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Is Tim Tebow a top 15 pick?

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will be in Palm Beach Gardens at 1 p.m. on Saturday signing autographs at The Gardens Mall. Should you make the drive north to see Timmy? Bring your pocket book if you're interested. Tebow is selling his signature for $160 a pop. Photos with Tim are $75.

Tebow has been making the autograph circuit lately and making some pretty good cash doing it after signing a contract with an memorabilia company. Of course, Tebow hopes to become a millionaire on the first day of the NFL Draft. Will it happen? The pundits say no. Bob Tebow says yes.

Tebow's father told a Jacksonville television director this week that his son will be taken before the 16th pick. No clue where Bob came up with that number. Maybe he know something we don't. Perhaps. Or maybe he's just trying to put a little pressure on Jacksonville, which has the 10th overall pick. Either way, it's interesting that Bob Tebow would make such a statement.

When asked if Jacksonville might trade down and take Tebow later in the first round, Bob Tebow said, "He'll be gone. Somebody is going to take him."

Tebow has worked out privately for several NFL teams, including the Washington Redskins. The Redskins have the fourth overall pick. It would be the draft shock of the last decade if new 'Skins vice president and coach Mike Shanahan took Tebow at four.

Many think the idea of Tebow being drafted in the first round is preposterous. I'm not one of those people. He is worth the risk when you take into account his work ethic, leadership abilities and fan following. He's durable, he's a lightning rode of positive emotions, he makes the people around him better and the guy is already more marketable than most of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Oh, and did I mention he started three seasons for the University of Florida, graduated with honors, beat Sam Bradford head-to-head in the 2009 national championship game and was statistically one of the most efficient passers in college football. News flash: NFL teams like efficiency.

If his father is correct, and Tebow will be gone after the 15th pick, here's where I think Tebow will be drafted. If Jacksonville doesn't take him with the 10th pick then Tebow will go to Seattle at 14. Go ahead, call me crazy, but Pete Carroll is starting over in Seattle and I'd be willing to bet he'd like to do it with Tebow. 



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Is Tim Tebow a top 15 pick?


Hey dummy, coach for Redskins Mike not Bill Shanahan. Let me guess your a Fla Grad. As for Tebow daddy & you thinkin Tebow goes that high you must be high.

I thought you all don't care about GAtors after they've left and what they do in the PROS. Your spending an awful lot of time on what teabags draft position well be, how long his arm is, can he or can't he throw..
Anything is written about the CANES record 11 all-pros (THIS YEAR) and how many CANES are in the NFL and how few GAtors make it and the GAtor fan go apoplectic.
OOOHH, Thats ancient history, thats livin in the past, this is a college football blog, once there not a player we don't care about 'em, this is about now and today not yesterday..

This is called reporting, reporting what teabags dad thinks of where his son will be drafted at. I'm just surprised he didn't say #1 seeing that his son is baby jesus.
You could take a lesson from jeremy fowler on how to be a real reporter instead of a cheerleader...

Isn' a "pocket book" something that women from Brooklyn carry with them. Personnally, I carry a wallet. It amazes me that that word is still around. Just what the hell IS a pocket book anyway?

Tebow to Seattle?? What are you smoking? Seattle just acquired Charlie Whitehurst from San Diego for draft picks and made a significant investment in the guy. Tebow will be lucky to go in the first round.

It's hilarious to see canefan come here and criticize aspects of UF football when they are in FAR WORSE SHAPE in the exact areas that they are being critical of.

It's just reinforces how incredibly envious they are of UF since we ascending and they are still plummeting.

Of course they keep their head firmly buried in the sand and think that all is wonderful down there in Coral Gables. Lame duck HC, no depth, and a dangerously frail QB. I guess I should acknowledge all those ACC titles they have won.

Kaja GooGoo - if that is your real name - the canes are building something down there. We stole recruits from Portland State, we showed goodwill to 4 and 5 star recruits by providing them with nice vacations during ProBowl week and they returned the favor by not signing with us but we didnt want them anyway. It also will do wonders for our recruiting that we didnt re-sign our coach yet although he is the 11th highest paid in the ACC. We are learning to stop the run so Ohio State and their beefy offensive line won't pull a wisconsin on us. So look at what we are building...tickets are and always still available!!!

PS they are filming a new 30/30 canes movie which will debut on ESPN classics. Fear the past, envy the past, and we gots 11 pro bowlers.

UM Pro Day at Greentree...

No head coaches and only one NFL general manager -- Rick Spielman of the Minnesota Vikings -- came to the event.

Next Question....

Small feeble minded Turds don't quite understand that ascending means improving or going up (as UM has the past 3 years) and descending means going down (like the Turds have been). He rails about a 3rd year starer QB who is preseason Heisman listed and yet he has a career bench warmer coming to throw "timing passes" to Dropsie Thompson. Like Mister T says..."Pity the Fool"

Hey Searg...isn't it time you made it "official" about your, um, social status now that your boy Obama has greased the skids for your type to 'tell it all'?

You GAYturds are pathetic. Your hero is a joke and will be going door to door selling bibles in 6 months. He's a jesus loving piece of human waste.

Maybe Urban Meyer and the 20 year old student he is cheating on his wife with will adopt him as their own.

Top 15 huh Jo? Hey dude, pass the bong.

Posted by: Don't Ask, Don't Tell is History...just like the Turds run | March 27, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Ha ha ha a cane fan mentioning history. At Pro Day at UM, did they show Da U for the one general manager there?

oh and the one GM has a house here...so I guess he didn't travel far...

Must have been a subconscious combination of Mike Shanahan and Bill Callahan. Typos happen.



UF Pro Day
More than 15 of the draft-eligible Florida Gators worked out for 75 NFL scouts and coaches on Wednesday at The Swamp. All 32 NFL teams were represented, including five head coaches and two general managers.


UM "Pro" Day

No head coaches and only one NFL general manager -- Rick Spielman of the Minnesota Vikings -- came to the event.

But we are building something.....

Only Turds mention # of GM's...just like they obsess over # of stars.


Posted by: Stop writing Turd...your Cheese Grits are getting Cold | March 27, 2010 at 10:28 AM

If Seantrel went to the U, you would be all about the stars...

If you have a pro day and no one from the NFL shows...did it really happen?

But we gots 11 pro bowlers....

UM Pro Day mirrors UM's regular season games...empty seats.

Deco Drive on WSVN at 7:30 weekly

"UM's Pro day?..It's a big f..in' deal!"

Is my record for fraud still holding up? I was Five Star ***** Charlie back in the day!

Charlie Pell

Is a record really a record when it's done through cheating? I mean, is a Flop really cheating?

Pass the Captain Morgan's...Timmy's going in the top 15. He got's five stars!

Carlos Dunlap

Posted by: Stars DO matter...at some things | March 27, 2010 at 10:37 AM

You guys are good at ancient history

Ya'll better stop talkin' crap about my boyz or I'll gouge your eyes out....

So I'm not as fast as advertized...big woop. At least I'm 5'8".

Joe Haden

If he library is full, come on down to Greentree for some peace and quiet and UM's Pro Day!

Posted by: I wish those damn GM's were over at UM instead of here | March 27, 2010 at 10:42 AM

If you read the herald today, there was only ONE GM at UM's Pro Day so I am unclear of what you are trying to say. And the only reason Rick Spielman is here is because of WMC 2010.

You Turds...BWAHAHAHA...I love jerking your chains...you're SO predictable!


Just went over to manny's blog about UM Pro Day....
...'tumbleweeds, crickets, tumbleweeds, crickets...

The librarian didn't even have to say SHHHHHHH

Way to rob the flock with charging for autographs and your photos.
Wish we would've thought of that..

What's wrong with charging $160 for an autograph? Its what taxpayers have to pay ex-Canes to clean the Palmetto Expressway wearing those orange prison vests....

Look who's talking...what a fool...

5 > 3....GM's know this...it's time you remebered it.


keep rambling with your tired middle school insults dumb cane tard U hear now?

"Kaja GooGoo - if that is your real name -"

that's just good comedy

"GRAHAM WILL PROBABLY GO FIRST... It's pretty clear the guy drawing the most attention is Graham. The 6-8, 260-pound tight end and former power forward has had his toughness questioned..."

He'll be lucky to sniff the 2nd round. Buncha scrubs down there. Nobody cares about your pro-day for a good reason U has-beens.

but U's do gots 11 pro bowlers

Fricken ghost town over at Manny's house. Just one disgruntled guy inquiring about Pata's murder.

Nobody cares about your no talent "pro-day."

Shouldn't it be called Ur "free-agent day?"

Everyone and anyone can see that your talent level has gone down under.

"a 3rd year starer QB who is preseason Heisman listed..."
Good one cane fool. Listed? What list? Some jakazz on Bleacher Report? So U gonna bank on that huh? Your boy led the nation in picks a few short months ago but now he's Heisman material? U really are masterful at keeping Ur head in the sand cane tard. U are about to enjoy your biggest collapse yet. stay tUned tard

Doesn't a popular pro day mean that you're losing a hell of a lot of players?

And you're losing a hell of a lot of players that won nothing in 2009?

sssslllllooooowwwwww news day......

C'mon cane fans aren't cartoons on today?

And you're losing a hell of a lot of players that won nothing in 2009?

Posted by: Jaburglar Gaffney | March 27, 2010 at 02:04 PM

Says the 9-4 4th place ACC chumps that got blown out by a fat slow corn team.
What did U win? cane tard? The love and respect of all 13 fans? An ACC title? A January bowl against an undefeated team? A boatload of stud recruits? Please explain.

Doesn't a popular pro day mean that you're losing a hell of a lot of players?

Posted by: Teddy Dupay | March 27, 2010 at 01:59 PM

yes it does mean that. Fortunately, as a top tier team, we have a lot of depth and we actually develop our talent. UM? Well for starters, U gots no depths. and U sure as hell don't develop what U's gots...U hear now sucka?

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | March 25, 2010 at 01:29 PM
Another attempt at humor by Sarasota cane. Lol but keep making yourself laugh, whatever you need to do to get by other than getting high and craving the munchies from the aroma of moms meatloaf in the basement, since you seem to constantly use that punchline on every post. Lol comidic brilliance on your part. FYI we rip shandel because he severely lacks creativity and every post on his blog is a bite or piggy back from canes watch or eye on the you. He never writes any perspective from his own mind. Also Manny has crtiticized Randy on several issues including recruiting and game management on several post. Shandel writes, almost verbatim, what Manny had writtten the day before everytime he posts somthing. Lol he's a joke.

Major Wright maybe a fifth round pick,-Matt-who shot ya- Patchan not losing sleep over him. Joe-I never ran a 4.3- Hayden good player not great,
Brandon-close your eyes, I run a 5.0 forty, and was overrated-Spikes good not great. Carlos SHOTS Dunlap borderline greatness. The Pouncey Brothers will be bouncers in a few years. Tim - I'm a slower, less accurate, Mike Vick, a lefty who can't pass and is as overated, Career backup-Tebow. Or Riley- should of stuck to baseball, I ran a 4.75 forty- Cooper. YOUR ONLY PRO that wil be a star in the league is Alex Hernandez the TE. The point here is when UFelons are at the peak of your success, the gayturds put out minimal NFL stars or probowlers. When the U is on top of their game they churn out record first rounders. So laugh now at us now. We can take it. And have the whole team at your pro day there are lots Of second teamers needed to sit behind former canes. How many record probowlers this past year?- Which other players and coaches vote for! So like we found out, like USC found out college football moves in cycles. So enjoy it cuz it's almost over. And in the last five years the U has put out more probowlers than UFelons while we have sucked lolol

Tebow "threw" for 231 yards against OU in the title game (and when I say "threw" I mean shovel passes and dump offs). He had two touchdowns and two interceptions. Sam Bradford threw for 265 yards (11 more attempts than Tebow) with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Let's not act like Tebow "outplayed" Bradford in that title game. Florida's defense was the difference-maker that night -- not Tebow. You're hyping little Timmy for the sake of your article, but your revisionist history is off base.

It's hard for Jo to write bad about Timmy especially when his autograph poster of Tesack in his underwear that he paid $160 -lmao- is hanging above his computer but careful don't directly quote Jo, like fowler did Deonte, because direct quotes can be taken out of context lol. What a joke! I didn't know that reality can be taken out of context. Reality is that Tebow is not a real QB just like his own reciever said and what the world already knows. Meyer had to rip fowler because he wanted to rip Deonte but couldn't because then it would validate what Deonte said. Good spin Hitler more gaytor propaganda like Hayden running a 4.3 lmao

This just in...absolutely solid as a rock source too...Timmy going late 3rd round to GB and has already agreed to market himself as Bobby Buche'. He will say he's from the Bayou of LA and will play gunner on special teams. Brat sales are already out the roof.

All that was misssing from Urbans tyraid was " come after me, I'm a man I'm forty" lmao like the Riley that Urban pulled lmao

I want to add that Shannon only has tirades when he tries to call time outs. Only one more year of Randy..then Whipple is our coach!!!!

Whipple will be headin back to the NFL.
Dare I say John "Melon Head" Lovett will be our HC?

But I will give Shannon one more year cuz I think he is close to turning it around before the ship goes to whipple who is far more inventive and has NFL experience and NFL offense unlike Urban Meyer

I will give you that gainesville cane Whipple with floridas talent would put up for more impressive numbers and points and would probaly add to the amount of NFL Stars


Ya Jo is right Gainesville cane is on to somthing which I hate to say but whipples knowledge does far surpass Meyers. I like GC perspective, I think I'll use his post and name as my own with supreme uniqueness.

Love it love it... All these canes fans are losers with nothing to do but hate winners.... Tebow isn't just a former Gator, but the best Gator of all time, if not the best college player of all time... I'm glad your have been keeping us inform with Tebow and hope you continue through out the draft and his career..
Thanks Jo

Best Turd of all time...that's depressing. Best colege player of all time...BWAHAHAHAHA. Best water boy maybe...

Nobody is taking away from your 11 probowlers or great NFL players that have come from UM (sapp, Lewis and many others) but let's face it and reality right now we have about 5 going in first round... Tebow should go in second round... It sucks that UM has maybe one draft pick in the emigre draft... So stop hating... You got nothing we got it all ... Let it go and get over it... Da na na na na Go Gators!!!!!!!

Last I looked Bama had it all....

Na na na dada...go Canes!

Shall I pull out the list of Gator irst round flops?????

U guys keep hyping your pro day up like it will be worth anything in a year.

Ur pro prospects are not going anywhere. It can Be historically argues.

Yes we have 11 pro bowlers, and more to come in the future. U guys will have 1 or 2.

So take a stance, either u don't care about ur pros or u do.

Sharpton will outlast Spikes

Graham will outplay Hernandez

wait n see

I got a job!

What do pros have to do about getting your ass wupped by Wisconsin?

What do pros have to do with getting whooped by Bama?

Bottom line, u guys can take 2 stances

1. We only care about what they do in college


2. We care about their pro careers

I guys flip flop when it's convenient. U guys suck in the NFL period. So don't come talking mess about pro days.

I got plently more 1st round flops to keep it coming please

Doesn't each pro-bowler translate into 1 point per game? Hunh...all the canes needed were 7 pro-bowlers to beat Wisconsin.

Sweeeeeet we won, we won!

Pros rock!

Duuuuuude, pros are awwwwweeeesssssooommmmeee!

Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros,Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros,Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros,Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros,Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros, Pros!

Ok so I see u took the "we don't care about our pros" route

so keep the NFL, combines and pro days out of your little under-prepares mouths.

The only thing that can get a 9-4 team into the BCS title game is loooooooots of Pros!!! And you can quote me on that!

I'm out of sweat socks! Mom!!!!!!!

Not what I meant at all... I care about the pros and college... Again you morons... Nobody taking away what you guys have done in the past.. Did you read what I just wrote ... Yes the canes have produced good NFL players... But now it's our turn... Get off our blog.... Stop whining on how much you used to be good and blah blah blah.... I wonder what excuse will come when you guys are supposed to do something this year.... But once again you don't... Your Time has come and gone... Go Gators!

And don't forget maybe we havnt produced as many as canes... But Percy Harvin is a good indication we are heading in the right way

Who gives a rat's doo-doo hole about pros!! If wins, NC's and rankings are determined by the number of pros on a team.........OH YEAH, that's right, they're not! Why am I the only one laughing at this cane vomit, pablum?!?!

Did you see UM's spring game? Florida has nothing on Miami's WR!

Yes the canes have produced good NFL players... But now it's our turn...

Posted by: Gatorpike06 | March 27, 2010 at 10:13 PM

You have no proof to substantiate that. 2007 Gators didn't produce NFL players.

Yea I agree, Percy is good but u got nothin else.

Look at all the guys I put into the pros! I should be in the HOF!

OOOOOhhhh, thinking about 30/30 and the past makes me tinkle in my undies!

Sh'up Beatch!


I will give you that gainesville cane Whipple with floridas talent would put up for more impressive numbers and points and would probaly add to the amount of NFL Stars


Posted by: JgoodyMiamiherald | March 27, 2010 at 04:40 PM

Fake Goody alert.


Joe and the organist checked out Hot Tub Time Machine tonight. "America!"


No cane has done anything even close to what Tim Terriffic Tebow has accomplished in Football and life.... All the canes just sniff yayo

Take a stance homos like the man said!
In the last ten years what has the gators produced for the NFL
??? Ugh ugh uhuh Percy Harvin that's alot you stupid canes

Did you see UM's spring game? Florida has nothing on Miami's WR!

Posted by: Travis the "blur" Benjamin | March 27, 2010 at 10:47 PM

Them Canes D-Backs gots Swagger huh ?

What the heck is yayo?


You never saw Scarface ?

it's Colombian "product" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yayo

"You know Gator coaches, a bunch of bitchy little girls"

-Sam Axe (Burn Notice)

Reggie Nelson, Chad jackson, cadwell? I'm pretty sure he is doing real good in the patriots... Have had several good players coming out.. And how about the 5 first rounders this draft?! No evidence or indication to back it up. That it's our turn?? There you go.

Hey Pal, the only Cadwell doing good in the Patriots is the chocolate Easter Egg Bunny type. You might want to try Caldwell on the Patriots, but then would involve you knowing something about football.

Cane Fans, Is that like Miami Knot Heads. They are so jealous of the Florida Gators down there. They'll be looking for a new Coach in a year or two... First round, Second round, whoever gets TT will be a better team for it... Go Gators!!!

Haha cadwell Caldwell my bad ... Typo... Looking for any excuse to bash god you suck at life...

Caldwell?! Pretty weak comeback.

I left my sinorice moss' at home. In talking big boys, u know Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne.

Nice try though

Emmitt Smith...

He's so f'ing old he does Greecian commercials you clown.

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