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Gators Ray Shipman breaks down the campus-groupie game

GAINESVILLE -- Interesting stuff from UF's student newspaper. Apparently Ray Shipman was scoring plenty his freshman season just not on the court. LINK!

In the article, Shipman says that athletes pass around girls.

"A lot of the older players show you around," Shipman said. "If my teammate is with a girl and it's not really serious, they end up switching to me. And now that I'm older, I introduce them to the new players. Some teammates of mine, some other athletes, they don't really care. That's not my type. That's nasty. But some freshman, they'll hop right on it."

Those crazy freshmen. They got mad hops.



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I know that UF has had its share of busts in its last few recruiting classes, but I did't know until reading the article Shipman was Gatorade Player of the Year and Mr. Basketball. How can a player so decorated in high school be such a bust in college? Oh, yeah, Dan Werner was a Mr. Basketball too in New Jersey. I think its time for a new Mr. Basketball committee.

As far as passing around girls, I'm pretty sure that's why UF got rid of the "little sister" program in the 90s for on-campus Fraternities.... ah, what memories....

Little-sister program? This sounds disturbing.


Now the players r pimpin the girls out.

I <3 me some college chicks. Living 10 minutes from FAU is GREAT


Look Cane Fans !!!

U have a New December Bowl Game to look forward to next year !

RSVP early .

Posted by: hugh hefner | April 16, 2010 at 02:35 PM

You really need a life.

Good to see you rad the paper in Frisco Sweetie, dont drop the soap.

Good now more people hate the gators, sign up feminist rights groups to the list

That's awesome... Haha stupid girls

Jo -

You're double dippin' for the TMZ folks now? Herald pay sucks, huh? You'd have thought that being a complete and brazen Turd homer would warrant some of their Booster Bash $$...at least the chump change that falls out of the SEC refs pockets. What a prestigiuos university TurdLand is, huh? 40-50 arrest/month, brothels on campus, coaches on downers, SoCal Turd reliving his child abuse days...things are groovy baby.

What else would one expect from
Gator athletes?

You play in the "CessPool, " excuse me I mean "The Waffle House," no wait I think U call it the Swamp. Yeah that's it.

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