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How will Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap be remembered?

GAINESVILLE -- The wounds are still fresh, so this question might sting: How will Florida Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap be remembered? 

Dunlap was named a first-team All-SEC defensive end on Monday, less than a week after being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. Did Dunlap deserve the honor even though he was suspended for the SEC championship game?

Will Dunlap's arrest influence his decision to either return to school or go pro? I'm sure there are some strong opinions on this subject, so let's hear them.

My take on the matter: Everyone makes mistakes. How you deal with those mistakes and learn from them ultimately define your character. My opinion: Dunlap can still salvage his reputation as a Gator if he returns to school and sets a positive example from this point forward.



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I agree - his reputation can be salvaged. And he seems like he comes from a good home with strong parents. But Bernie Machen doesn't let some students return to school after a DUI, so are they really going to let Dunlap? Will be interesting. Good post.

Carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap was ALLEGEDLY(wink, wink) driving under the influence.
I'm sure Huntley's on the case now and I'm sure it was terrible mistake and that 'frank the tank' didn't know the difference between beer pong and a beer bong.

The dude was slumped over the wheel at an intersection, with the car running, the lights are changing back and forth and a cop's trying to wake the dude out of his drug and or alcohol induced haze. (ALLEGEDLY of course).

Bet the dude plays in bowl game..

I'll remember him as LUCKY.He could have killed someone.But in the souths easiest conference...who cares let him play. They will likley let him make the decision like they did with that eye gouge incident.

Thats right brandon 'the eye gouger' spikes had to suspend himself.
So you just know he'll play, with rural 'the cryin' myers usual form of discipline.

PS, will someone please tell the GAYtors to stop CRYING.

Dunlap will get his day in court, and given his clean history it would not be unusual if he pleads to a lesser charge than DUI (he should be as fortunate as Tiger ;-).

If Carlos leaves today, he'll be remembered as having potential like Jevon Kearse, Alex Brown and Jarvis Moss, but unlike those others Dunlap disappeared in games at times. With another year of maturity, he could erase all doubts and become a definite top 10 NFL draft pick.

Will he leave for the draft this year? Not clear given his father's recent comments about Carlos likely finishing his degree. I like UF's chances next year if he and some of the other top juniors (i.e., Pouncey twins and C. Johnson) return.

100 per cent agreed with jo 'el mas chingon'. although, i would like to see him get his degree.

I'll tell you who makes me drink, Jacory Harris.

He throws more passes to the opposing team than to his own. Imagine if Duke would have caught the 7 passes they dropped right in their hands. The canes would have taken over last in their division!


Although I am planning my excUses once we lose an early game.

Sarasota'cane is a poser just like his crybaby Gators.They had the 58th toughest schedule and could not pull it off.They were expected towin it all and collapsed.THE U, on the other hand had THE TOUGHEST schedule AND THE U surpassed everones expectations(Except for canes,we were more optimistic).Weren't you the one saying oooooooooh and 4. You were exposed twice in one season. And Jacory finished with better #'s than crybaby,I mean tebow. Wait , you will be exposed 3 times when tebow's crying next week.your fans and your team are overratted. Looks like every cane got that one right.

its so god damn ironic that University of Miami fans suddenly give a damn about character and run ins with the law. All Miami fans do is celebrate the swagger and BS that went on behind the scenes when Luke was "allegedly" funding players. You know what this is.....it's all Miami fans can talk about when comparing their program to Florida's recently. When Miami was winning as Thug U, they didnt give a damn about arrests....but when UF passes them by and they are stuck in mediocrity, thats all they can point to. I think the point is that breaking the law = great teams that win titles.

Don't know where sidcane gets her information. According to official BCS rankings, Gators had 8th toughest schedule, Canes 13th. And let's not forget the Acc division champions being crushed by the 6th and 7th best teams in the SEC.

Miami Morons aka cane "fans" make up all kinds of stats to make their sorry team and conference look better, but everyone knows the ACC is very weak and the canes are at best the 5th worse team there. As for CD if he comes back he can redeem himself by staying clean, he deserves a 2nd chance.

He should go on to the NFL and continue UFelony's long history of 1st round busts...

He will be remembered as everything that is wrong with UF:

and 1st round busts!

It would be great if some of the U fans who have the time to get on a Gator Blog (pretty sad) would ACTUALLY BUY SEASON TICKETS AND GO TO CANES GAME! My standard defense against any Canes fan who give me grief is "Do you have season tickets? Do you go to the games? Did you even attend UM?" The last loser told me "there is so much to do here"...my point exactly....Real fan......

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