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Tebow impresses media during first practice with the Broncos, completes 21 of 22 passes

TebowBroncos (Photograph by Craig F. Walker of the Denver Post) 

GAINESVILLE -- Have you ordered your officially licensed Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey? If you haven't, then you're apparently in the minority. CLICK ME!

Tebow donned his No.15 Denver Broncos jersey for the first time in practice on Friday at the Broncos' headquarters in Englewood, Colo. Members of the media were allowed to watch a portion of the Broncos' first rookie minicamp. Tebow reportedly completed 21 of 22 passes. The one incompletion was a drop. According to a report by the Associated Press, Tebow's throws were "tight and compact."



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AND SO IT ENDS... u know hes got dem big ass legs, but he doesnt know how to run. WOBBLY LEGS

"he doesn't know how to run"

Was you born stupid, or did you just grow into it.

a little bit of both. How about yourself, good sir?

There was no one rushing him....relax before you become a Bronco fan....

Practice?? You talkin bout Practice!!

Yes were talkin about practice, just like you!

Just a heads up here. I'm off to the Panhandle for some environmental coverage. Will try to keep the blog current if any news breaks. Behave yourselves while I'm away.


Let's see if he can check into hot routes, call for max protect, look off safeties....

Can he even take a snap from under center?

wow, mr 4 teams, you know so much about football and are totally cool and awesome.

has any1 seen ESPN footage on teabags 21 4 22 performance??? it was him & some receivers & some coaches. its like takin battin practice b4 a game, easy 2 hit a softball thrown by 65 year-old man, not so easy when it becomes real.
& besides, u all spendin alot of time on an ex-GAYtor.
& isnt that in the past?
& 4 ex-canes on the Patriots with 2 of them pro-bowlers, so who's the farm team 4 New England??

So are you saying it was like when they beat miami 26-3 ? Tebow threw for 256 yards and 2 touchdown and rushed for another 55 against the miami hurricanes that got down graded to the tropical depressions!

Yeah, but ______ (insert usual excuses here). AND we got 30/30.

Good luck Tebow! I know you will be great.

In my sequel to Da U, I am focusing on the UM's time in the ACC and the confernence championships they won. It's called Less Then Zero.

denver runs a spread system heavily influenced by urban meyer's system. McDaniel and Meyer share a lot of the same concepts.

Denver was in the shotgun almost 70% of their snaps last year.

Watching Miami suck has been more fun than hitting the women's prison with a fistful of pardons......

P.S. And learn how to spell.....

Let's get back to the real MEAT of this article - "tight and compact".

I used to have a girlfriend just like that.

Can't run?! Wow... Anyway good stuff for Tebow... Good thing I'm moving to Denver !!!

dam, whoever thinks Tebow can run is extremely disillusioned with Tebow mania. Take a look at how he runs and then look at any return man/ sprinter like walter dix, devin hester, jeff demps

The movie 'men who stare at goats' a show about life on the GAYniesville campus is in the top 5 rentals..

Posted by: emilio | May 01, 2010 at 12:43 PM

he is 6'3'' 240 lbs...you expect him to run like demps and hester...wtf?

He runs extremely well for a guy his size.

Wow at your comment


Had no idea what a piece of crap 30 for 30 is

hey Lufor, u don't gots to hide no mo.

I like the end of 30 for 30

@james. How many tight ends and linebackers that are his size, if not larger than that, run better than him. As a matter of fact, brandon jacobs stands in at 6'4" 264 and he most definitely knows how to run.

dam, whoever thinks Tebow can run is extremely disillusioned with Tebow mania. Take a look at how he runs and then look at any return man/ sprinter like walter dix, devin hester, jeff demps

Posted by: emilio | May 01, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Regardless of your dumb angle, your usage is terrible. Go look up "disillusioned" dumb ass.

im hurting. oh the pain

U goofballs have a short memory. Your apathetic fan base was blasting the program after Clemson, after Butch , after Wake, after Beamer(the ball was wet though), after that thorough Whiskey pummeling.

The majority of cane tards called for wholesale changes. Of course there are a few delusional clowns with their head in the sand.

Ur still way short on depth. Ur still light in the pants. U still have an unsigned lame duck coach who can't recruit at all. Ur still years away from being on the top tier.

2010 (Randy's year... Laughable) will be more of the same Underachieving crap from UM football.

Love how these delusional Turds think this clown is actually going to throw a pass to ANYONE in a REAL game other that the HS kid with the Gaytoraid on the sideline. They'll let him in to a couple of preseason games to sell more jerseys to pathetic clowns like you, but when 'live action' commences this joker will be relegated to his REAL job...carrying water, charting plays and clapping for the REAL players. You're too dense to see that though, aren't you? Let me hold up some fingers and you tell me how many NATIONAL championships you have....no, that's not 5, it's 3 you clowns. To get the full 5 you gotta go Canes fool.

What ever happen to Florida schools against the entire country? Canes, Gators, and Seminoles against the entire country! The state of Florida football is the best!!!! Texas, Ohio, Alabama, and Calfornia the state of Florida is coming back strong!

Come on james back to reality, you said Denver was in shotgun 70% of the time and they run a spread?? Influenced by Urban?? Yes moron NFL coaches are watching Meyer and his gimmicks and copying his offense, lmao. If he cant do the pocket he better see in Florida credit union is done with Danny.
See even in gatornations paper

Look at this cane dolt. Your team has stunk it up for a very long time now. there is nothing to sugget that that is changing. you will continue to stink since you are broke and without leadership or commitment. please continue to spend your days and nights trying to insult the university of florida football program. all you do is prove how insecure and helpless you are. You are an afterthought in the world of college football. your a great story but that is all. nobody, especially recruits care about what you used to do. The recruits tell the whole story. You come to this blog and spend your entire day trying to personally insult everyone here. It shows how insecure you are when you personally attack anonymous people. You have some serious voids in your life bro. keep posting.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2010/05/florida-gators-coaches-live-in-murky-recruiting-gray-area-during-evaluation-period.html#comments#ixzz0mzn6STqJ

DUDE this guy James need to be insulted he is a typical moron fan of any football team, Denver was not in the shotgun hardly at all last year, they have always been a running team. they drafted Knowshon Moreno out of Georgia, remember him. Denvers own coach says he will have to learn the pocket or wont play!!

gaytor fans suck, i live in gainesville so probably know more than U. also know current and former players well. I know ballers cuz i was one. i talk smack about Timmy and it doesnt bother them, Cuz they talk smack back it all fun. Now run and tell Urbie i was puttin down Timmy i have a minute extra to kick his ass.

this is why U suck, tebow is a tool, Just like the song says, we aint sayin you suck at football, you suck at life
get over it its ova!!

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