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Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin takes a shot at Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer

GAINESVILLE -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has a man crush on Urban Meyer. Seriously, every time Kiffin gets the opportunity, he tries his hardest to get the attention of Meyer. Here's the latest example.

Kiffin analyzed the SEC championship game during a radio interview on Tuesday. Here's what he had to say:

"It will be a real interesting match-up," Kiffin said. "Florida has better players, and Alabama has better coaches, so well see." [ZING!]

Watching Kiffin pester Meyer is like watching a second-grade boy tug on the pigtails of the cutest girl in class. Kiffin loves him some Urban Meyer.

As for Kiffin's prediction of the SEC championship game: "It's kind of hard to call," he said. "There's a bunch of great players on both teams. Florida has so much speed. I think you'll see Alabama will out-scheme Florida, and Florida has given up 28 sacks this year when a bunch of guys come free. [ZING!] But the problem is Superman (Tebow) is back there. It comes down to can you tackle him."

Tennessee lost to both Florida and Alabama this season. UT is one of seven teams to hold that honor.



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what a clown he is...if you can't beat em, rag em

He is such a douche

What's wrong with what he said, meth heads(truth hurts).
I'd bet any amount of money, 99% of the college programs out there would hire Saban over Rural. One runs a first class organization, and one runs a jail break at the prison yard..

The Alabama fan (the one calling the Florida fans 'meth heads') has a short memory...must be the sadness over the loss of Prince Hall...or maybe he's missing Rashad Johnson who managed to get on an NFL team, in spite of his aggressiveness toward security guards. Oh, and did Jeremy Elder ever come back to the team? Did he ever get out of jail?

I think the moron you are referring to is a UM "fan", which is worse than an Alabama fan. At least Bama has real fans and a good program while UM has only bandwagon fans and a mediocre program at best.

Like ronnie 'machine gun' wilson, GAYtors rule do you know ANYone with assault rifles.
like jamar 'credit card' hornsby, GAYtors rule do you know ANYone to use a credit card from a dead person.
like janoris 'tasered' jenkins, GAYtors rule do know ANYone who has been tasered.
I'm hoping most of you don't even know someone who has been ARRESTED, I don't. But you've had 30 GAYtor football players arrested in 4 years.
BE PROUD of your THUGS and your WARDEN..

Our Gator "thugs" are undefeated, playing for a perfect season and yet another national championship, while your Cane "choirboys" will get to play in something called the GAYLORD Bowl. Seems like the proper bowl for UM's PANSIES squad. How many Cane fans will show up to cheer them on? Would 100 be too many? Do you even know where it is?

The original Thug U "fans" complaining about the Gators. Jealousy, envy? UM just got passed over by a team with a worse record for a better bowl. UM irrelevant nationally? The Gator Bowl knows UM will only draw a few hundred fans while FSU will draw a lot better. Lame Kiffin and UM "fans" have a lot in common, they both talk a lot of crap but cannot back it up where it counts. They both look like spoiled, angry little children throwing a tantrum.

THE305 is right on. great call, jealous little tantrums. not to mention that none of them even went to UM.

pretty unbelievable for kiffin to bash meyer's coaching ability. everywhere the guy has gone he has been incredibly successful. lane got fired from the raiders...and he only got that job bc of his daddy...and has been mediocre at best at Tenn. he cheated!!! oh wait...daddy help!

dan, 305, pimplehead, adams apple and the rest of u meth heads, r delusional. U'all got lucky as did urbie did when t'n't got there.
U'all get the top CONVICTS(recruits) but it won't matter next year without jesus. It's back to the pack, like b4 teabag..
Enjoy ur last game at the top ,'cuse you all know where your going..

ring, ring, it's the future calling. Holy $h!#: John Brantley -- 2 SEC MVP's, 2 NC's, first round draft pick. SEC tested! NFL approved!

Way to zing the zinger, Jo...Thanks to lame for grabbing the spotlight and providing some comic relief!

Umm, isn't that Jimmy Football? Still funny.

His father needs to grab Lane on the sidelines, put him over his knee, and beat his toosh. STFU Lane!!!

He is just an ankle bitter....it's always those little dogs that bark the loudest!! He is the "Chihuahua" of the SEC...don't let him get close to your leg.......

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