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Arrest warrant issued for Gators Wondy Pierre-Louis

GAINESVILLE -- The Gainesville Police Department issued an arrest warrant on Sunday for former Gators football player Wondy Pierre-Louis after his girlfriend filed a sworn complaint, alleging domestic abuse.

According to police, Pierre-Louis allegedly attempted to strangle his girlfriend early Sunday morning after forcing his way into her apartment. He faces five felony counts: domestic battery by strangulation, burglary, battery, false imprisonment and hindering communication to law enforcement. Pierre-Louis, who played high school football in Naples, told the Southwest Florida News-Press on Sunday, "It's a lie. We will go through a process to prove it's a lie."

A native of Haiti, Pierre-Louis recently learned that his family's home in Haiti was destroyed during last Tuesday's earthquake. Pierre-Louis said that his immediate family escaped serious injury.

Pierre-Louis completed his football eligibility this season and is a few credit hours short of graduation.

According to police, Pierre-Louis allegedly cornered his girlfriend in her apartment's bathroom and said, "I could kill you." She escaped and called for help, according to police. 



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The Alachua county jail says it's hiring to get ready for the next batch of GAYtor football players that get arrested, now that it's the off-season.

and he's used up his eligiblity so cancel that call to Huntley..

That's only 5 more than the number of loses the Canes have had in the last 5 years!

Is this really news- Or any of our business?

This Kid is a jackhammer with feet ...

Michael Taylor commits to UF

He wasn't a part of the handful official visitors in Gainesville this weekend, but that didn't stop Michael Taylor from joining Florida's family.

With 24 verbal commitments heading into the weekend, Florida came away with 25 after the Atlanta Westlake linebacker pledged to the Gators Sunday night.


Rumor: Free brain surgery for the needy few of UM. Get it while you can...


Yes, it's news. When a player gets arrested or is sought after by police for allegedly choking someone, it's news. Obviously, it's not the type of news fans like to read, but it's news all the same.



Key there is FORMER player.

Former player ... still on schollie at flagship state school where football players have trouble staying out of trouble.


Dont you guys know that this is all just A missunderstanding like the Dunlap case. We all know Carlos suffers from "narcolepsy". Next we will find out Wondy was sleep walking.

Not to water down the severity of this, but doesn't anyone remember the interview Joe Rose did on his morning show with The Rock about a year and a half ago? His wife is in education and noted that the only way a team can be a perenial top 5 team in today's world is to gamble on kids that he noted would be "..knocking over liquor stores if they were not at a university playing football." He went on to note that the ratio of these kids to the rest had to be around 1 to 4 for a program to truly be top 5 year end and year out. He is a UM alumn and noted that this is not school specific and is a reality given that so much talent is inherent in high-risk kids.

When stuff like this happens I don't know why anyone is shocked. In fact it is shocking that it does not happen more often. Over time the perenial top 5's have the same number of issues to deal with.

Really? How many kids have been arrested under Sabans watch at Alabama?

I understand there will be A few bad apples at every school. But you have to admit UF has some serious issues with their players getting into trouble with the law.

Bama just spent about a decade rebuilding its program because of cheating.


Remember, this was The Rock making the statement about top 5 in general. Put aside your biases for a moment (not easy to do) and think about all the at risk kids these programs take on and marvel at why it doesn't happen more often.

I am not surprised one bit, but whatever... It doesn't matter what happens at UF, because nobody talks about their players arrests anyways

It'll get swept under the rug by Meyer and Foley, like it always does...

I cannot even imagine if UM had half of the arrests that UF has had over the last 3 years... Time Magazine, ESPN, and every other major media outlet would be calling for the cancellation of the football program...

Regardless, UF arrests have become so common, that it isn't even a big deal anymore... We have come to expect nothing less from Slimeball Meyer's players

Former player ... still on schollie at flagship state school where football players have trouble staying out of trouble.


Posted by: JoeGoodyMiaHrld | January 18, 2010 at 01:05 PM

and if he's cleared of all alleged charges, will you devote as much copy to that side of the story? Or has the Horse left the barn?

agreed, it is certainly news worthy though.

Adding to Who is Suprised's point,

One former Gator from Miami once told me that you have to have thugs to win.


so, now he is a former player? he is still a scholarship student. He was still in classes, no?

the real question is, does he get that lawyer that the rest of the gang gets or does uf turn their back on him?

We'll See

Bama just spent about a decade rebuilding its program because of cheating.


Posted by: JoeGoodyMiaHrld | January 18, 2010 at 01:48 PM

Thats why I said under Sabans watch.

What would he have done if he she died??

used her credit cards???

He's a FORMER gator. Which makes this irrelevant. We consider him a former Gator because he hasn't played football for the gators in about 2 weeks and even though he's still a UF student, he has used up his eligibility so WHO CARES.

Yuew stoopid. canes R jel-us bcuz wee plai 4 champships N yuew plai whisky.

Nope, still newsworthy even if he was long gone. See: Teddy Dupay. See Also: John Reaves.


I remember that interview (with the Rock). If I'm not mistaken it was right after the Willie Williams thing went down at UM and the Maurice Clarret thing was going on at OSU. More than a year and a half ago.

Remember Randy Moss -- Notre Dame then FSU then Marshall? Also, what was the real deal with Ryan Perilloux leaving LSU? I'm sure it wasn't for leaving the cap off the toothpaste...

With the show 30 on 30 on espn the Gators now qualify. 30 arrests with 30 stories to go with it. What will this latest arrest do to Urban's heart?

Joe Goodman is a hack.

Unfortunately, there's nobody in place to cover that for the Miami Herald (because nobody cares).

Don't see why some of you guys get so worked up about a guy getting paid like $40,000 a year and covering the 2nd-most-prevalent-college-football-team-in-town hating on the Gators with zero national following. Would you care if your waiter didn't like the Gators?

Oh, you've cut me to my core! Oh, the pain and embarrassment caused by an anonymous twit! Oh, "the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to..."



I'll have the turkey and swiss on rye with the cole slaw. Did you forget the lemon in my water? Do I get a student discount?????

Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag!

No soup for you!

(This blog post has been updated with new information from the Gainesville Police Department.)


Hey Canes keep tracking Gator arrests while your team goes down the drain. Recruiting class is average at best, coaching is bad at best, no fan base, far stadium. Your team is on the brink of falling of the map. But i guess its important to keep track of who's program has the least arrests. Brilliant.

Your best days are behind you Cane losers. At least you can watch that movie.

The canes have assembled the greatest number of three star recruits any school has ever seen.
This means for the next 5 years the Canes will be garbage.

Attention Gainsville residents. Lock your doors and windows another gaytor football fugitive is on the loose.

so who's emotions changed hearing how wondy is now accused of strangling/threatning/etc a woman just after hearing how he and his family had died in the haiti quake?

That Rock interview with Joe Rose happened right after that Willie Williams thing went down with UM and the Maurice Clarret thing was going on with OSU. I agree with him, you've got to dance with the devil to win these days, at least to win consistently. I remember Randy Moss going from ND to FSU to Marshall because of his lawlessness. By the way did the truth come out about Ryan Perilioux getting banished from LSU? I'm sure it wasn't because he left the top off the toothpaste tube.

Hey Gators,

58 straight at home, 34 game winning streak, 5 National Titles, 3 Undeafeated, 6 first rounders in one draft, more players in the NFL than any other school, when you match this then come and talk trash.

Now I know why Tebow is so good at prison ministry, he gets so much practice in his own locker room! LMAO

You guys think the history of College Football started four years ago?

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