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Gators Tebow missed his chance to take a stand when he signed with Nike

Tiger Woods YouTube voiceover. So funny. So brutal. Quick, Timmy, save Nike's image.

I'm just going to throw this out there. Does anyone remember the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial? Remember when Tebow said he did the commercial because Focus on the Family is something he believes in and supports. That was great, the press said. A prominent figure standing up for something he believes, the press said.

Well, imagine for a second if Tebow came out and said he wasn't going to sign with Nike because Tiger Woods is still on Nike's payroll. Now THAT would have sent a message and EVERYONE would have listened. Only in a perfect world, I guess. Now Nike is paying Tebow and Woods. What's the difference between a sinner and a saint? Nothing, when it comes to selling shoes.



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You really believed Timmy was a saint? Wait for the skid to really begin when he fails in NFL, will be epic.

GREAT IDEA.. I'll sign with the company who started outsourcin & employs most of my flock over in the Philippines (4 pennies an hour). So then, after I bomb out in the NFL my constituents will have jobs. Unlike here in America.


I am disappointed in you. Not only is this a cheap shot at Tim Tebow, it also shows that you really don't understand Christianity. I will assume you may not be Christian or a Jew and may not understand grace and forgiveness. I know that Tiger Woods is Budist, but the Christian perspective is that when one asks for forgiveness, you should grant it. From a Catholic perspective, the formula for restoration is Confession, Contrition, Satisfaction. Tiger Woods confessed, he expressed contrition, and he is paying the price (satisfaction). From a Jewish perspective, there is a similar perspective on forgiveness. (In the OT period, when one became unclean, the rabbi would perscribe the appropriate proceedure to move from being tame to tahur. Upon completion, the person was restored to the community.)

From your suggestion here, what would you have had Tiger do? Is he forever condemned in your sight? Are you going to never watch TV again because TV is profiting from Tiger Woods? What standard are you holding Tim Tebow to? Should Tim Tebow refuse the NFL because they get their revenues largely from TV and TV is profiting from showing Tiger at the Masters?

Jerry.......blah blah blah F'in blah...

christianity....forgiveness....cheap shot......

You missed the point completely sanctimonious one. He was taking a shot at Nike or a potential shot.

Lighten up ( telling your type to lighten up is always comical) go take a huge dump.

Timmy won't fail in the NFL... C'mon Jo, you think he'll sign w reebok and were those ocho cinco shoes....C'mon man

Jo's already admitted he's a skateboarder who eats cheese grits in the AM. Quite obvious he's a homer too, but callin' out his boy? Crossing the line Jo...you get the faithful riled up and it won't be pretty.

You keep this up Jo and Urban won't even let you watch the Blue and Orange game on Sun Sports.

Please don't hold Tebow to such a standard or you'll (hypocritically) hold him to a standard no one ever meets. You see, Jo, Tebow isn't trying to live to your standard, or even what you believe God's standards are. Thing is, you can be wrong on this one, so can Tebow, so can Woods, so can anyone. As a Christian, I understand that you will be judged according to the way you judge others - shown mercy according to how you show mercy to others. So in condemning Tebow for doing business with Nike, how does that reflect you doing business with any entity that profits off imperfect people/spokepeople (ie - sinners)? Don't you have enough to be concerned with regarding your own behavior So why the cheap shot at Tebow's?

Or maybe you'd like to go the other way and find out what kind of toothpaste he uses, find something critical there........ It's your choice Jo......


I believe in God. I do not believe in religion.


I didn't "condemn" anyone. Far from it. I simply wrote that Tebow missed a chance to take a stand and took a shot at Nike. Preaching/Evangelism/Whatever
-you-call-it is more important to Tebow than football (and sponsorship deals). His words; not mine.


Jo, you jest, of course! How many "stands" has Tebow taken over the past 4 or 5 years? LOTS! Now some "perceived" stance that you dream up and he's unworthy? You must be kidding.

As to whether Tebow makes it in the NFL, it's unimportant to his life. Tebow will be a HUGE success in whatever he does in life, football or not. He's a great, unique human being and will be appreciated as such by 99% of the population.

stupid article

Riviera Beach Says:
April 9th, 2010 at 9:07 am
“Every analist in the country talks about how good Jacory has already been and will be.”

Yeah those “analists” do know what they talkin bout


Clownsrule is quite the “analist.”

U just made my laughing day U illiterate clown.

People, stop being so reactionary and think for a second. You're missing the point. If Tebow would have done this, Time Magazine would have named him man of the year. Oh, well. Now go buy your Tiger Woods/Tim Tebow Nikes.


Man I hate when everyoe turns to religion.

What the heck does tiger have to do with Tebow? Kobe was with Nike even before the November fiasco.

That being said, you Gator tools reaaallly think that Tebow is as innocent as he portrays?

These athletes live a double life, as evident by almost any player you can think of. When tebow puts himself on a pedestal, he's that much easier to knock down.

Plus he wasn't necesarrily rolling around with the best teammates. He hung around with all those convict gators. Do you think he stayed in his dorm room all day?

The best thing he can do is stay away from these stupid stances, including the one Joe just mentioned. NFL locker rooms won't support it.... But he prob won't be in the league long enough to figure that out.


tebow has never done anything wrong. He goes to school, and works hard. Your a bad guy......

If he was my son, we'd be going at it.

Nice job cane troll. U got utterly gutted on the last thread so you stroll over here with your tail between your legs and resume posting more nonsense.

As Tebow would say:"God Bless"!

If people routinely declined jobs because of a bad seed on the payroll, there'd be a lot higher unemployment rate. Should he not sign with any NFL team?? There's alot of "Tiger's" on every NFL roster.

Hey Jo, thanks for the response. My point, I guess, is that the God concept that you are judged according to how you judge others applies, even with what you said. Our reasoning is reasoned back to us by God, so if you really do think he ought to take a stand, then you ought to be taking similar stands or say nothing. Kinda goes back to getting the log out of your eye before you try to help Tebow get that sliver out of his eye. Does that make better sense?

I'm not trying to condemn you or anyone, just saying this is the way we all need to think about things.

And Jordan Reed, the starting tight end, came in at quarterback and executed the Gators' Wildcat package. Reed rushed for 19 yards, completed 3-of-5 passes for 80 yards and produced the game-winning touchdown — throwing a 31-yard TD strike to wide receiver T.J. Lawrence with 3:04 remaining to give the Blue a 27-24 victory before an estimated crowd of 51,500.


50 k

50,000 watchin a scrimmage. Now if that doesn't just scream out in 'GET A LIFE METH HEADS'..

50,000 watchin a scrimmage. Now if that doesn't just scream out in 'GET A LIFE METH HEADS'..

Nice spin envious loser

I don't even believe that the tebow tiger woods comment. Come up with something better than that, it would not have Been a stance for anything but stupidity , by not signing with Nike . Tebow is an athlete not the worlds savior. My god give it a rest.

Nice spin envious loser

Posted by: How Many ACC titles do u have again? | April 11, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Hey genius, know how many years the Turds played in the SEC before they won their first conference title? 58 frickin' years!! That's right, after joing the SEC in 1923 your heros didn't cross the threshold until 1991. Talk about underachievers! Basis that the Canes are just getting warmed up in the ACC. Heck they can hit the snooze button for another 40+ years before they have to show up, but we won't wait that long because we want to laugh in your face and have yet ANOTHER area of football dominance over you. What an absolute clown.

UF spring-game attendance new QB: 51,500.
FSU spring-game attendance new coach: 51,300.
What was Miami's attendance for its spring game?



True story: I don't buy Nikes.


Get off your high horse, who the hell are you(or Tebow) to judge Woods for what he did? To think he would refuse to sign with Nike because of Woods being on their payroll and you actually LIKING that makes you as big of a pretentious (insert curse word) as Tebow would have been had he done that. I would have lost what little ounce of respect I have for Tebow if he would have stood on his moral soapbox and pulled this crap.

And about attendance...LOL we all know theres nothing to do in that god forsaken campus on a saturday than go watch the gayturds spring game...

High horse? Please. Far from it. If you think ignoring Tiger's immorality is the right thing to do just because "it's his personal life," then you've not been paying attention for the last 15 years. It's not "his personal life" any longer when Tiger goes on TV for millions of dollars and starts selling crap to the public and representing publicly traded companies. At that point, an athlete makes the choice to no longer be a person but rather a marketing tool and an image. Now Nikes image is one of immorality and arrogance. Don't buy Nikes.


Everyone that is mad at Jo for these comments is either old or is young but doesn’t get it. When someone is being ironical, you don’t respond with seriousness. I can be a very serious guy at times. Jo can be, too. But when he’s being a 21st century ironist, when he puts on that “hat”, if you get mad at him you just show you don’t know how to play the game. The proper response for Jo isn’t to argue with you but to laugh and make more ironical statements.

Tim did what most Christians DON'T do. He witheld casting a stone on Tiger. Jesus loved some very unlovely people and has given us the example and command to do the same thing. Most of us are just disobedient to that command. We'd much rather be the hypocritical Pharisee and judge and cast stones. That includes you Joe.

Guilty as charged, Your Honor. When sports figures screw up, I'm going to call them out every time. I don't see where not signing with Nike is "throwing stones" on Tiger Woods. Tebow could have sent a message to the masses. He missed his chance.


Jo, you are still making dumb comments and you don't ever remember the old saying: "When you get to the bottom of the hole, STOP DIGGING!!

Folks that know Tim and his convictions completely understand that he will not do or say anything that would disparage another person. It doesn't matter to Tim that YOU think he should shun the company that had hired the "sinner". You work for the Herald. Since you are also a sinner ( we all are) by your theory no one should buy a copy of the paper and certainly not work for that newspaper. Not condoning Tiger's actions as they are reprehensible but God doesn't differentiate between degrees of sin nor should we. It's a way of salving our conscience for our own shortcomings.

I think the difference is that Nike specifically sells the image of elite athletics, not family values or wholesomeness. If we are talking about a a different product other than athletic gear for the best athletes in the world, you might have a point Joe. There is a reason Nike is one of the only companies to stick with Tiger...they never marketed him as the best golfer in the world, not the best husband/father in the world.

You little Gator hating, Tebow hating hypocritical Miami Herald punk. If Tebow had have rejected NIKE because of Tiger Woods you would be the first one attacking Tebow for casting stones at someone else.

Oh yeah, how original, another absurd, over the top attack on Tim Tebow. In the Miami Herald, no less. Junior, you are what gives the "journalism" occupation a bad name.

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