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Steve Addazio will be "point man" in hiring of new Gators defensive coordinator, according to athletics director

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators athletics director Jeremy Foley said on Saturday that assistant football coach Steve Addazio is the "point man" in hiring the team's new defensive coordinator.

Florida hired former Dolphins assistant George Edwards on Jan. 7 to replace longtime defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, but Edwards bolted for the Buffalo Bills this week. The hiring was announced on the Bills' website the day after National Signing Day.

Florida coach Urban Meyer is currently taking a required medical leave of absence but will apparently help with the hiring of a new defensive coordinator from afar, according to Foley. Foley told The Miami Herald on Saturday that Meyer will speak to Adazzio over the phone about the defensive coordinator position but Addazio will coordinate the hiring. Foley said he expects Addazio to hire a replacement for Edwards soon. An announcement could be made within a week.

Meyer put off his sabbatical until after National Signing Day, but he is currently out of pocket. (Probably relaxing on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific where no one knows his name or face. Just a guess.)



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How can you tell a GAtor is lying???
When they're talking...

Can anybody around this program tell the truth (very similar to the bush administration).

Like we're supposed to believe that urbin (i can't handle success, so give me a prozac) myers is off on some island and he's going to leave the hiring of his top assistant to an assistant he just recently hired (oh yeah, thats real believable).

I think "david leisure" needs a prozac and ought to learn how to spell the name of the person upon whom he spews his hatred.Oh, and it is selled Gator, unless you are one of those like little david who hasn't matured from his childish ways, s evidenced by his even more childish jokes...
Meyer may not be working on his tan but you can bet that the list for D coach candidates has been worked pretty hard already and that they might even be using cell phones to do some interviewing-I hear they have good coverage these days from Crescent Beach and Urban might just have one of his own.

Urban is DONE!! You don't let your crap OC or Interim HC hire you new DC unless he was the man! Wake up Gator Nation, Urban Myth is DONE and No more Tim "Baby Jesus" Tebow to save you!

You sold your self to the Devil for one NC and its bye bye!! Maybe the arrests will slow down without Oscar Meyer!

Oh man Reggie Wayne, Jon Vilma, Jeremy Shockey, how much more probowlers are playing in this game repn The U lol lol gayturds are a joke in the grown man league lmao

Yeah, that's great, the Canes have players in the Super Bowl.....WHO CARES!!??!! This is college football we're talking about!! Our college team sucks, so lets talk about our players in the pros, because that's all we have to talk about!!! LOSERS!!!!!

The intensifying infatuation of Cane fans with all things Gator is most revealing. As the Gators continue to maintain a program that competes for the National Championship in the toughest conference in college football, the Cane's fans are left reminiscing about what happened 20 to 30 years ago while competing at the middle to lower level of a mediocre conference. Talking smack from such an inferior position is comical for a while, but after that it is just pathetic.

Maintaing what ?that's a joke , the gators have been dominate for Only the last FOUR years dumbass, the gators lost to miami in 01-02-03-04 thats not twenty years ago jackass lol what's comical is free truth knows nothing about CFB history and the fact Miami has more pros is relavant for two reasons, one if we haven't been good for twenty years like free truth SAYS why does the U STILL HAV MORE PROS THAN YOU! hence jackass lol second the pros is the pinnacle of the sport Which the U trumps Florida , again JACKASS you just sound more stupid by the word lmao

Good for Coach Meyer. I wonder if he took my advice to go down to the V.I.?? There are alot of secluded spots down there and the plane trip isn't that bad. Hope he takes a few weeks down there, take it from me, it WILL take the stress off.

Canes fans are lashing out. It's hilarious. One putz said the Gators sold their soul to the devil for 1 NC. Hahahahaha!!! The Gators have won 2 titles since the Canes last title and will win another two before the Canes next NC. The Canes should focus on winning the ACC first, then aspire to win a bowl game, and then talk NC. I say Ohio State, Virginia Tech and North Carolina beat the Canes this year. Not sure how may 3 loss teams get in the NC game. The Gators will use this year to make a run the following. No delusions here.

Seminole Suck and the rest of his merry band of amnesiants, fail to acknowledge the 66 recruiting violations that built the NC team in '83 as well as the massive pell grant scam that swindled the taxpayers out of millions while building the '80's and early '90's teams.

If you are going to live in the distant past, at least be honest about the circumstances.

Hey laughing At you ,what distant past ?that's all gators fans hang they're hat on. the dominace of twenty years that they envy, everything I ever say on theses blogs ARE FACTS LOOK IT UP. I never knock the very recent succes of the gators only argue the near sighted nonsense of you people. the U has Been arguably more succesfull than any other team until the middle of this decade which is Fact not opinion. When gators talk like they own Miami conviently forgetting the four consecutive losses in 01-02-03-04 and a 1-7 record recently against Miami and the lone win in08 against one of the U's worst teams against your greatest team ever (9-3 late in 4thqtr) then you guys hav nerve to say the U hasn't done nothing in twenty years ?? I'm Open to hav discussions but not when gator fans dnt know what the he'll they're talking about and FYI I do remember those sanctions and how often Miami was scrutinized for such things like several arrests which Ufelons currently hold but want to discount? How do you spell hipocrit?? No seriously? Lol let's hav positive discussions representing our passion for college FB but bring somthing to the table or I'll just keep eating lol I'm out

And you GAtor numbskulls have a very selective memory AND NEED TO BE HONEST.
You all seem to forget the charlie pell era and his 107 NCAA violations and how galen hall's conference championship was vacated due to violations (like paying legal fees for a student & paying his assistants alittle extra).

You are right Dave -- Galen Hall sending a runner to Palatka to pay $40 child support for Jarvis Williams is comparable to UM's fleecing of the taxpayer's (millions of $$) over a sustained period of time.

Man, I'm so glad you two are here to help me keep my perspective!

Seminole Suck -- your judgment is so clouded by your insane jealousy you fail to realize that no one is claiming they "own" the canes. No one really cares, in fact because of the regionality of this publication most Gator fans were/are canes fans in some capacity (either because they hold joint degrees or they are locals).

You're "open" to discussion -- are freakin' Boutros Boutros Ghali negotiating for the UN? Dude, you take yourself way too seriously.

The majority of UM posters are not smart enough to know they are stupid.


Continue to do the right thing, and do it well.

the majority of UF posters believe themselves to be intellectual superiors, when in reality, they really are living with a false sense of confidence.



except Goodman, he is a true OG

Canes Winning a National Championship=Ancient History

Canes Players Being Drafted in First Round=Ancient History

yeah thats right, homie... ancient history...The gators not being able to capitalize as "one of the greatest D-1 Football teams EVER!!!!"= just happened yesterday.

Hey, the truth hurts---and the truth is that Canes' glory days are now ancient history and there is little prospect of a return to glory happening any time soon.

yeah im in pain

I've never glanced over at the UM blog, but its gotta be pretty lonely over there if all the Cane fans have to look for "action" over here on the Gator blog.

When I think of the Canes, I think of skinny ties, balloon pants, Sasson jeans, Breakfast Club, Miami Jai Alai and Howard Jones - thinks that haven't been relevant since the 80's......

the majority of UF posters believe themselves to be intellectual superiors, when in reality, they really are living with a false sense of confidence

LOL -- a little melo dramatic wouldn't you say?

U are irrelevant

What is really amazing is the FACT that the posters of hate and disdain are doing so for what???? College sports are entertainment! Not war. Appreciate the sport and the athletes that compete, cheer for your team, stay away from negative comments about others. It does nothing to raise your stature by putting down coaches, players our schools. If you have so much energy to generate all this hate and contempt take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, what does this accomplish? Get a life, exercise, try to improve yourself and don't live with such sour outlook on life. Has anyone in your life ever talked about principle and character? If you want to do something constructive for yourself volunteer to help disaster victims or join the military. This will wake you up!
U of M, USF, UCF, FSU, and UF are all great schools, appreciate the athletes and the sport, get rid of the Hate!

All this bloviating about about ancient Cane glory and current Cane envy is interesting, but it misses the point of Joe's original posting.

Hey Joe, have you heard any good rumors on who the Gators may hire to be their next DC? Or are they just going to give that responsibility to Heater and McCarney and just hire a new linebackers coach?

Hey Laughing at you. Get your facts straight. It wasn't millions of dollars. It was $250k over a 4 or 5 year period. It doesn't matter what the amount was, you should just quit throwing stones when the GAYTURDS live in a house of glass. UF= The Real THUG U

So that's what those titles cost in the late '80's and early '90's. Hunh. Seems FSU is paying a lot higher price for far less.

The stuff Charley Pell and Galen Hall did is anlagous to stealing paper clips and post-it notes from the work place compared to the institutional rip-off of the taxpayers. Be proud stork!

Hey Seminolesucks, how about this:

Championships: Last 5 years, UF - 2, UM - 0
Last 10 years, UF - 2, UM, 1
Last 15 Years, UF 3, UM - 1
Last 20 years, UF 3, UM - 2

You've gotta go back 21 years before UM ties UF and 23 for UM to have an advantage.

Recent success? Most wins of any D1 team in the country last 20 years.

UF had more wins over UM until 2002, UF had the winning record 1st 60 years, UM has had it for 8.

Longest winning streak in the series UF @ 7 games (1971 - 1977).

Be VERY proud of your 30 arrested GAtor football players under urbin myers.
bernie 'demolition derby' machen,
urbin 'prozac' myers,
carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap,
brandon 'the eye gouger' spikes,
ronnie 'machine gun' wilson,
henry 'give me 2 joints' thomas,
jamar 'im buyin with some dead persons credit card' hornsby,
carl 'the stalker' johnson,
janoris 'fight club' jenkins,
riley 'u can't catch me' cooper,
torrey 'i don't need a license' davis,
cameron ' i got laptops 4 cheap' newton,
I'm sure theres more, alittle help cane fans...

Warren (sh'up beatch) Sapp
Michael (give it up beatch) Irvin

Robert (Cops Suck!) Marve

pretty WEAK...

tony 'thats my car' joiner,
dustin 'had 2 many' doe,

Can you believe that Sapp actually had the nerve to call Urb classless? Classless is when you go around beating up women in hotels at 5 in the morning. Irvion the rapist...Thug U is back.

Weak is being a cane and talking smack on a Gator blog. Get back to your sweat sock you dolt and do what you do best.

its funny seeing canes fans labeing UF as thugs like they have any room to talk

Ahhh dont u leave this feeling fellow gator fans....its da feeling of being hated on people only hate u wen ur gud i certainly dont see any comments from gator fans of ScumU's blogs

For you UM fans we have plenty of NFL players making plays they just dont get any recognition:
Brown, Alex Chicago Bears Defensive End
Caldwell, Andre Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver
Carlisle, Cooper Oakland Raiders Guard
Cohen, Joe Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle
Crowder, Channing Miami Dolphin Linebacker
Davis, Andra Denver Broncos Linebacker
Gaffney, Jabar Denver Broncos Wide Receiver
Graham, Earnest Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back
Grossman, Rex Houston Texans Quarterback
Harvey, Derrick Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End
Harvin, Percy Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver
Ingram, Cornelius Philadelphia Eagles Tight End
Johnson, Todd Buffalo Bills Safety
Kearse, Jevon Tennessee Titans Defensive End
Manuel, Marquand Detroit Lions Safety
McCray, Bobby New Orleans Saints Defensive End-(Super Bowl starter)
McDonald, Ray San Francisco 49ers Defensive End
Mincey, Jeremy Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End
Moss, Jarvis Denver Broncos Defensive End
Murphy, Louis Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver
Nelson, Reggie Jacksonville Jaguars Safety
Peterson, Mike Atlanta Falcons Linebacker
Ratliff, Keiwan Cincinnati Bengals Cornerback
Scott, Ian San Diego Chargers Defensive Tackle
Sheppard, Lito New York Jets Cornerback
Siler, Brandon San Diego Chargers Linebacker
Starks, Max Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Tackle
Taylor, Fred New England Patriots Running Back
Thomas, Marcus Denver Broncos Defensive Tackle
Trautwein, Phil St. Louis Rams Offensive Tackle
Warren, Gerard Oakland Raiders Defensive Tackle
Wynn, DeShawn Green Bay Packers Running Back

Glad to see Coach Meyer is taking some much needed time off. I'm really confident in Coach A's ability, and I'm looking forward to hearing who we're looking at for candidates.

Also, it's funny to see all of the Miami fans keeping tabs on the Gator program, since most Gator fans could care less about the Canes.

Also, it's funny to see all of the Miami fans keeping tabs on the Gator program, since most Gator fans could care less about the Canes.

Posted by: bantab | February 09, 2010 at 12:27 AM

Really? The blog at the Sentinel is not even worth going too anymore because of the crap thats posted over there by gator fans. Mannys was the same way untill he started approving comments.

Really? The blog at the Sentinel is not even worth going too anymore because of the crap thats posted over there by gator fans. Mannys was the same way untill he started approving comments.

Posted by: The []_[] | February 09, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Blame it on Shutlz or the alcohol.

The []_[] get outta here bro i have seen u comment on every gator blog dat has been posted guess u guys r still bitter dat u crabs only scored 3 points in the 2008 meeting and the Gators werent even trying...or maybe dat u were picked to blowout Wisconsin and got manhandled cmon bro stop hatin

Posted by: GatorNation | February 09, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Did you graduate from UF. Hell, did you even graduate high school. dat what i is want to know?

Man you just got to love Cane fans, can you say bitter? Hey Cane fans, amazing that you've got 5 MNC's trophies but can't seem to snag that all elusive ACC Championship trophy, what gives?


Bitter you say? Now this is bitter. Or is it heartbroken?

Irrelevant is probably a better term.


Hey Jo why don't you start censoring this board like the punk Canes blog guy does? They are so tough but won't let people write on their blogs because it hurts their feelings. Just like when Marve transfered they gave him a list of 100 schools where he couldn't go to starting with UF. We'll play anyone anytime as long as the majority of our games are in a basketball conference. Big talkers but really a bunch of punks. Miami just hosted the Pro Bowl featuring a bunch of old UM players and what did it do for recruiting..absolutely nothing. You barely have a top 25 class. The signs are all there you cane clowns just refuse to see them.

Talking about canes you dumb, dumb -- canes are irrelevant.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | February 09, 2010 at 02:44 PM

Whats wrong kehoe cant find anywhere else to post your garbage 24/7 anymore? Congrats on getting two Canes blogs to mediate there comments. It only took three years.

Posted by: The Joker | February 09, 2010 at 02:47 PM

You wish dumb, dumb. Look up devastated in the dictionary. It will have A picture of Urban and Timmy sobbing in each others arms after the ALABAMA beatdown with A caption by Timmy that reads " I CAME BACK FOR THIS". Hang that on the wall of the swamp.

We gots 11 pro bowlers! Let's continue to focus on the past as the future ain't so bright. No one wants to play for UM. Recruits now have only seen the da u in it present state - not the mid 80s. It was over when you lost the Orange Bowl.

The cruel irony (in this exchange) is that the loss happened in a conference championship game....a game the canes haven't and won't sniff for a looooooooong time.

Everyone that goes to UM looks like they are on Jersey Shore....the fist pump nation baby.

We gots no pro bowlers! We've only been relevant for four years, Our coach had A nervous breakdown, quit, came back, then took a leave of absence, and our all everything QB is leaving to become A missonary. ( The NFL is out of the question).

Have the gaytors hired there third D coordinator in A month yet?

UM should trade in Sebastian the Ibis for Doc from Back to the Future as their mascot because you cane fans live in the past. I think the Delorean need 10,000 gigowatts but I am sure Randy can recruit it as he only recruits what he needs.

I can't believe a middle of the road ACC team is talking trash. You have been irrelevant for 9 years and counting. Well unless you count the nations INT leader as a relevant point.

Posted by: The Joker | February 09, 2010 at 03:44 PM

No the cruel irony is Timmy came back to:

A. Win the heisman.

b. Win a ship

c. Get floriduhs first undefeated season.

And he got

d. Curb stomped by ALABAMA.

Posted by: Biff | February 09, 2010 at 04:59 PM

How's your brother chaz!

I'm coming back,

Yeah..make fun of 2 time national champ and heisman trophy winning Tebow. I suppose he would be cooler if he shaved a sponge bob star or the word SWAG on his dome? Gawd you cane fans are pathetic...Really your going to try to make fun at 13-1 team that lost to the eventual national champ while you have gotten crushed in your last 2 bowl games?

Posted by: INT12 thew another. | February 09, 2010 at 05:10 PM

When your coach has a nervous breakdown and your QB cries like a girl in the process. Whats not to make fun of?

Good point. Now move back to your rightful place in the middle of the ACC and get back to me when you guys are getting amped up against some other Big Ten team for the Meinke Bowl.

The []_[] this is what the Thug U produces
nos talk about....Bitter you say? Now this is bitter. Or is it heartbroken?

That's right canes its all about the Gators. You can't stop talking about the Gators. Gators, Gators, Gators. You guys are so irrelevant the word "canes" doesn't even make it into conversation. It's all about Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, etc. What an obsession, what comedy.

Why don't you guys put your energy into getting Miami NW on your schedule, maybe then you can fill their stadium (since filling yours is out of the question).



Whiskeys bidtches




KOHLER toilets


5 > 3 Ships

3 > 0 Undefeated seasons

26 > 25 HTH

Flagship university in the state of florida, are you freaking kidding me. The former girls school to the north won a ship before you losers. You had a nice little four year run and now it's over.

Didnt know 5 was dat much greater than 3 and for your glorified 2001 season there should be an asterik by that because Nebraska was not supposed to be in that game it would have been a much different game maybe even an L had UM had to play a real team: Tennessee(Upset in SEC championship), Florida(Upset by Tennessee last game), Oregon & Colorado(Snubbed by the BCS)....Colorado pounded Nebraska 62-36 but somehow Nebraska played in the National Championship

Not to mention you guys played in the Big Easy Conference

Short and simple...get a new coach, new AD, new president, new dade recruiter and a new stadium that you can call home...then, win your sub-par conference and then you can start to think about talking trash. Quit living in the past and look towards next year...I, along with the rest of the Nation can't wait for next season...can you say the same?

We've only been relevant for four years

Posted by: UF SUKKKKKs | February 09, 2010 at 04:48 PM


right... since UF is the most winningest program of the last 20 years, in other words, recent history. UF is tied with Nebraska for most titles in the last 20 years (3), and tied with USC for the most in the last decade (2).

202-51 > 184-60 since 1990
106-35 > 101-36 since BCS era
4-1 > 3-1 record in BCS bowls
30 > 17 consecutive non-losing seasons since 1980
20 (and counting) > 10 consecutive seasons w/top 25 finish
3 > 2 Heismans

and we've only been relevant for four years? Get your head out of your ***

drapp88..whoa...nice work

Posted by: drapp88 | February 09, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Nice stats dooshbag but the bootom line is this.

28 > 26 HTH

5 > 3 Ships

And in the last 22 years the gaytors are 1 - 6 against the canes. THOSE ARE THE FACTS!

Cane fans, you can flash the gold, jewelry, players in the NFL & even 5 NC trophies but one thing your not flashing, an ACC Championship trophy, bwahhhhh. How pathetic is that? Doink

ACC School Championships Years
Clemson 13 1956, 1958, 1959, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991
Florida State 12 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005
Maryland 9 1953, 1955, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1983, 1984, 1985, 2001
Duke 7 1953, 1954, 1955, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1989
NC State 7 1957, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1973, 1979
North Carolina 5 1963, 1971, 1972, 1977, 1980
Georgia Tech 3 1990, 1998, 2009
Virginia Tech 3 2004, 2007, 2008
Virginia 2 1989, 1995
Wake Forest 2 1970, 2006
South Carolina 1 1969
Boston College 0

replying to gatornation,
Alex Brown has never had more press than when
Dan Morgan busted him in the eye before the Sugar Bowl and he had to do all his interviews with one eye shut!

Posted by: Carty | February 10, 2010 at 09:18 AM

Your right. We have been in the ACC six years and have not one it yet. But hey, It only took the gaytors 55 years to get their first.

Posted by: drapp88 | February 09, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Nice stats dooshbag but the bootom line is this.

28 > 26 HTH

5 > 3 Ships

And in the last 22 years the gaytors are 1 - 6 against the canes. THOSE ARE THE FACTS!

Posted by: OneAndSix | February 10, 2010 at 09:18 AM

I respect that. I compiled those stats in hopes of getting canes fans to respect that UF has been "relevant" for more than four years

Posted by: arkansas won!! | February 10, 2010 at 09:35 AM

After that gaytornation moron posted about the 2001 canes I realized he is not even coherent enough to respond too. Dude needs to back away from the bottle.

Posted by: drapp88 | February 10, 2010 at 09:41 AM

Florida has had good to great teams on and off since 1991. Three of the last four have been great.

Having said that. I feel dirty.

drapp88/The []_[]

We are the world...we are the children. When the world must come together as one

Oh yeah! My Dad can beat your Dad up!


Enough of the love fest. Back to our regular scheduled program.

LOL -- that was funny, but only 2 and half minutes? Da U 30-30 was way longer and gave a ton more reasons why the canes suck!

I'm predicting that the canes will never get back to days of competing for NC's. What was the turning point you ask..i will say the turning point happened at the last game in the Orange Bowl. The "we must protect this house, maybe not" game- Virginia 48 Miami 0.The curse of the Orange Bowl will haunt the canes for the next 100 years. Why knock down the biggest piece of cane history? You are now the Cubs of college football.enjoy!!!

Thanks for the prediction Nostradamas but your crystal ball is broken (literally). Larry Coker set the program back years even worse than zook did the gators. At least Zook could recruit. Miami will play for the ACC title this year and be in A BCS bowl.

As A matter of fact Zook helped the gators more than the fans will admit. When Spurrier left the talent was not there. When Zook left it was he just could not coach it.

The curse of the Orange Bowl. You heard it here first.

Look at the Dolphins, they haven't advanced to the Super Bowl since their days in the Orange Bowl.

To the []_[] and the rest of u crabs I read the canes blog yesterday and there were five comments none from gator fans but amazingly there are about 100 comments on here and about 80 from canes fans and they have nothin to do with the article...just like to point that out...GATORHATERS!!!!!

Hey have u guys ever wondered why Wilber Marshall has never gotten any recognition hes one of the greatest linebackers ever as well as a gator great

I didn't rape or beat anyone

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