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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow finishes fifth in Heisman voting

NEW YORK -- Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow finished fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting on Saturday at Nokia Theatre Times Square. Alabama running back Mark Ingram won the award. Tebow prayed with Ingram backstage before the ceremony.

Here's the Heisman breakdown of the closest vote in the 75-year history of the award:

1. Mark Ingram, Alabama RB; 1,304 points
2. Toby Gerhart, Stanford RB; 1,276 points
3. Colt McCoy, Texas QB; 1,145 points
4. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska DT; 815 points
5. Tim Tebow, Florida QB; 390 points
6. C.J. Spiller, Clemson RB; 223
7. Kellen Moore, Boise State QB; 100 points
8. Case Keenum, Houston QB; 37 points
9. Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati WR; 23 points
10. Golden Tate, Notre Dame WR; 21 points

Heisman Trophy voting is done by region. There are six regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South, Southwest, Midwest and Far West. Ingram carried the South, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast. Gerhart won the Far West. Surprisingly, Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh carried the Southwest vote. He finished 38 points ahead of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.



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Well I couldn't fix this thing of ours for you Timmy, but at least Mark Ingram can rest assured knowing I did the job.

fifth place putos

very surprised Toby came in second. good for him. to be honest, when i first saw him play, i thought that was a mobile quarterback. he runs hard


nice film about a touching history of being thugs......of course you would not know, you were like five years old and living in west kendall....that is before you graduated and went to FIU......

ESPN is thinking about doing a documentary on the GAYtors football team and it's tentative title is
CSI; GAYniesville.

CJ Spiller shouldve recieved more votes.

And of course Ingram won the trophy. HE DROPPED 3 TDs ON TEBOW'S DOME!!

Damn it's pretty sad how the same LOUD and PROUD Gator fans that raided the U blog have been in hiding for a week.... I wonder what happened?????


Got spanked by Bama
Tebow Crys
Urban dehydrated (LMAO)
Lost DC
Lost Tebow
Lost Spikes (several others)
The U 2 hour prime time

that's why!

Oh and I love the blog on "not for anything but look a the team doctor by Meyer". Yeah I'm sure that's why Ingram ran all over you and Tebow threw a redzone pick, bc Meyer didn't drink his Gatorade.

No apologies here Gator fans



Man u miami fans are awesome. Im feeling another helmet-swinging game in ur future you thugs.

It's called Christmas shopping..not stealing...

...and I was SO looking forward to seeing the Orange suit.

Maybe if Tebow shaved something into his head he'd appeal to scUM fans. A picture of Spongebob? The Champs Bowl logo?

to all you haters of the U here's something for ya On Thursday, it was announced the Hurricanes and Notre Dame will share the American Football Coaches Association’s 2009 Academic Achievement Award.

The schools both recorded a 100 percent graduation rate for members of its freshman football student-athlete class of 2002. It is first honor for UM.

100 percent, not 60 percent you losers...

FSU graduates all theirs too, I believe the beard is "Social Sciences" major. I'm sure the U has their version of this.

The U has blog?....I thought they have like 5 fans who really care and those would be the same morons who get ON OUR GATOR BLOG!

Pay for Play! Randy Shannon? Uh oh! Time to take a close look at that UM program...the head coach was involved in paying players! Nice!

Gaytor John....your out of gas....so is your team...face the facts...congrats on a nice "little run"...sorry you cant call it a "dynasty"...had your chance but your team was exposed for what it was all year....a fraud....you get better playing good teams...not bad ones...if you played the Canes next year you would lose....plain and simple...

I know I speak for many Gator fans when I say 'thankyou' to guys like joe who come over to our blog and set us straight. Were it not for him I would still be dwelling on past accomplishments like those silly dolts on the 'canes blog.

Thanks joe

why am i even gonna bother with a bunch of putos; gator john = SUC IT! then you put an exclamation mark. u serious, be a man for once in your life. You know what... look at tebow's majoring in family, youth and community service. come on man be serious. puro chapete on this blog

Beautiful ESPN special...U fans don't even get the fact it was NEGATIVE and most importantly ACCURATE....great way to promote your program...too damn funny...laughed all the way through it...yeah, I would want my kid to be part of that...NOT. ESPN jobbed you and you don't even realize it!!!!

emilio -- for all the reasons you gave above, just GO AWAY!

I don't understand cause U to stupid... y dont U go away to some other website. there is a reason why its called THE MIAMI HERALD. Not gainesville... not Tallahassee... not orlando... not tampa...u go away before i call la migra on you to deport you to europe


The irony of your statement Gator 34! UF has had more arrests since Meyer got to Florida than UM has had since 1983!

You're about to find out the "Hard Way" that UF didn't reinvent anything but rhetoric!

P.S. You watched every minute of it!

Go 'canes!

I was in high school in the early ‘80’s in palm beach county, and we had a big-time tailback that Howard Schnellenburger was recruiting. Howard left that same year to Louisville and the recruit went with him, however, I recall the reputation and persona of that UM team was nothing like that under JJ. The reputation was that of a no-nonsense, no frills, kick-butt team, much like those Nebraska and Oklahoma teams that dominated throughout the years. I think the documentary should have chronicled the ’85 – ’91 period, those were the years of the swagger that the university does not want brought back. I think Randy is trying to replicate the Schnelly model – no frills winning, with no theater. That kind of winning would probably win more respect than JJ’s style.



UM got jobbed? UF just crapped the bed in the biggest game in state history, coaches can't get out of Gainesville fast enough, and two of your biggest recruit's are now doing the tomahawk chop!

The spin that comes out of this site is unmatched! Congrat's "D" Bag, you should take that game to Washington, they need guy's like U!

P.S. UM is the darling of ESPN! WE have three of their biggest broadcasts you tool!

Go 'canes!

You meth heads just don't get it. We like being hated, like the old Oakland Raiders, like the Yankees, etc. etc.
It's a 'CANE' thing.
We're not like you dolts, we're arrogant and we don't need you or anybody else liking us.
It's a 'CANE' thing.

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