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Gators Major Wright overcome with emotion upon being drafted by the Chicago Bears


PICTURED: Major Wright welcomes Oklahoma Sooners receiver Jauquin Inglesias to South Florida during the 2009 BCS national championship game. The bone-rattling play will go down as one of the best hits in Florida football history.

GAINESVILLE -- So, picture this: A football player gets drafted by the Chicago Bears and then momentarily loses his mind. He bursts out of his home, runs up and down the street screaming to all of Fort Lauderdale and the world and then breaks down and cries.

That was former Florida Gators safety Major Wright on Friday night. He was drafted in the third round (75th overall) by the Chicago Bears. It was the Bears' first pick of the NFL Draft.

"I'm living in my dream," Wright said.

Wright's punishing style will fit in nicely with the Bears, who are in need of some help in the secondary after finishing 27th in the NFL against the pass last season. Wright, a graduate of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, was one of four Gators drafted on Friday, the second day of the NFL Draft. Seven Gators have been drafted through the first three rounds. Rounds four through seven will be determined on Saturday. UF players still to be drafted are Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Markihe Anderson, Brandon James and potentially others.

Defensive ends Jermaine Cunningham and Carlos Dunlap and middle linebacker Brandon Spikes were drafted in the second round on Friday. Cunningham was taken 53rd overall by the New England Patriots. Dunlap was drafted 54th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals. Spikes went 62nd overall to the Patriots.



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He'll always be remembered by the "Major" hit... No pun intended.... He put on the sooner wr during the 2009 BCS title game... Congrats major

Yea decent player no coincedence his favorite player was Sean Taylor the hardest hitter ever

Says the guy whose team has had ONE player drafted!

The draft is an arguement Gators should stay away from

Posted by: DON'T GO THERE | April 24, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Silly cane, we are in 2010. The college game is passing you buy. You got Mack Brown on tv and the gators getting drafter all the while your lame duck coach has no contract and the first cane gets drafted in the late 3rd round. Recruiting will take a hit. Your team doesnt even have the most players in the NFL anymore and it will continue to drop as the probowlers age.
Just fade away.....

aside from percy harvin and the guy in oakland who couldnt stop running into his teamates what other gators were doing anything in the nfl old or new...... thought so wait i think grossman just got another deal nope just my dog throwin up

Last time I checked three players in the first round and three in the 2nd was pretty good. Who really cares? All I care about is that the Gators remain the best program in college football....oh yeah, i am now a Denver fan too. Denver is not stupid. They just picked up 300,000 rabid out of state Florida fans whom will be watching week in and week out, as well as buying #15 jerseys...Go Broncos!

Hey Miami west kendall losers..I have statistic for you:

A Gator has been selected in the last 59 drafts.....a Record! Miami:38..........Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it if you care about all this draft crap!

The draft is an arguement Gators should stay away from

Posted by: DON'T GO THERE | April 24, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Fair enough and the recent performance of your football team is an argument Canes (strange how my hunch is you're not a 'nole, 'bama, or bulldog fan) should stay away from.

Duhhh. "U"ndrafted



Nice try "d"bag

go Lady 'Canes!

I'm happy for all the guys that got drafted and were "rewarded" for their time at UF and hope they all have healthy and successful careers. But I care most about UF and what their accomplishments are in the college football world. But at least these idiots from Miami and Georgia won't be able to go around saying to recruits "don't go to Florida, you won't get your chance in the league". That won't hold any water and it really never has...

David Nelson (Bills) and Brandon James (Colts) have signed free-agent contracts.


Typaical nonsense, that hit goes down as one of the greatest LOL. Watch the play on Youtube he gets there before the ball!!
Should have been a flag, automatic first down. just more ref and media jock ridin the gaytors

Here's a stat for all you SEC and Gator haters:

TOTAL # of SEC players taken in draft, ranked by their University...

Florida -- 9

Alabama -- 7
LSU -- 6
Tennessee -- 6
Georgia -- 5
Ole Miss -- 4
Kentucky -- 3
Auburn -- 2
Mississippi State -- 2
South Carolina -- 2
Vanderbilt -- 2
Arkansas -- 1

No other conference matched what the SEC and the Gators sent to the NFL.This speaks for itself.

The receiver in the picture is Manny Johnson, not Joaquin Iglesias.

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