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Should Jeff Demps quit football and focus on track? The answer is no, says one pro track coach

GAINESVILLE -- Jeff Demps is burning up the indoor track for the University of Florida this season. He has the nation's fastest time in the 60-meter dash entering this weekend's Southeastern Conference indoor track championships at the University of Arkansas. The question: Should Demps quit football and focus on track? One pro track coach says no.

Loren Seagrave is a prominent voice in the United States track community. He's a sprints expert, operates Velocity Sports Performance and has coached his fair share of Olympians and Olympic medalists. He's also familiar with football, having served as the Atlanta Falcons speed and conditioning coach in the 1990s. Gator Clause caught up with Seagrave on Thursday to gauge the buzz around Demps among U.S. track's elite coaches and find out an expert's opinion on whether or not Demps would be wise in quitting football and focusing on track.

Jeffdemps Demps will likely participate in spring football in a limited role this March to focus on outdoor track. The 2010 U.S. Track and Field Outdoor Championships is June 23-27. Demps indicated before the Sugar Bowl that it is his goal to qualify for the meet. The current automatic qualifying time in 100-meter dash for U.S. championships is 10.15 seconds. Demps currently holds the U.S. Junior Outdoor Track and Field record in the 100 meters (10.01 seconds) but that record was set in 2008.

Seagrave is aware of Demps' talents and says the track community is impressed with Demps' raw speed at such a young age. If Demps wanted to turn pro in track today, he could do it. Seagrave says that would be a bad idea.

"If you love playing football and you love running track, then keep on doing both as long as you can and see how the football plays out for you, because if football doesn't work and you've been staying active and running track, then you can step right in as long as you don't have a real bad injury," Seagrave said.

Seagrave says his opinion is certainly not the consensus. Many track coaches believe year-round training is the best way to fully develop a sprinter, but Seagrave counters that philosophy with an understanding that the quick-burst training that running backs and wideouts receive is conducive to sprinting. The extra muscle mass running backs and receivers need for football can be easily shed once a former football player decides he wants to focus on track, according to Seagrave.

"With the exception of an injury, football preparation is actually really good for a sprinter," Seagrave said. "The only thing about playing football is there is always that chance that you're going to get whacked and then if you're even a little bit damaged you don't always come back as strong as you were before. In football you can have a pretty significant injury and they can put you back together again and you can still play at a high level, whereas track and field that isn't always true."

In the end, it's all about the money. Seagrave said that Demps could make substantially more money than even an Olympic champion by playing professional football for four or five years. If Demps has that opportunity, then he should pursue it. If Demps' football career plateaus because of his size (he's listed at 5-8, 183 pounds), then he can always fall back on track.

Depending on how Demps' career on the track unfolds, he could be faced with a tough decision in 2011. Should he forgo his senior season of football (or possibly redshirt) to prepare for Olympic qualifying? Demps didn't want to look that far into the future in January, but did say it will depend on his track times and if he thinks he has a legitimate opportunity to make the U.S. Olympic team. The 2012 Summer Games are in London.



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Don't ask a track coach if he should continue football. Ask a football coach.

Not the point.


OK, back to football. This is what the GAtors record is;
1-5 record versus the CANES this decade,
1 win versus the CANES in 25 years,
0-2 record versus the CANES in bowl games this decade,
NO all-pros to the CANES 11 (an all time record),
8th best team of the decade to MIAMI being the 2nd best team of the decade,
30 arrested to MIAMI's 1,
2 arrested already this off-season,
a head coach in rehab, (opps i mean vacation),
3 defensive coordinators in a month,
recruiting coordinator takes same job with your rival,
teabag needs to relearn the QB posistion after 4 YEARS at UFELON school (thanks urbin).

I sure hope he doesn't drop football because he's a hell of a running back...

reptilesuckGAtorsdontruleadamsapplejoannieinpinecrestdrippdrippUrules............what a hater

hes talented. he should use this next season as a deciding factor on whether he should stay to play football. another football player in this situation is trinidon holliday at LSU. if demps begins to digress as a running back or he begins to be used strictly as a special teams player (neither one wont occur),then he he should go 100% with track. Then agian, you got players with C.J spiller, whos a 1st rounder.

U mean mr teabag was at Felony U for 4 years and urbin and his staff never helped timmy with his delivery or try to develop him as a QB.
No wonder the GAtors don't make it in the NFL, urbin and staff only care about thier resumes and don't care if the players develop or not (just about the wins, baby).
Isn't college about taking young people and helping them develop in whatever profession they choose, guess not at Felony U (it's about using them, then discarding them).

Right on! Larry Coker for coach of the decade!

Yeah, no one got players ready for the NFL like Larry.

Still don't understand why your stories about gayturds is in any paper in S. Fla. You must have something on someone on board of directors for the Herald.

Coker is the best, the numbers don't lie.

Stop making gay references!

cane TE commit Andrew Tallman:

” I loved the whole family mantra, the coaching experience, the U tradition, the fact that the program is back to dominance …”

Back to dominance? Perhaps someone could post this on a Badger or a Tarheel or a Hokie or a DEMON DEACON message board.

Talk is cheap at the U and clearly the family is passing along this value.

I must admit though, cane LB’s showed the Wisconsin backs and TE’s a thing or two about physicality.

Must be tough being a Canes fan these days. You're all reduced to reminicing about ancient history and posting insults on a Gator blog about whether an Olympic grade track star and Gator running back should consider staying in football or concentrate on track.

Here's a couple of questions for U pathetic Canes fans: How many Olympic grade track stars do your Canes have on your football team today??? And why, if U have any, aren't they running all over the ACC the way Demps is in the SEC???

Answer those two questions honestly and you might be onto why your football program SUCKS RIGHT NOW!!!


Board of Directors? I think you mean publisher. Anyway, I live in Gainesville and cover the Gators and other north-central events because that's my beat. That's the gig. There are more UF grads in South Florida than anywhere else, at least that's what they tell me. There's always something to write about on this beat and something unexpected is always happening. I can't complain.


Randy Shannon Forever! He and the 'Canes deserve each other!

Plus, Jo has nakey pictures of the Herald Football Overlords. He has them over the figurative barrel.

What the hell does all this UFelony/scUM idiocy have to do with the original post?!?

Joe, at least you don't have to hear this smack talk on local sports radio, in the workplace, and on the street like the rest of us down here. Lucky you!

stlGAtor; this is your quote, 'the way demps is running all over the sec (sleazy & easy) conference'.
Just like fox(fixed) news tout the company line, irregardless of the facts.
In 9 games he ran for a total of 417 yds, for an avg of 46 yds per game, and 3 TDS (so thats a td every 3 games).
holy sh t, can i have heisman vote back..
Those are heisman #'s for sure.

Hey jeff, stay in track at least you might get some coaching.
On the football team you have a QB(teabag) who has to learn how to throw the football after 4 years in GAniesville. You have a tight end(hernandez) who doesn't know how to block after 4 years in GAniesville.
Way to coach'em up and pad your resume, urbie...

Exhibit "A" for my ridiculous thesis -- Larry Coker. He did a spectaculor job getting players NFL ready. Who can argue his record?

Did I say what a tool I am?

Larry did an awesome job with Butch's juiced up guys. The Garg had none of it.

Now U flounder in the All Cupcake Conference

Manny put up a filter for all the cane garbage which effectively shut it down. Shandel banned all the UM trolls. There are no bigger hypocrites on earth than canefan.

Last time the canes did anything on the football field the current starters were in elementary and middle school.

The sec(sleazy & easy) conference, if u ain't cheatin u ain't tryin.
The ACC has produced 74 NFL players in the last 10 years to the sec(sleazy & easy)'s 66. 18 more than the big 10, 26 more than the big 12.
SEC credo is gives us ur 4-5 star athletes & we'll turn'em in2 bible salesmen & waffle house managers or even alachua county residents..

Quit your crying canesrule. You're a DRIP

UM CHEATED the whole time. Lufor paid for their juice.

felony -- how can teams so stocked with talent fail so miserably when it comes to NC's and BCS performance overall? Isn't this a testimony to the ineptitude of the ACC and it's members? LOL

how about tebow's vertical at the combine!

38.5 in vertical for Tim. Beats Vicks 38. Unbelievable. No to mention a 4.72 40.


"reptiles suck....": You are the perfect example of a Canes fan...keep up the classy work and learn how to spell Urban(nor Urbin) correctly....

shake the meth out hamburglar, its that the kids get better coaching in the ACC, it's that they run pro-style offenses in the ACC, not those gimmicky offenses like at felony U, its that they're developing as players in the ACC, it's that they're getting better every year in the ACC.
Not like at felony U, where your QB's has to go to QB school to learn how to throw the ball after 4 years there, where your TE's have to learn how to block after 4 years there.
Like I said, URBINS just padding his resume for his next job after he completes his rehab (opps his vacation)..

Hey Jo, see all the B.S. we have to put up with here in Mia. And from a bunch of losers like these Miami Morons who talk crap about a superior team, a superior conference and a superior QB all the while their canes stink up the joint and haven't done squat in the past 10 years. What a bunch of delusional morons refusing to face reality. I's comical and pathetic at the same time.

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