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Former Gator dancer Erin Andrews of ESPN does the Gator Chomp on 'Dancing With The Stars'

GAINESVILLE -- Erin Andrews, good dancer. Erin Andrews, Gator for life. Skip to the five-minute mark of this YouTube video for proof.


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Erin is goooood

I thought Erin and TT were and item?

Erin = tall and hot. if you don't dig her, turn in your hetero card.

If there was a tall brass pole on the show, you bet Pam Anderson would still be in the fight there.


Earlier you had stated you were standing next to Ed Ashcroft when Urban let Fowler have it. i happenstantially saw the video while reading Dennis Dodd's swill on cbsportsline. Aside from the fact that Ashcroft starts cracking up and has to stop himself as Urban turns back around to come at Fowler, you are nowhere to be found, unless you've morphed into an aged, portly shirt-to-tight-in-the-wrong-places white man.

pants on fire, Giusseppe?

Incidentally, everyone evened up at the half in both Champion's League games.

Kate has a premium rack. Too bad her uterus fell out a while back.

When is Octo-mom gonna be on DTWTS? Her meatloaf rocks....I hear.

Erin Andrews is a shim. She/he could be Trev Alberts twin.

U cant stop it it only a matter of time theres too much talent and twiggy as U call him will be lifting up a trophy just like twiggy number one dorsey. this team is strait nasty cant wait for ncaa11 to come out. its comin fellas a storm is brewing

canedolfan386 says:
March 31, 2010 at 10:44 am


I too support all the Florida schools when it does not affect UM.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | July 15, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Your life is a confused circle of nonsense

How's the copy machine repair route goin?

I love her..


Ibrahimovic is overrated. Simply put, if he was American, he would play basketball for Duke.



Zlatan Leitner. That's an impressive observation, Giusseppe. Good stuff.

Ibra, for being a 3rd degree blackbelt, plays like a pu55y. Sorry, there's no better descriptive noun. He wants to play like a "10", despite being built like a dream "9".

If Lisandro Lopez was built like Ibra, he'd be the "9" Argentina has been waiting for since Batistuta. Same with rooney and England. Ibra is a very very skilled player, but he'd be a legend if he put it in the net like Hernan Crespo. Hell, even if he had McBride's killer instinct.

Xavi is currently the best "10" in the world. Zlatan Reddick is just an overpaid prima donna who'll be watching the World Cup from home.


Dude that got busted for filming EA at hotels confirmed to judge & jury that EA has numerous []_[] tatoos on, um, "strategic parts" on her anatomy. See, deep down, all the girlz are Canes addicts!

She has skank legs, nothing to hoot and holler about. I live in Gainesville and trust me, there is 10,000 girls at UF hotter than her.

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