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Florida Gators cornerback Joe Haden isn't fast? This is why I hate the NFL Combine!

GAINESVILLE -- Joe Haden ran a 4.57 today at the NFL Combine. This was covered like a natural tragedy on the NFL Network. Now everyone thinks Joe Haden is slow. This is why I hate the NFL Combine.

Joe Haden ran a crummy 40 time, according to people who know all things about 40 times and are experts at understanding how a straight-line sprint of 40 yards translates to the football field. Those same people would have wet themselves if Wondy Pierre-Louis had worked out at the NFL Combine. "Who is this guy?" they would say. "He has ALL the skills to be an amazing cornerback in the NFL. Someone sign this man to a contract!"

Folks, Joe Haden is not slow by any standard or any measure. In fact, Joe Haden was one of the fastest players on the University of Florida football team last season. I can remember vividly watching the team run conditioning sprints during practice and thinking, Haden is beating everyone and it looks like he's hardly trying. Joe Haden is so naturally fast and athletic that he arrived at Florida as a quarterback, switched to cornerback during the preseason and was starting at corner as a true freshman. Sure, he was rough around the edges back then, but he was so fast that it didn't matter. Now he's slow? Wrong. This is why I hate the NFL Combine.

Another reason why I hate the NFL Combine: So, Tim Tebow apparently had a good effort in the vertical jump, 38.5 inches. Apparently, that's the best vertical ever by a quarterback. Even better than Michael Vick. Now you're trying to tell me that Tebow is a better athlete than Michael Vick? Are you nuts? Get a grip people. This is why I hate the NFL Combine. Since when does it matter how high a quarterback can jump? Is Tebow going to jump-pass on every down?



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Couldn't agree with you more Joe. Unless a back gets a pick six every down, when does a defensive back ever run in straight lines. It's all about closing speed and everyone saw that in an actual game Joe Haden was one of the best

They don't call him jump pass Jesus for nothing jo.

Kehoe's still pouting because no one will pay any attention to him at the SS. It's starting to dawn on him that his life is irrelevant again. His mom pays him no attention, the other kids pay him no attention, his own dog pays him no attention so he posts under fake names, answers his post's under fake names thus he has one person to pay attention to him. his self!

Posted by: The []_[] | March 02, 2010 at 01:09 PM

This was worth repeating.

I am getting sick and tired of being ignored. Why does everyone have to pick on me. All I want is for someone to love me. I thought sparky loved me but he even ran away from home (The trailer park). Will somebody be my friend?

Once again, I have to come here to defend da U. First of all Gino Toretta's vertical jump was 52 inches. He went low in the draft because he jumped too high.

Reptiles Rule, point taken.

We still got 5 NCs and 11 Probowlers.

worst coach in the ACC

Posted by: The []__[] SUKKKKKKKKKKKKs | March 02, 2010 at 02:00

At least our coach does'ent need two prozacs to start his day.

52 inches!!! thats impossible. Jo dont worry about the combine. film is always the greatest indicator of what player can do

Tebow is a much better athlete than Vick. 11 Tebows beat 11 Vicks all day every day...of course there is more to being a better QB than athlete

Vick is a way better athlete than Tebow Paul. Seriously Tebow was an amazing college player but your going to tell me he is a better ATH than Vick? Tebow is a better football body than Vick, but not a better ATH.

Ryan Collins was a better athlete then both Tebow and Vick.

Paging urbin myers, paging urbin myers,

"It helped us more than you'll ever know."

LOL, nice to know the writer for the herald is a blind fanboy. You can't call him fast when...he ran slower than everyone else. You especially can't use examples of "sprints in practice" as how YOU(I'm sure you know more than NFL scouts amirite) think hes fast, when in a straight ahead speed event he did poorly.

This is why although I hate FSU, I respect them at least. No respect for Florida fans whatsoever, clowns.

Silly gators,

I hear ya. That's why I am on here all day every day checking on them. I assume you stopping by...are doing the same?

WE don't hate U silly cane clowns.


There isn't a more delusional fanbase in the nation. Randy is building something alright. And it's a giant pile of shlllt. lmao

There is a storm brewing and it's a giant swirling mass of sukkkkkkkk.

How many ACC titles do you have again?


I agree with you 100%. These cane"fans"are not only delusional, they have no life and no hope. That is why they come to our boards. What's the latest on ex canes at the combine? First one will go 3rd or 4th round at best.

great post, jo. Haden had a bad day and ran a lousy 40 time, let him get another go at it and I'm sure he would run a better time. Anyway, like you said, this doesn't take any of his intangibles away... and ultimately that is what will propel him as a playmaker in the league soon. And although Tebow's vertical was impressive, I have to agree with you that a QB's jumping abilities aren't all that important.

Paging urbin myers, paging urbin myers,

Posted by: nurse ratchits | March 02, 2010 at 02:34 PM

LOL at least spell his name right you moron

Posted by: The []__[] SUKKKKKKKKKKKKs | March 02, 2010 at 03:07

26 > 25 HTH.

5 > 3 Ships

3 > 0 Undefeated seasons.

1 win in the last 24 years.

U laugh to keep from crying.

The person in charge of Florida football may change from day to day, but the Gators' problems away from the field haven't.

The Gators have assembled a rap sheet that would make Barry Switzer blush. Florida players' transgressions have included DUI allegations, such as the arrest that cost star DE Carlos Dunlap a chance to play in the SEC championship game. There have also been assault charges, such as the allegations that arose in February that DT Gary Brown had struck a woman in the face during a party.

Florida's recruitment of four-star defensive lineman Leon Orr has only added fuel to the fire. Besides questions about Orr's academic eligibility, photos of the recruit brandishing a firearm have surfaced as well.

All in all, off-the-field issues have taken a big bite out of the Gators' reputation

The Bleacher Report.

Kind of sums it up!

Oh and I forgot this one:

Ancient history vs Relevant now

The last scene of Da U 30/30 with the demolition of the Orange Bowl was rather fitting but like the phoenix, da u will rise from the ashes like 2011 or so as we are young right now and we have a tough schedule to start the year.

And for the record, Gary Brown should have been let off easy. Whats the harm in A little purse fight amongst girls.

Brock Berlin doing the gator chomp at your sideline in the OB after bringing the Canes from behind must of scarred you for life kehoe. I dont blame you. Getting beat by the Canes with your own reject QB could do that to anybody.


by Randy Shannon

Vick could only beat Tebow in a race. Tebow jumps higher, lifts much more weight, stays out of jail better, and in all seriousness would have Vick calling his mother in about 90 seconds if they went at it.

Those are the many reasons Tebow has maybe 50 TDs more than Vick did in college.

NFL is another story.


by Urban Meyer

miami has a basketball player 4 1 year, whose never played football b4 & turns him in2 the most intriguing prospect at the NFL combine.
and BTW GAtors r tight end had a faster time than ur best corner back..
Felony u's QB needs 2 go QB school 2 learn how 2 throw after 4 years there.
And Felony U's TE's need 2 go 2 blockin school 2 learn how 2 block.

paging urben myers, paging urbin myers;

But the ? is were both arms the same length?
U spent a week on teabag's 1 arm is 1 centimeter longer than the other (instead of reportin on the rampant lawlessness goin on in GAniesville).

Paging Bryan Pata, it's time for your meet and greet with Sean Taylor.

The worst coach in the ACC

Our ACC record is very poor.

In all sports.

We suck...

How come no report on the BB loss last nite??
Just like fox(FAKE) news don't report anything that doesn't follow the company line and the sycophants won't know the real truth.
Follow the fox(FIXED) news MO, which is to change the topic to something else, like how long teabags arms are.
Like you did for a week after ur 5 star recruit (DT brown) of a year ago got arrested for beatin up a couple of women.
Keep parroting the company line, GOMER..

And for all you dittoheads he did run again, and he ran a 4.60. So stop your whinning (boohoo), with the please give him another chance.
BTW, he went up against SEC QB's, Stephen Garcia, Joe Cox, Russell Sheppard, etc., not a real stellar group.

Curious, you all are spending alot of time and blog space on your ex-gators and thier combine expierence and NFL chances.
What a bunch of HYPOCRITES, CANES talk about thier 11 all-pros (an all time record) and thats ancient history.

The canes suck balls

Nice try "D" bag!

My prediction for the 2010 season. 'Canes start 1-2, INT12 throws more INTS then TDs, he gets hurt the fourth game, Whipple's son comes in - throws a pic and Randy Shannigans yells at him and Coach Whipple gets pissed and calls a timeout. Shannigans gets fired and Canes hire Tom Olivadotti.

Go 'canes!

Hey gomer, is the above blog appropriate on ur blog. And really, is this the best jpuck04 & drapp88, & reptilesrule, & joannieinpinecrest, & usuckkkk, & adamS, & the rest of U GAtors can do. PRETTY SAD..
Be consistent gomer, and make your dittoheads use thier brains if they have any brain cells left after thier 7 years in GAniesville & hangin at the 'university club'..

andrew 'dice' clay,

Nice job on picking a comedian who was funny years ago and is irrelevant now.

Go 'canes!

ditto heads
dice clay
typical cane cluck
lives in THE PAST

How many ACC titles do you have again?

Sign Shanannigans to a lifetime NOW

He's building something

Tebow v. Vick is sort of the Miller High life versus the Miller Light guy.

Vick may be able to outrun Tebow, but Tebow would crush him if he got a hold of him.

Sort of depends what aspect of athleticism your talking about.

I think the combines are ok, I don't really think the coaches care about the raw numbers so much as they the overall performance.

The people talk a lot of garbage, but the combines are not meant for them. It's just cheap programming for NFL Network

How many National Titles by winning your conference championship game first?????

The Canes cant even show up to the game, forget winning it.

Yeah there is a storm brewing in Miami. It is called Miami fans are starting to realize that Shannon is a brutal head coach.

Too bad it has taken them so long to figure it out.

Hey but they are blindly following hoping somehow Luther Campbell can start handing out 50 dolla bills for lunch, coke, and women. Then dah U will be back!!!

P.S. cute story on Lamar Miller. Way to make him feel a lot better about his acting role on the team. I heard he plays a mean Wisconsin RB.

Paging Bryan Pata, it's time for your meet and greet with Sean Taylor.

Posted by: GumbyGator | March 02, 2010 at 07:52 PM

Are you serious dude? Thats just down right f'd up, show some respect, these men lost there lives. If you wont say something in someones face you shouldn't say it on a blog idiot


For you Gators who are QUICK to talk SMACK

Posted by: Take a lil off the top | March 04, 2010 at 01:57 PM

loving it

Great blog

Good post!!Maybe due to lack of experience Haden had a bad time and through this experience he can definitely do well next time and I strongly believe in him....

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