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Tim Tebow a finalist for the Heisman Trophy; Will he win it?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was named a finalist for the Heisman Trophy on Monday along with Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, Nebraska defensive end Ndamukong Suh, Alabama running back Mark Ingram and Stanford running back Toby Gerhart.

Will Tebow win the award? His chances are better than you think.



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No. He'll be 5th.

100 percent agreed with adams. gator nation, get over yourself

Wouldn't trade Tebow for any player in the country.... That said, he didn't have the year statistically that should win a Heisman. I think it should be Ingram or Gerhardt.

I still would love if he won though. Just to see all the Haters heads explode.

Give it to Suh.

They might give it to him so he won't cry on national tv again!!!!....LMAO!!!!

wait i thought jacory was going to get it???


mr. leads all of college football in INTs!!!!

but all of a sudden NEXT YEAR is the year??


Love Tebow but Ingram deserves it. Let Alabama have it's first h. winner!

I think we were outcoached. Bama surprised the offense right out of the gate with a spread offense and just handed Charlie Strong's guys their heads from that point on. The offense struggled, but that happened more than once this year. It was the defensive letdown that surprised me.

Ingram deserves it the Gators brought a D effort to Atlanta and lost still a great season and an outstanding senior class can't take that away and all you haters where are your teams at???

On reputation alone, not too many players can say they have been in tebow shoes. Instead if being the best he falls into the top five all time. If he would of won this heisman he would of been the greatest. Still would hold the sec records for many years to come. All the hatred will hate, but he has alegimate chance of becoming great pro. Thank you TIMMY for all the memories, records, and championships.

My predictions in this order:

1. Ingram AL
2. McCoy TX
3. Tebow FL
4. Gerhart STANF
5. Suh NEB

I wish Tebow, Suh, or Gerhart would win it, but I think many will count team record into the mix. These are just sentimental choices. By the way, ESPN's Gameday Fowler (a pretty smart guy) said that he would NOT vote for McCoy based on the game he had against Nebraska. It's funny cause he seemed mad about it.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, heisman committee give it 2 timmy.
We don't need another hysterical scene from 'jesus' like the other night (it's a game 4 god sake).

FYI; other teams and players PRAY, numbskulls.

Good morning Lizards, here is my take on the
Heisman trophy, Bible Boy has been a great college player but he DOES NOT deserve to win it....
the best player in my opinion is Gerhart, stanford....the guy is just great..

To: jpuck04....Bible boy will be out of the NFL within three years....can you imagine him yelling at NFL players like that ???...don't think so.

Oooops, forgot to post the gator joke of the day...

what do tornadoes and UF grads have in common?
They both always end up trailer parks !

FZB...You are so humorous. Do you work on it daily?


Come on...after that choke job by Tebow in the SEC championship. I don't see him winning it.

Gator Joke of the Day:
Why do UF grads hang their diplomas in the rear windows of their cars?

...So they can park in "handicapped" spaces.

McCoy wins it in a close battle with Ingram. Tebow finishes third.

Many voters are still heavily biased to a senior and McCoy was close last year.

I'm a die hard Gator fan and Tim does not deserve to be a finalist, plain and simple.
Anyone who watched each game this year must see that he regressed as a QB...love the dude, what he stood for and the effort game in and game out BUT for the love a god PLEASE stop the f'n crying...enough already, grow up. Bring on Brantly baby! And FIRE that OC …he will be clueless what to do with a real NFL QB.

Ingram deserves it, The Heisman is supposed to be given to the BEST player of the year, Tebow may deserve a life time achievement award but for the 2009 College football season it belongs to Ingram.

It's the year of the odd name for president and heisman!

A case can be made for Tebow. Where would UF have been this season without Tebow? If you take Tebow off the team, how many games does Florida win? Tebow was the team' most valuable player, in my opinion. The large majority of Florida's offense was Tebow. How many touchdown passes were dropped this season? About seven. In the SEC championship game, Hernandez dropped a touchdown pass and Jeff Demps dropped a critical pass in the flat. Now, all thing considered, was Tebow the most outstanding player in college football this season? I still believe he might have been. His numbers were down but so were McCoy's numbers. Tebow accounted for more touchdowns than McCoy. Tebow also accounted for more touchdowns and offense than Ingram.


What if you took Suh off Nebraska - would they win a game?

You make a good point, but he's not going to win it. It's not an MVP award, it's for the most outstanding individual player.

C.J. Spiller was robbed!

Sew timmy's tear ducts up because he will cry if he wins or not

Spiller and Dwyer were both robbed.Imagine Spiller at 100%. He's played injured all year.

To all U fans,
Congratulations on the Douche Bowl!! Yawn!!!!

To all U fans,
Congratulations on the Douche Bowl...wahahaha! Yawn

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