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Ten highlights and thoughts from today's fascinating press conference with Urban Meyer

NEW ORLEANS -- OK, big story coming in tomorrow's paper but I'll touch on some highlights of today's press conference now and give some general thoughts about the most fascinating stories I've ever covered.

1. I've been getting plenty of emails from Gators' fans and fans of UF's rivals about today's press conference. It was a surreal experience, to say the least. Meyer didn't exactly explain what is wrong with his heart/chest/head/brain/whatever, but he did say that he has not had a heart attack. That's good news. Hopefully for Meyer, he can get some much needed rest, learn how to deal with stress and return to UF's sidelines a healthy man.

2. I'm no doctor, but I have had family members hospitalized by stress and anxiety. It's not an easy thing to overcome. Meyer needs to sit down with a health care professional and work through his problems and figure out a way to manage his stress, if indeed that is the problem. Maybe take yoga and go fishing. Steve Spurrier told Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun on Sunday that Meyer needs to find a hobby. Meyer laughed at the suggestion but did say that he's going to give Spurrier a call and speak with him about how to stress management. More laughter; less anxiety. 

3. UF athletics director Jeremy Foley is a true professional. He's the best in the business, folks.

4. Meyer called himself a Southerner on Sunday. That was pretty interesting.

5. The Meyer family was in attendance during the press conference. It added an extra level of intrigue to the story today.

6. Steve Addazio is the interim head coach but it seems like Meyer will still be calling all the shots. Meyer indicated that he will be hiring/promoting the new defensive coordinator. Meyer isn't allowed into his office, according to Foley, but that doesn't mean Meyer will stop recruiting. The recruiting dead period ends on Jan.3. Pretty sure Meyer will be recruiting in some form.

7. Meyer was plenty nervous on Sunday. He read from a prepared statement, which he never does. His uncomfortable body language was painful for me to watch at times. I felt bad for him.

8. Foley indicated that Meyer will still be paid his salary of about $4 million per year. UF's athletics director indicated that Addazio will receive a raise. Foley said that a buyout was never an option when Meyer informed him of his plan to resign.

9. Meyer told Ryan Stamper and Tim Tebow that he loved them during the practice before Meyer told the team he was resigning. Stamper said it meant a great deal to him. At that point, Meyer turned towards Stamper and appeared to fight back some tears.

10. UF sports information director Steve McClain deserves credit for performing his job brilliantly during one of the toughest months I'm sure he's ever had to deal with on the job.



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"UF athletics director Jeremy Foley is a true professional. He's the best in the business, folks."

LOL...what a croc..no pun intended.

i want my daddy back.

Foley is the man. Thanks for the report, Jo.

foley is for a dikhole....

UF is a circus
way to go Liar !

This is such a charade. Your coach had his panties in a bunch because he wasn't getting enough attention so he pulled this stunt. Total lie. Now he gets to tell recruits he would "die" for them. Heart problems don't just disappear with a vacation folks. He's a liar.

^ get outta here man. not getting enough attention?? this was a sincere issue and you obviously have no heart as a human being.

I suppose you had to be there ...

it's 1:45 am ... 2 for 1 after 2 til sun up at Pat O's ?

Jacomo says hello.

Jacory said he will not settle just leading the country in INTs. He wants to improve and lead in fumbles as well next year.

Shrewd of you to come through the back door when trying to find out if the buyout was exercised Jo. Foley had none of it.

Foley ( top AD in the nation)


'Lil Kirby Coldcut ( can't wait to axe RS)

Keep hating jealous cane 'tards.

J17... Das my baby!

Best article you have ever written.

God Bless Urban Meyer. He is the best. I have spent long days with him at the "All Ball Coaches Clinics", seen him at the Gator Gatherings and watched him many times at practice. I have also read his book. At first I did not want to know this guy from Utah. I was crushed the AD passed on getting the Old Ball Coach back. But I have grown to love this guy and realize he is the total package. No On, NO ONE out works and out cares Urban Meyer. Period. That is why he is the best and get's the best out of his kids. His character is beyond question. You oppents can say what you want but there is not one stich of evidence of him ever doing anything wrong. One of the current recruits chose Florida over 5 other teams because "Coach Urban told me the truth....He said that I have a lot of talent and potential and if I work hard, I will have a chance to play....the other coaches told me and my parents what they thought I wanted to hear, and it was obvious".....yesterdays extensive national media coverage before, during and after the press conference turned a negative into a posiaive and showed the inside of Urban Meyer and if any kids were doubting this guy, I am sure they arent now. Some of the opposing coaches will try to spin it otherwise, but the great kids with characther can weed through that, and that's the 1% of 1% that come to Florida. The collective voice from the recruits whom have spoken is that they support Urban Meyer and even went as far as to send the message through recruit Lynden Train to the media(Booker T. washington): "If you ain't a Gator...Your Gator Bait!"

It's great to be a Florida Gator!

I love seeing the canes post all their drivel on this blog. They're like the crappy fraternity next store that has a weak rush, lame parties, and nothing going on. All they can do is measure themselves against the better house and live vicariously through their rival's trials and tribulations. Get a life. Ha! Ha!

Uncertainty is now the mantra of UF's football program... who will be the WR, DC, HC, OC spot? Addazzio? Will Urban be back, or will his health take a turn for the worse? Sure, he WANTS to come back... but, I want to play professional football. Sometimes things that we want are just outta our hands

Unstable Coaching position for an unstable program.....

the cookie is beginning to crumble.

Do u loser gators consider yourselves worse of or better off than say Thursday when Meyer hadn't resigned yet?

B/C a full-time coach is way better than a coach "on leave" last time I checked.

U guys need to wake up and realize what's going on here.

crickets chirping as the 3 star recruits are lined up.

That post had me laughing. Good stuff, excellent analogy.

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday.
Great stuff, interesting observations. Chuckled when I heard them announce you and you came at him with your twisted questions, Torquemada.In order:
1 & 2: I don't know what the condition is, but some things require rest. Period. For instance, when the Bucs' Hardy Nickerson was diagnosed with pericarditis years ago and missed more than half the season, it mainly required inactivity and time. while this appears to be, from the sparse information, a muscle issue, that component of the recovery could very well be similar. I will say this - I am skeptical about his ability to tone it down and maintain the high intensity which has made him the successful college coach he is. Even Foley discreetly referenced that perceived contradiction.

3. foley really is considered one of/the top ADs in the country. When awarbrick was looking to hire someone, he wasn't lauded for being a top AD. Neither was Bama's during the last coaching search, nor was Michigan's following the Lloyd Carr force out. But Saturday, every single pundit almost immediatewly pointed out that Foley is, literally, considered the best AD in the country. When Kiffin apologized for the Meyer recruiting comment last summer, it was all because of the insistence by Foley to Slive that Kiffin do so. He is clearly a very, very powerful figure in the SEC, but the pundits also expanded that, unsolicited I might add, to include the entire country.

4. Yes, indicates to me he and his family are comfortable in Gainesville.

5. Not surprising they were there, the guy looks rattled.

6. I think he needs to let Addazio coach the bowl game, even though that won't happen, and take advantage of the dead period to get that rest and medical attention. He should be laying in bed, with the dog at his feet, popping valium like tic tacs. Then hit the trail from being overyl rested/excessively bored.

7. I agree. He looked like he doesn't feel well. Frankly, i think he's unsure about lots of things still.

8. He clearly did the 180 due to his love of the players and his sense of obligation to them. Again, he made a decision then changed his mind based upon what was primarily emotion. So we'll see.

A truely strange time for Gator fans.

Jo, you would never know it from the hyperbolic comments from both sides of the aisle, but that was a very good post, even handed and fair. Good work. Some of us appreciate good reporting

Bottom Line:

1. Bama romped you / No SEC Championship
2. No NC
3. No DC
4. No S Fla. recruiting coordinator
5. No Tebow
6. No Spikes
7. No supporting cast
8. 50/50 HC
9. Interim HC produced corny offense year 1
10. @ Bama, Tenn. and FSU next yr.

Who are you kidding here? The worst part is that you know it....

So what Gator is willing to mitigate all these factors? Go ahead....

Are you Gator fan's smoking crack? This is one of the greatest meltdowns in the history of college football! It would have been better for your recruiting if Meyer had resigned. I'll give your marketing guy's props for trying to turn this chicken shyt into chicken salad!

Addazzio for HC??? WTF??? You guys wanted to fire him a week ago, now he's the CEO?? UF would be better off promoting the DC (Who they haven't even hired yet!) than Addazzio!

"The wheels are falling off!"
"The Rat's are jumping off the ship!"
"2nd Tier Coach!"
"You haven't seen the bottom yet!"
"We run this shyt dump now!"


USF looms...

Go 'canes!

P.S. Hey Gator John in Pinecrest, were you not leaving with a promise to never return? You're no different than your coach! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.S.S. The media is now calling UF "The Waffle House"!


An open letter to ALL UF recruit's and their parents:


Go 'canes!

Ever in your life had a thought that was your own Scumsota?
You are a typical cane scumbag.

gators, gators, gators. can't stop talking about the gators...can't stop..argghh! Damn! If they keep this up I'll have to return all my cane stuff (that I bought when the noles started losing) and buy gator stuff. gators, gators, gators. if I'm a gator fan, I can't buy crack outside the stadium before kickoff like I could at the orange bowl. gators, gators, gators.

Hey does all of Gaytor nation really think that he will coach next season? If he does, rest assured it will be his last year. If he is having these kinds of stress related problems after an undefeated regular season, then what is he going to do when he loses 2 or 3 regular season games next year.

To start with he will lose Tebow, Spikes, Stamper, Dunlap, Hernandez, Cooper, and Haden just to name a few. I do however realize that according to the Gaytor fans that yall have
4 or 5 superstars stacked at each postion, but be real. Do oes Gaytor nation really think that there will not be a significant drop off in performance on both sides of the ball. Hell on the offensive side of the ball Tebow was 75% of your offense. That wasn't enough to win 3 games without the help of the REFS.

Face the facts Gaytor fans...The downward spiral has already begun.

One last tidbit. I remember someone saying to me that Bobby Bowden should have retired several years ago, before the downward slide hit the NOLES. Maybe this is proof positive that Urban Crier is a smarter man than Bobby Bowden. Urban knows that life after Tebow is not going to be good for his head coaching resume.

^the only game the refs helped us win was against arkansas, get your facts straight

gators, gators, gators. Reveling in the gators 1 game losing streak! gators, gators, gators.

Stay tuned...

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