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Ahmad Black returning for his senior season

GAINESVILLE -- Junior strong safety Ahmad Black is returning to Florida for his senior season, according to his father.

Bruce Black informed The Miami Herald on Saturday night that Ahmad "decided to stay in school and get his stock up in next year's NFL Draft." Ahmad, a two-year starter for the Gators, had a breakout season in 2008 and followed it up with another excellent effort in 2009. Black had 70 tackles this season.

Black is one of two returning starters among the Florida Gators secondary. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins will be a junior next season.



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Hey girls, the domino's are fallin into place.
Pete Carroll to the Seahawks,
Jack Del Rio to Southern Cal,
urben 'i can't handle success, so give me a xanax' myers and tim 'i am jesus' teabow to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I am a canes fan and I must say the gators have suprised me by the class they have been pulling in. I thought with the whole urban thing and tebow leaving Florida was going to decline. Congrats to that staff for keeping it together

Ahmad Black is a good kid and a great collage safety that plays above his physical size. But his father seems to be a detriment to him, posturing that he was going to leave due to disrespect and other things that are nonsense and seems to like to talk to the media. I hope he does not deminish his sons accomplishments by not controlling his own ego. Fact is, Ahmad would not be drafted at all if he went out this year. And I am afraid that due to his size, no matter how good a season he has next year, he probably won't either. Unless he grows about three inches.

Posted by: chris mortenson | January 12, 2010 at 07:32 AM

I thought Meyer was a lock for Notre Dame U clown?

Got credibility?


You spelled Jesus with a small j. Think about what you are doing before you hit the keypad. If you can put down Christ and Tim Tebow on a football blog, my suggestion to you is to go into the bathroom now and look in the mirror. There are some lines you don't cross, for fun, football or anything.

Gator John -- maybe Mortensen is Jewish, or Muslim...or a Swede?!

mortensen is just an idiot no matter his religion

... or a nihilist. They care about nothing, or so I hear.


..no offense to Swedes...that word just popped into my head at the time for some reason.

Oh now you've gone and done it! The Swedes are PISSSED !

Just of note; UF plays with five Defensive Backs, and Will Hill is a returning starter as well. So UF returns three starters, not two.

The odious SCUMBAG Sarasota has retreated deeeep into his (sex)bunker.
He must be working up a new list of ten questions. Seems that when the team you hate hires a great staff and cleans up on recruits, combined with your favorite team getting put in dresses by a fat cheese team , it tends to temper your delusinoal rage. Maybe he's just watched his recruiting class crumble before his sagging eyes. Most likely he's just a bitter old guy who is completely out of gas.


I was referring to UF's base defense, 4-3.


Lots-o-talent for 2010. The defense will re-load and the coaching staff will mold the offense around the current talent (see Chris Leak years). Gators preseason will be modestly ranked - no expectations, no pressure. Hence, I'm thinking they contend again for the SEC title.

Good decision. I am afraid that that Major Wright should have done the same.

Gator John must be a Communist!

Agree or disagree, we are entitled to freedom of speech in this country. If you do not like it, then move back to Russia.

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