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Loss to Vandy leaves Gators with difficult scenarios to make NCAA Tournament

GAINESVILLE -- It was difficult to watch, it made Gators fans sick to their stomachs, but Tuesday night's loss to Vanderbilt wasn't the death of the Florida Gators basketball season. Nope. Death could come more slowly.

The loss to No.13 Vanderbilt on Tuesday at O'Connell Center didn't lock the Gators out of the NCAA Tournament but it certainly made things much more difficult for coach Billy Donovan and his talent-strapped band of hard-working plucksters. There seem to be three main scenarios by which the Gators can still play their way into the NCAA Tournament. Here they are:

Kentucky 1. Get lucky in Kentucky.

2. The more likely scenario: Lose to the Kentucky on Sunday, but then defeat Mississippi State in the second round of the SEC Tournament next week. This game would likely be a play-in game to the NCAA Tournament, at least that's what the Gators are hoping. It won't be easy. Florida plays on Thursday evening while Mississippi State will have a first-round bye. Upsets during conference-championship week could keep the Gators out of the NCAA Tournament. At this point, UF will be rooting for teams like Butler and Siena.

3. Music City Miracle: Somehow win the SEC Tournament.



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WHY DON"T YOU REPORT ON THIS (instead of how long teabags arms are).
according to Pro Football Weekly, the biggest sliders of the combine were of course GAtors.
>carlos dunlap; was not ready mentally or physically, extremely immature during the interview, did nothing to shake the label of an under achiever.
>joe haden; appeared very ill-prepared through out the event, slower than some linebackers.

Notice the common thread GAtor fan, 'BEING ILL-PREPARED'.
teabag can't throw, hernandez can't block, haden can't run, dunlap can't do anything.
What does urbin teach these kids up there other than how to put huntley on speed dial.

Once again, good article, and to the guy that keeps embarrassing UM. It is unlikely you are a graduate of UM or any institution of higher learning.

UF players will do just fine come draft day little fella.

So Gator fans is Billy D worth 3 mill A year. Talk about getting your moneys worth.

Posted by: go 2 felony U & watch ur career fizzle, while MIAMI has 11 all-pros | March 03, 2010 at 02:52 PM

Urban Meyer is a bad evil person. Plus, it's meatloaf Wednesday. Thanks mom.

Randy had his guys prepared for Wisconsin. Clearly they had practiced huddling around the heater.

He had them boys coached up for VT as well. Their "wet ball" skills were the shiznit.

Clearly he's had em all prepared for the draft too. Just look at all the guys flooding into the NFL now under him.

The only preparation going on at UM was Lufor supplying EVERyONE juice. The Garg was appalled that Lufor was so closely associated with the boys. Them days be ova.

flash forward to 2010. Skinny, weak, slow, scrubs. FACT

U had a nice run, a CHEATING run, but nice albeit.

U don't prepare anything anymore jakazzzzzzz

I am so glad this blog has turned into what the Cane blogs were. Jo posts A blog and five out of six comments are people fighting about Canes/gators. Time to moderate this dump!

Florida Marlins clobber UM 19-3 in exhibition

It's getting worse!!! You lost the biggest game in the state's history!!


PS Mom's got a doctor's appt tomorrow but Duffy's has the meatloaf lunch special tomorrow. $6.99 so I don't even have to borrow from mom or donate blood!

What does urbin teach these kids up there ?

Posted by: go 2 felony U & watch ur career fizzle, while MIAMI has 11 all-pros | March 03, 2010 at 02:52 PM


U mean like how to get their ringfingers on both hands fitted for National Championship Rings ?


When will it be time for the article on how a big time school (winning back to back titles made UF a basketball school (in addition to football, of course) missing out 3 years in a row should consider a change in coach? I know, I know, it will never happen and probably shouldn't. BUT - what other school who has failed so miserably in recruiting and cannot make the NCAA's in a relatively weak basketball conference for three years would KEEP their coach? And its not going to get any better next year even with 5 returning starters. Yes, we may make the tourney with our returning team, but no way we go past sweet 16. I know, thinking that UF would be a long-term basketball powerhouse was foolish thinking, but I don't believe anyone expected such failure so quickly....


So Cal Gator,

Please, name a better coach than Billy Donovan.



There probably isn't one out there that would take the job, considering a better coach would likely have to come from a better program - and coaches aren't in the business of downgrading schools. Florida is lucky that its football program can distract fans away from the basketball program because if this situation was happening in Kansas, Memphis, UNC, etc, there would be considerable pressure to replace the coach. As I said, I don't think he should be replaced - it was more food for thought - but then again, someone has to be held accountable for the lack of talent the last three years. I guess the good news is that no teams like the Orlando Magic will be pounding on Donovan's door anymore....

paging urbin myers, paging urben myers, it's time for medication...

So Cal,

I wouldn't be so sure of that...


2 big fat zippo, get your facts straight meth head. how bout;
Kenny Phillips, the starting safety 4 the New York Giants.
Jon Beason, all-pro linebacker 4 the Carolina Panthers.
Brandon Merriweather, all-pro cornerback 4 the New England Patriots,
Tavares Gooden, starting linebacker 4 the Baltimore Ravens,
Bruce Johnson, starting cornerback 4 the New York Giants,
Baraka Atkins, starting defensive tackle 4 the Denver Broncos.

sorry a few more 4 zippo;
Greg Olsen, starting tight end 4 the Chicago Bears,
Calais Campbell, starting defensive end 4 the Arizona Cardinals,
Eric Winston, starting tackle 4 the Houston Texans,
Rashad Butler, also a starting guard 4 the Houston Texans,
Kelly Jennings, starting safety 4 the Seatle Seahawks.

Oh oh oh let me try...

Ray Lewis not guilty of murder
Warren Sapp guilty of beating women
Michael Irvin guilty of coke and probably rape at the hard rock

U haven't put SQUAT in the league for years dumb canesrule troll.


proday at UM is nuttin but tumbleweeds U delsuional clown.

Does UM even have a pro day any longer?

3 years experience or less?????

get off the krak pipe delusional clown canesrule

U wouldn't know facts if they punched you in your dumb face

Bottom line on Gator Basketball...they are what they are...an NIT selection. No PG, No PF, a nice SF forced to play point lately (probably the best player), an inconsistent undersized C and a balding dude with very little game. While Billy was great WITH talent, over the last three years he appears very average with average players. A good coach should be able to raise the level of his average players to overachievers.

As for Cane bashing of UF football, we have been better than U this past decade, are better than U now and will be better than you for the foreseeable future which we know eats at your very soul. Next season when your tired excuses for mediocrity are only subdued by the telling of stories of past glory, The Gator Nation will again be the dominant program in this state.

HEY u UUUUUUUSSSSSSSUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK, try & use whatever brain cells u have left & if u know how 2 use google, please look it up (all those ex-CANES starting & all-pros in the NFL).....

Hey Cane fan, how did those great NFL players do in college, which is what this blog is about. How many championships did they win? How many BCS bowl games did they play in? Seems to be a huge indictment on your program that with all these players it was nothing but an "also ran" – and that’s in the ACC for God sake!. Try as u might, you have no relevant come back for truth; your college program is a has-been and nothing special in today’s world.

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