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Meet your new UF assistants

By Mike McCall

GAINESVILLE--Florida's three new assistant coaches had their first meeting with the media Wednesday, and they gave some insight into how the program is being run during Urban Meyer's indefinite leave of absence and some clues as to what we'll see on the field next year. Here are some of the highlights:

Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin was a Steve Addazio hire. The two worked together at Syracuse, and Austin said Addazio called him a few days before National Signing Day to gauge his interest in the job in case it came open. This means Meyer and Addazio knew George Edwards might be planning to skip town before signing day. Austin said the chance to work with Addazio again was a selling point: "He's still ugly. He still has a loud voice. But he's still one of the best men you'll ever meet. He was a big reason. When you have an opportunity to work with good people, and I know Steve's a great person, it was a no-brainer."

Linebackers coach DJ Durkin worked under Meyer at Bowling Green, and his exact role is still being determined. He will have some input on special teams though, a good sign because it means Meyer is going to lighten the load on his shoulders.

Running backs coach Stan Drayton had a rocky departure from UF two years ago, when he left Gainesville for Tennessee and complained of the way running backs are used in Meyer's system, but he said everything has been smoothed over and it's not a concern anymore. He did admit that the call from Meyer asking him to rejoin the staff came as a surprise, and he's walking into a great situation. The Gators have a stable of running backs, and Drayton had a hand in recruiting every single one of them.

Emmanuel Moody has to be the happiest man on Earth. When he chose Florida as his transfer school of choice, Stan Drayton was a big reason why. Drayton went out of his way to compliment Moody on Wednesday, something I haven't heard a UF coach do in quite a while, so this hire means good things for Moody.

Drayton also said Chris Rainey is going to split time between running back and receiver, so he's going to be filling the all-important "Percy Position."

Also, Drayton is the new recruiting coordinator, and Dade County and Orlando will be his main areas of focus.

When asked about how the uncertainty surrounding Meyer's future affected their decisions of whether or not to take jobs at UF, all three cited either the strong "structure" or "foundation" of the program. Sounds coached up to me. I wouldn't expect to get a ton of information about Meyer's situation during the next few weeks.


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We won 5 NCs and gots 11 pro bowlers. We ruled the 80s some of the 90s and 1 year this decade. We invented SWAGGER and we play in a state of the art facility. We are da U.

Go 'canes!

There's your sign!!!! First blog is from a cane wishing he could turn back time....dude, get a team already. Quit living in obscurity. If you spent half the time trying to influence the wrongs with your own team vs worrying about the great gators, you just might have something to cheer for......for now you are just one big LOSER..like your team

Hey lay off the canes in here...they know the only Team in this state plays in the Swamp and they want to feel a part of it because - reminds them of their long past glory days.

btw Sarasota 'cane-that "state of the art facility" can't get another super bowl with out millions in upgrades, you still have to play on a baseball field for part of the season and the camera angles are very limited for broadcasting since the dang thing is EMPTY dude.

Wonder how long it will be before Canes fans will have to stop talking about NCs won decades ago - similar to teams like Army who won in the 40's or Minnesota who won in the 30's. I'm guessing that within the next 10 years, UF will pass Miami in total NCs won, then what will Canes fans do? Switch sports? Wouldn't recommend basketball - did you notice that almost 10% of the NBA All Stars were from UF?

We have 20% of the NFL Network Sunday Pre Game show but it was 40% before Warren Sapp got pinched.

Go 'canes!

How many ACC titles do you have again????

Stick with your history book has-been.

Ban deez nutz fish face!


So let me get this straight "D" Bag. You logged in using my screen name and pumped up the 'canes, and now you are logged in as a "Gator Fan" insulting your fake post??????


You're going nuts "D" Bag!!!!

I love it!

Go 'canes!

Gator nation has a laugh smacking U around dumabazzz.

Regardless, your program is about to implode and U are a SCUMBAG

Good morning Lizards, question for you all regarding your new coaches .... Do any of them have any hands on experience working in the state of florida penal system ...you know , knowing the laws , how to treat convicts etc..

I would think that would be a plus ...

ps- gator joke of the day

What's the number one pick up line in gainsvile?

nice tooth

This story should work against the Gators for future recruiting classes. Here's a school that hides the fact their DC has taken a job in the NFL.

The lack of transparency here is amazing, but with Meyer and Company it has become the norm.

I don't know what is going on with this "D" Bag. All I know is 5 rings and 11 probowlers

I don't know what is going on with this "D" Bag. All I know is 5 rings and 11 probowlers

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 18, 2010 at 09:04 AM

At least U can add!

Go 'canes!

"We have 20% of the NFL Network Sunday Pre Game show but it was 40% before Warren Sapp got pinched."

LMAO - Cane bring up the craziest stuff. Espn Docs, whose in pre-game shows, 10 year old NC's, how many players in the NFL.

Anything but what is going on in College football right now. Makes you wonder why?

Nice to see you can disagree publicly with Meyer and still get your job back.

That shows Urban is not ruled by his ego, secure enough to re-hire the guy, even though he disagreed with the boss. It takes a good manager to do that.

I don't know what is going on with this "D" Bag. All I know is 5 rings and 11 probowlers

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 18, 2010 at 09:04 AM

At least U can add!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 18, 2010 at 09:19 AM

This is getting ridiculous. I am glad Jacory is out this spring because he wont be able to add any more INTs to his stats and can concentrate on what cartoon character to emulate.

Go 'canes!

Are these new coaches Criminal Justice graduates?

Isn't that a requirement for any member of the UFelony football program?

OMG why is the first comment on the "GATOR CLAUSE" talking about UM you guys are obviously jealous and its stating to get sickening you guys are looking for an argument....why dont you guys worry about developing that obviously overrated #1 recruiting class from 2008 and find yourselves some back up qbs

J17 for Heisman

really hope Moody gets a chance to break out next year. I have a feeling he will be a lot more involved now with Drayton back. I was watching some old high school footage of Moody on youtube, I had almost forgot how good this guy is


Yes, I am also glad Jacory is out for the Spring. We all know that AJ has a realistic shot of winning the Heisman in 2010. Give the kid his shot. UM's QB depth is beyond amazing

Yeah but the 'canes have 5 NCs and put players in the pro bowl....keep driving the DeLorean, Doc.

Participating in his charity golf tournament Friday, Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer told The Gainesville Sun that he was feeling much better and is ready to rejoin the team when spring football practice begins on March 17.

“I feel good, real good,” Meyer said. “I’ll be there.”

Gotta be some way to put a hate spin on this.

Less than a year of Randy Shannigans remaining.

How will he report his contract injury?

Gary Brown was kicked off the team today. It's amazing how many of these so called "5 star" recruits, which ANY team would have recruited, have gotten the boot.


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