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Gators recruit Patric Young throws down at McDonald's All-American slam dunk contest

Gators commitment Patric Young of Jacksonville is No.21. Guard Ray McCallum (6-1) of Michigan is considering Florida.



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go to florida and watch your career flounder.
signed by; ray shipman, jai lucas, eloy vargas, allan chaney, jonathan mitchell..

Can #21 shoot ?

Hey dumb cane honk. The NBA is LOADED with Uf talent.

Posted by: Don't let facts obscure your already clouded judgement | March 31, 2010 at 09:03

You mean like:

28 > 26

5 > 3

Turd tards never let facts cloud their judgement.

Go to Florida and hope you are as successful as Horford, Noah, Haslem, Miller, Brewer, etc.

Good lord cane fans are good at throwing out stats...must be part of the McDonalds Manager Training Program.

Basketball! Basketball! This is a basketball post and Mr.Cane cant stop talking about our football team. Nobody cares about your football team and what they did 20 years ago, or your basketball team and TIm James. I dont fear the past unless I ate a breakfast burrito or slept with a Cane chearleader.

Posted by: AMER GATOR | March 31, 2010 at 12:49 PM

First of all it's CHEERLEADER Einstein and second of all I would be careful hitting on male cheerleaders. Some of those dudes are pretty big.

Go to UM, and never be looked at again!!

Mention what idiots the canes are when they drag football into a basketball thread.

What do they do?

Default to their past football accomplishments.


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