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Urban Meyer's experiment with NFL coaches continues; Gators hire Arizona Cardinals assistant

GAINESVILLE -- Urban Meyer's pro-football experiment continued on Friday when Florida's coach hired another NFL assistant to be the Gators' new defensive coordinator.

Teryle Austin of the Arizona Cardinals is the Gators' new defensive coordinator. He replaces George Edwards, the former Miami Dolphins assistant, who was on the Gators' payroll for less than 30 days before leaving for the Buffalo Bills. Austin has a nice resume. He coached in college for 12 seasons before coaching in the pros for seven. That diversity of experiences is important to Meyer, apparently. Meyer is smart. He knows Nick Saban (pro and college experience) has turned Alabama's defense into a force and Florida's coach wants the same thing for the Gators.

Meyer has hired five assistants since the Southeastern Conference championship game. The instability hasn't affected the team yet but too much turnover is bad for any organization. At what point does the revolving door of assistant coaches at UF affect the Gators negatively? Florida's offense experienced growing pains last season after Dan Mullen left for Mississippi State. Spring football will be vastly more important defensively for the Gators this March compared to one year ago. Austin doesn't have much of a grace period.



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Why the other day it was Addazio's job to hire him now Urban hired him?? When they lose will it be Addazio and when they win Meyer??

Addazio apparently did the interviews. Urban is the head coach, so he makes the final call.


Sounds like an excellent hire. This guy seems to have what it takes to recruit the best players, create a Super Bowl caliber defense, and to prepare guys for the NFL. Go Gators!

so how do you 'apparently do an interview', either he did or didn't, & your right this confusion usually is contagious.
Get ready for the news conference with urbin myers soon (he needs to spend more time with his family, wink, wink).

I have always been a fan of hiring NFL assistants for college teams. If they get the recruits wich at UF the coach will,he has some good clay to mold.

wow its so gr8 2 read a blog n not see comments 4rm hatin canes fans

What's in the water in GAniesville??
u have the infamous GAtor FLOP.
u have billy 'I'll take the Orlando Magic job, oh wait I won't take the Orlando Magic job' donovin.
u have urbin 'I quit, oh wait I don't quit, oh wait I'll take a leave of absence, oh wait I won't take a leave of absence, I'll just take a vacation' myers.
u have steve 'monster.com' aduzzio.
u have bernie 'hit & run 'cuse I'm late 4 a meeting' machen.


U GAtor fans are something.
Did you know the cardinals gave up 45 points in back to back game in the play-offs, just absolutely torched by 2 passing teams in Green Bay & New Orleans. And did you know the cardinals ranked 20th in defense and 23rd in passing defense. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT HIRE, MAYBE HE'LL LAST LONGER THEN YOUR LAST HIRE..
3rd defensive coordinator in a month, 5 new coaches, doesn't seem like a real thought out off-season HUH? GAtor fans...

Man...all of these problems and we'll still have a better year than the canes...you guys are really garbage.

This is great. More canes here than on the canes blog. LOL. The canes ship is sinking and there is nothing they can do but try to rain on our parade.

Alas, Sarasota 'cane is a giant douchebag.

Go Canes!

This will help us more than you'll ever know.

He did coach two teams that went to NFC championship games and one to the superbowl.. I think he will he will be great in college... Great for recruiting..

My bad.. both teams.!

To all GAtor fans, this new coach of yours was a defensive back coach on a team that got torched for 45 points against the Packers and the Saints in the play-offs. Now that should instill real confidence.
Its as if urbins hiring anybody he can, it used to be he hired only old associates he had a previous relationship with and were disciples of his system.
and yes GAtorpuke & reptilessuck, they got to (and it was 1 meth heads)1 championship games and 1 super bowl but it certainly wasn't because of thier defense, but because of thier offense with Kurt Warner and his stable of receivers..

So what does any of this have to do with your desperate plight in Coral Gables?

So what does any of this have to do with your desperate plight in Coral Gables?

Posted by: Pompatous of Love | February 13, 2010 at 07:58 AM

Vein attempt to re-direct his angst. Laughable. Pathetic. Jealous. Sad.

Their is a storm brewing in Coral Gables. It's a giant swirling mass of sukk.

Hey Lizards, you're new DC was what ?...the six choice maybe ?......and where is Urbie the fruit cake in all of this?...

SOOOO if the guy works out, he gets all the glory, if the guy is a turd, then is the other guys fault...what Morons .

PS...2013 will be here soon...beware of the U

FZB -- I think you just made USUK's point.

With the recruiting classes they've pulled in, especially this year, anybody could coach them and look good, a la larry coker. So, no matter who they got, they'll still be great, and will definitely be better than The "U"nderachievers!

In order to be a "choice" they have to be offered a job. Many people were interviewed but few were offered. Barrow was in the "we'll take a look at you" bunch. Edwards was never really even settled in. Austin was our first choice after that. That's a far cry from DUHHH U that offered numerous guys and were flatly told no. Got it cane tard.

Nfl second timers need an nfl hire to prevent those busts and better prepare gaywhores to actually succed in NFLU LOL ANYTHING FLORIDA DOES THE U HAS ALREADY DONE AND BETTER BENN THERE DONE THAT AND ON THEY WAY BACK!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! never seen this much hating in my life ScumU lames come on our blogs and just flat out hate man you guys are just plain pathetic and it's sad

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! never seen this much hating in my life ScumU lames come on our blogs and just flat out hate man you guys are just plain pathetic and it's sad

Posted by: GatorNation | February 13, 2010 at 04:59 PM

That's what happens when U go from nationally prominent to ACC wannabe. U ain't in the Big East anymore chUmps. U had an awesome rUn bUt now U SUKKKKKKKKKKK. THAT ISNT CHANGING EITHER.

Adecade from now U will still be talking the same empty and ancient nonsense.

SUcks to be U


Posted by: WE DID IT FIRST | February 13, 2010 at 04:55 PM


both da U and FSWHO r frauds....da U dominated the big east which had 1 good team Va Tech, and they are pounding you guys now, and for those lame FSWHO fans holding on to the 1987-2000 thing after they joined the ACC in 92 everything from that point on didnt count except when they beat us because the Big East might have sucked but the ACC was flat out garbage at that time there was not one National Title contender in that conference besides FSWHO

Why has UM sukkked ever since joining the mildly competitive ACC????


Time will tell, but with the talent we have it should be easier to have a good D that what you have to use in the NFL.


Gators still doin there thang. Heres A five star thats getting it "Done".

Hey guys great to see u keep losing coaches and slapping women!

Keep it up!

FZB -- I think you just made USUK's point.

Posted by: Pompatous of Love | February 13, 2010 at 12:30 PM

Pompatous of Love, not here to bash on the Gators. I believe FZB's comment you're referring to about 2013 will be here soon wasn't refering to the Canes taking that long to return to the National scene, but rather that's when the Gators are scheduled to play Miami again (assuming the Gators aren't able to get out of it). Just thought you'd like to know...

Does anybody think Jacory "Float the Ball" Harris looks like a malnourished Avatar?

Gators will rock in 2010 and compete for a BCS in 2011...........

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