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Timmy lands video-game cover


GAINESVILLE -- No shocker here. Congrats, Tim. Here's a link to a great Q & A with Tim about the game and other stuff. LINK!



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Dumb move, Even gator fans know everybody that isnt a gator fan is sick of him and wouldnt buy anything with him on it. Alot of people like him but alot hate him.
Shoulda been Ingram, you know the trophy winner, ring winner, perfect season with a ring winner?
pUFf pieces,

who cares thats in the past, accordin 2 most of the meth heads that post on this blog..
The GAtor mantra, 'we don't care what ex-GAtors do, 'we don't care about the past, we only care about the now.

it cant be ingram becuase he's still in college.....good one

I think it was a good choice. Not a fan of the Gator's but who is more recognizable in College Football than him.

Can you re-set the season if you throw too many picks?

Canes are like an old punched out boxer. Talk about how good they were in the past but keep getting knocked out every time they go at it in the present.

music city bowl is calling your name....

If its in the game its in the game right??
5 million people will buy this game to spank UF and get Timmy to cry. LMFAO!!

sniff sniff

you mean knocked out like Timmy was or just busted up like Dan Morgan did to
Alex "just got cut" Brown

My friend has an advanced copy of the game and he says that if you blitz the Canes with a 5'8", 165lb cornerback, any hit on Jacory Harris will break him into two pieces. Luther Campbell drives the ambulance onto the field but its too late.

Wow, I just laughed so hard. Bringing the heat from So Cal!


2010 bcs champ Canes lol

Now that is funny....

Cane clown you can't even win a basketball conference how are you going to sniff a bcs bowl? you might arrange it so the team can actually sniff the tiolet bowels after a bcs game but you won't be playing in it.

You had two mickey mouse one point wins last year. You beat the sooners and their BACK UP qb by one point and you beat football powerhouse wake forest by 1 point. You are really a 7-6 team.

Did you finally clean out all the cheese wisconsin stuck up your ......

Woa...how about the Canes bringing the hammer to Jo and the Turds deep from So Cal?!?!

PS - is that cover photo of Timmy when he was yelling at the team when they were getting their arses handed to them by Bama? I remember seeing half the team behind him either snickering or rolling their eyes. The rest wanted to deck the punk for showmanship.

Posted by: One & done is the new Turd mantra | April 08, 2010 at 06:33 PM

Jacory was doing the same thing but no one noticed because the game was in December in frigid ass Orlando when Wisconsin was layin the wood to "the young" canes.

What's U r excuse this year when U start off 1-4?

Although when he leaves UM, Jacory Harris will be on the cover of Grand PIC Auto INT12: The Ballad of Gay Jacory so there's that.

Canes starting 1-4 has the same probability as Turds winning NC....ZERO. But you dream on loser and keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel all warm & fuzzy.

And BTW, if we had wood laid to us by Whisky (a 4 pt. game), what would you call that humiliation against Bama? Seems that would akin to having both WTC buildings falling on your head, right?

Did you finally clean out all the cheese ......

Posted by: Donna Shalala | April 08, 2010 at 05:29 PM

There's old Donna, in full drag, talking cheese

Yo Jo - I have an advanced copy of the new game too, and in my version a 5'6" Jeffy Dumps tries to run a dive play out of the new I formation, but a Bama 'backer breaks him into 3 pieces. Timmy is driving the ambulance thatcomes out on the field, ballin' his eyes out, but it's too late...Jeffy is toast.

Too funny dude!

When are Ufelons going to play a real schedule lol? Citadel, Troy, Montana
state, Broward College lmao. The last time UF went out of state for out of
confernce game..........1991 yes that's 20 YEARS cupcake anyone? it's my birthday lmao. Oh yea let me guess your response...... UM hasn't won since the 80'S?
( 91 champs played for 93 title and 94 title won 2001 title and played in 02) but keep up the history lessons lol yet u say we haven't won in so long yet we STILL hav more TITLES than UFelons lmao and we play a real schedule Ohio State and Pitt and Vatech preseason Top 10. F$U and Gtech and UNC and pre season top 25 Thats six teams excluding Clemson who could crack the ap 25. Your schedule dosnt come close !!!! 1 win against The U in 20 years changes NOTHING and 1-4 THIS DECADE against The U, ALL FACTS!!!!

Oh Jeffy Demps that guy spence put wood to in that 9-3 game late in 4th with Miami playing 18 true freshman with one of there worst teams against the mighty gayturds lol I wouldn't brag to much about that game or little jeffy or any of the other RBs lmao

So Cal Cane,

You really need to come up with your own material - simply stealing mine and changing the words around, even Canes fans are dumbfounded at your foolishness. But just like with our football, basketball and now baseball programs, Miami is trying to glean whatever they can from us.... Good thing we don't reciprocate - there's not much to borrow from a crumbling campus, a study body too dumb to realize they are paying $20,000 a year for education they could get at Miami Dade Community College, an athletic department in shambles - YIKES. Although, I guess I would be willing to borrow a washed-up rapper to dish out 100 dollar bills on the sidelines for big hits.... but he's still driving around in that ambulance with pieces of Jacory in it...

So Cal Cane,

If you grew up with Tecmo football that was funny.


In goal to go situations if you do anything besides run the QB do the refs throw a flag?
Is the QB able to go under center without fumbling the exchange or is that play not available?

So Cal Gator...California is a good place for your kind. You fit right in with the other nuts & flakes.

Jo - seriously, is the jump pass still our 'go to' play in the red zone?

From a writer's perspective, the jump pass should always remain in the playbook. It's always more fun to write about a jump-pass touchdown than, say, a three-yard touchdown run.


perspective, huh

long way til August

Posted by: Coach Meyer touched my privates :) | April 08, 2010 at 08:44 PM

Ha good luck with your schedule. NO ACC Championship for you.

What is another mediocre year for 9 straight years, Alex?

Congrats to Timmy... The canes suck

Both programs signed a contract in 2006 to play in 2008 and 2013. That contract is in place still. Your imagination has gotten the best of you about "this years game." There is no game , never was U clown. But since we own the attendance record in your "stadium", U could have surely used the cash. We don't "back out" of non-existent games with ACC patsies but nice try has-been. What Randy is building? Good one. He's building a .600 team that gets killed in recruiting, loses coaches annually, has no fans, and can't even sniff a conference title game or BCS game. Oh yeah...he's building something alright. The gap has widened you Jacory pajama wearing clown. You keep rocking that "what Randy is building" nonsense though. It's funny. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME HE WENT 5-7, 7-5, 9-3??? NO WAY !! Surely a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP awaits. (can't help but laugh) As for "promoting a fire shannon" site, that's just funny dude. it links to that site just to annoy idiots like U...lmao. The majority of your fan base agrees with that site. There are a few delusional blog bozos like U that think U are worth a crap. Ur not. Please sign that clueless idiot for a decade so we can continue to own the recruiting grounds. His NW haul was a mirage, just like your 2010 program.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2010/04/joe-paterno-expansion-is-coming.html#comments#ixzz0lBTDHHHa

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