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Florida Gators cornerback Joe Haden isn't fast? This is why I hate the NFL Combine!

GAINESVILLE -- Joe Haden ran a 4.57 today at the NFL Combine. This was covered like a natural tragedy on the NFL Network. Now everyone thinks Joe Haden is slow. This is why I hate the NFL Combine.

Joe Haden ran a crummy 40 time, according to people who know all things about 40 times and are experts at understanding how a straight-line sprint of 40 yards translates to the football field. Those same people would have wet themselves if Wondy Pierre-Louis had worked out at the NFL Combine. "Who is this guy?" they would say. "He has ALL the skills to be an amazing cornerback in the NFL. Someone sign this man to a contract!"

Folks, Joe Haden is not slow by any standard or any measure. In fact, Joe Haden was one of the fastest players on the University of Florida football team last season. I can remember vividly watching the team run conditioning sprints during practice and thinking, Haden is beating everyone and it looks like he's hardly trying. Joe Haden is so naturally fast and athletic that he arrived at Florida as a quarterback, switched to cornerback during the preseason and was starting at corner as a true freshman. Sure, he was rough around the edges back then, but he was so fast that it didn't matter. Now he's slow? Wrong. This is why I hate the NFL Combine.

Another reason why I hate the NFL Combine: So, Tim Tebow apparently had a good effort in the vertical jump, 38.5 inches. Apparently, that's the best vertical ever by a quarterback. Even better than Michael Vick. Now you're trying to tell me that Tebow is a better athlete than Michael Vick? Are you nuts? Get a grip people. This is why I hate the NFL Combine. Since when does it matter how high a quarterback can jump? Is Tebow going to jump-pass on every down?



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