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Joakim Noah vs. Lebron James: Let the NBA Playoffs begin!

GAINESVILLE -- So, you know how different blogs always have their individual niches. Like, this blog is dedicated to protecting the poor and fighting illiteracy. Well, the editorial board here at Gator Clause -- in our collective brilliance -- has decided to branch out.

We're now going to add coverage of Joakim Noah to our repertoire. From henceforth, this blog is dedicated to providing its readers with periodic updates of Noah and his exploits. There are two archetypes for athletic leaders at the University of Florida. There is the Tim Tebow archetype and there's the Joakim Noah archetype. They both win championships. They both inspire excellence. They both speak their minds. The difference in Tebow and Noah: One guy is kind of dorky and one guy is undoubtedly cool.

240_noah-james So, we've already established here at ol' Gator Clause that Noah is pretty much one of the coolest athletes in the world. That's a proven fact. And, it's already been established that Lebron James really wishes he was cool and authentic and he pays a lot of people a lot of money to make him appear cool and authentic but he just isn't and never will be.

So, Lebron is envious of Joakim, and that's understandable considering Lebron's insecure personality and Joakim's Jedi powers. It's made for an interesting rivalry. That rivalry will be renewed at 3 p.m. on Saturday in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The winner of the seven-game series matches up in the second round with the winner of Heat-Celtics series.

Noah has promised to try and shock the world with a first-round win against Cleveland. Noah's Bulls are the Eastern Conference's eighth seed (last) and Cleveland is seeded first.

"Everybody thinks we're going to get our [butts] whipped," Noah said. "And, you know what, we're going to try to shock the world. That's what we're going to try to do. That's pretty cool, I think."

And since Noah is the foremost authority on cool, he's right, of course.

Noah pretty much single handedly transformed the Bulls' team culture when he arrived in Chicago in 2007. It took some getting used to by the lazy veterans who were with the team at the time, but everyone got the message. Now Noah has the Bulls in the playoffs for the second year in a row. Noah has Lebron's attention, too.

"We're ready for the challenge," James said. "I think Noah's a really good player. He's a really good talent. But, you know, he asked for us a couple weeks ago and he got us. So we're ready. It's a different monster they're going to be playing against on Saturday."



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LOL. Nice Blog Jo. In all seriousness, is there an uglier athlete out there than Joakim? Nasty face, nappy hair, ugly playing style, looks like he needs a bath...the guy is just plain feo.

He's so ugly if Lebron dunks on him ,
AP wont even use the shot.

Jo is the Man!...Joakim that is, no offense Goodman.

Once again Noah = UGLY


I love talkin about Men and if they are ugly or hottt!! ;-)

I love LeBrons chocolate thighs!


So.....Jo, are you saying Tebow is dorky???? Maybe I missed something but that is what I thought I read.


jb, I feel you. It's no knock on Timmy. Tim is cool in his own way. I'm a super dork. I write stories and blog all day. Hey, we can't all be Joakim.



I'm a Noah fan also but if Tim is such a dork then why is he followed around like a rock star. I don't say it is just because he plays basketball at Florida. Watch in the NFL, it will continue. Dork's don't get followed. He may not be fully understood because not everyone cares for his beliefs. I just believe he really doesn't come close to fitting that description of "dork".

U GAtors r SO delusional & its spreadin 2 ur writers.
joakim is cool & a leader???
is this the same guy whose own teammates wanted 2 suspend him longer then management did, & whose team is ridin a real hot streak of 10-14 in2 the play-offs (with the raptors 8-18 finish the only reason they're in the play-offs), havin a head coach & GM grapplin b4 games..
& thats real smart 2 call me out b4 the game & PLEASE tell the dude 2 take a shower once in awhile..
& how can u b cool when u look like that...

Any kid who still honors his mom the way Joakim does is forever cool in my book.

Jo -
You are a self described dork, but you're also a major league homer. Noah is cool and that's a proven fact...what garbage dude. He does rank right up there with that current Turd with the dreads and balding head for 2 of the ugliest athletes...THAT'S a proven fact my man.

Please tell me someone saw Joakim almost fall on the floor like an ugly, drunken fool when Shaq spun on him?? Posting from youtube coming soon. Ugliest athlete of all time.

Posted by: lebron | April 17, 2010 at 06:40 AM

Ha ha what a loser. 6:40 am? Really? To opine about Noah? Ya'll talk about nothing to do in Gainesville(i went graduated and live in SoBe now and G-ville was fun) but your on the Gator Blog at 6:40! Heading out...check me at Mansion you cane jackasses!

UM a top party school, Playboy says

UM placed fourth in Playboy Magazine's annual list of America's Top 10 Party Schools, behind the University of Texas at Austin, West Virginia University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. No other state school made the list. Not even the University of Florida, which was the Princeton Review's top party school in 2008.

The list was determined by Playboy's editors, with input from the magazine's campus representatives, models, photographers, online voters and student readers, magazine officials said.

Other schools on the list were: East Carolina University, Arizona State University, Rollins College, University of California-Santa Barbara, Plymouth State University and the University of Iowa

The results are in Playboy's May 2010 issue, which hit newstands Friday.



I too support all the Florida schools when it does not affect UM.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | July 15, 2009 at 11:00 PM

“Small classes, the weather, facilities, everything seems right and coach Haith,” Wall is reported to have told the AP, or was it Reuters.
The City Beautiful rejoices. - canesrule

You holding bloggers opinions to unrealistic levels of proof and fact is absurd and groundless. You WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT lead the bloggersphere in bad predictions, unfounded truths, and unfullfilled prophecies. You of all people should have some humility by now.

Mel Kipers top five returning seniors by position:

Allen Bailey #1 DE

Colin McCarthy #4 OLB

Orlando Franklin #5 OG

Leonard Hankerson #3 WR

gators have:

Mike Pouncey #3 OG

Ahmad Black #3 S

kipers a blowhard just like []__[]

lmao Colin McCarthy

#4? Proves what a dumbass Kiper is. That guy is a flyweight.

There's only one person I hate more than tebow, and that's LEBRON!

but U looooove U some Japicky

what a tool

I use 10 lb line when bass fishin'...another of my sekrets to cathin' luggers. I don't fish at nite so as to not hook any gaturs. Those that we do by misteak we use for jerky.

Posted by: #1 UF Fishin' team | April 19, 2010 at 03:05 PM

Christ your dumb and humorless. I get it...nothing about the canes in recent news but get a life bro.

Dare I say Urban is erecting another #1 class? Big, Strong, fast pro-set QB who didn’t even give U a sniff. What was that about Urban alienating pro-set QB’s?

Here it is in all its glory:

With Tim Tebow headed to the NFL and redshirt junior John Brantley firmly entrenched as the starter, the 2011 recruiting cycle was targeted by head coach Urban Meyer as the next in which he would lure a top-rated quarterback recruit to the Florida Gators. Meyer has accomplished that goal perhaps earlier than even he expected as Jeff Driskel (Oviedo, FL) committed Monday to wear the orange and blue next year.

Driskel, who originally planned to make his decision at some point over the summer, has formed a budding relationship with quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler that no doubt had a strong influence in his commitment.

He is known for throwing accurate balls with tight spirals and impressed Florida at the Gainesville Nike Camp over the weekend. He named UF his leader shortly after the conclusion of camp and apparently took just a day off before committing to the Gators.

At 6′3″, 225 lbs., Driskel also has aspirations to play baseball, and it is believed that Meyer and head baseball coach Kevin O’Sullivan had previously agreed to let him participate in both sports. However, it is currently unknown whether or not the high school center fielder will pursue his interests on the diamond while at Florida.


Any insight on Rosario?

Dare I say we won ANOTHER 'ship. What it that like 45 or 60 now...I lose track. BTW, we were all rewarded with 4 & 5 star graphite rods by coach for all our fishin' conquest. There is no better place to fish than the Swamp.

Driskel?? thought Trey Burton was the next Timmy. that was last week right after he ran all over that swiss cheese. i smell tranfers

Nice post. Maybe I’ll actually watch some basketball.

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