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It's the Urban-Meyer-write-your-own-cutline game! Fun for all Gators and non Gators alike.

Florida coach Urban Meyer after practice on Wednesday: "Say what!?! Oh no you didn't!"



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"You know Gator coaches, a bunch of bitchy little girls"

-Sam Axe (Burn Notice)

'im sorry i forgot to take my meds'

Wow what a stand up guy Urban Meyer is, coming to aide of Deonte Thompson after that evil reporter tried to slander him...I would love to have my son playing for a coach like that

Father of Five,

So, what's your cutline?


Urban: "Look you skinny little beat boy, Do some actual work instead of throwing up cheap spin material."

Fowler: "Coach, lay off the garlic primavera, you're killin me."


Edward Ashcroft says he was right there, you need to give him a shout out to see what he thinks the cutline shold be.

Meyer: "anyway, this is the quasi-circular motion a recommend for the most effective clitoral stimulation..."

Fowler: "Coach, I've told you before i don't eat at THAT restaurant ... a nice plate of snake and hairy eggs per moi, man-sewer! Holla back!"

Uh, excuse me?? DON'T be rude.
SA-curity! SA-curity!


I was standing right next to Edward. Here's the way Meyer began the conversation before it was recorded.

Meyer: "Jeremy, I'm only going to ask you this one time: Who is Keyser Soze?"

Jeremy: "You are, sir."

Meyer: "Be very careful."


Gonna be tough to top Rico Suave.

Captain Urban Ramius: "How many PINGS did I specifically request, Vassily?"

Vasilly Fowler: "But Captain, you were out of the lane!"

(really hot now, and wielding a rigid index finger)
Captain Urban Ramius: "ONE!! One PING only!"


"Do you have any internship oppurtunities for Chris Leak? He needs a job."

"this kid hasn't been arrested YET. I got plenty of felons if u find a need to criticize!"

Oh, that's a good. Rico is now on a role after he got his head out of the gutter.


Meyer: "Mr. Fowler, do you know how many times it took me to narfle the garthok?"

Fowler: "Three?"

Meyer: "No, you primitive Earthling. That was a sophistic inquiry. Fate only grants you ONE! opportunity to narfle the garthok."

Fowler: "You believe in fate?"

Meyer: "I come from France."


You are a JOKE....

The JOKE of the century!


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