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Video of Urban Meyer outburst

So, here's the video of Urban Meyer's exchange with an Orlando Sentinel reporter. Nice work by photographer Steve Johnson (soon to be a Miami Herald summer intern) for recording the action. Like I wrote before, the incident is not has bad as people are making it out to be. Should have been handled privately and without the threats, but I'm pretty sure Urban isn't going to try and prevent a newspaper from covering his team regardless of what's written. That would be a dumb move.


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It would be a dumb move Jo, but Urbie's a dumb guy.

PS - outburst has an 's' in it...is your proof reader on vacation?

Walmart keeps it coming. And remember readers this is not that big of a deal. This is only post 2 by Jo today of a not such a big deal story so be sure not to blow it out of proportion.


that's good stuff. he just showed more emotion and charisma in a minute then Randy did his entire tenure(Besides calling that timeout)

Urban is a dumb guy.?? You are dumb just for saying that...

I love it! Get em, Urbie!

Love Coach, but he owes this reporter a public apology. I would have though he was a bit smarter than dressing down a reporter, or anyone for that matter, in front of their peers.

And the part about "going at it?" WTF?

Coach, apologize and move on.

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