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Gators appear to be considering I-formation. Do they have the personnel to pull it off?

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GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators' offense practiced almost exclusively out of the I-formation on Monday.

Rising redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley called plays from under center and Florida fullbacks T.J. Pridemore and Steve Wilks practiced more on Monday than I think they have in two seasons. A quick aside: Pridemore is a crazy person. Seriously, this guy is psycho on the football field. At one point during Monday's practice, he ripped off defensive end Kedric Johnson's helmet and threw it at him.

All coach Urban Meyer could do was smile.

Johnson screamed, "He is #$$&! stupid!"

Tight ends coach Brian White wasn't too concerned about Johnson's safety, but did point out to Pridemore, "Don't throw helmets! They'll kick you out of the game!"

Since this whole fullback, I-formation experiment is new for Florida, I don't really know enough about Pridemore and Wilks other than to say Pridemore definitely plays with a mean streak and Wilks appears to be a little faster than Pridemore. Of course, speed is always relative when you're talking about fullbacks.

ANYWAY, I am very intriguing by the Gators' offense this spring and you should be, too. Everyone probably likes the idea of Meyer and offensive coordinator Steve Addazio trying new things to fit the quarterbacking style of traditional passer John Brantley, but that doesn't necessarily mean the Gators have the personnel to pull it off. UF currently does not have a reliable option at tight end. That's a serious problem for any I-formation.

Redshirt freshman Jordan Reed is currently the Gators' starting tight end. Reed, who was recruited to UF as a quarterback, appears to be a superb athlete and is learning the position quickly. He made several impressive catches on Monday and even ran the Wildcat. Still, this spring is the first time he has played the position. It's a work in progress.

Reed's back-up, freshman Gerald Christian, is another young but talented player. The West Palm Beach Dwyer product is by far the strongest freshman on the team. He can bench 215 pounds 21 times, which is pretty remarkable for an early enrollee.

Another quick observation about the I-formation package before we move on. On Monday, Brantley appeared more comfortable running traditional plays from under center (passing, hand offs, play action) than the option. One of Brantley's option pitches was pretty ugly and he heard an earful from Addazio.

UF fifth-year senior Carl Moore wasn't at practice on Monday.

The receiver from California is a projected starter after returning from a back injury that sidelined him last season. On Monday, Moore's position coach didn't know why his senior wasn't at practice and a UF spokesman didn't know if Moore missed practice because of an injury or something else.

Moore walked off the practice field on Saturday visibly frustrated about something. He appeared to be complaining rather loudly to a teammate.

Former UF safety Major Wright attended practice on Monday. He was in Gainesville for the day working out for Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Wright has worked out privately for the Jets, Patriots and Browns.



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BAWHAHAHA, That was A joke right jo? First year QB, no receivers, no running backs, no fullbacks, no tight end. Addazio will be right back to his old tricks in no time. RUNNING THE DIVE!

It should be "Do we have a scheme?" not "!".

Come on, its not raining today. Get out of the library and go back to the day labor job.

like what i see in trying the I, even entrenched in the system for decades its hard when changing personell. It will be a learning experience for the coaches and players both

If you are going to correct someone learn how to speak turd tard. It's you have no job not I gots no job. Learn how to speak and maybe you will get lucky and find something soon.

Don't give up,

But we gots 11 pro bowlers!!

I mock.

And you have none!

I mock.

Gators and Pro style?!

I guess the gators have finally acknowledged that thier GIMMICK offense is hanging their players out to dry.

PS. I would LOVE to see Demps run between the tackles. HAHA


nice try though

the only thing you FORM is a bunch of FLOPS

"Brantley's option pitches was pretty ugly and he heard an earful from Addazio."

(sirens) RED ALERT!

" A quick aside: Pridemore is a crazy person. Seriously, this guy is psycho on the football field. At one point during Monday's practice, he ripped off defensive end Kedric Johnson's helmet and threw it at him."

BE CAREFUL Joe, we don't want the Herald to be banned from UF.

Demps DOES run between the tackles U immense clown

I love the I form... It's just another thing teams have to be ready for... The Canes suck, but their pros look good on my fantasy team

Lol the dive option play doesn't count.

U guys really think you can pull off an I Form?

Ya boy packs 5'8 180. LMAO

I got high school seniors bigger than that FOOL. Storm Johnson 5'11 210

Even I can run between the tackles in a spread offense.

Now try that baby via I FORM.

poor gators, wouldn't know a pro scheme if it smacked them in the face.

"look I'm super gator. I can run spread and pro scheme with the same personel".


Hahaha get over ourselves ?? Hahaha

Ya boy packs 5'8 180. LMAO

That guy runs faster than anyone on your team. Storm Johnson is who? a borderline 3/4 star guy that has proven what? Wake up. Miami players are inferior to UF's. Watch the draft fool.

Great he's fast can he run through the tackles?

That's the subject of this arguement.


so stick to you Mickey Mouse Spread offense!

Enjoy the draft, bc they'll never get national spotlight agains.

BUSTS left and right.

I watch the Pro Bowl (insert jokes here) -----> but u guys wish u can say even have 1

Florida is getting guys drafted in the first consistantly. And in the next couple of years with the type of recruiting classes Florida is getting there will be plenty more. Talk all you want about Miami guys that played 10 years ago but the facts are Miami is putting less and less talent into the NFL. You have a coach that can't call timeouts how do you expect him to develop talent? See Arthur Brown. Its all about the past with miami guys. Its never about the here and now. You WILL be 9-4 this year again. Face it mediocrity has a new home in Coral Gables. There are plenty of Um fans that have already figured out that miami's best days are in the past. Thats probably why you only get 10,000 fans at home games.

By the way Seantral Henderson wants to again thank you for rolling out the red carpet. Miami hosted the pro bowl and had Henderson escorted around by former um players all weekend plus the fact that miami needs o-line badly couldn't sway henderson from usc. The writing is on the wall people.

Do you Cane fans even read Cane articles anymore, or are you just so consumed with the Gators that you don't have time to??? It really is sad how consumed you guys are. It just goes to show how little is going on with your program!

U can just keep talking trash, since its all your good for these days. Next year and for the foreseeable future, the Gators will continue to be the class of this state both in athletics and education….so, how many conference division, conference or national championships do you have this year or last…how did that basketball thing work out for you (Oh yeah, your chick team did ok)…gymnastics, indoor track, swimming…where is that baseball team ranked?…U are a bunch of tools

Lol yeah my program is I. The dumps. U guys are so dumb man seriously.

We are so much better than u guys right now it's sad.

Listen to what is coming out of your mouth.

we talk trash, no that would be gators that not one will admit your gonna loose 3-4 this year. The I form has to be recruited for.
Demps is a good back but cannot work in the I.

Its just not his style. learning the I is not caquse Urban wants to change its because when EVERYBODY is in for protection, Its usually the I.

there is no back up QB worth starting so Brantley wont run, Its not gonna be pretty, ofcourse the 2 tune up games they play before any real team will help. You couldnt run for positive yards against Bama with a beast at QB running it?? So Demps will do it??

Jo -

Sorry that you have to put up with this silly back & forth between Gators and Canes, although Gators are tougher on paper than on grass. Now to the real questions we all want answers to:
1.) is the dive play alive & well?
2.) will we continue to go to the jump pass as the 'go to' play inside the 10 yd. line?

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