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Miami and Florida State to the SEC? Here's how it could happen

GAINESVILLE -- There was plenty going on in Indianapolis last weekend other than basketball.

Behind the scenes, powerbrokers were discussing potentially dramatic changes to the sport of college football. There was talk of the Big Ten adding five schools and forming a 16-team mega-conference. There was talk of the Southeastern Conference following suit. Nothing could happen. Everything could happen.

How does Miami and Florida State joining the SEC sound to Gators fans? How does it sound to Canes and Noles? Don't laugh. It could happen. It's unlikely, but it's not folly. (OK, maybe it is, but whatever.) Here's how it could go down ...

College athletics as we know it teetering on a knife's edge. It's an arms race, folks, plain and simple. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Big Ten presidents met in Indianapolis last weekend to discuss the possibility off adding one, three or five teams. Eleven teams currently play football in the Big Ten.

The Big Ten wants a playoff. The conference is seriously considering expansion. Let me put this the most elementary way possible, the Big Ten wants to try and be richer and better than the SEC. How to do that? There are a several ways.

1. Add Notre Dame, bringing Big Ten football to 12 teams.

2. Notre Dame chooses to remain independent in football and the Big Ten adds one school from another conference. (Big East or Big 12, most likely).

3. Add Notre Dame and two schools from another conference.

5. Notre Dame chooses to remain independent and the Big Ten adds three schools.

4. Add Notre Dame and steal four schools from other conferences to form college football's first mega-conference. A Big 16 to rule all.

5. Notre Dame chooses to remain independent and the Big Ten adds five schools from other conferences to ... you guessed it... form college football's first mega-conference to rule all.

Or maybe not.

For the fun of it, let's say the Big Ten becomes the Big 16 and adds Notre Dame, Louisville, West Virginia, Pitt and Cincinnati. (There are other possible variations, obviously, but let's stick with these teams just because, geographically, it makes for some interesting rivalries.) As you can plainly see, this would be a mega-conference that would trump even the SEC.

Would the SEC stand pat and allow itself to fall behind the new Big 16? That doesn't seem very SECish, if you ask me. The SEC (God bless Roy Kramer and Mike Slive) enjoys being the top dog of college football. Fans demand it. Alumni demand it. Heck, even politicians demand it. Ahh, politics. That's where this whole conference-expansion speculation gets really interesting.

With the Big 16 in place, the SEC and Atlantic Coast Conference are now feeling the pressure. Does the ACC add the football schools of the old Big East, bringing the ACC to 16 teams? Will the SEC follow suit and pilfer the ACC and/or Big 12? This brings us to the oh-so-titillating opportunity for the SEC to make a play for four more major football schools.

From the west, the SEC adds Texas and Texas A&M. From the east, the SEC adds Miami and Florida State. Take that, Big 16.

(Before we play make believe and realign the conferences, keep in mind that Notre Dame is the X-factor in all this. If Notre Dame joins the Big Ten then things could get interesting very quickly.)

Mississippi State 
Texas A&M

Florida State
South Carolina

Boston College
Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech
North Carolina
N.C. State
South Florida
Wake Forest

Ohio State
Penn State

Michigan State
Notre Dame
West Virginia

The Big 12 could possibly add Texas Christian and Southern Methodist to take the place of Texas and Texas A&M. The remaining schools in the Big East do not play football in the Football Bowl Subdivision: Villanova, Marquette, Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, Providence and DePaul. All of Notre Dame's sports would move to the Big 16.

Bottom line: Florida, Florida State and Miami would play EVERY YEAR! And, maybe, the possibility for a college football playoff seems more likely. Wow, OK, let's not go overboard here.



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What a bunch of hogwash. This is like most of the posts u get from ur flock of meth heads.

I say yeah !

now why would i agree to that and actually have to play a legit schedule. I like playin Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU, Miami of Ohio, Appalachian ST., Vanderbilt, I like 1 tough game a year, the SEC (SLEAZY & EASY) championship game.

S. Carolina, Miss. ST., Kentucky, Eastern Illinois, Montana ST., etc. etc..
The florida 'we only like 2 play 1 tough game a year' GAtors.

Cane fans are all talk now... Cause it won't happen but they know better than to play us now... Plus a real schedule..?? Please vtech, ncarolina, ohio st. Pit, gtech?? you think those are tough games??? Hahahaha funny.... Shows how soft you are hyping up those games....Play in a real conference ... You'll be lucky to have a winning record

poor has been troll cane fan. U think joining the SEC would add legitimacy to the best conference in america.....lol

The cruel irony is that if it did happen U would suddenly abandon the "ACC is great" talk and start pounding the SEC drum. You're nothing short of gutless punks who only play the result week in and week out.

We could use another Vandy type school in our conference though. I'd be happy to put an annual beatdown on Southern Notre Dame as we like to call U.

'Lil Kirby Coldcut wouldn't know what to do with all the cash they would reap from that scenario. Don't worry bloodied canefan, as fun as Goody's scenarios are, IT AINT HAPPENING!

This is something NO Cane fan ever wants to discuss, simply do to the fact that they love to believe that the Gators are afraid of them. Ask any Cane fan why the canes didn't join the SEC when they had a chance the 1st time, and see what kind of answer you get. 10 times out of 10, its the same answer. Just look at the 1st comment on here, and there's your answer EVERY TIME! Jo, if you could actually get a Cane fan to answer this question honestly, hell would freeze over. The simple answer is, not a single Cane fan wants to join the SEC do to the simple fact that they wouldn't stand a chance. If the Canes were in the SEC all along their number of titles would've dropped by at least half. Their last championship I'll admit would've been won in any conference, but other than that, its a toss up. Their 1st championship was won after being destroyed by the Gators in the 1st game. They can't even win the All Cupcake Conference, so why would they want to join the best conference in football?? As for me, I'd love for them to join the SEC, that way we all can stop hearing the ever popular Cane fan cliche that's written all over that 1st comment.

Miami has no conference loyalty if they even consider a move out of the ACC. We've taken more than we've given to the conference.

We play FSU every year, all we would need to do is add UF.

Canes need the money, reality is they should join the SEC and share in the television revenue. Your going to tell me the canes couldn't use that money? They could afford a real coach. The only thing they have on any SEC school right now is that they serve alcohol at the games.

What is no-brainer?

CANE in pain,

While I agree this particular situation is unlikely, change does seem likely for college football in some form. It would affect the state of Florida just like it would affect everyone else.



You hit the nail on the head. It's alot easier getting to national championship games by being an independent or playing in either the Big East or ACC. That's a fact. Imagine if Spurrier got to play in the Big East during the 90's. He would have played in alot more national championship games. Imagine if Meyer was playing an ACC schedule. He'd probably be undefeated right now and playing for a championship every year.

Miami always talks big about playing anyone anytime but why does a football school play the majority of their games in a BASKETBALL CONFERENCE??????

LMAO would be great.

Canes can't win in their shi* conference now, imagine them trying to play with the big boys. Good one jo

They'd definitely have to get better ... more than you'll ever know.


canefan is strangely quiet. The whole scenario short circuits their brain.

They can't get their brain around what this would mean. It would mean more money, and far less wins. They refuse to admit that the physical nature of the SEC top to bottom is far above any others. FACT ! How do the candy canes fare against physical teams? cough::Wisconsin::cough

U know the answer

You're showing how little you actually know about the Big Ten. Louisville, WV and Cincinnati are not even close to being qualified academically for entrance to the B10. Texas has a much better chance of leaving the B12 for the B10 than it does at winding up in the SEC. Do a little research before you post nonsense like this.

you saying FSU aint physical?? Forstons mama

maybe you can answer this, Why do ACC teams seem to play each other more commonly in regular season as Uf hasnt played Bama in the season in years. we play Clemson and FSU from the other side of conference every year?

This from a Canes fan, listen we all know SEC is a better rounded conference and has some powerhouses. But they all play some seriously weak OOCS.
The Canes schedule as a whole was tougher last year than UF.
We could join the SEC and just drop all the tough team that arent on our side and rest up and practice against Div-2 teams like most of them do. And we will be fine

I didn't say FSU wasn't physical U tool.

Top to bottom there is no comparison is what I was saying.

Q:How did "physical" FSU fare against UF for the last five years?

If the Big12 loses Texas, it dies. Losing Texas and TAMU, replacing them with SMU and TCU is absurd. Talk about a huge step down. The idea Florida would play both FSU and Miami every year is just as absurd, the Gators don't have the stone to do so. At least not every year, they remember too well what use to happen.Oh and the Big10 is already richer than the SEC.

Texas will never move to a glorified JC conference like the SEC. Come on, to some, academic quality is still somewhat important....

@optimuis primed

of course U don't discuss the guttings U would be dealt if by some improbably chance U were to become part of the SEC. Deflect to Texas U tool.

I hope U do end up in the SEC so we can laugh at your lack of competitiveness and listen to you yamber on about something we already knew, that the SEC is superior to the .500 crapfest ACC

Brian, Thanks for visiting. Guess what? The Big Ten would likely alter their standards for that conference. It's about the money now, nothing else.


I think if that happened with the SEC, they would need to be paired into 2 sub divisions, that way the teams could rotate playing each other while maintaining a permanent schedule.

SEC North

South Carolina

SEC South

Florida St

SEC West

Texas A&M

SEC East

Ole Miss
Miss. St.

Each team plays their division every year, plus another division rotates every year, thats 7 games, plus one other permanent opponent. Then, the 4 division winners play a 2 game playoff for the SEC Title.

I realize there's an extra game when Bama's division meets UT's division, there could just roll one team that is in the same boat to them. It would work with the right formula.

Cane in Gatortail,

Florida's annual rival from the SEC West is LSU. The other teams are on a five-year rotation. Florida gets Alabama and Mississippi State this year.


First off you start with a premise that is evidence you have no idea what you are talking about, and are obviously too lazy to do the proper research. The Big 10 has a list of 15 schools they will consider; West Virginia and Louisville are not on that list. Furthermore, the Big Ten wants to come esat, and the drawing card is the NYC TV market. In response the ACC will want to come north looking for the NYC and Philadelphia TV markets. Start from there and you senario might have some legitimacy.

Jo, you are right about one thing - follow the money. However, you fail to recognize the fact that the $$ the B10 makes from athletics pales in comparison to the $$ coming from research grants awarded to its member institutions. The B10 was founded on academics and will continue to make that a priority. The fact that it also carries the biggest $$ impact doesn't hurt.

The funny thing is, you still haven't seen a single cane fan answer the question. All they can do is bash jo's blog, or question his knowledge. It's a simple question cane fans! WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THE CANES JOIN THE SEC???????????


The Big Ten was founded on athletics. As it pertains to football and money, conferences like the Big Ten and the SEC are business agreements between member schools that play football games against each other. I wasn't aware that individual institutions share research grants just because they're athletic teams are in the same conference. Is this the case? I don't think it is. If Ohio State receives a research grant for say aerospace engineering, it's not going to share that grant money with Purdue just because both schools are in the Big Ten. Am I wrong about this?


I'm thrilled that Big Ten readers are visiting the blog and I'm glad you provided your insight, but the point of the blog wasn't really to analyze the details of the Big Ten's expansion. It was more about how the expansion could affect football in the state of Florida.


Gator alum.. Canes fan here and Yes i would like to see them join the SEC. Us Canes all have conspiracy theories on why we get slighted.
fact is we got absolutely hosed in 2000 to not go play Da Okies. i think this had alot to do with our move to the ACC shortly there after.
Who knows how many millions losing out on that game cost the U.
They were trying to grab a little respectability. And thats what they got just a little. The SEC would bring more respect,and that matters.

Hey Gator Alum. If the SEC went to a 16 team conference, then I would love to see the Canes and Noles join the SEC.

I am a die hard HURRICANE FAN. Nothing would make me happier than to get to beat the Gayturds every year. Your run over the last few years was nice, but not even close to what the Canes have accomplished.

The funny thing is, you still haven't seen a single cane fan answer the question. All they can do is bash jo's blog, or question his knowledge. It's a simple question cane fans! WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THE CANES JOIN THE SEC???????????

Posted by: GatorAlum | April 09, 2010 at 03:11 PM

As long as we were in the same division as FSU/UF I'd be all for it. I think the point is rather moot given that UF has made it very clear that they do not want UM in the SEC.

The SEC was ready to admit UM back in 1949 but there was 1 vote against which prevented UM from joining. UM was not even considered for inclusion in the early 90's during SEC expansion, but FSU was. Once FSU started to court the ACC, the SEC denied that any formal talks of including FSU had even taken place.

To try and say that UM would not have the same NC record is laughable. Three of UM's 5 titles are of the "ordinary", last team standing type that constitute all three of UF's titles. While two of UM's, and 1 of FSU's titles are considered "Greatest Team of All Time" status. It's impossible to achieve that status without going undefeated. (UF has never gone undefeated.)

By that measure:

Sucks to be U(F)!

Go 'canes!

FINALLY, some legitimate answers from some Cane fans. Thinking the Canes still have the ability to beat the Gators every year, definitely made me laugh. Saying the Canes number of titles would be cut in half if they had been in the SEC is far from laughable. To think going undefeated playing in the Big Least is a great accomplishment and is the same as going undefeated in the SEC is about as laughable as it gets! So yes, I still firmly believe that those 5 titles would be cut in half at least, maybe more if they were in the SEC. Keep reaching sarasota, you're great at it.

To try and say that UM would not have the same NC record is laughable.

Your independent, Big East and ACC schedules are laughable. I'd love to change places with UM and play their schedule during the 80's 90's and 2000's.

Your 83 championship is suspect and your 91 "shared championship" is also suspect. Get off your high horse you ain't as good as you think.

Anyways how can the SEC include a team that gets 10,000 fans at homes games? I can see FSU getting consideration but not Miami.

Go undefeated in a football conference than start talking.

Re: SEC meeting in 1949 - I was there I know.

Also the only team in other professional sports that really won a title is the '72 dolphins because the went undefeated which I consider the greatest of all time too.

Rocky Marciano, undefeated Greatest Of All Time.
UCLA Basketball Greatest Of All Time.

Every Thursday for 68 consecutive years..meatloaf. 68-0

Go 'canes!

(good job counting...)

so your 'analysis' of how the big ten can expand is simply 3 different scenarios - which you went into great detail to describe even though they were all variations of a simple concept - with or without Notre Dame?

Nice one Donna! Pick one UF title that stacks up against UM's '87 or '01 team, then explain why. Not your "pull my finger, look over here, it never happened" argument. Give us a reason why ANY of UF's three titles stack up against those two UM teams. (Hint: You can't!)

P.S. I already acknowledged that UM had three less than stellar titles, I was just pointing out that UF has three as well.

Go 'canes!

spinning and living in the past

nice work

Go Lady 'canes

"I already acknowledged that UM had three less than stellar titles..."

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 09, 2010 at 04:48 PM

But dinosaur-man? Isn't 5 > 3???

stick to the flop U ancient has been

So we are arguing about what NATIONAL TITLE is more deserving. I am an ass clown for trying to come up with a more ambivalent topic...sorry.

I heard Gino Torretta, supposed "UM great" and Heisman winning cane on the radio today(560 the Rosenberg show). He is not liking UMs chances this year and seemed soured on Randy. He is a traitor like Jason Taylor.

Go 'canes!

Man, these Big Ten guys are crazy. What's so hard to understand about this not being a blog about the ins-and-outs of Big Ten expansion but how it might affect the SEC?


Nice one Donna! Pick one UF title that stacks up against UM's '87 or '01 team, then explain why.

Easy... '96 and '06, won the title playing the toughest schedule in the nation. UM has never even played a top 10 schedule that resulted in an NC.

Love my Turds but must weigh in here...
1.) no matter how we spin things, Miami has 5 NC's and have more of an impact on the face of college football...FACT
2.) Jo does decent stuff about half the time, but this one, and some of his replies within, are baseless and pure conjecture...spoken like a skateboarder disguised as a sports writer
3.) Miami has been a thorn in our side moreso than any other college football program, as much as it pains me to say that. I, for one, DO NOT look forward to the prospect of us playing them every year
4.) lastly, to Gator Alum, please look up the proper use of the words "do" and "due", which you obviously don't understand. It makes it appear that you're a Sante Fe CC Alum with an online completion from somewhere else.

Yuck...No thanks. Miami plays enough Southern yahoo schools as it is...............and, no I don't want to play Florida. I do not care if we every play Florida again in anything. The whole school is a bunch of arrogant, despicable ***holes, whether their team sucks or is good. There are a lot of other good teams I'd rather play. At least most other schools' fans aren't dirtbags.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 09, 2010 at 04:19 PM

good god your facts are so off base.

First off..FSU did not join the SEC because they refused to be placed in the SEC west, where the SEC wanted them

and I lol'd at your "UF made it very clear that they do not want Miami in the SEC" comment. You then tried to support this absurd comment with no basis by using an example from 1949!! An example that may or may not have even happened

no thanks. leaves out three-time A-10 champion and improving football powerhouse Temple, which will find a spot.

Here's the "1949" reference James and "D" Bag. I'm pretty sure the Florida Times Union is in Jacksonville, not Miami.


Just Google it James. It's not that hard to find information to counter all the nonsense that UF fans spew on here. Jo presented a scenario in an off-season blog to fill space. The fact is the SEC would never allow UM into their conference dating back to "at least" 1949.

UM's '87 schedule is one of the toughest I've ever seen. We played 4 SEC schools (UF was one of them!), ND, FSU, AND Oklahoma. I used t think his was the best UM team until Steve Walsh admitted that the 2001 team was far better. I'll take his word for it.

Southmiamigator, the '96 UF team lost to FSU ("The Choke at Doake") and the '06 UF team lost to Ole Miss AT HOME (Remember the 4th down "dive play" by Tebow to end that game?)! Congress held hearings to contest the way UF "Won" their '08 title!

UF did not play a single OOC game outside of the state of Florida in '96, and the one game they did play in state they lost.

How can you put up those two teams against the two UM teams that I put up? It is what it is.

If the SEC is so far and away superior to all of the other conferences, then why not just start your own league and just play each other for the SECNC?

Why is it all of the other SEC schools can find room in their schedules to play OOC "home and home" series games, but UF cannot?

What year did UF join the SEC? When did UF win their first SEC title?

At least TRY to debate the obvious.

Go 'canes!

you missed the point genius.

You are using something from 1949 as proof that uf is/would block miami from joining the sec



things have changed quite a bit since then don't you think?

additionally..what is the point of your 1949 vote? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe UF had other reasons for not wanting miami to join the sec 1949? hell, they were playing each other every year then anyway

the fact is you are off base in both your conclusions and insinuations about UM and SEC. You know nothing about what happened and why. your insinuation that UF was scared of miami goes out the window when you consider that miami and uf played annually for 40 years after that vote

you then completely made up crap the fsu/sec situation.

“We were willing to join the SEC as long as we didn’t have to play Alabama and Auburn in the same year, but the SEC declined.”

-Bobby bowden

L. A. Times, 9/20/90, section C9

sec wanted them in the west, fsu did not want to be in the west. simple as that

so you can keep posting your nonsense but with every factually incorrect post your credibility goes down the crapper more and more. Basically rendering anything you say as useless and troll crap

Why is it all of the other SEC schools can find room in their schedules to play OOC "home and home" series games, but UF cannot?


If the SEC is so far and away superior to all of the other conferences, then why not just start your own league and just play each other for the SECNC?

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 09, 2010 at 11:39 PM

The SEC I believe has been playing their own SECNC the last 4 years...certainly wasnt the ACC...

You're just another angry Gator James!

You guys have been saying for years that UM turned down a chance to join the SEC, I shw you it's not true, and now youre on some FSU rant! How about the other 10 topics that I brought up? You guys always "Cherry Pick" my posts to suit your fancy.

UM has a more storied football history than UF. It's not even debateable!

UF has a larger fan base and a more advanced gymnasium. That is lso not debateable!

I'll take the "legend" over the facilities!

Go 'canes!

angry about what? pointing out all the flaws in your comments does not make me angry at all. Clearly you are the one getting flustered as you can't even remember that it is YOU that brought up FSU. I was simply bringing "facts" to your comment about the SEC/FSU situation. Since you seem to struggle with facts so much...in your world perception = facts I guess.

UM and SEC were in discussions in the late 80's/early 90's. The problem was that Miami's President at the time and the head of the SEC at the time both clashed and did not like each other. It never got to the point of getting to a vote nor was miami ever officially offered. FSU was then approached

and then you go on with red herring after red herring. Nice work.

here is a hint. Don't post a bunch of nonsense filler in your posts and you wont open yourself up to the "cherry picking" you are whining about.

I didn't address your other comments because a subject "who schedule is harder" argument is not interesting to me.


getting back on topic

I don't think Miami, UF and FSU will ever agree to be in the same division. FSU and Miami refused to be in the same division in the ACC and no way will the sec get all 3 schools to agree to be together in the same division in the SEC. Two of the schools is feasible but there is not, imo.

Not in the bowl era anyhow. If we move to a playoff system then i think it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

It wouldn't make much sense to put miami in the west so FSU will have to accept going into the west. That is a dangerous proposition for FSU because they compete with Bama and Auburn a lot for recruits. This is why they didn't want to join the west originally.

imo this is what should happen in the hypothetical

Move kentucky to the west. Bring in miami, GT or VT and clemson to the east


Ole Miss

ugh I forgot to add Tenn in the east and Auburn in the west

James, Those are some solid posts, my friend. Thanks for the input and knowledge. Inviting Clemson or Ga. Tech would likely raise some of the same issues from Georgia and South Carolina as possibly adding FSU and Miami. In my opinion, there are plenty of recruits to go around, especially in this state. Also, Bobby Bowden is now gone, so maybe FSU's attitude changes. Back in 1949, the NCAA had no restrictions on scholarships. The 85 scholarship limit levels the playing field, especially for schools like Clemson. Clemson has a big budget and a large following and can afford to recruit nationally. Georgia Tech used to be in the SEC.

Gator Bait,

Your insults are always welcomed here, my friend. Good call on the skateboarder reference although I prefer surfing in my old age. As they say in the business, if they agree with you half the time and hate you the other half, then you're doing your job. Must step away now so I can go eat my cheese grits.


Jo -

Both cheese grits and skateboarder seem to suit you just fine. Oh, and might I add 'homer' to that as well. Try and stay objective my friend. Believe it or not, this is part of your job description.

James my friend, sara has been posting his mis-informed half truths and inuendo for so long, I think he even believes half of them. As the chief apologist for Da' Was, we read his posts and laugh.

Everyone knows that the SEC Championship game has been the de-facto NC game for the past 4 years. The ACC has been on the outside looking in for so long they could only hope to be in the same league as the SEC.

The last 4 years...WOW. You must be a 'climate change expert' for the Gore team right? I mean 4 years is historically significant in the scheme of college football, yes? You immense fool. You're as shameful as those geeks that try to disuade the rest of us by arbitrarily snipping and cutting out small periods of time to support your baseless arguments. Get a life...the rest of us are laughing at your ignorance.

Gator Bait, why don't you change your name to Cane fan, because you are not fooling anyone. Oh no, I used "do" instead of "due".....God forbid anyone makes a simple mistake, because Gator Bait the grammer police will be there to correct you. By the way, this is the "GATOR" forum right, so Jo doesn't need to stay objective at all loser! Please show me where the Cane forum is objective at all, which is where you belong! At least be a man and change your name to reflect who you really are.

Sarasota is completely incapable of staying on any topic. The instant you nail him he moves onto something else and restarts the innuendo and half truth. I applaude your patience with him James but you are wasting your time with this guy dude. He lives in a fishbowl.

Jo, I agree that clemson/GT could prevent problems with USCe and UGA maybe not wanting them in. I do however think both those schools are more feasible than Texas and TAMU (although the sec would LOVE to have both those schools).

As you mentioned, GT was in the SEC once before so maybe UGA wouldn't complain about it if offered again.

I do think FSU would be willing to into the sec west this go around. The money is simply too great to pass up.

Clemson has some natural rivalries in the sec and they are the most sec-like school currently not in the SEC. If the sec were to expand i feel clemson is the first school that will be offered. USCe may complain but how much weight do they have to throw around? SEC could easily lean on USCe to vote along the party line

I also think VT or maybe even WVU would be attractive to the SEC but it will open up some new TV markets

I'll take the "legend" over the facilities!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | April 10, 2010 at 12:11 AM

Sometimes you really don't pay any attention to the nonsense U throw out there do you small brain?

It's easy to see how that legend is helping your recruiting, coaching hires, fan base, and competitiveness in a real conference.


Don't the forget the 90's and 2000's you cerebral infant....THAT'S the stuff legends are made of...not 4 year cut & paste periods like most of my half baked fellow fans.



Seven consecutive years of legendary sukkkkkking

(2010 won't be any better dinosaur guy)

joined a mildly competitive conference and ALL of it went straight out the window.

Posted by: Gator Bait | April 10, 2010 at 11:09 AM

clearly you are a UM fan. Don't really understand why you would post on a UF board under a UF oriented name only to do a piss poor job of hiding your allegiance. However, my experience with women has taught me to stop trying to figure out crazy people so I won't put much more thought into your reasoning.

There is some irony in you, a cane fan, telling fans of another program to stop with the "cut & paste periods". I don't know what reality you live in but the canes had frames of dominance sandwiched between off years as well.

The program in the state with longest run of dominance was FSU..not Miami. FSU absolutely owned the 90's..from the beginning of the decade to the end. No other program in the state owned a straight 10 year period like FSU did.

And once again, James smacks U upside your delusional head.

ready....set.....SPIN !

tell me how great U were in 03. 11-2

Just remember when you're running your myopic pie hole about your great 11-2 season that U have shouted no less than 100 times that UF's 09 season at 13-1 was a disaster.

ready......set......EMBARRASS U SELF


Guess what that is ignorant cane fan?

That U would even MENTION the 2000's as "legendary" for the canes further demonstrates your immense ignorance. 01 team was special. Aside from that there has been a whole lot of crapping in your own bed.

37-26 is your OVERALL record since joining a conference that forces you to play schedule that provides challenges that you never before faced. U aint in Kansas anymore has-been

FSU 1990-2000

10 straight 10 win seasons and top 5 finishes
ACC champs 9 times
2 heisman winners
2 NC's

Miami in the early 90's = cheaters.
The pell grant fraud dated back the late 80's. There was also the pay for play with uncle luke, also dating back to the 80's.

The 2nd half of the 90s was miami paying for those transgressions

Miami's dominance was in the 80's and a very brief period in the early part of the 00's. The 80's dominance was not as good or as long as FSU's. Miami had some off years mixed in (beginning part of the decade and an off year here or there - like the 8 win 1984 campaign), something FSU did not have during their run. Hell, FSU's run actually stretched into the late 80's and is technically a 14 year run..making it even more impressive. Painful to admit but it was an incredible run they had.

UF by comparison in the 90s had 6 sec titles, 8 seasons of at least 10 wins, 1 NC, 1 Heisman

overall more impressive than Miami in the 90's but not as impressive as FSU

James - my experience with moronic fools is that they should be sedated or put into straight jackets...you appear to qualify for both. Just because I choose to respect UM and FSU as not only worthy rivals but 2 teams with superior history to ours doesn't make me any less a Turds fan. You and your other little under the bleacher runts take a break from posting because the dribble is really, really boring. At midnight, on a Friday no less, you're on here writing 7, 8 critically flawed post in a row...how F'd up is that? Go drink a beer and view those videos of small children you've stored...anything but this blather of nonsense please.

critically flawed posts? easy to say, hard to prove i guess?

UM has 5; UF has 3; FSU has 2...now follow me here...5>3>2

Rankings: UM #1; UF #2; FSU #3...got it? After all, like Herm Edwards says, "you play to win the championship fool"...all the rest is window dressing. Are you still with me (you're eyes are glazed over)?

Forget the 2x4, you got hit upside the head with a sledge hammer!

the insults are cute, btw. Shows where you are in the discussion. Not only can you not point out the "critical flaws" you resort to childish insults.

5>3...can you DISPROVE that Jimmy?



Thought so...

um could compete with Kentucky and Vanderbilt on a yearly basis. Parity at its finest.

Go Gators

Have to agree. FSU had an awesome run.

Go Gators


BAM...popped in the mouth

Don't stand up fool cuz I'll bring out the head-to-head or total NC's on you and flatten your flimsy crap again...your call.

what is there to disprove?

I cannot fix your reading comprehension problems. At no point am I dismissing Miami's success nor am I disrespecting it.

I am however pointing out the irony and hypocrisy of a cane fan coming into a UF blog and screaming "cut and paste history"

It shouldn't be hard to follow along with a discussion you initiated..but your insults and red herrings proves otherwise

"But I had to play Miami"...epitath on Bowden's tombstone....HIS quote. Go back and ask one of the greatest coaches of all time, who played Turds and Canes year in and year out, who he thinks was his greatest opponent. That's right lizard head, MIAMI. THE greatest dynasty EVER in the history of college football.

There you go again. With every post you prove more and more how bad your reading comprehension skills are.

Nothing you have posted has a single thing with anything I wrote.

But please, continue

Everyone knows that the SEC Championship game has been the de-facto NC game for the past 4 years. The ACC has been on the outside looking in for so long they could only hope to be in the same league as the SEC.

Posted by: Da' Was (formerly Da' U) | April 10, 2010 at 08:35 AM


Here it is Jimmy...YOUR boy on the cut & paste forefront. I was merely editorializing his idiocy.

how is that proof of "cut & paste" history?

The post is very specific in that he says "the past 4 years"

He is also accurate that the acc has been on the outside looking in for a long time. They are 2-10 in the BCS bowl games..which, to many, 11/12 years can qualify as a long time.

You are reaching

Posted by: Gator Bait | April 10, 2010 at 12:24 PM

dude U need to go to the back of the class. You have been bytchslapped beyond description in this thread. It's typical U fan. When U get dismantled U start yelling "FIVE!"

Of course it had NOTHING to do with the conversation U started.

Any fan of ANY team would read the above exchange and quickly see what a tool the UM fan is in this "argument."

U look very immature at this point.

You're just another angry Gator James!
Posted by: Sarasota 'cane

Angry? He calmly and succinctly presented facts that show that you are nothing short of a complete tool.

Go put your camouflage gear on and watch your Nebraska video chump

The University of Miami has also experienced some degree of controversies, scandals and incidents which at times have led to NCAA sanctions, suspensions, and negative publicity for the university. These include a situation in 1978 where three players threw a man into a lake precipitating the resignation of coach Lou Saban,[29] the 1991 Cotton Bowl Classic unsportsman like conduct giving rise to the so-called "Miami Rule," the 1995 Pell Grant scandal,[66] and the 2005 "7th Floor Crew" rap music video,

The above is a nice way of explaining that U CHEAT...juice heads

Good stuff, maybe FSU but i cant see the U in the SEC. The fans are too wannabe thug and have a history of unsportsmanlike character. I saw the documentary; UM would tarnish the SEC and then the Big 10 or 16 or w/e would really be the biggest in the land

How can you tarnish Charlie Pell?


Unsporstmanlike conduct? I resemble that remark!

Did we have a documentary? If not, I'm going to rip somebody's eyes out...

Don't the forget the 90's and 2000's you cerebral infant....THAT'S the stuff legends are made of...not 4 year cut & paste periods like most of my half baked fellow fans.

...and who can forget the recruiting violations that built that '83 team (did you U play for a bowl in '81?)!

What would you expect from a loser cane fan...dancing on Charlie Pell's grave?? That won't buy you any wins in 2010 and still doesn't rationalize 9-4 in 2009.

Time for a legit comment.

I would think the SEC would benefit more from adding East Carolina - to get into the NC TV market - and Miami - for South Florida. ECU is a football school, good fans, and the SEC gets no love in NC.

Leave FSU out.

That would take away All Of U_Felons excuses to play UM(NFL U) on a semi regular basis.The one day Urban would sound Just like Bobby, "Well at least I played Miami". And to all you morons that say UM won undefeated to nc's being in the big east as an easy conference , Look to see all the TOP 5 teams we played in those years(including the NC years with 1 loss)OUT OF CONFERENCE? Crickets??Crickets?? And Half of those teams in the big east were not Gauranteed wins. Unlike the seceast. Now thats a gauranteed run for the gators.If logic would come from your fingers instead of^#$# then YA'LL can loose that Trailer park thing yall have been carrying around since the sec was formed.OH! and go back and get your GED.

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