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'High-major schools' already reaching out to the Ray Shipman network; Miami in play

GAINESVILLE -- Several "high-major schools" have already contacted Miami Monsignor Pace coach Mark Lieberman about adding Ray Shipman to their rosters. Shipman announced his intentions to transfer from the University of Florida on Wednesday.

The bottom line here is that with his athleticism and good grades, Shipman will have plenty of options in the coming weeks. But knowing Shipman, he'll probably stay close to home. Expect the Shipman family to strongly consider the University of Miami. Miami has already contacted Lieberman and Shipman Sr. about adding the sophomore guard.

Lieberman called Miami a "viable option" on Thursday. Expect more about the Shipman story from Herald reporter Barry Jackson, as Gator Clause has now passed the Shipman baton back to South Florida.



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Who's next? Brandon knight? Welcome to the U

I think his 3 points and 1.5 rebounds per game will fit in nicely at the u.

One mans trash is anothers treasure.


Urbans new guidelines for the media.

Similar to turning water into wine, turning trash into treasure is done with coaching there Donna, something Eddie Munster has no ability at. And while we're on it, didn't I warn you about using your drag handle on here? Switch to Cheese Grits immediately or you'll be banned (I stole that from Urbie...thought is was kinda cute!). You can't see it, but I'm pointing at you right now saying I'm going after you punk.

Hey Donna, remember me?

Enjoy our sloppy seconds....and not to mention playing in NIT tournamets if your lucky. Myabe you can moonlight and play for the football team. The only difference is that more people will show up to the basketball games....

Ray would add nicely to UM's string of 2-star recruits

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