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The award for the most unexpected story of the college football postseason goes to ...

There has been plenty of shocking stories in college football this postseason. Which one of these headlines was the most surprising?

Any other postseason, this is the sports story that would have dominated sports pages for a month. Bowden was seemingly forced out at FSU to make room for coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher.

Still shaking my head about this one. The Gators best pass rusher was arrested for DWI a few days before the Southeastern Conference championship game. Anyone who watched the BCS national championship can't tell me with a straight face that Dunlap wouldn't have been a major factor against Alabama. Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy did not respond well to pressure against Texas.

At the beginning of the year, newspapers and magazines thought Florida had the best defense in school history. At the end of the year, that defense caved under the pressure of an undefeated season.

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach was fired after information surfaced that he forced an injured player into solitary confinement (a shed, or an electrical closet, or something stupid). The injured player was the son of ESPN college football analyst Craig James, who played for SMU when the Mustangs were given the NCAA "death penalty."

What happened to the Canes in Orlando?

South Florida's coach choked slammed a walk-on and then lied about it and then attempted to influence witnesses like a mobster. Who will coach USF? Dan McCarney anyone?

Where were you when Urban Meyer announced his resignation? I was sitting in front of my computer in a New Orleans hotel when the email popped into my inbox. I haven't slept since that very moment!

It was the shortest retirement in the history of sports. Floyd Mayweather Jr. eat your heart out. Meyer was back coaching the Gators less than 24 hours after announcing his retirement.

With the NCAA circling Troy, USC coach Pete Carroll got out of town on Saturday and reportedly accepted the head coaching position of the Seattle Seahawks for $7 million a year.

Am I leaving out any bizarre stories that should be on the list?



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easily the Carroll news, crazy stuff

It was the right time for Carroll

It's gotta be the urben myers wafflin story.
How appropriate too, at the school with the waffle house management degrees.

you left out elam flip flopping and now recommitting to fla!

No the story will be when urben 'the nomad' myers is hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The dominos are falling,
Pete Carroll to the Seahawks,
Jack Del Rio to the Trojans (b4 he gets fired),
and finally 'the liar' to jacksonville to reunite with teabag..

Posted by: GAYniesville 5 star restaurants | January 09, 2010 at 03:31 PM

PATRON shots for the house.

Thought Meyer was a lock for Notre Dame U jealous asssclown?

Shariff Floyd is a freak. He's also a GATOR!


The Gators have the #1 recruiting class in all of college football across the board!!!!

Shariff Floyd
Matt Elam
Ronald Powell

All 5 stars!!!!!

Plus more to come...Hicks, and Henderson may be coming to Gainesville to win championships too!!!

If they come, this may be the best recruiting class of ALL TIME!!!!

Didnt see many Canes (forget being picked, I barely saw a Canes hat on the table). Great job Randy...you need to at least recruit to keep this job!!! We want you around forever!!!

Not only is your coaching terrible but your recruiting is following suit

Urban Myer quits takes the cake for me...I was watching some bowl game half asleep when I hear the announcer say something about the most shocking football news of the year. Perked up and then about fell out of my chair when they said urban was quiting.

Pete C better run out of town or atleast out of USC, the NCAA is about to bite them hardcore. That wasn't a shocker, he was looking for anyway out, the Meyer thing was for sure until he came back the next day lol. Meyer is a great coach but Florida can and will win without him, the names that were going around were ridiculous. Alot of proven NFL guys (unlike Saban/Spurrier) the Florida position was going to get everyone slobbering. That program has taken over as the premier one the last couple of years but its been building for the last 20.

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