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Former Florida Gator Teddy Dupay and the Great Marijuana Pyramid Scheme

GAINESVILLE -- Teddy Dupay chose a different path. Still, part of me thinks he would have been a great college basketball coach, or maybe the next ShamWow guy.

Check out this story on Dupay. Trust me, it's worth a read. LINK! Now go wash that snake oil off your hands before you feed your herd of alpacas. Say what you want about Dupay, but at least he seems highly motivated and has a plan.



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haha this too much.. WTF is going on in gator nation!? LOL


puff puff T.D.

who gives an F, Jo. This guy is old news. Get off his beans already.

because Jo looks a little like Teddy Dupay

I got game like Teddy Dupay!


Go Teddy Go, we are behind you 100% on this one...heck, it could be a unifying movement for UF and the U :)

That is one industrious pot head! Legalize it!

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