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What's that, you say? Tim Tebow's right arm is longer than his left arm?

MOBILE, Ala. -- Tim Tebow was not completely naked in Mobile, Ala., on Monday morning. He was wearing underwear when he walked in front of about 500 NFL scouts, coaches and reporters. Sorry, ladies ... and guys. No pictures. This isn't that type of Internet site.

You know that dream where you're standing in front of a large audience and then all of a sudden your not wearing any clothes. Well, that's what Monday morning probably felt like for the football players competing in the Senior Bowl. Believe it or not, I do have newfound respect for the NFL after Monday morning's Senior Bowl official weigh-in at the Mobile Convention Center. In college football, there's always that thick layer of fake. You know, the whole student-athlete thing. And recruiting: that's dripping with disingenuousness. Well, in the NFL there's none of that bologna. The NFL strips players down to their skivies and measures their height, arm and hands down to the fraction of an inch. One guy screams a player's height. Another guy screams a player's weight. Over 500 heads look up and then look down and scribble the details to the rhythm. Every time. Without fail. Funny stuff.

Tebow's stats: 6-2 1/2 and 236 pounds. His left hand is 10 inches even. His left arm is 30 3/4 inches. His right arm is 30 7/8 inches. That's right. Apparently Tebow's right arm is a little longer than his left. (Pete Carroll was in attendance. Pretty sure he made note of that.)

Riley Cooper's stats: 6-0 3/4 and 214 pounds. Cooper's left arm is 32 1/4 inches. His left hand is 10 1/8 inches. 

There were some other notable physiques on Monday. Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody (6-4, 370 pounds) was the biggest guy in the room. Massive hands (11 1/4 inches). Heck, massive everything. Miami tight end Jimmy Graham was one of the tallest players (6-6 1/2, 259 pounds). Florida State safety Myron Rolle was the most chiseled. Oh, and Riley Cooper's hair wasn't quite as long as Dexter McCluster's dreds, but it was close.

Tebow, Cooper and everybody else begin practicing at 3:15 p.m. More updates later.



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