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What happened to the Florida Gators basketball team?

My vacation is almost over, but I had to come out of my self-imposed cave to write a quick blog about the UF men's basketball team. South Alabama 67, Florida 66?

After a loss to Richmond in the Orange Bowl Classic, the Gators responded with a loss to South Alabama at O'Connell Center. Has anyone over the last three seasons been more unlucky than UF coach Billy Donovan? First he couldn't win with Marreese Speights, then he couldn't win with Nick Calathes, now Donovan just can't win in the final weeks of December 2009.

Dan Werner had two points and five fouls against the South Alabama Jaguars. Chandler Parsons, playing despite an injury that requires rest to heal, was 1 of 8 from the field. Point guard Erving Walker was 0-6 from three-point range. Meanwhile, former UF point guard Jai Lucas is on the cover of ESPN.com's college basketball page this morning. Lucas is a bit player for No.2 Texas but his team hasn't lost a game this season.

The Gators don't play another meaningful basketball game until Jan.3, when UF travels to Raleigh, N.C., for a key non-conference away game against N.C. State. In between now and then is a six-day break for Christmas and then a two-game stretch against American (Dec. 28) and Presbyterian (Dec.30). Finding a few scorers between now and Jan.3 should be Donovan's top priority. Consider this: South Alabama shot 28.1 percent from the field in the second half and still defeated Florida at O'Connell Center.



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What happend to them? They crossed the state line into ALABAMA thats what happend to them.

O.K. boys my work is done here. Seems as if kehoe is behaving himself today(probably trying to round up some bail money). You will have no more trouble out of me as long as he minds his manners.

Hey Kehoe, Wakey wakey hand off snakey. Word on the street is your mom is being "detained" after A little missunderstanding at work last night so you will have to make your pop tarts by yourself this morning. Try not to burn the trailer down.

Posted by: HalfTimeBeatdown | December 23, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Freakin hilarious!

like the football team,

Keep it up jealous cane loser.

WE LOVE IT! we aren't bothered by morons like u. Lol
u just show how stupid and jealous u are.

It's OK keep losing Gators.

Mr. Brandon Knight, welcome to the ACC and the U.


Hot off the presses!...Ronald Powell is about to commit...he said " I fell in love with the place, the coaching staff and the way they play defense! ...VERY EXCITING..The #1 DE in the nation! Urban is on a Tear!

It's great to Be a Florida Gator!

Just when I think that I am out they pull me back in. I see your posting under my name again kehoe. How was your pop tart this morning.

The only thing urban is tearing into is his prozac prescription.


Willie Martinez, former player on the Canes 84 NC squad interviewed with Coach Urban Meyer today. Rumor has it is for a defensive position, not the defensive coordinator. I am not a big fan of his defenses he put on the feild as the DC for georgia, but I think he would be a good safeties / DB coach. We own't hold the Canes thing against him, espcially since he has seen the light and will BECOME A GATOR!..in his words " I am exicted about being part of the Best Collage Football Program in the Nation"..........

Holy shyt gaytor fans do yourselves A favor and back out of all future sporting events involving the state of Alabama. First your football team gets curbed stomped and now your basketball team gets beat by A directional school from that state. I would suggest contacting Bernie "Bumpercars" Machen immediately before theres any more bloodshed.

Posted by: HalfTimeBeatdown | December 23, 2009 at 09:42 AM

Jo, If you had read this from the previous thread you wouldent have had to take time out of your vacation to update the blog.

Willie freakin Martinez are you kidding me gaytor john. They ran him out on A rail from georgia. What is this world coming to floriduh fans getting excited over georgias "scraps".


This program is A raging dumpster fire!

Lets see;
replacing defensive coordinator.
replacing recruiting coordinator.
replacing QB impersonating a fullback.
replacing spikes.
replacing dunlap.
replacing the pouncey twins.
replacing cooper.
replacing hernandez.
replacing haden.
replacing wright.
replacing black.
replacing stamper.
don't have any RBs to replace.
don't have any WRs to replace.

EQUALS 6 and 6.
If your lucky.

Preach on brother!

What is amazing is that one of the other sports sites (SI or Sportsline) had the top 20 teams (any sport, any level) of the decade and UF basketball was listed. Only team to go to 3 NC games in decade - hard to believe how far they have fallen...

My my my...how the mighty have fallen. All these canes fans riding Bama's jock. When your team can't beat'em pull for somebody else to. Gators 4 national titles since 06 canes 0. Put that in your pipe and smoke on it..

A wise man once said you are only hated when you are good. When you are mediocre you are irrelevant. Ring a bell cane losers?

I love the hate...they hate you when you are on top! Keep on hating! It means we are kicking your A*#!

Jo, no comments on randy Shannon's statement about recruit's getting bought off?

Randy told Mandich "Yeah, $300- to $6000-$7000"....Randy should know! He has paid quite a few in his day! Document by the U movie! Randy was the money man in the "Pay for Play" scandel....howe is that UM allows a known cheater who payed players to be their head coach?

Oh yeah..now the important stuff..

Rumor has it that Carlos Dunlap is strongly consider incoming back for his senior year..apprently he doesn't won't to go out the way he did and sees an opportunity to put principle ahead of money...we shall see...I think he goes once that draft report shows him in the 1st round......
My Christmas wish list:
1. Tim Tebow has a tremedous game and we beat Cincinnati
2. Jeff Luc, Sentrel Henderson, Corey Lemonier, Chris Dunkly, Jordan Hicks, Ivan Macrtney all give us an reason to celebrate and commit early.
3. Danny Weurffel, Tim Tebow.....who's next...I hope we get another excellent role model and person to be proud of!

It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!

well pigville GAYtor, according to your logic, guess it's gonna start getting awfully quiet on these here blogs..

LMAO Crickets. I keep asking myself and you guys



Big ups to Gator John for at least showing face.

Danny Weurffel: What a role model!

Peak at 19 years old, flare out, and live the rest of your life on your accomplishments from a two-year stretch.

Very admirable: THAT GUY IS A LOSER!

Wao canes fans have nothing better to do then hate.. I guess I would be mad too if I went to FIU and Miami dade and I was cheering for the 4th best team in Florida behind UCF... Canes suck...

happy holiday scUM. Please keep posting here. You're hatred exhibits what jealous losers you are. Not a whole lot to talk about at the rusty UM camp. We welcome U and you're idiocy here with open arms. The more U post the more we see what imbeciles U are.

HAPPY KWANZAA Randy apologists....ALL OF U

Randy is getting killed in Florida recruiting

I love the hate...they hate you when you are on top! Keep on hating! It means we are kicking your A*#!

well, then it appears that all of the gator faithful who regularly trash the CANES (Adam, Rawpimple etc etc) are showing how much respect they really have for the CANES and how much they truly understand that the CANES are a team climbing back to the top. I must admit it, I like your logical and insightful anaylsis as to the motivations of all the CANE hating gators out there.

Hogtown Gator....If you're going to count National Championships outside of Football then you should also be looking at UM's 9 (5 Football and 4 Baseball) NC's compared to UF's 5 (3 Football and 2 Basketball).

Gator John in Pinecrest....you'll be lucky to get one of those commits on your wish list. And learn how to spell..where did you graduate from Sante Fe Community College like the rest of your sad Gator Nation.


How about them Blazers. UAB beating 2 top 25 teams last week and is 11-1 on the season. Should be ranked higher than the gators but the polls are the biggest sham and won't...I mean look they ranked Florida 13th from 40th after only beating a mediocre Michigan State team.

The funny thing is all these cane fans commenting on gator basketball articles, even bringing football into the conversation. The best thing is, the loser bringing baseball into the equation. For one thing, you guys have NEVER won a basketball title, so the fact that you are even opening your mouths is HILARIOUS! Lets go back to football. You guys suck, evidence by the the bowl you are playing in. Until you guys even come close to sniffing the All Cupcake Conference championship game, let alone the national championship game SHUT UP!!! You have no right to talk trash. I don't care that you won 5 titles, because YOU'VE DONE NOTHING RECENTLY to warrant the right to talk trash!!!!! NO ONE cares what you did 20 years ago!!!!!!!

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