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NCAA investigates Tennessee Volunteers football over use of recruiting hostesses

The NCAA has launched a "wide-ranging investigation" into the recruiting practices of Tennessee football, according to an article in The New York Times. LINK!

College football's governing body is concerned that Tennessee has been using the university's recruiting hostesses inappropriately to lure top high school football players to Tennessee. Tennessee Internet message boards, which credited Tennessee's hostesses for influencing some top recruits, helped fuel rumors that recruiting violations were possibly being committed. Three of Florida's top football prospects are among the high school recruits who have been contacted by the NCAA: Ted Meline of North Miami Beach, Chris Dunkley of Pahokee and Christian Jones of Winter Park Lake Howell.

Tennessee has self-reported six secondary recruiting violations since Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin was hired in December 2008. It is rare for the NCAA to investigate high school players before they even commit to a school. (Yes, a small part of me thinks the NCAA has it out for loudmouth Kiffin.)

One has to wonder whether or not Tennessee running backs/special teams coach Eddie Gran left Tennessee before things heated up with the NCAA. Gran was hired earlier this week by Florida State's Jimbo Fisher, who will officially take over for Bobby Bowden after the Gator Bowl. Gran was an assistant at Tennessee for one season before leaving the Vols for FSU for a similar position. Gran will coach running backs and special teams at FSU. He was an assistant at Auburn before leaving for Tennessee and built a strong reputation in South Florida as a recruiter while with the Tigers. Gran is the person who lured Pahokee receiver Nu'Keese Richardson away from the Gators.



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I guess the hostesses thing wouldn't have worked for recruiting Timmy? Ha Ha

How many secondary violations are you allowed to have before they do anything about it?

Heck, they are also investigating LSU.

I don't think there's a set number, but the NY Times suggested that the large number of secondary violations piqued the interest of the NCAA.


So the guy that brought in Mr. Pellet Gun is going to be recruiting for the Criminoles?

Nothing surprises me about this sleazy conference...

Even though Meyer is one of the biggest snake's in sports, Kiffin definitely takes home the gold!

Kiffin seems to have been working hard to draw attention to Tenn. I don't think this is what he had in mind.

I don't care much for Kiffin's antics. But, unless the NCAA can prove these hostesses were being "compensated" by someone associated with the UT football program (like coaches or boosters) for their extra-curricular "social activities" this investigation will yield nothing more than some possible embarrassment for some of the girls involved.

Do you know why Tim Tebow never took up Baseball? Cause there is no crying in Baseball.



If you're affiliated with a school, you can't recruit for that school. Example: former players cannot recruit for a school.


The NYT article states that the violation occured because the "hostesses" are employed by the university.

The SEC credo is if your not cheating and lying your not trying.
We also take any athlete whether you have a rap sheet or not. We believe in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances as long as you can ball.

Thanks for the clarification Joe. We'll just have to wait and see how this one turns out. Although, I have to admit I'm rooting for the NCAA Investigative Committee to find something. Lane Kiffin desperately needs a good smack down.

When I lived in Gainesville in the mid 90's, the hostesses were called "Gator Getters"! Every program has a Skank or three hanging around the athletes, some programs put the girls to work. It's a victimless crime in my opinion. Who doesn't like Skanks?

I have heard the rumors for years, but this is the first time outside of the Colorado scandal that I have ever read anything about it. I woud bet that the problem (if you want to call sex with a Skank a problem) is a lot bigger throughout the entire NCAA than the head honchos want to admit.

I promise you won't hear any outrage from the other SEC school administrators, but I'll bet that they are all reviewing their "Skank Programs" as we speak!

Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag!

SEC = sleazy & easy conference..

No wonder why all these schools out recruit me. I can just recruit Northwestern kids and try to sell people on my great time management skillz.

something about this story makes the gator loss a little easier to swallow.

hi sarasota. looking forward to seeing the class program "the U" is on sat night. should be interesting/hilarious.

The credo of the SEC(sleazy & easy) conference.

Don't 4get GAYtors sat. nite after watchin teabag cry again, 2 watch the 2 hour documentary on the CANES.
Also don't 4get 'men who stare at goats', a movie about life in GAYniesville.
And coming 2 the cable channel 'oxygen' soon, a documentary on the GAYtors season called
'jesus and the felons' or aka 'men who cry'.

I don't think this this blog is working.... Nothing new in 2 days.... Basically this is a test.

I wonder if any of the recruits are wavering since Strong is leaving?


You are really slacking. Lots of stories coming out about the Gator's team prior to the SEC game. You really need to get the scoop. Ahmad Black's dad and Carlos Dunlap getting plastered is just the tip of the iceberg.


Billy Gonzalez just left the Gators to go to LSU.

You work multiple jobs??

Its over the story broke....By the time you get involved we will already be kicking off the 2010 football season.

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