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Florida Gators dancing!

GAINESVILLE — They didn’t finish strongly, but the Florida Gators did enough. UF is going back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since winning it all in 2006 and 2007.

Florida (21-12) received the No.10 seed in the NCAA Tournament’s West Regional on Sunday and will play No.7-seeded Brigham Young (29-5) on Thursday in Oklahoma City. A win in the first round and Florida will face either No.2-seeded Kansas State, the runner-up in the Big 12 Conference tournament, or No.15-seeded North Texas, winners of the Sun Belt Conference tournament.

“We’re very, very excited, and grateful for the opportunity,” Florida coach Billy Donovan said in a press release after CBS’s NCAA Tournament Selection Show. “I’m most excited for our players having a chance to experience this, for most of them this is something they haven’t been through yet.”

Gators senior forward Dan Werner and redshirt junior center Vernon Macklin are the only players on the Gators’ roster who have experienced the NCAA Tournament. Werner was a little-used reserve in 2007 when Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer led the Gators to the Final Four in Atlanta and defeated Greg Oden’s Ohio State in the championship game. Macklin was a reserve at Georgetown before transferring to Florida two seasons ago.

“We’re all excited to be in the NCAA Tournament,” Werner said in a press release. “It’s such a great feeling. That being said, now we need to turn our focus to BYU and need to come with the right mindset and take full advantage of this opportunity.”

The Gators’ at-large bid to the 2010 NCAA Tournament is especially sweet for Werner, who has been criticized by fans for his role in the Gators’ 0-3 losing streak to end the regular season. Florida left Nashville, Tenn., on Friday dejected after losing to Mississippi State in the second round of the Southeastern Conference tournament. It had been speculated that the loss to Mississippi State, coupled with the large number of upsets in other conference championship games, would combine to keep Florida out of the NCAA Tournament for the third consecutive season.

The NCAA Tournament selection committee had other plans for the Gators, though. Florida shares its No.10 seed along with two other teams that received at-large bids, Georgia Tech of the Atlantic Coast Conference and Missouri of the Big 12. Those No.10-seeded teams were considered destined for the NCAA Tournament before the conference tournaments began.

“It was a stressful 48 hours not knowing if we were in or out,” Florida junior forward Chandler Parsons said in a press release. “We’re really excited to be a part of it. For most of us it’s our first experience with the NCAA Tournament.”

Florida made the NCAA Tournament while SEC members Mississippi State (23-11) and Ole Miss (21-10) did not. The Gators defeated Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss., during the regular season and UF defeated Mississippi State at home. After dispatching Florida in the SEC Tournament, Mississippi State went on to knock off No.20 Vanderbilt in the semifinals. The Bulldogs lost to No.2 Kentucky in overtime of the SEC tournament championship game on Sunday.

After missing the NCAA Tournament in 2008 and 2009, Florida beefed up its non-conference schedule this season. That change in philosophy appeared to help Florida earn its at-large bid on Sunday. Florida defeated three teams this season with a top 50 RPI rating: Michigan State, Florida State and Tennessee. Florida also played Richmond, Xavier and Syracuse, non-conference opponents now in the NCAA Tournament.

"Probably a couple of years ago, we weren't even in position to beat a Michigan State or a Florida State or go on the road and win some of the games that we've won," Donovan said. "This team has certainly played a much, much more difficult schedule and probably as difficult a schedule as we've played in quite some time."



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U were saying Cane Fan ? What's that ?

NO NIT INVITE EITHER ? Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhh !!!

Just goes to show that U have ZERO drawing power and even less Relevance a College Athletic program.

Mow STFU U Clucks !!!

Yeah, that's what I thought. Enjoy Ur Second Tier Summer... Again.

Miami Loses Game, Wins Respect From ACC !!!

With a solid supporting cast of ACC All-Rookie team guard Durand Scott, G Malcome Grant and the high flying and athletic F DeQuan Jones this team went further than anyone expected them to. The two huge victories in the ACC tourney went a long way to restoring Faith in Haith in UM fans for next season.

And from where we stand, looking forward to next year never looked so good for Hurricane hoops.


Spoken with true Canespace Blind Logic. Just too bad that U live in Ur own little snowglobe down at cesspool U and always cease to have clue as to what is really going on in the real Athlectic world.

Hey, cheer up Crying Cane Tards. There is some new fangled 16 team CBI Tourney as well where they take the not so Worst of the Worst that slug around at the bottom of the barrel...

Sounds perfect for U.

canesrule 21 ’ships says:

March 13, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Another excellent effort by the Baby Canes, 2 frosh and 2 sophomores and we lose to the nation’s probable number 1 by 3. Excellent effort!
Can’t wait for the Big Dance!!! We are in baby!!!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, First Cane Cluck to SHUT THE FU@K UP !!!

All TOGETHER now Cane Tards ... WE"RE # 99 !!!


Did U Cane Fans remember to turn Ur Clock forward last night to the year 2010 ?

The Future huh ? What an continued Average Cane concept.

Soldy is in top form. The snowglobe reference is as accurate as it gets.


I would not want to jinx it, but my bold prediction is Wall is a Cane.
Small classes, the weather, facilities, everything seems right and coach Haith,” Wall is reported to have told the AP, or was it Reuters.
The City Beautiful rejoices. - canesrule

I could not have said it myself.

Wow, I expected Canes fans to be on here congratulating Gators fans and wishing them well in the NCAA Tournament. Oh, well. Silly me.


They are Jo. Their silence is the biggest compliment there is. UF fan base largely laughs at UM and their hollow shouts of being relevant. Canefan on the other hand has deep bitter hatred for us. It's commonly known as Napoleon Complex.

Canefan has softened on the "everyone hates us" blabber. They've even abandoned the "down time" nonsense. But they are still clinging to the "we're young" platform even though they have flat out sukkked it through eight recruiting classes. They are legendary in their ability to believe that what they did ages ago somehow translates to success in this new football era. (Hoops? don't even go there cane clucks) They refuse to accept that the demolition of the OB, the ushering out of their blind eye AD's, the different financial requirements of elite D-1's, the emergence of the Garg, and the joining of a mildly competitive 12 team conference have all combined to place them exactly where they belong on the CFB totem pole. A small, fanless, and broke program IS NOT competing at the highest level in 2010. FACT.

JACORRRRRRy!!!.....blah blah bla...shut it canefan.

That drag queen with the "pagin urin meirs" posts has surprisingly vanished this morning. Go fizzle...muh nizzle. Surely dude is smackin' it up over at a GT message board. Canefan hasn't been this silent since the torrent of Five Star signings within the nations number one recruiting class at the Mighty University of Florida.

Give bloodied canefan a couple of days to lick their considerable wounds. Some kid will jack back to back aluminum bat home runs and they'll be right back on the vitriol bus.

Ur a beisbol school playing in a basketball conference and U get drilled on the football field. That really is U.

One of the best lines in the "Born N Raised" is by Pitbull when he says:

"We ain't just hittin you, buddy, we Warren Sapp'n ya"

Ur just plain old sad canefan. Hard to imagine a more pathetic hip-hop image than that garbage.

Congrats Gators!

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