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How many football scholarships can the Florida Gators award on Feb.3? We're projecting the field, sort of!


GAINESVILLE -- OK, many friends of Gator Clause have been emailing the editorial board and asking many important question that revolve around one central theme: How many players can Florida sign on Feb.3, National Signing Day? In this space, I will attempt to answer some of these excellent questions. Keep them coming. Gator Clause doesn't have scheduled Q&A's like other blogs because, well, this is a blog and we try and interact with our fellow bloggers each and every day. Except for John in Pinecrest. He hates this blog now and wants nothing to do with us, our questionable methods and our punk-rock ways. (Just kidding, John.)

Understand, before we attempt to put a number on the amount of players UF can sign for the 2010 recruiting cycle, you need to keep in mind that Florida's coaching staff probably doesn't even know the exact number. The number could change if another junior turns pro, someone transfers, someone gets kicked off the team (let's hope not), etc... As Florida likes to say, it's a "fluid number." So, I've poured through the roster of returning players and it appears, as of this evening (Jan.11, 2010) that 60 scholarship players are returning. That number leaves UF with 25 available scholarships for the 2010 recruiting cycle and Florida has already received commitments from 24 players. Here is the complete list of returning players we believe are on scholarship. (We assume these players are on scholarship because, at beginning of their careers, they signed scholarships.)

1. Nick Alajajian, OL, Fr.
2. Stephen Alli, WR, Fr.
3. Brandon Antwine, DL, R-Jr.
4. Brendan Beal, LB, R-Fr.
*5. Ahmad Black, S, Jr.
6. Jon Bostic, LB, Fr.
7. John Brantley, QB, R-So.
8. Gary Brown, DL, Fr.
9. Jeremy Brown, CB, R-Fr.
10. Adrian Bushell, CB, R-Fr.
11. Andre Debose, WR, Fr.
12. Jeffery Demps, RB, So.
13. Lorenzo Edwards, LB, Jr.
14. Josh Evans, DB, Fr.
15. Dee Finley, S, Fr.
16. Marcus Gilbert, OL, R-Jr.
17. Mike Gillislee, RB, Fr.
18. William Green, DE, So.
19. Jon Halapio, OL, Fr.
20. Frankie Hammond Jr., WR, R-Fr.
21. Jonotthan Harrison, OL, Fr.
22. Chas Henry, P, Jr.
23. Edwin Herbert, DT, Jr.
24. Brandon Hicks, LB, Jr.
25. Will Hill, S, So.
26. Omarius Hines, WR, R-Fr.
27. Jaye Howard, DT, R-So.
28. Omar Hunter, DT, R-Fr.
29. Maurice Hurt, OL, R-Jr.
30. Janoris Jenkins, CB, So.
31. Jelani Jenkins, LB, Fr.
32. Moses Jenkins, CB, Jr.
*33. Carl Johnson, OL, R-Jr.
34. Kedric Johnson, DE, Fr.
35. A.J. Jones, LB, R-Jr.
36. Kyle Koehne, OL, Fr.
37. T.J. Lawrence, WR, R-Fr.
38. Duke Lemmens, DE, Jr.
39. Lawrence Marsh, DT, R-Jr.
40. Lerentee McCray, DE, So.
41. Emmanuel Moody, RB, R-Jr.
?42. Carl Moore, WR, Sr.
#43. Dorian Munroe, S., R-Sr.
44. Xavier Nixon, OL, Fr.
45. Earl Okine, OL, DE, R-Fr.
46. Desmond Parks, TE, Fr.
47. Matt Patchan, OL, So.
*48. Mike Pouncey, OL, Jr.
49. T.J. Pridemore, FB, R-Fr.
50. Chris Rainey, RB, R-So.
51. Jordan Reed, QB, Fr.
52. Sam Robey, OL, R-Fr.
53. Terron Sanders, DL, R-Jr.
54. Caleb Sturgis, K, So.
55. Deonte Thompson, WR, R-So.
56. Justin Trattou, DE, Jr.
57. Steve Wilks, FR, R-So.
58. Justin Williams, WR, R-Jr.
59. James Wilson, OL, R-So.
60. David Young, OL, R-Fr.

OK, allow me to elaborate on the symbols.

* The asterisks obviously denote the players who have inquired about their NFL Draft projection and could potentially turn pro. Let's go through each one...

Rumors are circulating that Dunlap was projected as a second-round pick. Personally, I find this hard to believe, but he did get arrested for DWI a few days before the Southeastern Conference. That never helps the ol' reputation. I don't think Dunlap returns, but if he does, that's a major plus for the Gators. Message board rumors claim Dunlap has already purchased a BMW.
GUT FEELING: He's gone.
UPDATE: It's official. He's gone. Announced on Jan.11.

Big Carl is most likely returning for his redshirt junior season, but I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves early. He's a talented offensive lineman and probably doesn't need another year of college ball to prove anything. Then again, Johnson might want to compete for a tackle position this spring. Tackles make more in the NFL than guards.
GUT FEELING: He stays.

Maurkice Pouncey won the Rimington Award, given annually to the nation's best center. He should probably turn pro and I expect he will. You might recall that the Pounceys' stepfather was injured on the job awhile back and is now disabled. Don't assume that as a reason both the Pounceys will turn pro, however. According to Mike Pouncey, his stepfather is in line to receive a hefty settlement from a lawsuit.
GUT FEELING: He's gone.
UPDATE: It's official. He's gone. Announced on Jan.11.

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey did not live together this year to prepare themselves for life after college. It was the first time in their lives they had ever been apart. Mike said after the Sugar Bowl that if he's projected as a third-round selection in the NFL Draft, then he will return to school.
GUT FEELING: He stays.
UPDATE: Returning, announced on Jan.11.

All indications suggest that Major is returning for his senior season. He had a down year in 2009 (for him, anyway) and needs a big season in 2010. Wright played well in the Sugar Bowl and is a three-year starter for the Gators.
GUT FEELING: He stays.
UPDATE: He's gone, announced Jan.11.

Yeah, he's staying.
GUT FEELING: He stays.

# I put a number symbol next to Dorian Munroe's name because he told me after the Florida State game that he plans on applying for a sixth-year of eligibility. He'll probably get it. Munroe missed two seasons due to injuries. Kids, if you want an example of a player taking full advantage of his football scholarship, look no further than Dorian Munroe. He will complete his first year of graduate school this year and if he's awarded a medical hardship in 2010 then he will leave UF with his undergraduate degree and graduate degree both paid in full by the UAA.

? Senior receiver Carl Moore was injured this season, meaning he will likely redshirt if there's a chance he can play football next season.

Now, I had originally denoted the players I thought might transfer, but that became way too messy. A shot in the dark at transfer candidates...

A sophomore, McCray was originally recruited as a linebacker but is now listed as a 6-2, 230-pound defensive end. Perhaps McCray gets another look at linebacker with a revamped defensive coaching staff. McCray could find a spot in the rotation if UF moves toward a 3-4 defense in 2010.

A redshirt freshman receiver, Lawrence never saw the field this season. I'd expect Lawrence to stick around for another season now that UF has hired a new receivers coach. UF's receiver slots will be wide open this spring.

With three highly rated defensive end recruits headed to Gainesville, Johnson might find himself buried on the depth chart next season. He will be a redshirt freshman. Just my opinion, it would be foolish for Johnson to transfer and I don't see it happening. He's listed at 6-4, 215 pounds and would be wise to stick around and battle for a spot in the rotation. He was a project from the beginning and probably realizes that, after Duke Lemmens and Justin Trattou graduates, the defensive end positions will be wide open.

It's been rumored that Hill would consider transferring if he didn't start this season. I asked Hill straight up before the Sugar Bowl if he was transferring and he said, "No, my dad told me that you stay with the school you picked," or something like that.

OK, like we wrote earlier, UF currently has 25 scholarships available (by our count!) for the 2010 recruiting class, which is already 24 players strong. UF would like to sign 28 players on National Signing Day. That means more changes to the roster could be on the way. If Carl Moore's career is done, then UF has 26 scholarships to award in 2010. If Lerentee McCray transfers then UF has 27 available spots and so on and so on. As you can see, the number is subject to change and probably will change a few more times between now and Feb.3.

The maximum number of players UF can sign on Feb. 3 is 28, but UF cannot count 28 scholarships towards the 2010 class. Per NCAA rule, UF can only count 25 scholarships to each class. Now, the loop hole comes into play with the players who are enrolling early. As many as 12 players could enroll early. UF can count some of those players to the current class or the next class as long as the total number of scholarships does not exceed 85 or 25 for each class.

Obviously, if UF signs 28 players then the original number of 60 returning players must decrease by three and so on and so on. Stayed tuned. Hope this blog post helped clear up any questions.



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great breakdown!

Well, one solution would be to send a few 5 stars to the U...

Thought Hobbs was leaving the team to go to law school.

You are correct, sir. Hobbs is gone. How did I forget about the team genius? Make that 63 returning players and currently 22 available scholarships.


I wonder if there are a few rising seniors who are buried on the depth chart- might want to switch to a small school, not having to redshirt and perhaps impress pro scouts.

Looking at the roster Edwards, Herbert and Williams come to mind.

I don't think Antwine will transfer (the coaches love him) but any chance he'll just hang it up.

If Antwine can play, I hope they move him to offense in a role similar to what Estopinan played his senior season after it became apparent he could no longer play defense.

As good as this post is, the uncertainties created by, declaring, transfers, and medical redshirts still leaves a huge mess here.

"OK, like we wrote earlier, UF currenlty has 22 scholarships available (by our count!) for the 2010 recruiting class,...... If Carlos Dunlap and Maurkice Pouncey both turn pro, then the number of available scholarships jumps to 23. "

Is that Goodman math, recruiting math, or just bad math? Perhaps the 23 number reflects the pre-correction post when Hobbs scholly left only 21?

"? Senior receiver Carl Moore was injured this season, meaning he will likely redshirt if there's a chance he can play football next season."

Carl Moore is intriguing. Last spring we saw many updates that talked about his new maturity and playmaking. Back then he looked to be a guy who would figure in nicely with the ill-fated championship run. Then came the back injury. I don't remember ever seeing much detail on the back injury. Soft tissue injuries in the back heal relatively quickly. Skeletal injuries are a whole different animal. Jo, do you have specifics on the nature of the injury? Or is it a "non extremity torso injury"? What's up with his rehab? He's a big dude that I thought would play a prominent role in 09. Could we see this former JUCO bust out in 2010?

" As many as 12 players could enroll early. UF can count those players to the current class or the next class....'

Most would think of the "current class" as the incoming 2010 guys. Looks like you are referring to the 09 group as the current class and 2010 as the "next class".

My! it does get complicated. I still think we sign 28.

Ranking recruiting classes is the most overrated thing in all of sports. 4 years ago USC had the #2 class, UGA #4, ND #5 and FSU #6 and Alabama # 18. 3 years ago USC was #1 and Alabama was #17. Hmmmm, I can't seem to remember, how did that work out for them in the long run?

Posted by: aes | January 11, 2010 at 12:07 AM


So according to Cane Logic the Dolphins should just trade away all their Draft picks 1-6 rounds and have 32 picks in the seventh round because ACCUMULATING Top Talent is meaningless because average Quantity trumps Top Quality ?

Aren't U the same Tards that have complained, moaned and cried for years because the Fins never get top talent early in the draft like all the other teams do?


Cane Tard, Ur a Schizophrenic and so are U ...




It’s a Cane thing-many of you wouldn’t understand!

Posted by: Seargent Shultz...I know nothing! | January 11, 2010 at 12:44 AM

thanks Schlitz... Ur drivel read just like an Al Gore speech ...

Appreciate the composed Ambien.

Posted by: Undrafted U ... That's Duh New U | | January 11, 2010 at 01:08 AM

Adios Javarie Johnson ... We hardly knew U .

Who's next in line please ?

Posted by: U've Sprung Yet Another Leak Cane Fan ... Oh Look, There's Another One Over There... | January 11, 2010 at 01:11 AM

Atleast one writer has the vision to see what's going on down in the Gables.


Miami Hurricanes Face a Wave Of Recruiting Decommits

by Bill Robbins

Over past couple of months the Miami Hurricanes have been losing highly rated recruits and have had certain prospects from south Florida area commit to other programs such as the Florida Gators.

The Hurricanes so far have faced a wave of decommitments for no apparent reason even though they had their best season in the past four years. Miami is facing one of their worst recruiting class in the past five years with only six 4-star recruits out of 25 players compared to the two previous years 2008 coming off 5-7 season (two 5-stars, fifteen 4-star, out of 32) and 7-6 (one 5-star, nine 4-star, out of 19).I am perplexed because Miami is a team on the rise. While teams like Florida State and Notre Dame have been struggling with seven or less wins a year.

The Florida Gators have uncertainty of who’s is going to be their coach next season. Even though Urban Meyer says he will be back, it is still not certain that he will, but in the past few days the Gators had picked up commitments from three of the top 14 recruits Matt Elam, Sharrif Floyd, and Ronald Powell. All defensive guys , all five star recruits, and all recruits targeted by the Hurricanes. They are just a few guys that picked Florida over Miami.

I am not trying to put down the recruits Miami has, in fact I think a lot of them will be sleepers, and will have a lot of success in college. But I am concerned about the players that committed to Miami and in the end decommitted, as well as losing out to other schools for top prospects. Hopefully in the end this recruiting class ends up being great. Remember don't get mad at these high school players they are just kids and their minds change.

All rankings according to Rivals.com

Here is a list of all the players that were Miami Hurricane commits that decommited

Javarie Johnson 4 star linebacker, 17th best linebacker, Rivals 250 Commit to Maryland

Quinton Dunbar 4 star wide receiver, 22nd best receiver, 137th nationally Commit to Florida

Greg Dent 4 star athlete, 27th best athlete Commit to Florida State

Todd Chandler 4 star defensive tackle, 16th best DT, 189th nationally Commit to South Florida

Louis Nix 4 star defensive tackle, 7th best DT, 93rd nationally Commit to Notre Dame


Good Morning Cane Fan ...

Do U know where Ur 2010 Recruiting Class is ?

Posted by: The Fallout Will Continue | January 11, 2010 at 04:27 AM

Wow 4:27 am. I think we all no who is obsessed with who.

Kehoes packing A U.S.B. in his pants and plugs in regularly.

Id just like to say thank you to whoever posted that 8:44 beatdown. Just plain funny. The jabs write themselves when you look at the way UM's recruiting class has simply shattered. They lost another commit? Javarie Johnson? Not that anybody outside of Coral Gables has heard of the guy but holy mackerel! You just know those trophies are getting smashed against the wall in the recruiting offices. Whu?? There are no trophies? Okay, their smashing staplers against the wall. Whatever their throwing, you just know they need a dry-wall repairman big time down there.

Posting from 12:00 am to 4:30am this morning. The waffle house was kind of slow this morning huh kehoe. This guy is DERRANGED.

At least their not smashing cell phones.

At least their not smashing cell phones.

Posted by: cookie | January 11, 2010 at 09:03 AM

Look, the foamy mouth canesrule is showing his beaten face on Gator Clause. That's it canestool? An ancient cookie reference? Does that ease the pain of seeing Ramsey get schooled in recruiting?

What happened to clueless loudmouth Sarasota SCUMBAG? He must have slithered yet deeper into his (sex)bunker in a depressed state. Pretty much every single thing you projected on UF was so so wrong. The staff was in disarray and that would ruin recruiting right Sarasota SCUMBAG? Your ten questions post will go down in infamy as the most knee-jerk envious reaction in the history of these blogs. Sure looks like karma did an about face and punched you in your ignorant nose. Any good news on your tattered QB's surgery(ies)? I'll lay 100 dollars at 1.5-1 that your limited QB doesn't make it through the 2010 season intact. Have you looked at what you will be calling your offensive line for 2010? It's offensive alright.

It's also offensive that anyone buys into Ramsey Shannon and his "we's building depths" mantra. Five decommits and a rag tag Oline isn't exactly what most would depict as building depth.

Ramsey's contract extension is very quiet. And while UM did improve from last years debacle, the depth is sputtering along like it has for years. The two win improvement disguised that UM is still fluttering downward toward it's new place in the depths of mediocrity. You were mighty uppity after UF fell to the National Champions. Then came a cheese foot up your azzz and recruiting nightmares. Whiskey completely undressed you. And despite all your recruiting explanations and excuses, It's obvious that Meyers late field goal really didn't help your recruiting one stinkin bit. It simply did what he intened it to do, cover the spread. You don't reallly believe that Ramsey is building something up do you?


Alan M.,

Missed that figure when updating the post. Will update now. Thanks.

Current class refers to the 2009 freshman class. Next class refers to 2010.


Nice try "D" bag.

Maybe Pete Carroll can call his move to Seattle a sabbatical. After all, once Urban Meyer changed his resignation to a leave of absence, Florida picked up on the recruiting trail right where it left off. On Saturday, the Gators indeed secured commitments from the three prospects at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that many felt would pledge to Florida -- DE Ronald Powell (No. 3 in the ESPNU 150), S Matt Elam (No. 13) and DT Sharrif Floyd (No. 70) -- leading ESPN.com's Gerry Hamilton to wonder if when all is said and done, this might be the best recruiting class of all time.

The Gators are still very much in the running for the nation's top two prospects, DE Jackson Jeffcoat (a bit of a long shot) and LB Jordan Hicks (a much more sure thing) -- who are both scheduled to make official visits next weekend -- in addition to OT Seantrel Henderson, the No. 4 prospect. Throw in interest from a trio of four-star WRs (Christian Green, Ivan McCartney and Texas Tech commitment Kadron Boone), plus Notre Dame four-star QB commitment Andrew Hendrix, among others, and you can see why Hamilton is giddy.

I am in my moms basement eating meatloaf made of crow.

Go 'canes!

whos canesrule? Your crystal ball is broken kehoe. John Taylor punked you by the way.

I am in my moms basement eating meatloaf made of crow.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | January 11, 2010 at 10:41 AM

At least you got one part of this rant right kehoe.

Great post. What are the chances of us getting Prater and Henderson? That would really seal the deal on an awesome class!

Absolutely ridiculously absurdly disgusting

This class is still not complete, they are still thowing bombs at everyone. You just know Saban, Kiffin, Jimbo, Shannon etc are gagging on air.

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