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Florida Gators vs. Cincinnati: Thoughts, anyone? And what the heck is a Bearcat?

GAINESVILLE -- At first glance, this seems like a great match up for the New Year's Day Sugar Bowl. Urban Meyer vs. alma mater. Cincy coach Brian Kelly in possibly his final game with the Bearcats. The final game for Tim Tebow against a worthy undefeated opponent.

Thoughts on the Sugar Bowl? As a Gators fan, do you care? And, what the heck is a bearcat?



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Well I'd obviously prefer to watch the Gators play for another national title, but a 12-1 season and a Sugar Bowl game is quite the year. I'll be in the Superdome on New Year's day watching Tebow go out like he came in--winning.

I just hope Coach Meyer is hydrated and Tebow is finished sobbing when it's time to kick off against the Bearcats.

art kehoe,

You are a jealous jerk !!! I bet you have hated watching the Gators rule !!!

Hey Gators , You are not the first to loose in this fashion. 2001 Canes run the table win nation Chamionship. 2002 Canes run the table and are robbed by the Officals vs Ohio State
for the title. Ken Dorsey ends Career 32-2 loosing his last game as a Cane. One could easily say he was robbed of the Heisman trophy also but others would just say sour grapes. It was really tough to swallow that loss to Ohio State in fact it still won't go down . Just have to regroup.
Canes class69

Who cares about the Sugar Bowl, its Cin for god sake...the Jrs are all gone, tegow/spikes/stanper gone...3-4 new starters on the OL....still no receivers...its not going to be pretty, But hey as an early 80s alumni, what the heck...drinking in the Swamp will still be fun...9-3/8-4 here we come...good thing is the U will be just as bad

Bearcat...hmmmm, is that kind of like "manbearpig" from southpark?

Here it is:


This is a bearcat. I am adopting the term meercat to refer to our Sugar Bowl opponent.


The louder sobbing will be Jacory's on that long bus ride to the Champs Bowl.

Hey Kehoe ignore CCGator. If Jacory is sobbing all he needs to do is call Tim Tebow and get some Kleenexs. Tebow just signed a 5year 50 million dollar with KLEENEX. He is going to be the KLEENEX poster boy.

His contract also has incentive clauses in it paying him even more money if he is seen on TV crying again after the SUGAR BOWL. LMAO

Man I wonder if this will help UF in recruiting? Free KLEENEXS for life if you play football at UF.

Urban has been offered a contract from GATORADE. It says drink plenty of Gatorade so you won't look like me after getting beat down.

Urban Meyer is close to signing a contract with Gatorade. Their new slogan is going to say "Gatorade it will keep you from looking like this on the sidelines after getting BEAT DOWN. Then it will have Urban's picture next to it.

Blab on Ibis, enjoy those Badgers in O town.

Listen gator haters, we apologize for 2 of the the last 3 natnl. Championships, were sorry for the great run tebows had. Let it go , we lost we cried, but all u can do is think and talk about us, WOW!! So how'd your great team do this year? LMAO!!!!

to all those leaving comments poking fun at Timmy for shedding some tears, listen up. If the only thing you can come up with to criticize Florida is the fact that our wonderful QB actually showed some emotion, then that's pathetic. Stop hatin on Tebow just cause you can't find anything else to say

U gator clowns are a joke if any other QB cried U will kill him on this blog. U clowns were excited to see tebow yel & scream in teamates face but 5 min laterr hes crying, what a joke be honest and agree with rational people

The matchup can only benefit Cincy.

Unlike U loser Cane fans, we only talk Gators here your pathetic troll. With UM fans, they never talk about their team. It's ALWAYS about how YOUR team sucks and hating on your team and players. Most of them can't even discuss the game itself. It's all 'style', attitude and put downs, no substance. Just ignorance!

This match up reminds me of Alabama last year after they lost to us...I think it will be very hard to keep Florida focused. As we saw this year in Atl focus and desire play go along way towards a W (Alabama was focused on this one game all year and for us it was but a speed bump towards a perfect season). Although this may not be the end all to Cincy I think they have allot more to prove and gain than UF. BUT BUT BUT, if Kelly does in fact go to ND they I think they loose any advantage they may have and it is a toss up. If this was a Regular season game that needed to be won for UF to go undefeated in regular season then UF would kill Cincy.

a bearcat is a beast a monster a problem a sorry FLA and all you tebow fans get ready to take your second loss from the new truth Nasty Nati allday long

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