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My take on Urban Meyer's outburst

GAINESVILLE -- Urban Meyer is a smart man. He's one of the best coaches in the business. Maybe THE best. Those have been my opinions about Meyer since I began covering the Florida Gators nearly four years ago. Those opinions were reaffirmed on Wednesday when he publicly confronted a reporter about a story regarding receiver Deonte Thompson.

What was written and who wrote it and what newspaper the guy worked for: all that stuff isn't important. At least not to Meyer. You know what's important to Meyer? His football team. And right now -- this spring -- they're young, searching for confidence, searching for starters, searching for leaders, banged up at key positions, new coaches, questions lingering about Meyer's health, new quarterback, no more Tim Tebow, no more Brandon Spikes, no more Joe Haden. Basically, it's a mess of really talented but young players trying to figure out how to be a team. Meyer simply helped the process along on Wednesday. He provided a spark. He gave his Gators something to rally behind. It's us against them, gentlemen, good guys vs. bad guys, and I got your backs.

In reality, is that the case? Is a reporter really a "bad guy," as Meyer so strategically put it. No, of course not. They're just guys covering sports, doing their jobs, selling papers, getting hits. But reality, or perspective, is an interesting thing. One guy's reality is not the next guy's reality. Meyer is very good -- no, great; like Patton-esque -- at shaping his players' realities. So sorry the fall guy had to be a reporter. As one American writer so wryly put it, so it goes.

The media will likely hammer Meyer on Thursday about Wednesday's outburst. That's just the way it works. We all know this and Meyer knows this, too. He's smart. Oh, so smart. Time to circle the wagons, boys. Players were not made available for interviews on Wednesday and probably won't be for awhile. Instead, Meyer made himself available. What Meyer did wasn't out of line. It was out of character, but certainly not out of line. He didn't swear. He didn't raise his voice. Most of the stuff he said wasn't true, but when has that ever mattered. Meyer was just being a leader for a team that needs one. Welcome back.



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Good post Jo, i agree with your assessment and am glad you posted it. Not in Orlando, but the sentinal, particularly Bianhi, has always been considered by many college football fans in the state, particularly Nole fans, as a pro-Gator paper. it'll be interesting to see if Fowler is forced into a clarification or something.

Somebody forgot to take thier MEDS..


SomeONE forgot to take HIS meds.
(entity, more than one individual) forgot to take THEIR meds.

You should get hooked, on phonics.

Maybe, instead of admonishing the reporter for doing his job, he should be talking to his players about how to deal with the press, how to become men, how to become adults, and how to become better players..
Maybe, thats why so many of his players get arrested and don't do well at the next level.
They haven't learned anything under urben.

I didn't yell at a reporter who was just doing his job.
REMEMBER, every 4 hours, urbin..


Somebody should be defending his colleague for doing his job, which is to report on the Gators. I think he works for the Orlando Sentinel and not for the GAtors.
He's not a spokesman for the program, he's not there to decipher want they say and meant, & he's not there to follow the company line (they have a public relations dept. for that).

If Urban blasts a reporter he's cuckoo.
If Randy blasts a reporter it's his SWAGGER.

If Urban loses a recruit for depth reasons it's because UF is a gimmick
If Randy loses a recruit for depth reasons the kid wasn't U material

If Urban loses an assistant the program is in disarray
If Randy loses an assistant it was time for him to go anyway because he was terrible.

If Urban loses a game it's because the team is overrated and doomed
If Randy loses a game it's because their young or injured

Posted by: go 'please urbie, don't blackball me' jo | March 25, 2010 at 07:34 AM

Oh look, a cane troll WOKE UP thinking about the Gators.

Joseph, you honestly think Urban planned all this out? Have you seen the video? Meyer walks away 3 times but keeps coming back for more. Then he finishes it all off with "If that were my son, we'd be going at it right now". Seriously? He would have been better off just quoting a line from 'Any Given Sunday'. It really looks like a guy who is angry, not calculated, and looking for a confrontation.
Just a few days into spring practice and Meyer is already wound too tight. Not exactly good for his health.

I too support all the Florida schools when it does not affect UM.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | July 15, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Simple example of how you have not one shred of dignity in your ramblings.

You went DEEEP into the night blasting UF. Just another one of your sad delusional rants. Keep supporting Marble Mouf Jakazzz. The excuse train will be internet gold when that lame duck unqualified idiot gets his bus pass. You and his other 7 supporters are keeping UM blogging strong. Do U give crater face 86 the reacharound or is it the other way around? Who's the clown who lives in a white t-shirt with his sleeves rolled up to expose his cool tat? All he needs are Marlboros in his sleeve. Did dude just leave a sock hop?

It's not hard to spot socio-economic similarities amongst the RanShan apology set (wink). You all share a common "trait."

Interesting post Joe. But come one -- are we becoming that pussified over a coach's stance? Frank Kush, Woody Hayes, and Bo Schembechler would've punched the guy's lights out and gouged his eyes out with their thumbs -- and those are HOF coaches. No one would've thought twice about it.

Reporters have to take the good with the bad. The verbal exchange was what it was, let's not make a martyr out of the nameless, faceless guy that engaged Meyer.

Way to toe the line jo. So let me get this straight. A reporter quotes A player in print and he's A bad guy? Urban Meyer has A serious issue when it comes to controlling his emotions. The guy is going to implode this year for all the world to see.

Basically, it's a mess of really talented but young players trying to figure out how to be a team.

Tread lightly jo. You dont want the wrath of Urban the terrible to come down on you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

anything for some Publicity. he will be a laughing stock be the end of this year. Alot of people say Tebow wasnt a QB, you gonna go rounds with all the reporters? Here it is in print Urbie your daughter isnt good at volleyball, was up bring it!!

Reporters have to take the good with the bad. The verbal exchange was what it was, let's not make a martyr out of the nameless, faceless guy that engaged Meyer.

Posted by: Dirk D. | March 25, 2010 at 08:20 AM

Are you kidding me? The guy that engaged Meyer? He was only doing his job and he definatly was not the one that engaged anything. Gater homerism at its finest. This season will be the one to break urban. Do you realize right now the gators only have two QBs. One has never started A game and the other only stepped foot on campus 2 months ago.

Certainly seems more productive than Waaandy saying the Gators run up the score:)

Can"t wait to see Urban implode after Ala & few other SEC schools take gators down this year. Can you say downward spiral.


I was curious what your take would be, and you were spot on. Meyer is a complex and cagey guy that took one for the team, albeit in a somewhat unorthodox way.
I wish Deonte had chosen his words a little more carefully, and he better not drop a pass from here on out, or he will feel the wrath of Urban-that much is certain.

Are you kidding me? The guy that engaged Meyer? He was only doing his job and he definatly was not the one that engaged anything. Gater homerism at its finest. This season will be the one to break urban. Do you realize right now the gators only have two QBs. One has never started A game and the other only stepped foot on campus 2 months ago.

Posted by: Hide the reporters and Ex players | March 25, 2010 at 09:07 AM

Keep this in context --- see the first part of my comment (Frank Kush, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, etc.)

This wasn't a pro-Meyer post by any stretch. You must be one of those panty-waists that got his butt-kicked in gym class everyday and cried when you didn't get picked by either side for the kick-ball game.

Don't be a phag here, there are other blogs for that.

Dirk D. : I grew up in AZ back in the day. I wasn't an ASU fan, but you are right about Frank Kush. He would not have stopped there! Frank would have kicked that guy's head off and pooped down his throat!

I think we should fire Urbie because he's got real Gaytor fans all in a tither. I'm afraid during his next meltdown he'll start spewing cheese grits in the midst of his 'episode'. I have a real bad feeling about this season that all the teams that hate us (all of them actually) are going to lay some serious wood to us. Forget our QB, I may start crying and need OL consoling. Can anyone spare some dry eye black? My inscriptions are running from the river of tears.

Posted by: Dirk D. | March 25, 2010 at 09:38 AM

Thats it turd tard I did'ent get picked for the kick-ball game. This coming from someone calling him self Dirk. Let me guess? You watch Boogie Nights over and over while standing in the mirrior gazing at your, well you know. Still looking for someone to be your roller girl? God luck with that. But hey, It does,ent hurt to fantasize.

Relax dude -- looks like I hit a nerve with the kickball comment...or was it the phag comment?

Not defending Meyer on this one, just saying that anywhere else in football-dom this would be a non-issue.

Saying the reporter engaged Meyer is not defending him? The guy was minding his own buisness when Meyer accosted him for putting on paper A direct quote from A gator player. Telling him he would kick him out of practice is one thing but threatening to beat him up? The guy has A God complex.

Any you're a panty-waist. Or is it just gator envy?? I'll let you decide...

I think Deonte's answer was very telling of the feeling of the entire team last year. You had a head coach who favored the quarterback and most of the team resented this. Particularly the running backs and wide receivers who got less touches because of this favoritism. It seems to me that Urban brought comments like this on himself. If he treated the entire team like he did saint Tebow last year they would've beat Alabama and won it all. Instead he had a talented team who were all basically sick of the Meyer-Tebow love affair and it came to a head in Atlanta. And Deonte is not the only one on that offense who feels this way. Urban did this to discourage kids on his team from making anymore dumb comments like this but instead of getting on his players (which he knows would not be well received following last years problems with) who chose to go after the reporter and the entire paper. Kinda smart but it won't make Deonte "brick hands" Thompson catch anymore touchdowns so who really cares?

First Urban Meyer quits.

Then he comes back.

Then he takes a leave of absence.

Then he doesn’t take a leave of absence.

Now, incredibly, he is threatening reporters because one of his players was quoted … correctly?

Can you say Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

-Mike Bianchi

If Urban should be pissed at anyone about this he should be pissed at himself. Tebow was at florida for 4 years and the coaching staff never fixed his throwing motion. That tells you all you need to know.

Dirk Digglers him self to A picture of Urban on roller skates.

Alot of haters are gonna be surprised at the offense that the Gators generate this season-it's gonna be fun to watch(more like fun'n gun style)...and Deonte better step it up and stay healthy so he puts his hands where his mouth is...

What a turd! He walks up to a reporter who merely quotes a player correctly and threatens to ban the entire paper? If Jeremy Fowler had any balls he would've got right back in his face and asked Meyer what he planned to do about it. Urban Meyer took advantage of that situation. You got punked Jeremy. Jo would you have let Urban talk to you like that and point his finger in your face?(Yes cause you're a homer who praises all thing Urban). This is clearly unnecessary from a professional standpoint and Urban was out of line yet Jo always finds a way to paint the picture that Urban is a genius and everything he does is right. Homer!

Its all publicity for this drama queen Meyer, he brought the quote into national spotlight by his outburst, Probably tonight during halftime of one of the NCAA games he will issue an apology for some more face time. Calling the reporter a bad guy?? naw thats what you recruit scumbag!

Posted by: Orange and Green Alliance | March 25, 2010 at 10:54 AM

OAGA, Dont be so hard on jo. He is A lamb in Urbans flock. jo has to tread lightly or face the wrath of king Urban. Personally I would of told Urban to STFU and let the chips fall where they may.

Wait does Siragusa still do Fox NFL sideline reporting, would love to see Urban put his finger in Tony's face after saying something negative about timmy. LMAO ! im guessing Fowlers not a Gym rat.

"What Meyer did wasn't out of line."-Jo

--Approaching a reporter who quoted a player accurately and did a follow-up blog entry trying to explain what the playe really meant. Approach this same reporter and intimidate him is not out of line?

"He didn't raise his voice." -Jo

--Uhh, what about the part when he gets up in Fowler's face and says "IT'S YES OR NO"? To me it seems as if he raised his voice and intensity.

This homerism has to stop man. Did your editor take a look at this before you posted it. I guess you've taken the "paint your own reality thing" to heart Jo. Unless you're being paid by the University of Florida and not the McClatchy Corp. this type of spinning really hurts your credibility as a blogger and makes us non-fans of yours dislike your writing even more. Urban was wrong and its not hard to see that.

Homer Alert! This isn't part of a plan. Meyer's bizzare behavior is just the latest chapter in his ongoing mental instability.

Meyer will do anything for publicity... even if it involves lying about resigning due to health issues, only to say that he is coming back the next day because of his players!

He is willing to fight and die for his players...yada, yada, yada... Complete and utter BS!

Come on people... Do not fall for this slimeball's act!

"The media will likely hammer Meyer on Thursday about Wednesday's outburst. That's just the way it works."-Jo

Yeah we're going to hammer you too for being a homer and not being objective. I guess if Urban got in your face and punked you on a national Youtube stage that you might have a different opinion of this situation. If anything Urban just emboldened his players to say all the dumb, idiotic, and thoughtless things they want and the coach will intimidate and threaten every reporter who quotes them. Way to build character in the top 1%.

If Urban would have done his job as A coach and taught Timmy how to play the QB position instead of running the dive play 100 times A game he would not have to defend his players on these things. This has more to do with Urban defending himself and his lack of teaching Tebow the QB position than defending Thompson or Tebow or whoever.

look at all these clueless and battered cane fans spewing their hate.

Look cane trolls, 5 is more than 3 so why don't you guys huddle up at your WNIT watch party and celebrate your success.

We understand cane fan, Urban Meyer is an evil bad person.

He yelled at a reporter? OH MY!

He collapsed on his bedroom floor? What a dirtbag.

Thanks for explaining it canefan. And all this time we thought he was a championship winning coach and that RanShan was an unqualified clearance rack lame duck coach.

Gosh, I feel so dumb.


Here is a objective analysis from a reporter who actually thinks for himself. Take notes Jo.


There's no crying in journalism! I'll give you's somethin' to cry about!

Where Oh Where is Fee Waybill when we need him????

Posted by: 'cane bigotry, alive and well | March 25, 2010 at 07:51 AM
Your almost exactly right except your wrong yes I a huge logical cane fan and canes fan rip Randy all the time some reasons just some unjust it's comaining from a fan base that's use to winning . Side note -before you Bo crying gato fan from 83-2003 nobody won more games or championships FACT. So it's the exact opposite of your post. Urban Lyer gets a pass on everything from the fans. Jo's post today proves that. Thompson wasn't ripping tebow nor was his comments taken out of context, he simply stated what everybody else with a functioning sense of reality that TEBOW is not a REAL QB. Great player yes good runner yes- although any real sports fan knows that in your gimmick offense it's not nearly as hard to gain yards on the ground when the field is spread and the gators don't know what a running back is -great leader of boys yes- he's game doesn't translate to the league for several reasons great kid no doubt put when it comes to football he's a bigger, slower, less accurate, Mike Vick - a scrambling lefty who's not a passer. Urban's last great white hype - Alex Smith lol nuff said.

Like preparing quarterbacks to play in the NFL, it is not Meyers' job to teach young men how to cope with life or the press.

Just reinforce the thug mentality they brought with them to Gainesville...

He might as well tell his players, if we can't handle our duties, let's go to war with the press.

This is quite a reach. I hope Urban rewards you!

Nice try "D" bag!

Randy does the same stuff to reporters except he can't enunciate so people don't pay him any attention. Also, you all rip Shandel for not having passion re: Canes and praise Manny for his passion in reporting the Canes. And now you rip Jo for being a homer which he is not but Manny is a good reporter since he is a homer.

Your arguments are always convenient when it suits you to rip on UF. Maybe we should focus on UNC as they own da U.

Go 'canes!

PS It's Thursday and you know what's cooking in the basement:


Orange and Green,

Step back from the ledge, big guy. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I'm no Urban Meyer homer. I've taken the guy -- and his team -- to task when they deserve it. I wanted to write a blog post from a contrarian angle on this one. If you want to read the cliche "Urban sure isn't taking it easy" angle, then go read ESPN. At this Miami boutique, we rise above the Wal-Mart of American sports journalism.

Meyer was not out of line. Why? Because it's not unprecedented for a coach to challenge a reporter. That happens all the time. For a reporter, it's part of the job just like always getting hammered by fans is part of the job. Coach in one ear; Fans in the other ear. I know people like Orange and Green Alliance want to kill Urban over this and want me to blow it out of proportion, but it's just not that big a deal.


I know people like Orange and Green Alliance want to kill Urban over this and want me to blow it out of proportion, but it's just not that big a deal.

I beg to differ jo. The national media is all over this story.

So you mean to tell me coaches routinely threaten to banish a newspaper from a school's practice field for merely quoting a player accurately? I don't think so Jo. Contrarian angle? Good one! I'm only jumping on you for this because there is this need to justify every lame brain thing this guy says or does in regards to Tebow.

It's so not big of deal you thought enough of it to give the entire internet world your personal opinion of it on your blog today to which I am merely responding. Way to play it down Jo! You're only downplaying now because although you claim not to be a homer you must admit you do come off homerish in this opinion piece while the rest of the country agrees that Urban could have handled this with a little more tact and restraint. I don't want to kill Urban Meyer nor blow this out of proportion, I just wanted to take it to you for writing a spin piece that looks like it was written by a true Gators homer.

"At this Miami boutique, we rise above the Wal-Mart of American sports journalism." -Jo

I beg to differ.

Have a great day!

OK, enjoy Wal-Mart. And remember, 20 items or less.


Look at Jo schooling Orange & Green. You're a fiesty little sucker Jo...all finger pointing aside.


Courageous stance on this one and a tip of the hat to you.

Though, I agree this was without calculation on Urban's part. He has had a slow burn about the Fowler wrote the article and the effects felt by Deonte as a result. Fowler knew good a well it wasn't a slight and chose to put it out there for controversy. He got what was coming to him.

Agreed. Lesson learned for Fowler. It's also worth noting that Deonte enters this spring needing to build some confidence. As Meyer said earlier this spring, Deonte "has to be the man." With Deonte now such an important part of the offense, it's no surprise that Meyer felt the need to defend him. The last thing Deonte needed this spring was a controversy surrounding him while trying to be the primary receiver in an offense that's going to rely more on passing game next season.


That's a bad combination of events Jo...throwing more (2x when you consider no more 'jump passes') with a rookie QB to a 'primary reciever' in a guy that's notorious for dropping balls. OUCH...Urbie may need to double up on the meds, no?

Very well put. I actually clapped. I don't always reply, but I always read. I'd say I agree with your point of view about half the time. Sometimes you gives us some "lazy" work, yet I still come back because I like to "read the paper," and stay updated on my teams. However, on occasion we get a post like this. Nice work, Jo. You thought how Urban would: outside the box. Go Gators!

Nothing about this blog is "lazy" because:

1. It was my idea to start the blog over three years ago when no one else was blogging about the Gators.

2. I don't get compensated for the blog.

3. I make a point to interact with readers every day.


Jo - I'm a Canes fan but must admit I like how you're spanking these Turd bloggers left & right and putting them in their place. You seems more like a Canes guy than a Turd guy to me.

Coach Meyer was right. This guy did a similar thing 5 years ago . He had his story written before the interniew occurred. Funny how the other 7 sports writers heard Deonte call Tim Tebow a "living legend". Deonte didn't dis Tim. He was saying that , unlike Brantley, TT was unconventional. You didn't know what he was going to do until he did it. This is the same sports writer--the ONLY writer--who tried to convince Urban Meyer's daughter to tell him what was "really" going on with Meyer's health.

The funny thing about all this is I was the one who asked Deonte the question. Fowler didn't even ask the question. He just used the quote (a normal practice) and took it out of context. Here's the way I worded it in Tuesday's Miami Herald...


GAINESVILLE -- There were times last season when Florida receiver Deonte Thompson had no idea what his quarterback was going to do.
Was Tim Tebow going to run? Was he going to throw? It was confusing.
From a receiver's perspective, that's the biggest difference between the Florida Gators' offense of old and the new version, the offense led this spring by the new guy, the heir apparent to Tebow, redshirt junior-to-be John Brantley.
``Brantley is a pure passer,'' Thompson said Monday after the Gators' second spring practice in full pads. ``He isn't trying to run. He's just straight pass. Tebow, you just never know. You just never know with Tim. He can bolt.

``You think he's running and then he can come up and pass it to you, so you have to always be ready all the time. With Brantley, everything is rhythm, time and, like, you know what I mean, a real quarterback.''

Thompson's praise of his new quarterback wasn't intended to be a knock on Tebow's style. Tebow was unreal, a fullback who could throw. Brantley is a traditional pocket passer. Florida's receivers are excited about the new offense.

``Any receiver would be happy with a guy like Brantley throwing the ball, spreading it around,'' Thompson said.

Thompson, who will be a redshirt junior this fall, is competing to be one of Brantley's favorite targets. Like Brantley, Thompson waited three years to step into the limelight.


Now, the reason I put the quote in that context is because Deonte went on to say Tebow was a living legend and so on and so on. As for MKF's comment about the thing five years ago, that sounds like message board nonsense. Fowler wasn't even on the beat until last year.


It will help with recruiting. But it's a little concerning that the head coach with a heart condition said a reporter needed his ass kicked.

I'd love to know what Foley and Dr. Machen are thinking.

Requested Foley this week. He declined to comment. Trying again on Monday.


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