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Tim Tebow Q & A

GAINESVILLE -- Stuff Tim Tebow said on Thursday night ... And, oh, by the way, bet the good folks at Nike got a real kick on Thursday night out of seeing the first images of Tebow as a drafted player wearing ... a Reebok hat! Love it.

TebowReebok Did he know the Broncos were going to draft him?

"It all started at the combine. I had an opportunity to do an interview with their staff and I left thinking ‘Gosh I love those guys, I love Coach McDaniels. He's so passionate, he loves football.'

[We interrupt this quote with an important message: Tim Tebow loves Reebok like Josh McDaniels loves football. Just look at the hat! Go buy a pair of Tim Tebow Reeboks and donate your Nikes! Now, back to the quote ... ]

After that they didn't come to the Pro day and I didn't hear from them and I thought, ‘Man, are they not interested?' But then at the end they called me up and so I came up and I did a work out for them and I thought that went really good and we thought they liked me and were very straightforward the whole time and said that they were interested in me. So we prepared as thought I was their draft pick. So we had the hats ready and when Coach McDaniels called we pulled them out and we're wearing our pride right now."

How did he deal with the criticism?

"A lot of people said it was going to be a hard process or a long process and that it was going to be very frustrating for me but I loved it and I enjoyed the working process. All the critics and negativity only pushed me that much more and made me work that much harder and made me better. I think that was a positive thing for me, to be honest with you. I believed in myself and the people that were around me and supporting me. I thank my quarterback coaches for the work that they put in and trying to constantly get better. Not only get better but show that I was coachable, to be humble and learn to do what someone says and I think that is something that I tried to show and I think I showed that to Coach McDaniels and the staff there."

How long will it take for him to be a starter?

"I have no idea. That's not even something that I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about just going in there and learning the offense, competing, working hard and just being the first one in and the last one to leave. And showing them that I love this, I love what I do and thank you so much for taking me and I'm not going to let you down."

What number will he wear?

"To be honest, I will wear whatever number they want me to wear. If that's 15, I'll wear 15. If that's 95, I'll wear 95. I don't really care, just as long as I can wear a Denver Broncos jersey. That's my approach and my attitude."

How much does he love Denver Coach Josh McDaniels?

"I definitely want to repay Coach McDaniels for the faith he showed in me. I want to be a great quarterback, I want to pursue that. I've wanted to be a quarterback in the NFL for a great many years. That's my goal and has been my goal since I was 6 years old. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. I'm thankful to Coach McDaniels for having the strength and the voice in me, to choose me and to believe in me. I'm just thankful for that and obviously I do, for the next few years, repay him for what he did for me and believing in me. Just like it was when I was at Florida, my biggest thrill was doing things for Coach Meyer, winning championships and being able to help him. That's going to be my greatest joy in Denver is going to be to repay Coach McDaniels for believing in me. That's something that's always been very important to me, is my relationship with coaches. Our connection means more to me than anything else."

How will he balance his off-the-field commitments and football?

"I want to do a lot because I honestly feel that that is more important than playing football. Being able to make a difference and put smiles on kids' faces. I'm excited about the opportunity but I probably won't do that much right now because this whole summer I'm going to be in the film room and in the meeting room, learning, working and grinding. I'll probably start that after my rookie year. I do have my foundation up and running, the good thing about that is that my brother and other members of my family can really help out and run that while I get to working on football."



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This just in, josh mcdaniels is tellin denver newspapers that they were draftin for a specific need and that it was worth takin a baby jesus/fullback/tight-end/wildcat type QB in the 1st round 'cuse thier team chaplain just retired and that position is open..

What happened to
brandon 'eye gouger' spikes,
carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap,
aaron 'u mean u gotta block in the NFL' hernandez,
major 'toast' wright.
all possible 1st rounders all fallin like a rock.
more GAtor failures at the next level.
maybe urbin should try coachin these kids into how to become men instead of just paddin his resume (he had 4 years to help timmy with his throwin motion, nothin. he had 4 years to help aaron with his blockin, nothin. he had 4 years to help carlos with his drinkin problem, nothin.) .

And the haters continue to hate on...Sad-really sad.Happy for the three(3) first round Gators- that ties a school record.And your school?

silent night

"Holey" night

all is calm

all is right

tender canetard so quiet and light

sleep in heavenly peace

sleep in heavenly peace

Tried to sleep in this morning but was shaken from my sleep from the collective racket of Tebow-haters choking on crow.

What a bunch of tools! Don't bother watchin' the draft guys, time to curl up with your blankeys and watch 30/30 over and over this weekend. LOL

I had my best years under McDaniels. Tebow will be fine.

Top three elite Florida programs: UF, FSU, and USF. Go Bulls!

2009 results:

38 - 34 win @ FSU

31 - 10 win @ USF

UF dident want to play

So how many canes got drafted last night?

What U say? The same number that Randy has ACC titles?




Are tickets still available for SATURDAYS Jimmy Graham Draft Watch Party?


2. What is Josh McDaniels doing? Tebow might be the most interesting selection of Day 1, but why Denver? After going 2-8 down the stretch in 2009, a bad start to the 2010 season (and a losing season) could put McDaniels' job in jeopardy. McDaniels inherited an offense in Denver that didn't need a lot of change. QB Jay Cutler was coming off a 4,500-yard season in 2008, and Brandon Marshall was a 100-catch receiver. Like Quinn, whom McDaniels picked up for virtually nothing, Tebow is a developmental quarterback. The question facing the Broncos' organization is whether McDaniels can earn enough time to succeed with developmental quarterbacks. Current Denver starter Kyle Orton may just have this year left at quarterback under these circumstances. McDaniels put together an old defense in his first year on the job, and it faded down the stretch. He's had to redo his defensive line and make upgrades at linebacker during this offseason. I'm not sure the Broncos have the luxury of developing Tebow under these circumstances.

If Tebow becomes a standout quarterback under McDaniels’ tutelage, both will have long, wonderful careers in Denver. If Tebow fails to become mechanically sound and an acceptable NFL passer, he’ll begin his missionary life earlier than he had hoped and McDaniels will be the guy who was run out of Denver after making one too many risky moves.

Just clearing my throat here [gruugh], but Tebow was selected in the first round ... as predicted by the guy who writes this blog. Oh, yeah! Tebowmania has taken over the country today (not that this is a new thing). Every newspaper has a Tebow headline. Every talk radio is yapping about Tebow and the Broncos. Like I wrote in my lead in this morning's Miami Herald: Get ready, Denver. The Tim Tebow phenonemon is coming to the Rockies.

Did anyone get a chance to hear Mel Kiper or Todd McShay talk about the Tebow pick? I was listening to the NFL Network's coverage on the computer at the time. (The good Organ-ess kicked me off the TV last night. Well, that's not entirely true. I let her have it.) If anyone could relay what Kiper and McShay said about the Tebow pick that would be much appreciated.


When you trade your Franchise Quarterback,Your All-World Wide-out. And you Draft a "project" in the first round. I wonder how are you going to win games without any players? How do I get a job being a "Liabilty" to an Organization? Last time I checked I get compensated for "Results not effort" You have destoyed my beloved Broncos. Please leave now! Belecheat Jr.! Rick C

richard c
Joined: Sep 22
Points: 300 Permanent link to this commentrichard c (aka ) | 8:52 AM on Friday Apr 23

Can we get Tim to cool it with the biblical verses in greasepaint under each eye? It's his preaching, not his playing, that leaves me cold.

John F
Joined: May 16
Points: 32354 Permanent link to this commentJohn F (aka ) | 8:40 AM on Friday Apr 23

Why? This is worse than last year's passing on Brian Arakpo for Robert Ayers. Better yet, passing on Beanie Wells for Knowshawn Moreno. Mr. Bowlen, do the team's fan base a favor and fire McDaniels. So now the Broncos have Orton, Quinn, and Tebow. If you have these three QB's you really have no QB's. Somewhere Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler are laughing. Here's a thought. since the defense wilted like a tulip the second half of last season, how about drafting some defensive players.

by Steven in Greeley on Yesterday, 7:21 pm

Well, I enjoyed my years as a Broncos fan. I'll have a lot more free time on Sunday afternoons now.

You Denver fans are being pretty harsh today. Don't you guys get it? Never bet against Tebow. Be happy you have Tebow. Tebow will change the culture in the Denver Broncos organization and NFL football will not be the same in your city. That's a guarantee. If for nothing else, that's reason alone to draft the guy in the first round, in my opinion. What's better: One guy who works hard or one guy who makes everyone else work as hard as him?


I thought Denver was going to take an OL when they moved back up into the 1st, as they have a need there (and major needs on D too) and not really QB. At least Tim;s got to be psyched that he is closer to Focus on the Family now. LOL

BTW, I don't hear Haden, Pouncey, Harvin, etc., complaining about Meyer not getting them ready for the next level. How about the UM QBs of the past decade at the NFL level? Dorsey, Berlin, Kelly, etc. You guys are still living in the 80s as you always will be. LOL!!!!!

After a double-digit run in the first round that ended just 2 years ago, not to mention a couple first round prospects next year....Gators have nothing to say.

This isn't the first time gators had first rounders, where did the end up??

Did u see Tom Jackson's reaction to the Tebow pick?!

They had to cut his mic!


You can't lead when you don't play.

Top first round moments:

1. Tebow's metro fashion show at his house
2. Pouncy twins pop kiss
3. Pouncy twins throwing up gang signs and flashing neckpiece.


So, your DYNASTY produced a school record 3 first rounders?? Congrats....

"Hurricanes hold the record for
- most players selected in the first round in a single draft (6, in 2004)
- most first-round draft picks in a two-year period (11, from 2003 to 2004)
- most first-round draft picks in a three-year period (15, from 2002 through 2004)
-most first-round picks in a four-year period (19, from 2001 through 2004)

For a 14 year period, from 1994 through 2008, Miami has had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft."

2001: 4 > 3
2002: 4 > 3
2003: 5 > 3
2004: 6 > 3

Congrats on your school record!

Tom Jackson really said that?


"On ESPN last night, former Denver Bronco Tom Jackson argued that Tebow could only lead in the locker room if he gets on the field, and he wasn't sure that would happen very often given his highly suspect passing acumen. "

google it. Might be a good follow up story

"ESPN analyst Tom Jackson didn’t seem pleased about Tim Tebow being drafted by his former football team, the Denver Broncos, in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night.

During the post draft wrap-up portion of the ESPN broadcast, Tom Jackson was asked about his thoughts on the former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow headed to Denver and he had this to say.

“I’m a little surprised,” Tom Jackson said. He later added, “I’m sure he’ll be good for the locker room, but in order to lead you have to play.” "


a smart Gator fan wouldve hoped that Tebow be selected at 2-3 round (as he should) to avoid stereotypical Gator labels like:


how those 3 first rounders looking now!??

by toeknee475 on Yesterday, 7:17 pm

They gave up a 2, 3 and a 4 for that?

Posted by: Big Slap Shot Bob | April 23, 2010 at 11:38 AM


3 > 1 HTH

neversummer on Yesterday, 7:22 pm

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........Okay I will wake up and it will only be thursday morning and the draft will happen tonight.

Here's an interesting Tebow stat I just dug up. The coldest weather Tebow played in during his college career was 50 degrees in Nashville, Tenn., in 2008. Today's low in Denver: 32. Of course, Tebow accounted for five touchdowns against Vandy that night. Tebow's second coldest game? 2007 at South Carolina when he essential won the Heisman: 304 yards passing, 32 attempts, 22 completions, 3 touchdowns, 1 intercpetion, 120 yards rushing, 26 carries, five touchdowns.


by formerfan on Yesterday, 7:25 pm

I'm glad Joshie drafted Tebow...it will ensure his demise and Denver can be rid of him. Tebow? He'll never make it in the NFL.

This pick says all you need to know about Joshie.

The only question is will Joshie last one or two more years in Denver before he's run out of town.

by bronco79 on Yesterday, 7:25 pm

I think McDaniels is purposely trying to ruin the Broncos so he can go back to the Pats after he gets fired. This makes no sense whatsoever! We gave up 3 picks to get this guy! Why did we bring in Bray Quinn? He at least ran a pro style offense and has somewhat of an arm. We have serious needs at oline and defense and he picks a QB who might not ever see the field for years. I'm sorry, I just don't like this whatsoever!

Posted by: Boy wonder | April 23, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Yeah...let's bash the guy you said wouldn't be drafted in the first round which is higher the Jacory would ever be drafted. The Gators are on your mind 24/7.

by 300Paul on Yesterday, 7:28 pm

This is a joke, he'll never start and will usher in the exit of McDaniels. Two more years and 'Daniels is gone. Brandstater starts before this joke. Picked far too high for a reach, Tommy Maddox STILL has a better chance to start for the Broncos before Tebow if we want to win. Al Davis is laughing in his Iron Lung.

by ajinlakewood on Yesterday, 7:29 pm

That fills a big need, must have needed someone to lead the prayer circle in the locker room.

A Prayer, it's all the Broncos have for next season.

by John in denver on Yesterday, 7:29 pm

Hey Tebow! how about you Focus less on other peoples families and spend more time on your mediocre game!

Posted by: Coached Up | April 23, 2010 at 01:35 PM

Posted by John in Denver? I thought he was dead?

Posted by: Ancient history | April 23, 2010 at 01:11 PM

I don't need to bash Tebow.

How many ACC titles did Jimmy 3rd round Graham win again?

by NWBroncsFan on Yesterday, 7:30 pm

I haven't much liked the McDaniel's regime but haven't said much. Pretty neutral really.

Not anymore. I think the pick of Tebow is one of the worst picks in Broncos history, right up there with Ted Gregory in the list of all time bad.

If I weren't an atheist I would pray Woody is right and Tebow might be the next Steve Young, however I think I am just going to settle for sick to my stomach and waiting for McDaniels to leave while faithfully cheering on my Broncos and being disgusted with the coach and his tenure.

2009 results:

38 - 34 win @ FSU

31 - 10 win @ USF

UF dident want to play

Posted by: Thanks for playin | April 23, 2010 at 10:04 AM

Canes 2009: 9-4 LOL

All these Denver fans suddenly show up on a Gator blog....also doubling as the 'Bama fans that showed up last December. Nice try canes. Go back to TOOL town where yo' Momma birthed ya'.

by easy on Yesterday, 7:32 pm

Typical responses from fans of a team who just went through dealing with someone like Marshall. Just b/c this kid is squeaky clean doesn't mean jack s--- on the field. PLEASE CONTINUE THROWING THE BALL TEBOW. Everyone in the AFC West wins - except Denver.

Hilarious pick.

Not even Denver wanted Tebow.

This is gonna BLOW UP

Posted by: Madd Hatter | April 23, 2010 at 02:06 PM

Trick's on you!

Posted by: Madd Hatter | April 23, 2010 at 02:06 PM

You should become A private dick!

by broncoschamp24 on Yesterday, 7:36 pm

F'ING TERRIBLE PICK!! TERRIBLE....Fire this McIdiot NOW!!! McDummy you are a joke bud, a pitful coach and the WORST GM EVER!!! EVER

Tool town! Awesome!

Posted by: Rockie Mountain Meltdown | April 23, 2010 at 02:22 PM

Nice life you got going on. How pathetic are you to go on the Denver Post's blogs to copy and paste on the Tebow(1st rnd QB) insults on the Gator blog when you are a cane fan?? Shouldn't you be blowing er...ballons for the big cane draft watch party tomorrow?


Da Was,Da Was, Da Was is on F-I-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


Posted by: Copy and Paste King | April 23, 2010 at 02:51 PM

Shoulden't you be in the shallow end?

by champdailey24 on Yesterday, 7:36 pm

We need another tight end but this is a stretch

Inquiring about inquiring minds -- spell check helps with misspellings and contractions.

Shoulden't you be in the shallow end?

Posted by: Inquiering minds want to know | April 23, 2010 at 03:05 PM

Why? Is the cane draft watch partty tomorrow at pool?

You really are a douche.

Graham > Hernandez


Good fit for Tebow because he goes in no higher than 3rd of the depth chart - there is no pressure on him to play at all.

I agree with other posts that its funny how Cane fans morph into Bama fans, Bronco fans, etc. on this blog. Trust me Denver fans aren't searching out the Miami Herald UF blog to talk about Tebow.

To be fair, Jo, Reebok has the exclusive NFL contract, there are no Nike Denver Broncos hats or apparel as far as I know.

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