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Florida Gators land three five-star commitments; Which recruit excites you the most?

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators received commitments from three of the best high school prospects in the nation on Saturday during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Big day for the Orange and Blue. 

Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd of Philadelphia, safety Matt Elam of West Palm Beach Dwyer and defensive end Ronald Powell of Moreno Valley, Calif., each committed to Florida on national television. The Gators now have 24 commitments for the 2010 recruiting cycle. National Signing Day is Feb. 3. Several of the recruits have already started classes at UF and as many as 11 are expected to be enrolled by Monday.

Floyd (6-4, 310 pounds) is the No.1-ranked defensive tackle in the nation, according to Rivals.com. Powell is the No.1-ranked weak-side defensive end. Elam is the No.2-ranked safety in the nation and the overall top recruit in Florida. All three players committed to Florida despite the unclear status of Florida coach Urban Meyer, who announced an indefinite leave of absence a few days before the Sugar Bowl but hasn't showed any signs of slowing down.

In the past three days, Meyer has hired three assistant coaches, promoted another and landed commitments from some of the best high school prospects in the nation. Pretty efficient run. 

So, which UF commitment excites you the most, and are the people who posted on this blog "good riddance" last week to Matt Elam ready to issue an apology?



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This class is going to make a run for best defense in school history. They are stacked. The only thing it's missing is another Tim Tebow

Shariff Floyd is flat out sick...dude is going to dominate!!!

Supposedly now the Gators are making a push for big bad OL Henderson and Hicks...if the Gators get these two this may be the best recruiting class EVER!!!!

Late news that USC recruit Prater is also considering Florida.......


We just got ourselves in the NC talk for the next 4 years!!!!

Check out our D-line

Shariff Floyd
Omar Hunter
Gary Brown
Leon Orr
not to mention Marsh, Sanders who started for our NC teams.

Justin Trattou
William Green
Jaye Howard
Ronald Powell
D. Easley

and we lost Torrey Davis and John Brown.

That is a sick Defensive line...you could do the same for secondary and lbs.

This defense is flat out SICK for the next 4 years!!!!

The great thing is, it's hard to say which ONE excites me the most. Sharrif Floyd is a beast! He makes Omar Hunter look small. Ronald Powell just dominated the Army All American game on both sides of the ball. One thing's for certain, the D-line is going to dominate for years to come!

If I had to make a guess, I'd say Sharrif Floyd will have the biggest impact. This guy is Torrey Davis but with a brain.


Ronald Powell is an athlete's athlete!! Did you see that cat running down the sidelines?? And the catch...has UF ever had a 2 way player in modern history?? This guy could do it... And Floyd?! Dominant. What a team these guys and Easley, who is just as beastly, are gonna make. Just what we need to shut down the Red Tide power game...


I am so proud and impressed! Another excellent job by Urban Meyer and his staff! Another four years of college football domination in store for Gator Nation! Go Gators!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Gators on an incredible recruiting year. Do you guys possibly have a spot open for me to coach? Ill even take a graduate assistant position! I am pretty good at recruiting running backs. I think I have about 536 right now on our roster. Someone just informed me that you can only play one though? Is that right?
Oh well, I am a pretty good red zone coach too and I do wonders with timeouts, game and clock management.

OFF TOPIC: Going to see Daybreakers tonight. Any early reviews, yeah or nay?

ON TOPIC: Who will Florida's final scholarship go to? Florida has 24 commitments and the NCAA max per year is 25. Of these three players, who would you rather land on National Signing Day: WR Ivan McCartney, LB Jordan Hicks or OL Seantrel Henderson?


By far Seantrel Henderson!

Florida can go to 28 by SEC rule.

Hicks is next!

I also heard that Prater and Henderson are not out of the mix yet.

Prater or Henderson...It's ALL good.

Urban Meyer has been in contact with Prater and Prater right now is very confused. He wants to see what is happening with USC first. He still could turn to be a Gator.

Henderson is someone who wasnt considered to go to the Gators but is now seriously considering coming to Gville.

Florida can get 28 this year and will only do that for the top players.
Florida is trying hard for another WR, OL, LB, and possibly QB.

To clear up any confusion, the Gators can sign as many as 28 (per new SEC rule) but can only give 25 scholarships (NCAA rule) per year.

Landing McCartney should be the goal, in my opinion. He's better than Prater and from Miramar. If Dorsey de-commits, then go hard after Henderson.


And since the kids being sought after in the 28 schollies scenario are full ride athletes, who pays for em?

I have to admit this "heart condition" charade has worked perfectly for the Gators. No one was talking about Florida until he made up this drama. Now recruits joining on like gangbusters. I guess being able to tell them he would "die" for them, held more meaning when he created this whole soap opera.

Sorry U,

The wet dream of recruiting without Urby to spank UF and FSU has crash landed in a nasty way. But thats ok, now you have another 4 more years (At least) to whine about Urban and the Gators. Although it's going to be tough to swallow when we win our next 2 Ships.

Better stock up on Tums U. You're gonna need it!! LOL.

Go Gators!!

Urban is gonna spank UF and FSU? So he has a fake heart condition and he's kinky as hell? I might want to party with that guy after all!

Oh and when it comes to your "ships" you might want to check your own sheets. Ask Pete Carroll about what happens when expectations rise and you have a team full of "five star" prospects.

Oh and when it comes to your "ships" you might want to check your own sheets. Ask Pete Carroll about what happens when expectations rise and you have a team full of "five star" prospects.

Posted by: The U | January 09, 2010 at 07:24 PM

typical clueless subjective Schultz nonsense. You're an idiot. An envious idiot at that.

Don't you belong over on the "ACC almost ships" board you delusional clown? U certainly have no cred in the ships conversation loser.

Oh here is Art Kehoe. Considering your name is taken from a coach of ours from like 10 years ago, I think you are the clueless idiot. You're obsessed with a team that doesn't play in your conference and has not been to a National Title game since 2002. And why am I an idiot again? How many programs have won 3 or 4 national titles in a decade? Which is what the previous poster thinks is going to happen. I'm the idiot? National Championships don't come as easy as you Gator fans think. USC is an NFL factory and they haven't been to the big game for what? 4 years? Plus they don't play in the SEC.

You can get every "5 star" prospect you want and doesn't mean anything other than you'll have talent. There is no guarantee that these kids pan out and there is no guarantee your new coaches will be anything like the previous coaches were.

Of course Gator fans' opinions are definitely objective because you've all been to the future and the Gators win like 12 "ships" in a row.

Plus your insults are typically on the level of a 3rd grader. "Awww you're a loser." Oh the pain.

I will assure you that if Miami would have got those guys today they'd all be back on the wagon crowing (again) how "the U" is back. Think you better stick to watching "30-30" 'Canes fans 'cause that's all you got left...

The Gators can still sign 28 because they can 'count back' some scholarships for EEs to the previous year and those awarded but not used in a previous year. The rules are quite complicated, but a couple of Gator lawyers have told me we can go to the 28 limit.

Talent guarantees championships... If you don't beleive me, just look at "The U"... Now we need a QB and a Tackle for the offense!


Your comment doesn't make sense. What would make you think anyone has jumped off the "bandwagon"? Cane until I die. And I don't mean die from a fake heart condition that only requires a vacation.

UF Fan,

Boy you are delusional. Talent does not guarantee anything.

Ahhhhhhhhh it's good to RICH huh Arty ? Again.

Hey, you know what ever happened to that U Freight Train Schlitz was speaking of a few weeks back?

Maybe he's under it.

Posted by: The U | January 09, 2010 at 07:48 PM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... take the pain.


Is that some sort of code? Because it's like reading another language.

An enjoyable class thus far. Separation continues.

Cane until I die.

Posted by: The U | January 09, 2010 at 08:41 PM


Awwwwwwww, that's sad... The only thing worse than a Cane Fan dying, is when his Football Program dies before him ... R.I.P. U Delusional Tard.

LOL Art you're silly dude. For real.

You're one of those fat guys who sits on the computer and plays World of Warcraft all day aren't you? You have a poster of Tebow on your wall right? And it kind of sticks to everything? I mean how melodramatic can you possibly be? lol Our program is fine.

And I'm still waiting to hear what makes me delusional. I mean you guys are on here cheering your fictional titles you're going to win. lol

Oh I'm awesome I can change my name. So clever too.


Is that some sort of code? Because it's like reading another language.

Posted by: The U | January 09, 2010 at 08:49 PM

It's a FIVE STAR Thang ... U wouldn't understand .

Five stars makes me want to take my clothes off. Too bad the authorities no longer allow me to take my clothes off within a thousand feet of a church or school. Wah wah.

It is very possible UM will go to number 4-5 in the state within 1/2 a decade. If that indeed occurs they may disappear.

Gators roool and everee won elze makes sense when dey right tings.

Awwwwwwww, that's sad... The only thing worse than a Cane Fan dying, is when his Football Program dies before him ... R.I.P. U Delusional Tard.

WAKOOOOOSH ! Soldy hit that one outta the park.

What's funnier than Schlitz the loser talking about 3rd grade insults.

Runs out of gas quickly.

Posted by: I touched my Tebow just now | January 09, 2010 at 09:00 PM


Talk about a Wet Dream. I mean really guys you have serious problems. UF, FSU and UM will always be the big three. You guys have the IQ of a...well...Alligator.

Screw this "cain" imbecile.

We just cleaned friggin house...nationally. Ramsey is locked down in the 305.

The gap widened measurably today and last saturday. Cane tards actually think they have "better athletes." Sad and comical.

Plus your insults are typically on the level of a 3rd grader.
Posted by: The U | January 09, 2010 at 07:58 PM

followed by:
Posted by: I'm barely functional because Tebow touched me

Get a clue loser. You're outta gas.

Alan M.,

The SEC put a cap on the number players who could sign with a school in a given year. That number is 28. The rule was put into place after Ole Miss signed 37 players last season. Ole Miss didn't give scholarships to 37 players. Hardly. Ole Miss just signed every non-qualifier in Mississippi and sent them to JUCO. SEC teams can sign 28 every year, but only a maximum of 25 from each class can be on scholarship when the fall semester rolls around. As a general rule, Florida only offers scholarships to players it knows will qualify. So don't expect Florida to sign over 25.



Oh we're back to the original name. Damn. Those were really clever too. WAKOOOSH? Soldy hit it out of the park? Please. Soldy's insults are barely above your level. I mean really are you both out of high school yet?

I love the fact that we've not been relevant for four years and yet you guys still have this inferiority complex about us. It's kind of pathetic.

It's stuff like this that truly says it all:

gatormiami Says:
January 9th, 2010 at 8:40 pm
Why would Gators hate Canes? It’s major league vs minor league… The Canes don’t count in Florida or BCS anymore, just 2nd raters! You don’t matter… It’s great to be a Florida Gator! (How’s it feeling to be a Cane these days?)


U delusional clowns are nothing more than good comedy. That's it fool...COMEDY


UM wouldn't want those guys...they're nationally RANKED studs. Not Ramseys type of guys.

Ur so done it's sad..

I'm out...later Soldy.


I never said we had better athletes. You're a strange strange person. I said you can not guarantee anything nationally because of recruiting classes. Which is true. I may be out of gas, but you never had a tank.

Oh Art run away to your WOW playing. Wuss.

Adding more clarification to the question about signing a maximum of 28 players...Some of the Gators' early enrollees can count to the previous year's recruiting class if the previous year's recruiting class was under 25 and the total amount of scholarships for the team hasn't exceeded 85. Florida didn't hand out many scholarships last year but I'll have to check the total number before writing that UF can go over 25 on Feb. 3. Getting an accurate count on the scholarships is tough because UF isn't very forthcoming with that information and Meyer hands out scholarships to worthy walk-ons every year.


I'm out...later Soldy.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | January 09, 2010 at 09:15 PM

Our work is done here...'dios


Now what were U saying "Duh U" ? Carry on, we're all not listening.


You're listening you just don't really have any comebacks. And you've really proved your points. I mean the Gators have already won titles in '10, '11, '12...all because Art and Soldy said so. lmao!

Hey Goodman,

I thought that an SEC team could 'count backwards' toward the last season in terms of counting scholarships. For example, last season yielded under 20 recruits and, therefore, could sign up to 28 and then count the 'overage' toward last season.

Am I wrong about that?

Per the 2009-2010 NCAA Division I Manuel... Recruited Student-Athlete Entering after Fall Term, Aided in First Year. [FBS/FCS]
A student-athlete recruited by the awarding institution who enters after the first term of the academic year and immediately receives institutional financial aid (based in any degree on athletics ability) shall be an initial counter for either the current academic year (if the institution’s annual limit has not been reached) or the next academic year. The student-athlete shall be included in the institution’s total counter limit during the academic year in which the aid was first received.


OK "THE U", you've accounted for about half a dozen Patron Shots. You know the rules though gay/turd/trailer/liar is worth a shot. However, your whining vitriol has filled my shot glass all night...here's to you buddy!

I think we can sign 28 since we signed 16 last year and have a slew of EEs. Not sure about the 85 total scholarship limit but the signable number increases as our worthy Jrs declare for the draft

Big time haul today and probably more to come. The future sure looks bright. More great D to come for sure.

Good luck to the Canes. Stinks to be on the bottom looking up.

if Hicks, Henderson and both Wideouts want in. They're in ... Plus a few walk-ons will get the chance to live their dream.

Class starts Monday for the early birds.

Then Spring.

i think JOSH SHAW IS A Huge pick up.. hes another Haden.. easy.. but the whole class is gret the 3 guys from AAA are woww id love to see henderson join. Mcartney would be great to ... keep it up jo.. we like u so much better when ur keeping us informed!!

I love it when a plan comes together! When I posted yesterday I figured to get some answer from the sicophantic moron that is the U. But to have obviously raised his blood pressure to heart attack levels?! That is just too good.

Read you posts and then tell me who is a crazed and delusional maniac. I feel sorry for you dude. You make fun of others playing video games when you've obviously spent most of your past 24 hours answering these silly posts.

Well, gotta go live my life and torture some of my UM graduate employees. They can't even take out the trash properly. LOL!

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it baby.

# 1 Class in the country!!!!

Go Gators!!!

I am so pumped we got Floyd - he's was #1 on my wish list. I never said anything bad about Elam b/c I had a feeling he would flip flop again once the Meyer situation settled down. This has to make Florida the #1 overall class.

I can't remember a better UF class in the last 20 years.
It continues to be great to be a Gator!

p.s. RoPo is my favorite in the class. But, look out for Elam and Mack Brown!

Ok, not a gator i'm from Oregon lol but u guys are killin everyone!!! I follow recruiting hardcore.....
*Hicks was all ready to be a Horn but Meyer called and is personally handling this. After Meyer announced i thought he would declare Texas a leader but he didn't. I think there is a 30% chance he goes Gator.
*Henderson is 50/50. He is the man the Gators should be going HARD after, he is the beast of this class. He isn't just a man among boys. Ohio State is recruiting him hard. The only reason he might not go Gator is he likes the north or atleast doesn't want to go so far south. Make no mistake though, the Gators have alot more muscle to flex then OSU so i'm saying 50/50.
*Chaz Green is waiting till signing day and i think he's 60/40 Gator. Watch out for OSU, Tenn and the Bulldogs. I think Kiffin is trying to steal him...
*QB Blake Sims defected from Bama. Florida could come in and sweep him off hsi feet. He alrady said Florida is in the hunt for him now...I think FSU, Tenn and Georgia are in the hunt. 50/50 he goes Gator. Obviously a fan of the spread.

You guys already own the #1 class no matter what anything else would be DISGUSTING

It appears it so....

I don't hate you all but u killed me when you got Easley :(

You guys are freakin cherry picking the best players and taking them to G ville. If Florida wants Henderson, he will be a Gator. OSU is recruiting him like he's the only guy they have ever wanted and still the Gators will come in and take him.

You got Elam, Floyd, Shaw, Powell, Dorsey, Dowling, Dunkley, Brown, Silberman, Easley, Patton, Riggs etc. That is freakin nasty, gator haters have jumped off that cliff...

Holy Crap man

The best SEC class ever gets replaced by an even better class

GatorChuck may want to find a dictionary. Sycophant is how it's spelled and it doesn't make sense in the context. Wishing heart attacks on people shows how pathetic your life is.

USC fans might try to say Powell left because Pete C is gone Bullsh*t. Powell has been a gator for almost a year now, he was going to go Gator for a while now, they wanted Shaw to and Florida got 'em. There is still one kid in Cali that will go to G Ville if they have enough room lol. Stealig Patton from Alabama is priceless, might get Bama's QB too. Face it, Bama is the obese capital of the world, he saw the chicks and ran for the hills. Or atleast to the girls in the bikinis in Florida :) Time to take OSU's lunch money and take Henderson

I hear that we will also have a few open slots due to Cory Hobbs and Edwin Herbert leaving the team.

To the extent that we (UF) undersigned last year (signed 16, 9 under the SEC max.) and to the extent we have early entries this year (I believe we had 10 this week plus Elam and possibly one more) and to the extent that the total scholarship roster is at or under 85 when next season begins, 9 of the early-entries will count against last years 25 max. The remaining count against this year's 25, as long as the aggregate schollies don't exceed 85.

Powell....and i'd like to see him moving back and forth from Defense to offense as a tight end. Did you see him catch that pass for a td?

Atlanta, excellent point. Don't be a stranger to the blog! UF will definitely need tight ends next season if they're going to run more of a pro-style offense. That was a great touchdown reception in the all-star game.


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