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Can't believe Tebow fell all the way to 25th

GAINESVILLE -- Wow! Who saw that coming? Gator Clause is still in shock that Tim Tebow fell all the way to 25th in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. (Sarcasm, people.)

The Denver Broncos gave away three lower-round draft picks to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night to select Tebow at 25th overall. Bold move by the Horses.

Congratulations goes out to UF cornerback Joe Haden, who was selected seventh overall by Cleveland, and of course congrats to the talented Maurkice Pouncey, was taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers at No.18. Pouncey has Steeler written all over him, doesn't he?

So, guess who Tebow and the Denver Broncos play to begin the 2010 season? You guessed it. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Question: Will there be more Tebow fans than Jags fans in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium that day? Answer: Yes.

Jacksonville not drafting Tebow could seriously come back to haunt this franchise. Jacksonville should have drafted Tebow. Instead, the Jags drafted some defensive lineman from California. Of course, Denver drafting Tebow could eventually cost Denver coach Josh McDaniels his job. At least, that's what some people will write this weekend.

McDaniels, a Bill Belichick clone, is all about team chemistry, apparently. Case in point: McDaniels ditched his old No.15, Brandon Marshall, for a new No.15, Tebow.

Tebow was the second quarterback selected on Thursday. Sam Bradford, who never defeated Tebow, was selected first overall by St. Louis. As we move to the second day of the NFL Draft, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy are still waiting to hear their names called.

So, which Gator will be selected first one the second day of the draft? My money is on Major Wright to the Maimi Dolphins.



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Let's go Broncos.... I'll be in san Diego, on the November 22... Tebow tail...

Ad him to the list of 1st round busts

how can anyone be in shock he fell that far? not hating just realistic no one thought he was going to be taken that high..

What happened 2 all these GAtors that were gonna get picked in the 1st round.
The GAtors were gonna set records with 1st round picks.
brandon spikes,
carlos dunlap,
major wright,
aaron hernandez,
jermaine cunningham, all possible 1st rounders, all droppin like a rock..

3 Gators in the first round...not a bad start...

Ad him to the list of 1st round busts

Posted by: Da U holla

'Haters gonna hate'

and this year Da U had ZERO first rounders. Not surprised. Drew Rosenhaus might as well try to get into UF so he can make a living again cuz da U and producing shi-te these days

Can't wait for the big draft party for da u on tomorrow. Will Sharpton go in round 4 or 5? The suspense builds...

Although I will say, Bosher will be invited to NY next year.

How many canes were picked in the 1st rd????

All the 'Canes have left to point to are all their players in the league. But just like college football, the league is leavin' them behind too. It was the first round last night and it was NOTHING about the "U". Pretty soon all they'll have left to talk about is old ESPN documentary films.

Gators 3, Canes 0

Posted by: ReptilesRule | April 23, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Not true, after Detroit picked Jahvid Best, they did show the canes against California in the Emerald Bowl where Best was running all over them

After a double-digit run in the first round that ended just 2 years ago, not to mentions couple first round prospects next year....Gators have nothing to say.

This isn't the first time gators had first rounders, where did the end up??

Joe Hayden i thought was gonna fall because of he is 40 time. he can be a great corner in the NFL. the center was a perfect fit for denver. but for the life of me i cant understand why denver would reach on tebow. he would of been there when the pick at 43. tebow is a good kid and works his tail off but even all u gator fans in this blog know he should of not gone in the 1st round.

Tebow was picked appropriately. For the uncommon few who continue to bash....you embarrass yourself without even knowing it.

Goo job Tebow.

kindly add the d to goo:)

Gators. 6

Duhhhh U. ZERO

UM...7 Gators drafted...0 Canes

Goody, praise to Urban Meyer on having the best draft this year. Go Gators! God bless all the Gator Haters, and to my coworker who insists that McCoy will have a better football career than Timmy! Go Gators! Sorry for the Canes, everyone needs to be humble at some point...

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