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MEYER: 'No stealing! No drugs! No weapons!'

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer is a realist, and I like that about him. Young adults sometimes do dumb things. They get arrested. They smoke marijuana. They sometimes make poor decisions, and when you're a football player poor decisions become headlines. Meyer knows this all too well. On Wednesday, he addressed such things with his team.

Members of Meyer's team through the years have had more than a few minor disagreements with the law. At one point, arrests were beginning to change the perception of the program and even affect the standard of football Meyer has worked so hard to achieve. Let's hope those arrests are in the past. Meyer set out to make sure of that on Wednesday with what was probably his most important speech of the spring. He gathered his team after practice, everyone took a knee and then Meyer laid down the law.

Before we proceed, it should be noted that the current Gators have, for the most part, stayed out of trouble and represented UF with class. Meyer aims to see the high standards continue this summer. Last summer, arrests were a problem.

"No stealing! No drugs! No weapons!" Meyer emphasized to his Gators. He went on to remind his team that the program has a drug policy. If a player tests positive for marijuana, then that player will be punished by missing games.

Meyer should be applauded for giving this speech in public. It was delivered within earshot of fans and reporters. After practice, players said that Meyer consistently reminds them of UF's high standards. Wednesday was the Gators' final full practice of the spring. The team will have a light practice on Friday before Saturday's spring game. After that, Meyer and his coaching staff will have limited contact with the team due to the NCAA's restriction on practicing over the summer.



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If he really pushes this agenda, which we now know he won't, then who will be left to actually play football. We all know the Gators only recruits troublemakers.

One again, the Gators are a crock. UFelons' head miscreant grandstands in front of fans and media so that everyone thinks he's on top of the program, when in reality the 30 or so arrests since Cryer has been there are a more realistic barometer of what is going on. Too bad all the simpleton UFelons fans will buy into it and blindly support their embarassing thug team again and again and again . . .

giving that speech is all for show. Its' what goes on behind doors is what is set in stone

Yeah you're just reporting what happened but this sure is chum in the water for the scUM trolls. One needs to look no further than above to see that the head buffoon clownsrule has already stopped by. Should be a record day at Gator Clause today as four of the seven scUM fans will spend their entire day trashing this place. Can't think of a better day to play Gator Envy Bingo. The former "punch U in da mouf" canes boyz have been relegated to whining choir boys. Deep down inside they know they would trade every well behaved scrub they have for just ONE ACC Championship.

Ur Spinning Down The Drain ... Says:
April 7th, 2010 at 10:53 pm
Cleveland Signed Says:
April 7th, 2010 at 4:22 pm
Katie’s Meier’s Lady Canes club was the first UM team in a while (since the football team in 2002) to play for ANY type of postseason championship.


WRONG! Miami won the 2008 Baseball ACC Postseason Championship Tournament.

4-0 in the tournament, on their way to a record-setting NCAA tournament appearance.



Typical Cane Fool … The quote was by Manny @ the Herald and it was CORRECT in regards to playing in a Championship Game for NATIONAL TITLES U Idiot ! ( U know, like the GATORS have done in Football and Basketball Twice each, Track, Swimming, Tennis, Softball etc…) And the best U can come up with over that same 8 year period since U puked all over urselves against Ohio State is Ur Girls Hoops team? And that was playing the the 2nd. Tier Not Invited Tourney ! Which is just about right for U and Ur Second rate Athletic Programs.

And that streak ain’t gonna end anytime soon Blind Cane Fan, so get Use to it … But then again, with Ur admitted acceptance to mediocrity, U unknowingly already have U Tard.

That scathing little reality byte has Soldy's formidable thumb print all over it.

How sad are U to be pumping up lady 'canes NIT play?????????? Maybe Pooh Bear should give Forston's mom a call.

The State of Florida is Finally Safe !!!

It's just after 6 pm somewhere ...

ahhhhhh 2.43 mil yen today .

U Google it U Muh Fuhka

Pagin Randy shannin...paging randy shanen....it's tim for yoUr speech therapy

Do any of UF's football players speak English or are they all using words like "AXE ME"?

Forston's baby mama put 'lil Randy over her knee

Go Lady 'canes!

In the past?? what its been like a month since one of Urbans thugs slapped two women around and just took a plea yesterday.
thats class alright

look who's back...the guy who can't get enough of the Gators...It's a nice day there should be plenty of work at the dump/jobsite - what are you doing online? Will this be an all day thing?

Looks like Randy's agent is in town to re-sign for U all. Thank goodness. The train of mediocrity will continue...woo-hoo all aboard...

We aint got Timmy to steal the spotlight boys, now behave like your on probation, that shouldnt be a stretch for any of ya.

im still amazed that UM fans find the time in their busy days to comment on a UF blog...

*sigh you guys seriously need to get a life.

Therion Collier should got to class and not get suspended as you should go to work and help your mom pay for the internet access.


Randy Shannon= Ron Zook divided by 2

Orange Bowl Stadium= long gone

current stadium=renting one 45 minutes from campus

ACC= basketball conference

Fan base= Northwestern fans + 50 guys

alumni base= too many things to do in miami can't make the games or give any money

Miami college football atmosphere= none

miami mascot= big bird

Jacory Harris= pimp/hair styliest in training

2010 UM football= 9-4 at best

bye bye cane clowns

don't forget that we have 5 NCs and 11 probowlers.

Urban Meyer will be held accountable to back it up. If any player wants to "call his bluff", then "roll the dice"... it's on his scholarship time....he will learn the hard way that no player is irreplaceable. Urban will stick to his GATOR-GUNS..

Oh please, 'Meyer should be applauded' If he really cared, Meyer would be able to weed out most (not all) of the troublemakers as they're being recruited. That speech should be given before they even step on campus.

Meyer should be applauded ... for disclosing team policy publicly. In a sense, he is holding himself accountable just like his players. That's what I meant.


Spring game saturday?
They will get someone arrested by monday morning mark it down!!!

Donts foegets da hall of Famers.

My daily plan:

1. Jump down from the top bunk and pour some milk in my fruity pebbles
2. Check Jo's Gator Blog for any new news so that I can mention to the gaytor fans that we gots 11 probowlers and they are scared to play us because we are building something down here
3. Check monster.com for any new carpenter helper jobs
4. Make up some more "funny' nicknames and blog all day
5. Check and see if manny posted anything worth while on da U blog
6. Change out of my Thrill Hill PJs and put on my ROC WWE tank top
7. Back to the gaytor blog to respond to those losers
8. Call Sarasota to see if the meatloaf is done for lunch...it is Thursday!

Why not just say, "Any of the following will put you off of the team and off scholarship." All schools should do the same thing.

miss a few games?? After warning after warning and not be kicked off the team??

Me thinks Urban is hedging his bets.

Lol the fact he was speaking loud enough for the fans to hear means it was a complete GIMMICK!

Don't tell us, show us u NERD!

"one more thing: no shone-slapping or orgainzed circumcisions!"

i belive the last time we played miami we stomped them so you can keep ur 11 pro bowlers and the GATORS will keep stomping on anything in the way to NCG.

28 arrests in 4 years. Its a little to late for that speech Urbie.

Adam, IDK what game u watched but there was no "Stomping" going on. Thats the quietest I have seen the swamp in years for 45 minutes.
BTW try winning a NC by going undefeated. UF home of the 1 loss paper champ

Another Ufag writer pandering to coach scUM so they dont lose access.

Meyer should be applauded for giving this speech in public? Are you kidding me? Yeah, if he gave it when he took the job 4 or 5 years ago it would have held a lot more weight. Now he just looks like he is reaching to try to be a disciplinarian. A little late for that. This article is trash.......

Here's an email I just received from a Robert Swearingen:

SUBJECT: idiot

TEXT: you`re a friggin idiot..what is it 27 or 28 arrests since urban`s been there?? why don`t you write an article on how Randy Shannon`s doing such a fantastic job at Miami? 1 arrest since he`s been here and it was Marve knocking a rear view off a car..you`re a douche..

People, it's a Gators blog. I live in Gainesville and cover the Gators. Get a grip.


what joke...urban liar the utlimate fraud

took 25 arrest or whatever to make a lame speech so the "media" could hear him...joke

People are upset with how you stated that, "
Meyer should be applauded for giving this speech in public." Who cares if he gave it in public. A college football head football coach of a national powerhouse program does not need to "hold himself accountable" just like his kids. He is already held accountable and he should be held accountable for the 28 arrests that have occurred since he took over the program, but the media has failed to hold him accountable.

Therefore, are you suggesting Joe that because of how Coach Meyer stated that "in public" that the next arrest you and the rest of the media will finally hold him "accountable?"

People are just holding you accountable for what you stated and the inept coverage that the Herald has done regarding the state of UF's football team and its arrest record. If it was the University of Miami, you guys would have half a dozen stories about the arrests, the people affected, the coaches, the players, the students, the administration, and you'll probably somehow create some blame on Ibis.

This particular blog is very subjective by making Meyer look like an outstanding head coach for what he said without you even pointing out the state of the UF football program. A pretty lopsided look here. Do you and the Herald fear that if you speak about the bad aspects of the UF football program that Urban will deny you access?? Or do you fear the Gator fans will grab pitch-forks and torches and not visit your website anymore??

Instead, what you need to do is get a grip on what you publish or blog as "coverage" of the Gators.

Did I really need to list arrest records just because Meyer gave a speech about not getting in troube? Pretty sure that gets taken care of on this blog every day. Perhaps you're new to the blog and haven't noticed. Also, you shouldn't be so naive as to think things aren't presented on this blog in such a way to receive plenty of comments and drive conversations.


I love it - 'chumming the water for scUM' trolls. Last I checked this was the MIAMI HERALD, not the Gainesville Sun.

Meyer is a clown. Oooh. He gave his speech within earshot of reporters. Dude has had almost THIRTY PLAYERS ARRESTED ON HIS WATCH SINCE 2006! Time for more than a 'speech. No stealing, no drugs, no weapons!

How about recruiting kids with character so you don't have to give such elementary speeches? How about not recruiting kids who fire of AK47s in parking garages or steal credit cards from dead girls?

If any Miami fan is trashing this piece, it's because Joseph Goodman is a typical Gator slurper who wrote a pointless piece, giving Meyer credit for simply giving a speech to his players - even commending him for giving it in front of reporters (as if that wasn't calculated).

Any non-biased national writer would've pointed out that while Meyer's speech may be a step in the right direction, it's all lip service until his kids prove otherwise. Four straight seasons he's had multiple arrests with his players, giving most of them no more than a slap on the wrist. It's pathetic. He's proven he's a win-at-all-costs type of coach, which is sad in this day and age. Even worse, he tries to pawn himself off like he's not.

At least Jim Tressell admits he runs a football factory. Meyer continues the ruse that he's not all about winning.

Joseph, have some integrity and at least call out Meyer for allowing such chaos on his watch and save your praise for the end of the 2010, barring no kids get in trouble.

meyers is a pathetic joke not much above tiger woods

I will say one thing as a Alabama fan I really want to applaud Randy Shannon for cleaning up Miami. Florida under Meyer is the Florida school with the Thug image nationwide now. Like it or not that is the perception. If Meyer is serious it will show if not the arrests will continue to pile up. I will applaud him if he is successful. I am not talking about one of two incidents all schools will have a kid get drunk but I am talking weapons or felonies. If Florida is serious it will show. I can only imagine this has not helped his stress problems so the kids should straighten up if they want to keep their coach.

All Canes,

Guess you're new to the blog. I've been pretty critical of the arrests. Do a better job of detecting subtly sarcasm next time. Thanks for stopping by.


Makes good press and reading but he's proven that he's in it to win it - regardles of what any player does. Spikes really got hit hard last year for trying to gouge Washan Ealy's eyes - half game suspension. If a game is on the line he'll play anybody and everybody and damn the (his own) rules.

How is anything that I wrote naive Joe? Of course that is what you an the Herald do. You stir the pot to get a reaction out of fans so your website or newspaper gets more people to read it, thereby creating revenue.

But guess what, you do stuff like this by serving such ridiculous and self-serving tripe that people like me and many other fans hear about this blog, read it, and respond to it because you did not do your job as a journalist. Of course this is the first time many of us read your blog and your subtle sarcasm in this particluar blog registered a 1 on a scale from 1-10.

I just love how newspapers and magazines are going these days. Let's print stuff to get people's attention by not providing everything to the reader. Don't worry if only one side of the story is told and not the other. We aren't journalists anymore, we are all columnists. We do our best to rub people the wrong way so they actually read what I have to write. We are no better than "shock-jocks."

Last but not least for you Joe. YES you are suppose to list arrest records or make mention of it! How naive of a statement is that!?!? Dude, this is your job, you're a journalist. You are the person who is suppose to be doing the research, doing the work to provide reliable information and facts to your readers even if this is only a blog. Plus, just because a bunch of people comment on your blog about how many arrests there have been means nothing. No one knows who these people are that are posting comments, but we know that you are a journalist.

So the next time you call out someone being naive, how about you consider your remarks before you make them.

And while you are at it, how about you take the extra few seconds it will take to add a sentence or two stating the facts and not relying on your readers to do your job for you.

jeez, all you guys need to get a life...it is
a game...judge a little less, love a lot more,
support your team - don't be so mean!

I second that kd!!

Thanks for the rant. It was absolutely pointless, but thanks. You're such a fan, you can't even reason properly, so your logic is all gummed up on this one. Every Florida fan that reads this blog is fully aware of the arrests. It gets mentioned here all the time. Every Florida fan hates it pretty much like every Canes fan hates losing to North Carolina.

To begin with, it's purely speculative on your part that Meyer gave this speech for some kind of show. So, that's you being subjective about something. Claiming your opinion to be fact and then getting mad at me for not writing your opinion, that's what fans do every day on this blog. Secondly, I can be subjective all I want on this blog. That's because it's MY BLOG. I can write whatever the heck I want.

If you want to talk about content editing, that's fine. If I was writing an article for the paper about Meyer's speech after practice, I would mention the number of arrests last summer, including the latest stories about Gary Brown and how Carlos Dunlap got a DUI the week of the SEC championship game, etc... But, this story didn't even see the newspaper because it's not exactly huge news. BREAKING: A coach tells his players not to get in trouble.

So, instead of that, instead of wasting column inches on non-news, I wrote a blog about it and said "arrests were a problem last summer" and began the blog post with thinly veiled sarcasm.
I wrote: "At one point, arrests were beginning to change the perception of the program and even affect the standard of football Meyer has worked so hard to achieve." At one point...as in two games ago. Duh. Moving on...

On the particular day this speech happened, I chose to write a story about the back-up quarterback in the paper. He's fresh. He hasn't spoken all spring. The people who read this blog know all this, so really I'm wasting my time by trying to teach you something here. Simply put: You want me to rake Florida over the coals about arrests even when the coach is telling his players not to get in trouble. That's because you're a fan. I've hammered UF about the arrests. I hammered UF over and over and over about the arrests. If another player gets arrested, then we'll do it all again. But no one was arrested. Quite the opposite.


You are what you are. With the proper guidance and you listening Myers can have a great football team. If you look at it like this Florida only gives a 4 year scholarship but you can get 25 to Life scholarship at just about any prison. The good thing about that is you don't have to practice every day in the heat,actually the only thing you have to do to get this 25 to life scholarship is be STUPID. Your whole life over for a stupid decision. When the occasion arises take a brief moment and say these 7 words "WOULD MY MOM BE PROUD OF ME ". THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME AND IF ONLY ONE PERSON THAT READS THIS AND IT HELPS THEM LATER IN THEIR LIFE I'VE DONE MY JOB AND I'M HAPPY.

How about "No screaming like an idiot at reporters." As someone who is able to view the program at an objective distance its clear that Urban is a great coach and trying his best to be a decent person. But the pressure to win is KILLING him. He just can't walk away in certain situations and that is going to be his undoing. I can see him having a Woody Hayes moment one of these days if he's not careful.

WHY NOW??? He is worried that if they are not a premier team any more the ncaa will crack down on him.And I think he meant to say "Miss a half a game if that is alright with the players"U-felons are a laughing stock.

Love you and Support you forever~~~!

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