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Kid Clutch does it again for Florida Gators

Call him Kid Clutch.

Erving Walker dropped in a floater with 11 seconds left and Alex Tyus preserved the lead with a block moments later to give the Florida Gators a 66-65 victory on Thursday night against the University of Alabama at Coleman Coliseum. Florida (16-6, 5-3) has two road victories in the Southeastern Conference and hosts Mississippi State at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday at O'Connell Center.

Tyus finished with a team-high 19 points and seven rebounds in 36 minutes. His best effort came with three seconds left when he rejected a lay-up by Alabama guard Mikhail Torrance, who led Bama with 22 points and five assists.

Walker had 16 points and was 2 of 4 from three-point range. UF guard Kenny Boynton Jr. had 15 points and was 3 of 8 from distance. Walker's tear-drop shot in the lane came after Torrance gave Alabama a one-point lead with 49 seconds to play. Thursday's last-minute drama is beginning to be common for the Gators. Three of their last four games have been determined in the final seconds. Florida defeated South Carolina at the buzzer and lost to Tennessee on a last-second shot.



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Kid Sidekick Boynton was the key though ...

i see the gator boys making and upsetting someone in the tourney! parsons has been clutch too!

More GAtor integrity, DC quits the day after signing day.
U'all know bernie 'DEMOLITION DERBY' machen got RURAL 'i quit, wait i don't quit, wait il take a leave of absence, wait il won't take a leave of absence' LIAR, 2 stay on til signing day.
GAtors u gotta ask yourself why did gonzales leave 4 the same job at a rival school.
U'all KNOW WHATS NEXT.......

yes..we know what's next cane cluck.

Meyer to Notre Dame

LMAO @ the Pam Andersons of CFB

Also, we gots 11 probowlers and 5 rings, meth heads.

FSU's non-conference schedule;
Oklahoma, BYU, and florida.
MIAMI's non-conference schedule;
Ohio State, Pittsburgh, USF.

GAtors non-conference schedule;
Appalachian St., Miami of Ohio, USF, and FSU.

Time 2 MAN-UP GAtors and play at least 1 tough out of conference game like everybody else does..

GA, AL, TN, SC, MS, LSU, FSU AND AL again in the SEC championship--- match that ACC crack head....U can't - period. So go back to your VHF tapes and remember the OLD days

David Leisure,

I think you're leaving out some important information. UF has already defeated FSU, Michigan State and N.C. State and an important game against Xavier (Top 25 RPI) looms.


The way the BCS works now, strength of schedule or lack thereof works for or against you. What our cane ding-dong pundits fail to recognize is that weak OOC pulls your BCS points down, if not counter balanced by a tough conference schedule. Hence, all things being equal, the Gators should suffer from these "weak" OOC games--but their conference schedule ensures that they don't. Though there are a few softies they are more than balanced-out by the conference schedule and the championship game.

The canes' griping about the Gators' OOC and their silly "play me, play me" schtick is symptomatic of a slow ungly fade into irrelevance - just like the stripper that no one wants to dance for them anymore because she's old and gross.

Night, night canes......night, night....

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