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Gators Wondy Pierre-Louis update: Parents and family accounted for

GAINESVILLE -- The parents and family of Florida Gators cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis living in Port-au-Prince have been accounted for and have escaped the natural disaster without serious injury. Pierre-Louis' house was destroyed in Tuesday's earthquake.

Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.



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Fact of the matter is I used to root for UF and FSU when they werent playing Miami. After dealing with this jacka$$ I could care less if UF ever won another game.

Posted by: Urban Meyer needs A hit of prozac | January 13, 2010 at 02:43 PM

At least Um and Fsu respect each other when the game is over. UF not so much, And I think Seminole fans would say the same thing. With UF its called A inferiority complex.

Posted by: Urban Meyer needs A hit of prozac | January 13, 2010 at 02:50 PM


Good ... Keep it that way ... U two deserve each other.

Enjoy consoling oneanother 7 to 8 times a year the next few years.

Joanne Badgirl, u 4got;
urban 'i can't handle success & I need a prozac' myers's luv affair with timmy 'I'm jesus' teabag...

U will never win again on the big stage. You hit your ceiling in 2009 for sure. Why? Because you are disadvantaged in more ways than U can count.

1) money
2) coaching staff tUrnover ($$$$)
3) intense and sUperior recrUiting competition ($$$$)
4) scholarship limits
5) internet
7) academics
8) sUb-par rUsted facilities (checked the other gUys lately?)($$$$)
9) conference affiliation
10) coaches atrocioUs PR/commUnication skillz
11) again.....money
12) no LUther boUnties
13) recrUiting lethargy Under overrated U know who
14) sUperior opposing coaching staffs ($$$$)
15) different priorities Under Boom Shalaka-laka ($$$$)
16) the WRECKING BALL / no home field ($$$$)
17) apathetic fans
18) insUlting docUmentary (go ahead, act like it was cool)
19) incompetent statUs quo former AD
20) long gone "growth sUbcUltUre"

All of the above have steadily eroded the advantages U formerly enjoyed.

Paul Dee basked in present glory while ignoring the future. He was outstanding at attending awards banquets while looking the other way. The best ever.

It's ALL gone now. Dismiss half of those and you're still toast

U had an awesome ride. Those days are gone. They aren't coming back.

This should tell you all you need to know about kehoe. Jo posts A blog about the tragic earthquake in Haiti and how it affects Florida players and students and two of the three posts are from him spewing his hate. I watched Wondy play ball in high school as I live in South west Florida where he went to school. Our prayers go out to him and his family.

wow this is truly shocking... thoughts and prayers are definitely with his family

Does it ever stop? All the hate. Peoples' lives were lost and all you can say is hate. What about the Haitian players on the U's team and the ones that use to be on it. Is there concern for any human life? My God be with the Doe Family and the two students that are lost.

Posted by: princeali | January 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Wow, He's all yours gator fans.....

all these comments are ridiculous. It shows why I can't physically attend UM games, classless fans.

Prayers to Wondy and the UF journalism students

Joe, Jeremy Fowler is reporting he talked to coach Heater and he said Wondy said his parents were found alive. SO thats a little good news.

Keep us updated.

As shocking and sad as the Haiti tragedy is, a sports blog is no place to bring the thoughts and emotions that pour out as a result.
My deepest sympathy to all who were touched. Especially the Pierre-Louis family.
Beyond that, nothing more needs to be said. It's doubtful Mr. Pierre-Louis is checking in at Gator Clause for solace.
When personal tragedy touches someone, the last place they should be is on a football blog. I guess the ones here who are complaining will be checking recruiting updates when a family memeber dies. please.

Classles fans? What are you reading justin. A little FYI for you. princeali is not A cane fan he is one of your own!

Piss off canes fans. Go find out who executed Brian Pata and get back to us.

Posted by: Garrett | January 14, 2010 at 01:14 PM

And you say cane fans are classless.

It never ceases to amaze me how moronic some people are. Good luck to you jo, you have your work cut out for you with this group!

Guys, seriously? WTH?


Seriously people, get real. Hundreds of thousands of people could be dead in one of the worse natural disasters in recorded history and all you can do is whine about Canes vs. Gators?

There is something seriously wrong with you people. My prayers and best wishes to Wondy and his family. I hope to god they are still alive...

I am concerned about landing that stud DT and you want to talk humanitarian stuff?

Posted by: Big Slap Shot Bob | January 14, 2010 at 01:34 PM

Who cares if there was A natural disaster. All I care about is whats happening with waaandy shannon and japicky. How can you ignore that dumpster fire. Earthquake or no earthquake.

If you're going to play fakey, at least get the name right loser.

Posted by: Cane Fan | January 14, 2010 at 01:59 PM

I did not post this. The only reason I posted in the first place is because I live in the same area he went to high school and I watched him play A few times. From what I know he seems like A good kid and I feel for him. Leave it to A few whackos to make light of the situation. Any post after this is A imposter but I would hope you guys would know that.

Don't the loser Canes have their own board to cry on?

Palm Beach Post is reporting Wondy's family is safe and his extended family as well. Poor kid had no idea for 24 hours whether they were alive or not. Best wishes to his family on the recovery from this disaster.

No its more fun to come over here and slum with you loser gaytor fans. Trailer parks are in. Dident you know that "Bob".

FUN, FUN, another loser cane getting us liquored up! Hey Wheelz we do Patron Shots for every gay/trailer/liar/turd reference you and your loser brethren serve up! You just got my buzz going early! Yaaaahhhhooooo!

We got out early METH head gayturds as contrsuction is down. Your ship er trailor is sinking. Canes are reloadin and I can smell the NC coming, METH heads.

SWEEETTTT -- Construction, the true calling of a Cane grad! Two Patron Shots from the contruction site! Careful there chief, don't mistake NC with the glue you're sniffing! Yeeeeehhhhhhaaaa!

Gaytor Envy Bingo,

Hey METH head dont be jealous of da U. Five rings you gayturd. On game days I build a big U out of 2 x 4s to show supports - what to you do paint your trailor orange and blue? Ha Orginal METH head

wait, so did Wondy and his parents survive? I swear I read your post earlier saying Wondy had passed..

Hey Drapp88 it said that Wondy's family and parents all escape the disaster without serious injuries. However their house was destroyed.

My prayers go out to the Pierre-Louis family and everyone else dealing with this disaster.

You drunks dont need A cane fan to get you liquored up. Just ask Carlos (Asleep at the wheel) Dunlap.

You're killin' me! Just like your most famous and cherished alumn Paul Mehrige!


Keep abandoning you're own blog --- that and your stadium on game day! YYYYAAAAAAHHHHHH

Hey gaytor fans, Are'nt you glad your boy "The curse of Art Kehoe" drags all these UM fans to your site after trolling canes boards all day. How many patron shots is that worth dooshbag. Not that you could afford it. So what is the waffle house paying these days.

Kehoe did you wrap your keyboard in saran wrap like I told you. Wouldent want you to get shocked drooling over all those 18 year old 5 star school boys. Wait yes I would

Mr.???? so I got the name wrong. I was reading about Justin Doe and Mr. Pierre-Louis. That still does not give you the right on a board about something of this magnitude to be little anybody. I feel for him and his family, just I felt for the kid from Miami that went to UConn. These boy put their lives on the line to entertain us. No pay only an education. Just once will you be human? I know you will come back with some little smart remake, but that's O.K. I'm not just a Gator Fan, but a fan of all Florida College football.

Not trying to be A d*ck but you got the name wrong again. Its DUSTIN DOE. Carry on.

We got out early METH head gayturds as contrsuction is down. Your ship er trailor is sinking. Canes are reloadin and I can smell the NC coming, METH heads.

Posted by: Construction Worker | January 14, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Yeah reloading with 2stars. Randy us recruiting GARBAGE. Urban has him in timeout.

Q: Who would u rather sign? Javarie Johnson or Ronald Powell?

A: ..................... Yup, Ur reloading alright.

Canes are reloadin and I can smell the NC coming, METH heads.

Posted by: Construction Worker | January 14, 2010 at 03:30 PM


Wash me

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