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Is Tim Tebow a top 15 pick?

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will be in Palm Beach Gardens at 1 p.m. on Saturday signing autographs at The Gardens Mall. Should you make the drive north to see Timmy? Bring your pocket book if you're interested. Tebow is selling his signature for $160 a pop. Photos with Tim are $75.

Tebow has been making the autograph circuit lately and making some pretty good cash doing it after signing a contract with an memorabilia company. Of course, Tebow hopes to become a millionaire on the first day of the NFL Draft. Will it happen? The pundits say no. Bob Tebow says yes.

Tebow's father told a Jacksonville television director this week that his son will be taken before the 16th pick. No clue where Bob came up with that number. Maybe he know something we don't. Perhaps. Or maybe he's just trying to put a little pressure on Jacksonville, which has the 10th overall pick. Either way, it's interesting that Bob Tebow would make such a statement.

When asked if Jacksonville might trade down and take Tebow later in the first round, Bob Tebow said, "He'll be gone. Somebody is going to take him."

Tebow has worked out privately for several NFL teams, including the Washington Redskins. The Redskins have the fourth overall pick. It would be the draft shock of the last decade if new 'Skins vice president and coach Mike Shanahan took Tebow at four.

Many think the idea of Tebow being drafted in the first round is preposterous. I'm not one of those people. He is worth the risk when you take into account his work ethic, leadership abilities and fan following. He's durable, he's a lightning rode of positive emotions, he makes the people around him better and the guy is already more marketable than most of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Oh, and did I mention he started three seasons for the University of Florida, graduated with honors, beat Sam Bradford head-to-head in the 2009 national championship game and was statistically one of the most efficient passers in college football. News flash: NFL teams like efficiency.

If his father is correct, and Tebow will be gone after the 15th pick, here's where I think Tebow will be drafted. If Jacksonville doesn't take him with the 10th pick then Tebow will go to Seattle at 14. Go ahead, call me crazy, but Pete Carroll is starting over in Seattle and I'd be willing to bet he'd like to do it with Tebow. 



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