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Another Haden likely on the way to Florida Gators via Boston College

GAINESVILLE -- Former Boston College running back Josh Haden will likely transfer to Florida, according to brother Joe Haden.

Joe Haden, the former UF cornerback, said during an interview with NFL.com that "I have a little brother. He's a running back at Boston College. He's transferring now to probably Florida." Here's a link to the video. CLICK ME! 

Josh Haden rushed for 213 yards on 58 carries and touchdown last season. He is entering his third season of eligibility and will have sit out a season if he transfer to Florida.

Jordan Haden is a true freshman safety for the Gators.



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Woooo Hoooo, Thats almost 4 yards A carry. We are stacked at RB. This guy is A stud!

I thought he would have to walk on if he came to UF. Why would he pass on a scholarship offer (assuming he had one)to go to another program?

I cant wait for Haden to get here. With our new I formation offense he will run for 1,500 yards easy. Anyone seen Carl Moore? It does'ent really matter. Dubose is going to lead the SEC in receiving yards if his patched up hammy holds together. Who's the D coordinator this month? Did someone finally stick? If urban takes his meds every 4 hours like the doc said we should be fine. Dive play till I die baby.... Go gators!

Too bad florida doesn't use running backs reptile lol. 1,500 yards when has a RB at UFelons done that, didn't Fred Taylor retire recently? Lol New I Formation huh? Let me guess this is some new offense your genius coach came up with? Lol guess the fact that your gimmick offense doesn't produce star pros has finally hit turdsville lol. You are right though Brantley is a real QB per his star receiver Deonte lol your little five year run is almost over incest lovers you just joined the ranks of elite teams and are on the way down while the U rises again lol less rings, records, pros, and no undefeated seasons that's ufeleons the NFL second teamers of the world lmaoooo

wait wait....

A running back from a BASKETBALL conference????


U guys are stacked at RB like ur stacked with underfeated NC's

"Dubose is going to lead the SEC in receiving yards if his patched up hammy holds together."


Reptile you're so silly (wink wink)

I see some d"U"mmy has hijacked my stage name.

Why walk on at Florida vs. a scholarship at BC? Hmmmm, let's see - play in the ACC (5th or 6th best conference in football and whose games are usually shown on Raycom) or play in the powerhouse SEC, top conference by a wide margin, who games are shown on National TV. Granted he may not play at UF, but at least he'll be seen.

He would have had more success in the ACC though. Figuring UM couldn't stop Wisconsin from running silly, he probably would have had a field day against UM's slow defenders. Or maybe he thought UM's defenders would be a little faster this season since they've been told to stop eating at La Caretta and will be chasing the beanpole (Jacory Harris) in practice...

FYI...He didn't play much at BC as he was the second running back.

What's Miami's recent record against Boston College?


i am a hurricanes fan and i was just wondering why are the gators going to the I-formation now if the spread has worked for them so well? the gators have a lot of speed but i never really saw them as a physical team other then tebow there whole team is speed based so why go to the I-formation????

Jo - aren't you supposed to do the research?

He's transferring because he was stuck behind an All ACC running back thats only a sophmore. Solid player but nothing special.

Hey canes why are you so worried about what the mighty Gators are doing? worry about your 9-4 team that is not as talented as you think and coached by a guy that can't call timeouts. worry about 10,000 fans at home games. worry about a qb that throws at the other team more than he throws at his own.

Gators have a stadium, a huge fan base, and most importantly one of the best coaches in the game. we are not going away. we didn't run the spread with Leak and WON. we ran the spread with Tebow and WON. in other words we adjust to our talent. and we have plenty of talent right now so sit back and watch the premier team in Florida.

Who can"t have an undefeated season in the Big East or ACC? You talk big but continue to play in basketball conferences.

Your time came and went. Face it big time college football caught up to you.

Yeah, he's a solid player from Jacksonville who rushed for 1,457 yards and 14 TD's. Nothing special...

Miami is 1-1 against Boston College over the last five years. Miami defeated BC in 2006 but the Eagles and quarterback Matty Ice returned the favor the following season.


Football, I was referring to Haden as nothing special...not Harris.

How many transfers actually pan out? "Transfer" is more often than not a euphamism for "Not-Good-Enough-Where-They-Are-Coming-From".

Who is the last transfer that panned out for the Gators? The only one I can think of is Trace Armstrong and that was over 20 years ago.

Does anyone have this stat available?

Skeptical, How about Ryan Smith? Transferred from Utah and was an all SEC corner in 06.

...came over with Urban Myer, forgot about him!

My only point here is if Haden was a true SEC-grade stud tailback, I think he'd be seeing the field more at a pedestrian program like BC.

He was also a 7th year grad student

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