 

Before Stamper could speak, Florida's sports information director ended the interview and later informed reporters that no other players would be available. Don't expect any more player interviews this week leading up to Saturday's game. No.1 Florida (12-0) plays No.2 Alabama (12-0) a 4 p.m. at Atlanta's Georgia Dome.

Question for readers: How big of a loss is Dunlap for the Gators? Tom Luginbill of ESPN said that losing Dunlap is "almost the equivalent of Alabama losing Rolando McClain. It's that big of a deal. That's going to alter the game a little bit for Florida."

Now, we can debate all day the importance of Dunlap to the Gators' defense. My opinion: Losing Dunlap hurts but I think UF will be just fine with defensive ends Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Trattou. Trattou will be filling in for Dunlap and Trattou is probably better than Dunlap at stopping the run. Florida still has plenty of depth at defensive end. Duke Lemmens is a talented player and William Green has been waiting for his shot all season. It should be noted that Green, a Hoover, Ala., native, chose Florida over Alabama.



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Jo, I agree that Dunlap made a poor decision. However, this is another challenge for the team. Based on their interviews, they are a very close team that believe in each other. Their bond is different than any other football team in the country. I'm sure they will hold on to each other for this situation and would consider this as another trial as they take the journey to the road less travelled... The SEC! God bless the Gators!

Like tiger, the guilty hide behind 'NO COMMENT' and thier lawyers.

The loss of Dunlop will hurt, but not as much as losing Harvin last year.

Hey yana94, sooo, you say "god bless the gators"...are you including the felons on your team??? they have a right to be bless too you know..

FZB ... have you ever heard of this Tim Tebow guy? Not only has he already blessed Carlos, but he's forgiven you.

Why thank you mr. Tebow, I feel blessed already....

gator joke of the day.

why do the gators want to play the "U" in 2013?

because they know the world in going to end in 2012

When Tebow was supposedly talking to prisoners and felons during the offseason as part of his religious work, I didn't know that it was actually in team meetings!

Sorry to see the situation unfold with Carlos Dunlap...he will be missed this Saturday. I am happy to see the swift & decisive action taken by Urban to suspend Dunlap. It was ridiculous to see Lame K at UT wait days and days to take any action against armed robbers/UT players (and this our upcoming game is much more important than the one UT faced).

Did the point spread change any??? Does anyone know? The opening line was 5.

The line is still 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 depending on where you look.

I wonder if UM fans will still be talking about their "five" NC's in 10 years when they still haven't won another one.....

who cares...we will be just fine...our D is the best total unit in the nation...doesn't hinge on just 1 player

Gators D still the best and will stop Bama. Who invited the loser canes to opine at the winners blog?

FZB...go back to your dungeons and dragons game!!

Many great coaches have said that if your rivals don't talk about or hate you, you're doing something wrong or you just don't matter that much. I bet none of the Gator nation faithful spend much time on a UM site spewing BS. So any of you gator haters talking trash, please don't stop. With every jeleous jab you take at the Gator Greats, you only confirm your envy. We really don't care what you've done in the past and today U JUST DON'T MATTER.
Have a nice day!

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