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Plenty of #Gators news following Friday's Sugar Bowl: NFL Draft, Bedford and Loeffler updates

NEW ORLEANS -- I'll run through a list of newsworthy nuggets I learned about on Friday night.

1. UF assistant Vance Bedford might not be going anywhere. Charlie Strong, who told a few reporters on Thursday that Bedford had accepted an offer to be his defensive coordinator at Louisville, backtracked from that statement on Friday and said that Bedford is only one of several candidates. Bedford, who recruits Miami-Dade County for UF, told The Miami Herald on Friday night that he is uncertain of his future but plans on attending a UF recruiting meeting on Sunday "and then heading to Miami to recruit."

"I'm open to working with Coach Strong," Bedford said. "He's one of the reasons I'm here. My opportunity to stay is also good, and I've talked with Coach Addazio about that."

Interesting that Bedford said Coach Addazio and not Coach Meyer. Addazio seems to be the man in charge at this point. Will Addazio/Meyer/Jeremy Foley counter Louisville's offer and retain Bedford, possibly name him defensive coordinator or co-defensive coordinator along with Chuck Heater? Foley told The Miami Herald on Friday that the decision to retain Bedford is up to the head coach of the University of Florida "so ask him." "But which coach do I ask?" "We're going to figure that out over the next couple of days," Foley said.

Florida's assistants said on Friday that they are going to advise UF's juniors who are considering the NFL Draft to return to school if they're not projected as first-round selections. That means Joe Haden and Carlos Dunlap are gone. Major Wright, Ahmad Black, Carl Johnson, Emmanuel Moody and every other junior will be advised to return to school by UF's coaches.

"There's no doubt that Joe should be a first-round pick, so I think it's an easy decision for him," Bedford said. "For other guys, they need to sit down and evaluate what people are going to say and get ready to work out for the scouts if they're going to do it. My biggest thing is that if you're not a first-round pick, you should come back."

The Pounceys told The Herald after Friday's game that they will return to UF only if they're projected by the NFL Draft Advisory Committee as third-round picks.

UF quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler told The Miami Herald that he is returning to UF next season.

How tough is Maurkice Pouncey? After spending five hours in Tulane Hospital passing kidney stones, the center was cleared to play and started the game. He came out in the second half only because he began passing another kidney stone. Wow.



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