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Vance Bedford's reported move to Louisville could affect UF recruiting in Miami-Dade, Broward counties


NEW ORLEANS -- If reports about Vance Bedford's unexpected move to Louisville on Thursday are correct, then Bedford's departure for Kentucky's Big East contingent could affect the Gators recruiting efforts in South Florida.

In two short seasons as the Gators' cornerbacks coach, Bedford has made impressive recruiting inroads in Miami-Dade County. The Gators currently have commitments from three high school seniors in Miami-Dade County: Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe, Booker T. Washington defensive end Lyden Trail and Booker T. Washington receiver Quinton Dunbar. Bedford also had a hand in recruiting cornerback Cody Riggs of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and cornerback Demar Dorsey of Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson.

On Friday morning, Riggs told The Herald he wasn't aware that Bedford had left Florida for Louisville. Dorsey would only confirm that Bedford had indeed "left" Florida.

On Thursday, Florida Today and The Associated Press reported that Strong had hired Bedford as Louisville's new defensive coordinator. On Friday, a recruiting website reported that Bedford said via text message "Next week I will be in Miami recruiting for the Gators."

Earlier this season, Bedford told The Miami Herald that it took a great deal of effort to earn trust among Miami-Dade's recruits and that his perseverance in Miami-Dade would pay dividends in 2011 and beyond.

In other recruiting news...
Longtime UF commitment Matt Elam of West Palm Beach Dwyer de-committed with the Gators in favor of rival Florida State on Thursday. Elam, a five-star safety, was one of three seniors at Dwyer committed to the Gators. The other players, tight end Gerald Christian and receiver Robert Clark remain committed to Florida.

"I just see better opportunity to come in and play and to have an impact as a freshman," Elam told Warchant.com. "They have two of the best cornerbacks in the country and I just feel like I can go in there and help make that secondary even better. They've got three of the best players in the country and I see a lot of things changing."



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Elam has been looking to de-commit since the inception....he doesnt want to compete and Florida is deep at safety. He went to the exact opposite school just so he can play immediatly...what we expected of him..he is a "me first" guy and was never a fit for UF..too bad, tremendous talent, but kind of on the Bryce Brown mold. I am begining to take the Spurrier opinion: "Give me guys that want to be Gators. Never mind chasing all these guys with this visit and selection shinanigans"

what is canefan saying?

The time has come to face facts !!
Shannon can recruit the best players from Miami high schools....
Canes will be just another .500 ACC team as long as Shannon is there !!
UM was cheap when they promoted him and they have no cash to hire someone better !!
And that 30 for 30 thing on espn The U was embarrassing...
I graduated & been a Cane since 1985. I was there all those years......
But all those games I was at, all those games I watched, all those championships I saw?....
....I must've been watching something else...
Why have Luther Campbell in a strip club telling us how BAD they were?
Why not just have him getting lap dances and doing drugs during the interview.......
Posted by: Shannon Can't Coach | December 31, 2009 at 09:10 PM

What is canefan saying? Not the delusional lying SCUMBAG canefans, but the real canefans....the intelligent ones.

w/ Shannon, Canes will get some Miami recruits, win 7-9 games, beat some good teams,
lose some heart breakers to .500 ACC teams, never win the ACC,
never go to a BCS Bowl let alone National Championship...........
Ok, if that makes you happy, this is what it is.......
My take: they saved $ by promoting Shannon, he gets one more year to win ACC & go to a BCS Bowl....
Then fire his ass, and hire a real head coach....
Posted by: This is what it is | January 01, 2010 at 11:27 AM

What else is canefan saying? NOOO, not idiots like u Sarasota SCUMBAG and srarstruck cunzrule, the intelligent ones.

Be realistic, the program is still average. NC for next year is a joke. Miami is going to be lucky to be picked 3rd in the ACC Coastal next year. Stop with being young. It will be Shannon's 4th year. The team got worse as the year went along.
We saw the future of Miami's Oline against Wisconsin. IT looks real bright. Great job recruiting 8 lb's in 08 and still have no depth or talent at the position.
Posted by: nycanes75 | January 01, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Nice try Kehoe! I have never seen a football team collapse like UF in my life! Wasn't Bedford going to coach UF's defense next season?

The recruit's know what's up, and it ain't pretty!

Addazzio is going to make Ron Zook look like Vince Lombardi!

Meyer went to the hospital because he was strung out on Ambien and crying in his sleep after the SECCG! His wifes words, not mine!

Gator John, wearn't you leaving vowing never to return? Are you starting to "Waffle"?

Happy New Year UF and thanks for the laughs over the last several months!

Go 'canes!

Amy comments on the AVALANCHE of blistering comments from your OWN fanbase above Sarasota SCUMBAG?? Of course not U nutless chikenshlt.

What is going on????

What coaches will be left after the bowl game?

We need to get a recruiting cord. asap or were going to lose more recruits! Losing a 5 star to FL ST. suxs but it looks like a few more are looking at other programs.

This is making me sick!

ELAM decommits.
DUNKLEY looking elsewhere.
BEDFORD leaves.
GONZALES leaves 4 same position at LSU (very, very, very strange, with no follow-up reporting to find out WHY?).

Remember GAYtors in the words of 1 of your senior leaders, Riley 'resistin arrest' Cooper,
'I'm glad I'm outta here'.

Why do you bickering clowns have to hijack every thread?

Unfortunately, this is not good for Florida. From a Florida standpoint, this past Decedmber has certainly sucked.

If Bedford is going to be the DC there, no one can/should begrudge that. In fact, despite the fact it sucks for Florida, you should be happy for both Strong and Bedford.

I can't believe I'm going to say this - gulp - but Joe ... the classless Cane above is right, very, very little information on the Billy G saga has been unearthed by you and your fellow journalists. C'mon Ese, look into it.

I'm sure Coach Meter is REAL happy with that news coming out before the game. Stress level INCREASED.

Kentucky L
Auburn W
Georgia W

So far the SEC is 2 and 3. Not only has it been a bad December for our Gators but the SEC.

The Gators need to win tonight!

About the Billy G move...

Gonzales had been with Meyer since the beginning. When he was passed over for OC, he realized he would need to move on if he wanted to continue improving as a coach and eventually become and OC or head coach. Gonzales' move took Meyer by surprise. Meyer was so surprised, he canceled his visit to ESPN's Home Depot Awards Show (at one point he was coming, then he wasn't, then he was coming, then he wasn't) to quickly find a replacement. Florida's biggest need in this recruiting class is receiver and Meyer didn't waste any time finding another coach. The relationship between Meyer and Gonzales has turned sour. Gonzales is now recruiting the same receivers to LSU and using UF's instability against it.


"C'mon Ese, look into it."

WAT TA FUC...."ESE"... rico puto ur fucn disgrace to raza. u fucn coconut. think about what that means... pinche chavala

hey i have a thought, why is the florida staff leaving if urban is coming back. he aint coming back

Jg. Why u so quiet?

No Sarasota SCUMBAG, Deonte does NOT wish he went to scUM. He already has four grabs and a TD tonight. Never would have happened in the Whiskey BEATDOWN.

I would say that UM had more to gain in their bowl game Sarasota SCUMBAG. The Wisconsin undressing firmly undelined how bad UM is and saved them the embarrassment of actually thinking the program is on track. That was a valuable lesson.

Advantage scUM.

Florida in the Sugar is dismantling an undefeated team and putting on an offensive party as they give a send off to a truly great QB. What a romp.

Obviously you thought scUM had more to gain as you foolishly assumed they would beat the slow cheese fatties and set the tone for next year. But we have seen over and over what a clueless idiot you are.

Sweet, been doing patron shots for every waffle and gay comment from the reeling 'cane fans (Wisconsin????) and got a good buzz going. Don't know what to do about the mexican dude and his jibberish. Any thoughts?


No me importa lo que quiere decir. Se que sos un gran idiota, incapaz de hablar qualquier idioma. No se si terminaste la primaria, pero cierto estoy que nunca a la universidad de miami. Aunque para cortar el pasto, posiblemente...

La raza? Cebollita, te aseguro que no somos de la misma raza.

La seule tonte de pelouse dans mon quartier, c'est vous et tous vos anciens élèves de Miami. Retournez à travers la frontière, vous étranger en situation irrégulière!


Ce message ci-dessus est pour toi mon ami. Peut-être de vos amis sur Miami peut traduire pour vous.

UM is a pathetic program...blasted by a very mediocre Little 11 team. When you fall to them, where is the next stop... Conference USA maybe. Did some UM imbecil say something about the Gators losing to #3 Cincy. Guess not...Huh?

Thank goodness to the even more pathic teams rampant in the ACC (Another Crappy Conference), Miami might win enough to be invited to another pathetic excuse for a Bowl game & likely lose again. And we say ... It's great to be a Florida Gator! How's it feel to be a Cane about now? Losers!

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